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Center Parcs is your online resource for booking short breaks and weekend holidays at any of 5 holiday villages in the country. The website offers you all the information about holiday accommodation set in forest environs: fully equipped villas, holiday lodges or apartments where visitors can enjoy different sports and leisure activities, shopping, great food, spa facilities and more. Visit the website to know more about the village, things to do and to make an online booking. How to redeem Center Parcs vouchers
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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off Center Parcs Ireland - Longford forest winter breaks
20% off Center parcs Longford forest (Ireland)for stays between 6th Jan and 10th Feb 2020. Term and conditions apply 1. This discount offer is only available to mothercare custome… Read more

It's all a load of tosh anyway as there is currently 25% off bookings for anyone!


That's the idea. It is for UK folk going to Ireland, I booked CP in September and they emailed me the individual booking link two days later. I've not booked my ferry yet and to be honest the lack of information in the T&C's have me a bit worried. I assume that when I book my ferry it will knock the 25% off, although there is no mention of validity dates at all. This is the page on IF that tell you about it, again I assume it will work from my booking link or give me an option to put my booking ref in. I should probs book it this week and see what happens.


did you book Center Parcs Longford and get an Irish Ferries discount - was it for UK to Ireland ferry? I booked earlier tonight and didn't get anything :(


Cp give you 25% off Irish ferries when you book, well thy did to me!


where did you get that discount from? Returning customer or elsewhere?

-40% Discount
-40% Discount
up to 40% off at Center Parcs code

Have expired this now then, after somehow it has managed to make it onto the hot deals feed after expiry :roll: got me all excited at the prospect of a cheap break


As Obiwan kinobi says....May the fourth be with you!!


this promo code was only valid until midnight last night - I missed out. Does anyone else know of any other promo codes for centerparcs ?


may 04th with code to cumbria centerparcs £203.40 using code very cheap 3 bedroom


Thanks. Just booked 11th May midweek in cumbria this morning This gave me a 4 bedroom exec new lodge or £459 less 20%! No other codes gave this discount Thanks

-31% Discount
-31% Discount
Up to 31% of some Center Parcs - last week of discount is first week of Scottish Easter Holidays

some english education authorities also now have fixed "spring breaks" in the first couple of weeks of april, no matter when easter falls.


Working up until May now


Scotland now takes Easter holidays on the first two weeks of April. If Good Friday and Easter Monday falls outwith these dates,we get these off as well.


i used this code on fri to book for june...if you want a week book 2 seperate breaks mon-fri then a fri-mon and use the code each time if it applies,as it cant be used for a weeks holiday...saved me £170 off the week quote..and you dont need to go through check in twice


I never knew Scotland had different easter holidays than the rest of the UK. I always thought that Easter Monday and good Friday were the same all over the UK.

-20% Discount

In previous years has anyone held off for Centerparcs in July for a late offer ?? Working out very expensive for week at beg July wondering if should just hold off and take a chance of getting a later offer?? No codes valid for summer hols.:roll:


thanks for that!;-)


We have been a few times to Whinfell and are going back at the end of march, so we must think so :) Its smaller than Sherwood (not sure about the other 2) and the village center is covered. Offers good activities and the spa is bigger than Sherwood. Includes some really nice restaurants and now has 2 starbucks. The pool seems smaller than Sherwood at first, but its just got hidden areas


anyone know if whinfell forest is any good?


I would look around june/july for codes and book then. They dont book up so dont worry about availability

£75 Discount
£75 Discount
£75 off at Center Parcs

Hi, I see what you mean if your trying to go 16 Feb, Our school Hols are on the 23rd Feb and the code is still working for that week. Thank god for the Shrovetide tradition in Ashbourne!! So good new for fellow Ashburnians I guess - that don't mind missing Shrovetide.


Not working for me. Tried to book for half term (feb 09) at Sherwood. £799 without voucher & £799 with voucher. I have never found a center parcs code that actually gives you the discount & I've tried several.

Discount Code For Center Parcs - Nov/Dec
Friend got this in an email today Up to 25% off selected breaks in Nov/Dec My first deals post so i apologise if i have done anything wrong!

This code has been working for aaaaages not sure why people are voting it cold? Just bitter cause they got there too late haha! Theres only so much accommodation they can let out at that rate!! Hot! :)


works for me - 20% discount. So feel all the cold voting is abit mean. Have some rep OP!


Centre Parcs tend to keep their peak times discount code free! :)


Previously this code did not work on some dates but I managed to book Jan 09 with 25% discount yesterday whereas before then the full price was coming up with this code. So if you have been trying and not getting any savings give it another go it may well work for you this time.


Added "save" and "Up to 25%" in the discount field. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. Thanks.

Best Center Parcs deals from our community

Center parcs - Park De Haan in Belgium - August bank holiday week £28pppn / £1324 total
206° Expired
Posted 4th Feb 2020Posted 4th Feb 2020
After lots of searching it looks like Park De Haan in Belgium which is currently under renovation will be re-opening May 2020 (hopefully will be all new and shiny). A comfort co… Read more



Not that I disagree but we live in a world with set school holidays. Going on holiday with 3 kids in school holidays is just so expensive!


We've been here several times in the last few years in its current Sunparcs form. The big attraction is that it's so close to the beach which is absolutely beautiful. Walking distance comfortably. Miles of sand dunes. Also it's a relatively short drive from the Eurotunnel. Will be looking to go again no doubt. Lodges are often in their own little gardens which is great in nice weather. De Haan itself is certainly not a nightlife place, but good for families. Bruges isn't far and is worth a day trip.


Still too much! If everyone took their kids out for one week in term time and went to centre parcs instead it might change things in this country.


Very strange that it's not there to choose, it definitely was before. The deal of booking late August in Europe as compared to UK parks doesn't really change. The UK Centre Parcs are extortionate especially over the August bank holiday.

Centre Parcs Les Bois - Francs (France) 25th - 29th May for 4 people £286.77
810° Expired
Posted 23rd Jan 2020Posted 23rd Jan 2020
Centre Parcs Les Bois - Francs (France) 25th - 29th May for 4 people £286.77£286.77
With the recent Eurocamp deals getting heat recently, I thought I'd check the prices of continental Centre Parcs and I was amazed at what the prices were for our May half term (24-… Read more

Just done mate, see link above.


Just posted it: Hope it helps :)


Hi. Are you able to post the link for the site you priced Euro Disney for please. I've never been so thinking of taking the kids and geting £2.8k+ quotes from mini breaks site. Stupid question as I really dont know..... What transport links are needed to get you from UK all the way to the gates of Euro Disney? Thanks


If you don't count the cost of depreciation/repairs as you would have owned the car anyway then maybe, otherwise using some very realistic numbers Fuel @£1.25/l and 40mpg = 14.18p/mile VED @ average £140 and 7600m/annum = 1.8p/mile Insurance@ average £500 and 7600m/annum = 6.57p/mile Annual service and MOT £250 = 3.3p/mile Tyres assuming 30k change interval and £300 = 1p/mile TOTAL = 26.85p/mile So you have a reserve of 18.15p/mile for depreciation and repairs. Based on 7600 miles a year which is the average that's £1379.4. Very good luck with that.


If you book through French site the prices are even lower

4 Nights stay in a 4-Bedroom Woodland Lodge - 13.01 to 17.01 - £359 @ Centre Parcs (Whinfell Forest)
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Posted 5th Jan 2020Posted 5th Jan 2020
4 Nights stay in a 4-Bedroom Woodland Lodge - 13.01 to 17.01 - £359 @ Centre Parcs (Whinfell Forest)£329£74956% off
last minute deal january 13-17 for up to 8 adults @whinfell forest can take your furry friends too for an extra charge 1 left for the £359 four bedroom 7 left for the £379 - £39… Read more

At some point the government should step in and stop this behaviour its so so wrong! Always quick to hand out school fines 😬


Nice place to shoot YouTube version of Evil Dead with Friends


Thanks, booked 7. Going to sublet to family's for double the price. Have some heat


I've seen that one on the restaurants I use on Meerkat one them on there at the parks not included. Okay well cost of accommodation, then activities on top, I think I'll pass. As someone as already said on thread, cheaper going to Disney Paris.


Not exaggerating about the number of things to do - have a look the sample activity pricing brochure here. Some are are age/height dependant so they will be irrelevant but there's plenty to do. We primarily go for the pools so the other activities are just to fill in the time between swimming so it's horses for courses really. We tried the Aerial Tree Trekking last year with our 5 year old and it was great fun - a lot higher up than it looks from the ground. Were disappointed this year as our daughter still couldn't go on the slides as she was 1 cm under the limit but I guess those limits are there for a reason...The highlight for us is the spa sessions whilst the kids being looked after doing chocolate academy or wizard academy. The price is a bit of a bugbear but I don't think they've got much competition in the UK so can carry on regardless.

Whit week half term Center Parcs Holland from £350
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Posted 12th Apr 2019Posted 12th Apr 2019
Whit week half term Center Parcs Holland from £350£350
Fraction of the UK price. Everyone speaks English and during this week the parc has a large UK population. Not a school hol in Holland so its cheap. Only snag is you have to get t… Read more

Yes - first page aks you what country your coming from


Can you change the language on the website?


AS mentioned before - Been to Holland / Belgium CP's 13 times. Never been to a UK one - can't afford them!! I spend very little when i go. Whit half term usually OK for BBQ. Buy one of those 3 legged BBQ's for about a tenner, take my own charcoal . Deep freeze my meat and put in cooler box before leaving. Still OK on arrival next day. Take own beer ( Stella back to Belgium) and buty duty free wine on the ferry. Take most other groceries . The only thing i spend money on is Milk , Salad , and chips round the pool. Take your own bottle of ketchup into the pool and burger bars because the Belgians charge extra for it and its expensive for what it is. Use the cooler box to take your own beer and snacks into the dome / pool area (bet you can't do that in the UK!) I can honestly say that one year we went to Erperheide and spent 70 euros all week! Don't get me wrong , I am not a miser, Just like to know what i am eating (tr ybuting steak for the BBQ in a Belgian supermarket - I got a bit confused and thought it was really expensive) basicaly if you've got the space in the car, fill it! as long as its not perishable.


Likewise, we've been to three Center Parcs in Germany (beware the one at Bostalsee, loads of steps to the accommodations!) and Zandvoort in Holland. Can't fault them, although we tended to go in October half term and it was a bit of a trek from the North East. (now kids older and we have a motorhome, so don't bother)


Tried Efteling theme park in Feb half term and great fun. Holland tends to stagger its holidays across 3 regions so never too busy. Cheap flights can still be had from Manchester to Eindhoven (under £50pp return inc carry on bag) and Holland is relatively small with good free motorways so quick and easy to get to destination. Bear in mind that cost of living is similar and often more expensive than UK so budget accordingly.

Centre parcs 3 bedroom for the price of 2 - ends 18/10.
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Centre parcs 3 bedroom for the price of 2 - ends 18/10.
Centre parcs 3 bedroom for the price of 2 Be quick as ends 18th October.

Usually plenty of Welsh there of that's what you mean (lol)


I beg to differ, the dobbers have started going up market, or they have the last few times we went to the longleat CP.


I thought most would use some common sense.


Yep - but you never mentioned school holidays in your original post! My point is, you can find cheap breaks with CP.


Nah, it takes me 5 mins to drive to work so more than happy :)

Centerparcs - Cheap Feb half term hols for some
-168° Expired
Posted 4th Oct 2018Posted 4th Oct 2018
Centerparcs - Cheap Feb half term hols for some£359
If your kids school has gone for the earlier Feb half term hols there are some bargains at CP website - we’ve paid £359 for Feb 19 and £599 for Feb 2020.

"I stand corrected". Said the man in the orthopoedic shoes.

masekwm It's a fib? Clearly not if you live in Central Bedfordshire.


This is a bit of a fib. Almost all schools in the UK break for half term on the 18-22nd. This isn't a half term deal.


£89 per night for accommodation and 5 days of dome access is cheap in my opinion, less than £20 per person per night. If you can fly a family of 5 abroad for that in half term with a nice hotel, well done, I look forward to the deal being posted as I certainly can't do it!


Isn't the word cheap and centre Parcs in the same sentence an oxymoron?

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25% off + 10% off for guests over 55 e.g  5 bedroom premium cottage in Center Parcs De Kempervennen via the French centre Parcs site for £755.05 for 4 nights
-29° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2017Posted 2nd Nov 2017
25% off + 10% off for guests over 55 e.g 5 bedroom premium cottage in Center Parcs De Kempervennen via the French centre Parcs site for £755.05 for 4 nights£755.07
Booked a 5 bedroom premium cottage in Center Parcs De Kempervennen via the French centre Parcs site for £755.05 for 4 nights during May half term (28/05-01/06). This works at at … Read more

I can recommend this site. Been there 3 times in the last 5 years. A fairly straightforward drive from Calais, we always get stuck in traffic at Antwerp though. There is no language barrier at all at the dutch parks and they are much better value than the uk ones. There is also an indoor ski slope and go karting very close by. The park looks a little tired compared to the uk ones but we may well be making a booking this weekend


Center parcs in Europe is so much cheaper to book than in U.K. We booked in Jan this year for May half term week Mon-Fri for Le bois aux daims. Lovely site. We got 2 bed VIP cottage with family discount for £400.

Center Parcs Brand New Villages Nature's Paris -  4 nights in May Half Term 2018 Mon to Fri from £431 for family of 4. Only 6km from Disneyland Paris. Accommodation Only
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Posted 10th Oct 2017Posted 10th Oct 2017
Center Parcs Brand New Villages Nature's Paris - 4 nights in May Half Term 2018 Mon to Fri from £431 for family of 4. Only 6km from Disneyland Paris. Accommodation Only£431
Centre Parcs Villages Nature's Paris - 6km for Disneyland Paris! I haven't looked into any travel arrangements, so this is for ACCOMMODATION ONLY. However, a friend is going to Ce… Read more

Prices have been hiked now 580 euro minimum for family of 3


Thinking of doing this over Christmas and getting annual Disneyland passes


The biggest drop in depreciation in a car's value occurs the second the car leaves the showroom.


The realistic cost for most people who live around London is about £50-£90 each way in fuel depending on the fuel efficiency of your car (unfortunately mines not efficient at all so will be about £220 return on fuel for me). On top of that you have a charge of about £120 for return ferry so costs are minimum £240+ for travel unless you have about £40-£50 in clubcard vouchers you can use on eurotunnel or other ferry companies. This doesnt factor in any addition charge for european breakdown that you may or may not have already in your breakdown policy which will be any additional £20 for new cars up to £50 or more for cars > 7 years old. Then you may or may not want to hire bikes whilst there or the more expensive golf cart option. I'll be on the look out for any other HUKDers whilst I'm there as we already have booked at this parc for the same week after we went to one of the other center parcs in France this year and had a great time.


How much wear and tear is there on a round trip to Paris? Certainly not the few hundred quid you think, and again your car depreciates regardless of whether it goes on holiday or not. I don’t really see what your wife’s supposed stupidity has to do with it. I’m sure she’s well pleased you think so little of her.

Centerparcs Disneyland Paris opening 11Aug discounts
68° Expired
Posted 20th Jun 2017Posted 20th Jun 2017
Centerparcs Disneyland Paris opening 11Aug discounts
A new Centerparcs is due to open 11 Aug at Disneyland Paris. They currently have a discovery sale on which reduces many of the accommodations by around 25%. (Of their normal eye wa… Read more

Thanku will ring them tomorrow


I'm driving it. On the Centerparcs website they recommend CDG. But please check for yourself.


Hi airbiscuits, I've never been to a centerparc before but I've been wanting to go for a while, I was looking at this one u have booked and was wondering if u could tell me wat airport u fly to an how long from the airport is it to the centerparc thanku

£299 for a 3 bed lodge 4 nights 8th May only @ Centre parcs Whinfell forest Cumbria
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Posted 4th May 2017Posted 4th May 2017
£299 for a 3 bed lodge 4 nights 8th May only @ Centre parcs Whinfell forest Cumbria£299
Cheaper than the 1 or 2 beds and only £60 more for a 4 bed. Cheapest price I've ever seen a 3 bed The only downside is the lodges seem to be on the outer area but thats probably wh… Read more

​Totally agree. Great price off peak mid-week, but the price hikes for holidays or weekends is shocking.


​Totally agree. Great price off peak mid-week, but the price hikes for holidays or weekends is shocking.


biggest waste of money ever


The biggest rip off holiday ever for families at school holidays, and they even have the cheek to charge extra for using a credit card.


How much for May bank hol week

Newest Center Parcs Discount Codes:

DiscountCenter Parcs Discount DetailsExpires
20%20% off Center Parcs Ireland - Longford forest winter breaks1/01/2020
40%up to 40% off at Center Parcs code28/04/2009
15%15% Discount code for centerparcs3/08/2020
31%Up to 31% of some Center Parcs - last week of discount is first week of Scottish Easter Holidays3/03/2009
20%20% off centreparcs16/01/2019