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FFX (also known as Folkestone Fixings) is the DIY enthusiast’s dream come true and a great resource for trades people looking to make purchases of tools, equipment, hardware, work wear and safety products. The shop also sells consumables such as paints, oils, adhesives, fillers, covers, cleaning material and more. Established in 2006, the brand became eBay UK’s largest supplier of tools in just a few years. Shop with FFX for good service, competitive prices and quick deliveries of a wide range of merchandise. How to redeem FFX vouchers
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-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% off DeWalt using discount code @ FFX
5% off all dewalt items, max £75 discount

Yup it was 90. They jacked up the prices!


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same, was going to pull the trigger today but won't bother now. Gutted I missed the saw and trolly for FFX about 2 weeks ago as well for £575. OOS the day I got paid ;(


5% off and this makes it on here? I don’t get out of bed for less than 15%. Cold.


I have been looking for a table saw, 7485 for some time now, so I do remeber their pricing pretty well. And it was shy of £500 recently :)

-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% off Makita tools - FFX ends Sunday 25th April
5% off Makita. Use Code MAK215. Ends midnight, Sunday, 25th April.

It was last week when 15% off code was on and through buyaparcel


Was that using the eBay code and through FFX on eBay? For that price I’ll pick one up if they drop that low again. Was gonna go brushless but can’t justify the extra cost for something I’ll very rarely use


Really waiting for a dtd171 for sub 140


Saying that I just checked and the DTW190Z is £70 on the website so with discount it’s £66 but I got it off eBay a few weeks back for £53


Been a while since I ordered something but last time i did I’m sure it was cheaper on eBay, maybe a few £ or so. I know sellers like to hike the price up now though to make it look like your saving more (fierce)

-5% Discount
-5% Discount
Enjoy 5% off until Feb 7th 2021 @FFX
Enjoy 5% off until Feb 7th 2021 using code 221FFX

FFX975 doesn't work for me but the 221FFX does...


Doesn't work - where did it come from and are there conditions? Code FFX975 still gives 5% off if anyone needs it...


Not working


Not working here...


I wouldn't bother with them, had a bosch 18v drill cancelled that was posted last week for £91.38...said it was incorrectly priced but were happy to take my money.. The same thing happened earlier in the year with a dewalt drill deal.. So I won't use them again.

-5% Discount
-5% Discount
FFX - 5% Discount
5% Voucher Code, simple.

I think it expired today, you just missed it.


Can't seem to get this to work.


I'm sure it'll be back next week. Ebay discounts are like DFS sales these days!!


Does the 20% nectar code run out today like the 15% does.


No, it's a code for use on their direct website only.

-7% Discount
-7% Discount
7% off at FFX (min £50 spend, max discount £75) - extended until midnight 2nd October
FFX prices are normally good but who wouldn't want an extra 7% off XD Max 2 orders per customer Wish I'd waited a couple of days as I spent nearly £400 with them on Sunday...

not as good today though. As of today they increased the prices on many items so the extra 7% is not that great deal anymore


Cheers Op, just got a dewalt DCF887 for £78!


You should know better than to let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory... (lol)


OP joined in 2010...


Strange how the ffx deals are from new members... self promotion?

-7% Discount
-7% Discount
7% off when you spend £50 or more @ FFX
As per the title 7% off minimum spend of £50 and a maximum of £100 discount. Expires in approx 9 hours (according to a google shopping link: not fully researched).

I had the complete opposite recently. Such a nightmare trying to get something exchanged. Don’t know if during lockdown they had less customer service people on but they repeatedly didn’t read my emails properly and just sent generic reply’s. So frustrating, took weeks to sort out. Was sorted instantly when I got through to a manager tho.


Ordered some toughbuilt c550 trestles yesterday with discount, here today (pair) 20 less than amazon!


I've also seen them do it on ebay items. Checking my basket both items have gone up in price. It will be interesting to see if the price drops after the discount has finished.


The best, I'd say, for times where you only need one or two items. Free P&P on orders with no minimum value often has me ordering little bits and bobs from them, and I've never had an order i've needed to return or arrived damaged / missing etc.


Interesting to read. I know they, along with many others, do it on eBay when there's a promotion (presumably because of fee's), but isn't something I'd expect on their website. Perhaps they've a profit margin they NEED to reach to make selling certain items worth their while. Thanks for the heads up.

Best FFX deals from our community

Irwin IRW10507230 Mortar Rakes 10mm x 20/40mm 3 Cutter 2 pack £9.23 delivered @ FFX
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Appears to be in short supply for the 10mm mortar rakes.

Ignore these jokers, it's for removing dental mortar, commonly known as fillings.


DIY home ear piercer


I looked at the small picture on my phone and looked again. :{ It is what it is 😁


It’s actually amazing what you can find on YouTube, I didn’t know what it is but thanks YouTube I have an idea even I am still not sure why I would need one.


It's a rake for your mortar:

Bosch GWS750 110V Professional Corded Angle Grinder 115MM £41.95 @ FFX
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
High Performance For Universal Use The GWS 750 has many great features including: New motor platform – high power and high torque.Ergonomic design: Round handle sits perfectly in t… Read more

Do you know the torque setting for tightening the disc up by any chance? Thanks


And the Bosch 240v version with X-LOCK tool-less disc change for cheaper too: https://www.mytoolshed.co.uk/bosch-gwx-750-115mm-angle-grinder-240v?utm_source=google_shopping&of_tid=MFRWG5B5GI2DGJTGMVSWISLEHUYSM4DSN5SESZB5GY3DAMJR&adGroupId=58616983357&device=c&wgu=266015_116019_16235240497057_3942a600d3&wgexpiry=1631300049&source=webgains&siteid=116019


240v for cheaper


I have the 240v version works alot better on the UK mains.... lol Nice small size as well, not like the cheaper ones that are so thick you can't really hold very comfortably


Technically you are right. I have a load of blue stuff but when it comes to delicate stuff like driving screws into things i care about my Green PSB 1800 drill driver is a much better choice. Blue can be a bit brutal on some things lol

Makita DTD152Z 18V LXT Impact Cordless Battery Driver Bare Unit £49.95 at FFX
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
This is about as low as it gets for this popular impact Makita 18V LXT Impact Driver Makita Bare Unit - DTD152Z The new DTD152 Impact Driver from Makita is ideal for DIY use or pr… Read more

Nice deal, thanks OP. The FFX site was very glitchy for me; I tried Firefox and Opera and it wouldn't let me use Paypal on either, had to pay by debit card. Can't complain about their service though, ordered on Saturday and delivered on Sunday! (y)


The point is that the 3Ah batteries limited the amount of current that could be delivered to the tool. So Makita didn't incorporate a protection circuit. When they started selling bigger batteries they included a 3rd contact and a thermistor.


Tools take the current they need from a battery. The battery can't stuff more current through them than they need.


I think you are missing the point the B series tools were designed when the maximum current and the maximum heat output were defined by the battery. With the bigger batteries that isn't the case now. A 6Ah battery will supply far more current, heat and sustained voltage than a B series tool was designed for. The newer D series tools have the 3rd connector that dials back the voltage and current to stop the tool and battery from going out of its sustainable range.


Sure, but it is not a necessity. You're unlikely to overdischarge as the batteries cut out at a certain voltage automatically. You're unlikely to overheat the battery or tool either under normal use, or overload.

Milwaukee 18V Combi & Impact M18ONEPP2A2-502X 2x5.0Ah Li-ion FUEL ONE-KEY Twin Pack £389 at FFX
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Milwaukee M18ONEPP2A2-502X 18V 2x5.0Ah Li-ion FUEL ONE-KEY Twin Pack The Milwaukee M18ONEPP2A2-502X contains the M18ONEPD brushless percussion drill and the M18ONEID brushless impa… Read more

If I could just say, "Alexa, drill my fence and put up the lights" and it'd be right on this deal XD


I looked at some reviews on this as I was also intrigued! It apparently has a nice little GPS feature where it will alert you if your tools are outside a specific areas. Good for thefts I suppose.


You can also customise the tool for the job you are going. So let's say you are driving 100s of deck screws, all the same screw and into the same material. You can set the tool to the best combination of torque, starting speed, finishing speed etc and then just drive them all in exactly the same each time without thinking about it


I think one cool feature is you can lock them


Bluetooth connected power tools? What on earth is the point of that?

DeWalt 18V Li-ion 6 Piece Kit - DCK665P3T-GB + 3x5.0Ah Batteries £785 @ FFX
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Excellent deal if your looking to expand on some tools. This deal is also available on eBay but that one has two 5.0ah batteries whereas this has 3. Overall a good deal but not f… Read more

Apologies, I wasn't clear enough in my post. I'm pretty sure that the in store deal doesn't have a planer in it. I take my toddler to have a look at it every time we go to Costco, as he likes touching the tools! It's always a massive annoyance that Costco's online and in-store stuff is so different though. Not being able to check in-store prices/selection is a pain.


You could be right, although the online deals are different to in store deals. This was in store deal. Good price for this deal which is posted though. Heat


I'm pretty sure that the Costco set doesn't have a planer in it, and has different TSTAK box selection. They don't seem to list it on their website, just a similar set that comes in some Tough System boxes.


I could be incorrect, costco have the same bundles for


Hmm. It’s an ok deal. Can get the pieces separately for about the same price all in give or take a tenner. If you need it buy it, but I’d hold out if I wasn’t in a rush. Edit - Forgot about the torch… good deal overall for all those pieces.

DeWalt DCG405N 18v XR Brushless 125mm Angle Grinder Bare Unit £119 @ FFX
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Price matched to Amazon.

Also £118.75 with code TAKEOFF5 from FFX on Ebay


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Sorted now. It dosent like the safari browser for some reason?, completed with chrome.


I need to cut quartz worktop with a diamond tipped blade. I'm thinking I need a corded a grinder but would prefer to buy a battery powered one. Is that the right approach?


Cannot find app. Been trying to buy but site is unresponsive and slow. Price says £129 and PayPal won’t checkout (mad)

Victorinox MiniChamp £23.85 @ FFX
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Victorinox MiniChamp £23.85 @ FFX£23.85£255% off Free P&P Free
The Victorinox MiniChamp is the largest of the current Victorinox 58mm Swiss Army Knives, yet still suitable for a keychain. It is the little cousin of the 91mm SwissChamp an… Read more

I carry the Manager on my keys every day, that's the best 58mm Vic. for me. I don't think I have enough use for the extra tools on the Mini Champ to justify the extra width. Especially since I've been putting off the purchase of a Victorinox Bantam Alox for so long. This is an great deal though and I am slightly tempted to buy, never seen this Vic. cheaper.


Kitchen knives, bottles and screwdrivers are preferred it seems. Terrible really


Kids in Hackney would love this..


That looks nice! (highfive)


Ha. Yeah. Just made some wooden scales for my 20+ year old SAK as not available now. It's well smart

Brushed Makita drill/impact set with charger - DLX2131J £177 @ FFX
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
A reasonably ok priced *brushed* drill/driver set from Makita DHP482 - £50 DTD152 - £50 2 X BL1830 - £60? DC18RC - £25 Makpac Type 3 Case - £20 total value ~ £205 remember it's … Read more

Yup, probably the best value drill when it's like £40. In 4 years of DIY use mine has only ever failed at drilling a 10mm hole through 16inches of solid concrete (had to give up and go get the SDS) everything else it's been good for, including mixing loads of grout and adhesive.


482 is a beast IMO really well rounded


https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391901643380 Slightly cheaper here with £18 off currently


Good price (especially given the price of batteries currently), ideal set for any serious DIY user. 3ah batteries give plenty of run time for normal tasks and only take 20 mins to charge with the fast charger and Makitas budget brushless drill is actually much less powerful than the 482.

DeWalt DEW170703 T-STAK II Twin Tool Case Empty £17.95 inc delivery @ FFX
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Nice price, also on FFX Ebay for £18 with code should you prefer - Link Dewalt 13.5L T-STAK II Twin Tool Case Empty - DEW170703EMPTY The Dewalt T-STAK II Twin Tool Case 13.5 L … Read more

Just ordered yesterday - delivered today (Sunday). Excellent service from FFX. Good solid boxes. Came with foam insert for SSD drill (which I don't have).


Cheers OP, just arrived today with an insert and fits my Makita gear albeit very snuggly but seems secure (y)


Now £17.50. thanks OP


Thanks OP, just ordered as my cheap cheerful Aldi combi drill, impact driver and multi-tool (also hotukdeals impulse/discretionary/non-essential purchases) are arriving soon and I've nowhere to put them.


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