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The Manchester Airport website gives you all the information you need about the airport: flight info, car parking facilities, details about shopping and eating at the airport, book lounge, car rental info, travel money, insurance and travel extras. Use the website to buy flight tickets, book hotel accommodation and more. You will also find useful security information, timetables and which terminal a flight is to take off from. Get maps and find out how to get to and from the airport.
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-25% Discount
-25% Discount
PremiAir Discount 25% Off at Manchester Airport
Manchester Airport private terminal has 25% off bookings. It’s usually £100 PP for departures. Use code PREMIAIRLI for 25% off.

Sounds amazing- why not do it you can afford it! Unfortunately I can’t!


Not available for TUI passengers.


Each to their own I say but I think at a discount it’s well worth the money. Perhaps not so much for short haul but certainly for long haul I’d be considering using it.


A brand new service and only nine reviews on Tripadvisor but every one gives it five stars. I booked a round trip package for March when it was on a Black Friday deal. Book 'Meet and Greet' parking at the same time and you drive to the lounge door, your checked in luggage is taken off you ( you have to check in online prior to arrival ), the lounge has its own security screening and then you are driven to the aircraft gate along the taxiways when the aircraft is boarding. The return process is just as slick. You are met at the airbridge and taken to the lounge to avail yourself of free food and drink whilst your luggage is brought to the lounge. Immigration and customs aredealt with at the lounge and your car is waiting for you outside.


Psssshhhhtt. £75. Can get a few flights for that!

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% of Manchester Airport parking
50% off Manchester airport parking for bookings made between 12.00 and 13.00 today. Code = CRAZYPARK

As you said it miraculously worked at 1pm


The phone lines were turned off for the hour as well , ( there still down now ) A mess of an offer as the who airport groups sites went down for parking.


:( twice they've messed me about over the week 30% the other day and then this. Just kept timing out Should have screen shotted and tried phoning them. Remember you can get 20% off through money saving expert site and holiday extras.


its like they turned the site off till 1pm


Funny how the site came back (mostly) at 1pm...when the promo code expired!

-40% Discount
-40% Discount
Manchester Airport - 40% off lounges for bookings made today only
40% off lounges for bookings made today only. Use promo code BLACKFRIDAY to get the discount. (Please note it is only valid for flights up to 1st April 2020).

Thank you op (y) I've been waiting for a code & was beginning to lose hope (:I


I've just found it. The lounges are all different prices and i'm flying from T1


How did u get that price for the 1903 lounge?


I'd say 3, they never kick you out


do you book 2 hours before the flight or can you do say 3 hours before and then not panic about getting to the gate?

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Manchester Airport 20% off parking when ringing
Looked for voucher codes online couldn’t find any good ones that work so I rung up and this week 20% off all parking anytime. Got jet parks 1 from £45.99 to £36.79 for 5 days in au… Read more

Local deal.


It varies (marked as up to 35%). I booked mine before cheist


Shows still 20% off for me even for multi storey


The link I posted is still for official parking, they are just an authorised re-seller. I've booked onsite Manchester Airport parking (multi-storey) through them for 30% less than direct with Manchester Airport.


‭+44 808 169 7030‬

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% Airport Duty Free (Biza) Manchester, Stansted, East Mids, Bournemouth
I just booked some airport parking for December at Manchester Airport and received the following link by email. Takes you to a landing page (no pun intended!) with 10% off excludin… Read more

Can you use the voucher on the SONOS Play?


Sonos Play 1 is £129 for Black Friday, extra 10% is a great deal, shame I’m not flying for a while :(


Best take a magnifying glass and tweezers. If World Duty Free has something worth buying I must miss it every time I pass through an Airport.


Thanks for posting,will be in and out of Stansted in the next couple of weeks,might find something to buy.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Get an extra 10% off Airport Duty Free at Biza and World Duty Free @ Manchester Airport
This voucher can be used at the following airports in August. - Manchester - London Stansted - East Midlands - Bournemouth Examples below taken from Manchester Airport Biza. - G… Read more

Not always the case Waterloo. Some things are cheaper at duty free, Tom ford private blend being one of them. You won't get 20% off this on the the high street. I get it at Heathrow Airport.


In the days of the internet who still uses duty free shops ? complete rip off i can find all products cheaper online in 2 minutes .

Best Manchester Airport deals from our community

Premiair Lounge, Manchester Airport £70 pp
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
Premiair Lounge, Manchester Airport £70 pp£70
Black Friday deal, reduced to £70pp from £100 available until midnight. Premiair is the new luxury lounge at Manchester airport that doesn't involve going through the terminal for … Read more

Terminal 3 is the worst in the world the other terminals are fine, book fastrack and a lounge for around £25 and happy days. I wouldn't pay £70


They don't support Ryanair or Easyjet airlines.. gutted! Slightly surprised at Ryanair.. Thought they'd be jumping at the chance to sell another upgrade (lol)


If you pre-book to have your car broken into at Manchester airport do you get a discount on a new one?


There is a return package as well with your cases brought to the lounge and with immigration and customs sorted there. Unfortunately it is actually more expensive.


Now, I like this deal......would be a great way to start a holiday. Only negative is, if you had to return to Manchester Airport, hate the queues thru security and the length of time to retrieve a suitcase is ridiculous!

Chanel No.5 EDP 50ml £63.20 @ Manchester Airport (Duty Free Airside)
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Posted 7th Oct 2019Posted 7th Oct 2019LocalLocal
Chanel No.5 EDP 50ml £63.20 @ Manchester Airport (Duty Free Airside)£63.20£7920% off
What every bargain hunter needs... Chanel no. 5 going cheap at Manchester airport duty free. Example: 50ml EDP £63.20. Closest online price £79. Similar savings on 100ml and oth… Read more

Isnt #5 famous for being famous but...not actually a great scent?


Several online fragrance shops and even main seller (e.g. amazon) have mixed reviews when it gets to perfumes, and Feelunique is one of them. I imagine one can find this at any airport as it's basically 20% off the RRP as there is no VAT to pay.


£60.44 @ FeelUnique. Sign up to 10% off Brand For Life £62.80 @ The Fragrance Shop, code PRIVATE20 £64.58 @ The Perfume Shop, add Love Island PIÑA COLADA Body Mist £1.99, code OCT15071. Free Delivery


Debenham have a discount on at the moment on perfume 20% I bought 2 x 37.5 cl No5 and Coco for £92. For information only guys


Because I'm worth it.

Free Fast Track tickets at manchester airport via click & collect service
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Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Free Fast Track tickets at manchester airport via click & collect service£20
This seems like a handy deal for someone who travels a lot and is tempted by duty free! *The Click & Collect order must be placed at least 24 hours before your flight.

Or if you have a toddler take there trolley through to the gate instead if checking it in . Gets you through fast track for free


I will be having some of this next month cheers 🔥🔥🔥


£20 for AirPods!! HEAT!! Oh wait bs :(


Has there been some sort of image auto correct of 'Airport' to 'AirPod'? ;)

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Posted 29th Sep 2018Posted 29th Sep 2018
Alls you’ve got to do is reserve something in duty free for over £20 but all thats required to recieve the fast track tickets is name and email and they send you voucher but you ca… Read more

No availability for dates and time I put in for my flights


Not against Airports charging a taxi fees but it feels unfair to be charged with 4 pounds, for friends/ family who come to just drop off passengers; I know they want to reduce congestion ( and increase revenue!!!) but may be this is not the way to do it. The last time flew, I did feel bad for the old couple who were walking around asking for 1 pound change ( they had 10 and 20 pounds notes) to get the luggage in - have spotted a few currency/coin changer at the arrivals hall, but never seen any around the place you pick up the trolleys at the departure/check in areas.


All that now changed Moh; now gotto pay for getting dropped or getting picked up as well , unless u get dropped off at at one of the long stay car parks and then get shuttled to the airport in the bus.


I wasn't aware of that. Normally taxi drops you off at Manchester free. Go inside and grab a trolley that someone didn't bother putting back to save a £1. Also if arriving at the airport tell the taxi to come to departures. Get the lift up to departures and on your way. The trick is to be at departures when the taxi arrives so can avoid charge. Unless they have stopped people doing that.


Other airports charge taxi fees.

Runway Visitor Park @ Manchester Airport
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Posted 14th Jul 2018Posted 14th Jul 2018
Runway Visitor Park @ Manchester Airport
Sunbank Lane, Altrincham, Manchester, WA15 8XQ The Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport is home to five aircraft, including the legendary Concorde G-BOAC. The Park’s o… Read more

Anyone know the price of the tour please?


You have to pay extra to go inside the planes. The concorde is inside a hangar and you have to do the tour to get next to it

Oman Air Business Class, Manchester - Bangkok, under £1540pp, Mcr Airport Website
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Posted 13th Jul 2018Posted 13th Jul 2018
Oman Air Business Class, Manchester - Bangkok, under £1540pp, Mcr Airport Website£1,539.57
Business Class, Manchester - Bangkok, under £1540. I have personally looked from 19th July and coming back in 3 weeks Flight duration coming in under 15hrs but longer if u want a … Read more

Completely agree with this tbh - much better to start a flight from outside the UK - even if it's ireland you can save £££'s on a business class flight :)


OP, I travel between the UK and Japan about 12 times a year, in business and in first class. I have explained that it's advantageous to commence the long haul segments from just outside the UK, and which airlines offer good well-priced service. My advice wasn't directed at you, it was intended to give pointers to others looking for better deals I doubt,very much, that there are many people with as much knowledge of how and where to book well-priced premium class travel.


Heat from me


You're talking POOP pal, no availability on Gulf and KLM £3000+Post an actual deal and back up what u say!!


It's not that good a deal. There are so many better business-class options to get to BKK The first thing to be aware of is the United Kingdom Air Passenger Duty (APD) of £156 You can get rid of almost all of that by starting your long-haul segments from outside the UK I often use Paris, Frankfurt, or another "nearby" major city to avoid that ridiculous charge. You'll have no difficulty in finding biz-class seats on a better carrier than Oman Air, Gulf Air springs immediately to mind. KLM are often around this price, or less, too.

FAST TRACK Security Manchester Airport when you click and collect at Duty Free - £12.25
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Refreshed 4th Jul 2018Refreshed 4th Jul 2018
FAST TRACK Security Manchester Airport when you click and collect at Duty Free - £12.25£12.25
Click and collect an item at the world duty free and receive 2 free fast track passes for the security queue. A whopping deal I must say, in this instance I bought P20 sun cream 1… Read more

This has now gone to minimum purchase £20! Has anyone used this and not collected their goods ever been chased up via e mail as it says in T’s and C’s?


was just going to post this offer (if it wasn't already listed)! as above poster states it is now for £10. I didn't actually collect my goods - t&cs say they will follow-up. i don't know how they can enforce this if you don't have time to collect as you left it last minute to get trough security as you had Fast Track passes :D


They've now changed it to order over £10. Get two free FastTrack tickets and a hot drink when you Click & CollectStart your shopping early. Order any product over £10 online to collect at the airport, and receive two free FastTrack tickets and a hot drink on us.


How long does it take for the passes to come through after you've made the reservation?


Please don’t overkill this and get it stopped for everyone. Only get as many as you need.

£9.99 Manchester Airport parking for 1 week
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Posted 6th May 2016Posted 6th May 2016
£9.99 Manchester Airport parking for 1 week£9.99
Just booked for next week. Cheapest by around £20 if you don't mind the transfer. From 4am 4th May 2016, if you're booking for any arrival date up until 30th September 2016, look… Read more

Hmmmm, Fab offer and I've found it at £9.99 for when I need it but the problem is I'm going away for 2 weeks - I can get the £9.99 deal for both of the weeks but not sure if I can merge the bookings? Any help appreciated!


Great find, just booked a week in June, great deal


Booked. Thanks for this i've been needing to book parking for a few months now. I used Jetparks last year at manchester airport. The buses were 24/7 every 10mins. Not too crowded and found a parking spot easily. Everything was so swift and easy.


Thanks , nice find !!


Does anyone know if you can change your car registration at a later date? If so is there a fee? Cars just broke and not sure if new one is needed yet.

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Posted 5th Jul 2015Posted 5th Jul 2015
Updated - see link for new info If this helps one family guys then happy days Children with autism can be fast-tracked through security at Manchester Airport to make travelling e… Read more

Sorry didn't mean to sound flippant. I should have said try Delhi airport!


As a dad with a child with PMLD/severe special needs, all I can say is AMEN to that. I am not as eloquent as you, you've put down exactly how I and many other similar parents are made to feel on a daily basis by the vileness of some members of our society.


1) it was over a year ago. 2) yes. You're obviously far more travelled than I.


For anyone flying to Larnaca, ask your airline or holiday reo to organise special assistance for you, its great also even if your child is able bodied we've found using an airport wheelchair keeps our son much calmer.


The wristband is great, we used it last time we flew from Manchester with our autistic son Heat added :) . We fly again next week so emailed for the wristband again and got this response: Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Autism Awareness scheme. This scheme has now ceased and as from the 1st April 2017, Manchester Airport working in partnership with OCS will introduce their None Visible Disability Initiative- Sunflower Campaign. This service can offer you a special lanyard, pin ribbon or badge to wear on your journey through our airport. This will identify you to staff as someone who may need additional support or understanding. Our staff have been specially trained to recognise the lanyards and act accordingly. To pick up a lanyard at Manchester, please go to one of our Assistance Reception areas which are situated in the check in halls of all Terminals. OCS will be happy to give you a lanyard, even if you haven't requested or need special assistance. Alternatively these lanyards can be requested via OCS by emailing. I trust the above information is of some help to you. If you require further assistance please do not hesitate in contacting me. We will be picking up a lanyard from the airport on the day we fly, seems like a good option really as the wristband was easily missed under jackets etc.

Manchester Airport Parking 10% off and free Fast Track through Security
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Posted 7th Oct 2013Posted 7th Oct 2013
Manchester Airport Parking 10% off and free Fast Track through Security
Received an an email from Manchester Airport offering 10% off parking and free Fast Track through Security which is worth £3.50 per person. Forgive me if I've done this wrong, fir… Read more
View Deal

Ermmm it was sarcastic!

alfafmw1 try this


i have book 'meet and greet' airport parking at manchester airport for £30.45 with Park and GO . i used 13% off code 'oct13' which is even better then op, 10% off deal ( £49.99 - 10% = £44.99 ).


Any tips on getting discounted airport hotel parking? Got an early flight so would like to come down the day before. Cheers


email link required for this offer, so no use to anyone.:(

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