McDonalds discount codes

McDonalds Discount Codes

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McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant chain, serving breakfasts, burger meals, hot drinks and desserts. To save money on eating out at McDonald’s, you can use coupons or collect stickers during their Monopoly event. For all the latest news on their current offers and where to access them, check in with the HotUKDeals McDonald’s page. How to redeem McDonalds vouchers

All McDonalds Voucher & Promo Codes for October 2020

It’s back! Metro £1.99 McDonald’s deal
Big Mac etc. £1.99 deal Expiry 16.2.20 Back page London metro newspaper

Find a time machine?


How can I have this voucher





Good to know. I always have plenty of out of date vouchers hanging around

McDonalds Burgers and Fries x 4 for £1.99 each with coupons in Metro newspaper
Coupon / voucher End date 15:12:19 4 coupons / vouchers £1.99 deals (mac, mc chicken, fillet fish, quarter pounder etc. with fries or salad) Today’s metro 31:10:19 page 22

Use the survey on the top of receipts. Some people (cough cough) just write random numbers on them! (shock) I know you can get Big Mac, Fillet of Fish & Quarter Pounder, not sure about McChicken


Annoyingly you can’t use these at restaurants with a drive thru


These were out on Monday.


Not in the Birmingham edition either


London edition definite though others like yours maybe not

Food Monday ! McDonalds Burgers and Fries for £1.99 each with coupons in Metro
There are four coupons on Monday 4 November Metro newspaper P.23 2 X Big Mac/McChicken Sandwich and medium fries or side salad 1 X Quarter Pounder and medium fries or side salad … Read more

Are you sure it's today's (28/10)? Page 12 has a full page ad for the iPhone 11 Pro from very. (It's not elsewhere in the paper either)


I just say can I have the chicken sandwich and fries for £1.99 please . Job done Obviously there must be an option on the till for it as they would say no .,


Just ask for it; quarter pounder too.


I know they do the £1.99 big Mac and fries with the mcdfoodforthoughts, but never heard of chicken sandwich and fries for £1.99. How do you get it?


Will need to pick up a copy tomorrow!

McCafe McDonald's 2 for 1 vouchers @ McDonald's App
Download the McDonald's app on the app store and you can get a 2 for 1 voucher to enjoy 2 McCafe items for the price of one. Here's the link to the web page:… Read more

Interesting question. We used a pair of Android phones, without bluetooth or NFC enabled. Nothing seemed to happen until we tapped them together hard a couple of times - I think that it is using either the microphone or movement sensors to detect the "bump".


Ok great thanks. I cannot get it to work, is there a knack to it?!!


No. Once you have triggered the voucher using your friend's phone it is added to a wallet in the McDonalds App; any time before the expiry date just open the app and follow the instructions on screen when you are told to by the restaurant staff. Works in drive thru too.


Do both people need to be there to show vouchers for the offer to work? Thanks


I do understand it. If anything listed on hduk isn't of good quality or value it's voted Cold and likewise Hot if it's the opposite. so my personal preference for this is cold.

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27 x Printable Mcdonalds £1.99 Vouchers

Why would you be in a McDonalds in the Pacific?


Worked for McDonald's - this is a permanent offer left on the till forever - Often given on the back of Arriva bus tickets, In my store the manager used the policy if it had another stores name on it to just accept it as its a sale for us and not that store in the stats.. If you get a nice crewmember they will just put it through without even seeing a voucher or they might see it but not take it off you - another policy that it meant the customer would come back again and spend more, the terms and conditions are there for the store managers that really don't want to give the deal like franchise stores or in places there isn't other food shops because the manager knows you'll buy the items full price if he denies the voucher.. **If anyone ever denies, just stand there asking for a full explanation from the business manager and not a shift runner.. they'll give you the deal to get rid of you.**


Used last night in the drive through, didn't even ask for the voucher :)


I have used vouchers that have been for a pacific macdonalds in loads of other macdonalds they don't seem to care



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DiscountMcDonalds Discount DetailsExpires
Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry Original when you buy any Extra Value or Wrap MealSave at McDonalds with Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry Original when you buy any Extra Value or Wrap Meal for Students31/12/2020
Free DeliverySave at McDonalds with Free Delivery on Uber Eats Orders20/10/2020
% offIt’s back! Metro £1.99 McDonald’s deal2/01/2020
% offMcDonalds Burgers and Fries x 4 for £1.99 each with coupons in Metro newspaper31/10/2019
£1.99Food Monday ! McDonalds Burgers and Fries for £1.99 each with coupons in Metro4/11/2019