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FlexiSpot ED2/EB2 dual-motor standing desk frame (No tabletop) - £219.99 after voucher @ Flexispot
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Somebody else has already posted a deal for the FlexiSpot E7 desk, which is on flash sale at £279.99. For people looking for a cheaper option, the ED2/EB2 model is currently avail… Read more

The problem is, they give out product information which is simply wrong! For example, the EB2 desk which I bought is showing a frame width of 100-170cm in that table, which is incorrect. I have set mine to the minimum width, and from the two outermost points on the top, the width is 110cm, not 100cm. I cannot see anything on this desk which measures 100cm wide! If they cannot even get basic product information like this correct, I’m not sure I would trust all of the rest of the information!


Ending up ordering the EQ5 for £219.99 with the £80 discount. Ultimately it came down to being 3 stage, with a higher maximum height of 127cm, so I can use a mat/treadmill underneath if I want


Got this from Live chat. Comparison of various models for anyone interested


Have any of you out there ever bought a solid hardwood top for one of these desks? If so, do you have any recommendations on the best place to buy one online, and the best wood surface treatment for them? I had been thinking of getting a solid hardwood top for mine, because I need a width of 110cm (it's the minimum width of the desk frame, but it's also the maximum space which I actually have available), and there just don't seem to be any standard desk tops out there with a width of 110cm and a depth of about 70cm. All the standard widths seem to be in multiples of 20cm - 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 etc. If I get a solid hardwood top, I can have it made to whatever dimensions I want. But most of the companies I have found (eg. Worktop Express, House of Worktops) recommend oiling the work surface 3 to 6 times before using it, and then oiling it again every 3 months afterwards, which sounds like a complete pain. I was thinking I would just have to rub it down and varnish it once! In the meantime, if anybody has any recommendations for a traditional desk top (laminate etc.) which is available off-the-shelf with a width of 110cm and a depth of 70 to 75cm, I'd love to hear, as it sounds like that would be a lot less hassle than applying dozens of coats of oil !


@MarkySpark yes the website isnt the best. main thing for me was black legs which wasnt available in the ED2/EB2, otherwise I may have gone for that. Impressed on the delivery time - should be with me by 10am.

Large Ergonomic Height Adjustable Gaming Desk With Mouse Pad - 160×73cm worktop / Cable Management - £176 Delivered @ Flexispot
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Something different from me here. This is a rather large desk aimed at gamers, with a 160cm wide top, which has a depth of 73cm. The top is covered by a 3mm thick mouse mat, It ha… Read more

Sorry for a late reply, Thanks I will check on that as well (y)


Feels bad, my tiny gaming corner the mrs allows me has room for 80x40 lol


@moosheck I'm not sure about the adjustable height, but have you considered a corner desk at all for the extra depth? They tend to be deeper, as you're sitting at the longer diagonal/corner area normally. Or as suggested, look at the more commercial/office type cantilever desks which usually have a much bigger surface area.


Thanks for that, a rare desk in this day and age that can be less than ~73cm high (65-85cm), allowing those like me with relatively short legs to use a pc desk and not have our wrists uncomfortably higher than our elbows!


Absolutely this! Fantastic desks for the money.

Flexispot E7 3 stage desk frame - flash sale - Frame only - £279.99 @ Flexispot
64° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
3 stage standing desk frame with anti collision, you choose your own worktop.

This arrived today and its really solid and heavy! And add that the packaging by itself is heavy too :D Looking forward to testing it out tomorrow.


Are these really worth the money? I'm considering this for my wife but the 2 year warranty is really putting me off. I don't want to have to buy another one of these for 10+ years and I'd expect it to be covered for at least 5 in case the motor breaks... Edit. I see the motor warranty is actually for 3 years rather than 2. Still, seems a big meagre if when it breaks the desk becomes a standard dumb desk...


This is a good price just bought it, supprise about how cold it is


Wonder why this one didnt get as hot as the other flexispot deals, looks great to me


I was very tempted by this desk, and I think it's very good value at £279.99. In the end, the only thing which put me off is the minimum frame width. I used the online chat with Flexispot, and they told me that the minimum desktop width for the 3-stage leg versions is 120cm, and I just don't have enough space for that. It's a shame, because the 3-stage leg versions go down slightly lower than the 2-stage leg versions. In the end, I went for the ED2/EB2 version, which they assured me can accept a slightly narrower desktop width of 110cm, which is just OK for the space which I have available.

Flexispot Standing Desk 2-stage electric frame EZ1 (no desktop) for £199.99 delivered @ Flexispot
497° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Another electric standing desk from Flexispot, this time the EZ1 (clever name) for £199.99 delivered using the code FS21. This gets you £80 off the price. Again, it is just the f… Read more

Ah you were replying to the comment about why nobody buys their tops? I thought you meant the desk itself.


I used my existing desk, so didn't need to but looking at the measurements they were not as deep or wide as I wanted.


Everything on their website.


Compared to...



Flexispot Standing Desk 2-stage Dual Motor Frame (no desktop) 2nd edition (EB2) for £199.99 delivered @ Flexispot
793° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
This is the upgraded version of the electric standing desk, yet still without the actual desktop, for £199.99 delivered. The EB2 has anti-collision, is fully adjustable and availab… Read more

https://flexispot.co.uk/standing-desk-e5-pro.html with a £80 off code, have a look a the page again (the code is AP-80 )


Showing today as £299.99.


Do you know how he got it? what was the issue :D good to know this has been given to someone if anything goes wrong with mine


Have a look today it's down to 219£


No difference I think, I actually the same I think. I asked this question when I spoke to customer services but I can't remember the answer, they're quite helpful on the phone if you give them a call

Flexispot EC5 dual motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk EC5 (frame only) £229.99 at Flexispot
56° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Decent discount on this desk frame as part of the Flexispot 5 year anniversary promotion. Original price £359.99. White e5 model currently £277 on Amazon but I went for this deal.

I'm using a 49" so need the depth, current wood is 90, but it's old and looking the age, not in a good way. that's too much for me, was looking to spend a tad over £100.


Not yet. Got a quote back from a place in Kent but it was £450 for the size I wanted and £90 delivery although i would drive the 80 miles to collect to save that if I went for it. I was hoping for closer to £350 budget. I now think 60cm is a touch narrow and would go to 70cm.


Please let me know if you find a deal on a nice piece of wood, 120 x 80/90 for me.


Nearly what I'm looking for but I'd rather have a slightly longer, slightly less wide top. Not sure if that would sand down a lot lighter as well (I'd prefer lighter). Waiting on a quote for a 140x60x4 slab


Just got a quicker than not response to my query, "This is to confirm that EC5 has anti-collision", so so far, looks promising, not that it has the function, but yet, that support are alive-and-kicking. If it all goes South, I'll give it to the cc. EDIT eBay Item; Table Top, if anyone'll be looking to stretch that far in the squid spend, sure it'd make a great addition, too rich for me, still looking for one.

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Flexispot Home office electric height-adjustable (71cm-121cm) standing desk frame (no worktop) for £149.99 delivered using code @ Flexispot
149° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Update 1
Use the code FLEXISPOT15 to get it for £149.99 - thanks to @david.graham for that one.
£149.99 using the code is a great price on this electric height-adjustable desk (standing or sitting) frame, to which you can either add your own desk worktop or choose to add on t… Read more

Been meaning to bite on a sit stand desk since I started home working October last year, but so many options to chose from it is a bit overwhelming


Flexispot15 worked a charm... first time


Hi, I managed to buy the EG1 desk for 149.99 today as well. The flexispot15/10 code didn't work and I buy it through their referral system. I just send the link to myself instead of a friend and received a link for £15 discount which is working regarding it is on sale. Hope that helps D


Says £199 on the page, then £299 when put in the cart! Numpties.


Which code please as none of the codes on this page appear to work?