McDonalds discount codes

McDonalds Discount Codes

78 hot deals
McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant chain, serving breakfasts, burger meals, hot drinks and desserts. To save money on eating out at McDonald’s, you can use coupons or collect stickers during their Monopoly event. For all the latest news on their current offers and where to access them, check in with the HotUKDeals McDonald’s page. How to redeem McDonalds vouchers

All McDonalds Voucher & Promo Codes for March 2019

% off
% offSave at McDonalds with Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry for Students with any Value or Wrap Meal Orders


Conditions:Valid only while supplies last. Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
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More Info McDonald's £1.99 burger/sandwich/fillet o fish & fries vouchers in today's Metro newspaper
£1.99 deals (Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich and shaker side salad or medium fries x2, quarter pounder with cheese & shaker side salad or medium fries x1, fillet-o-fish and shake… Read more

Don't forget keep your receipt, you can do a short survey, you get a code to fill in near the top of your receipt so you can buy a big mac+fries for £1.99.


There's a barcode scanner to the left of where you tap your phone, or insert/tap your card (card reader)


Is there a place to scan these vouchers on the machines that u order from? Never seen anything that looks like it scans


In the unlikely case anyone's unaware, you can add extras to certain sandwiches (e.g. more gherkins and sauce) at no extra cost, also means it's a bit fresher too as it's made to order.


Handy to know... do you mind adding that as additional info please?? I'd add to post but rather you got credit for it for confirming ;) I'm not vegan/vegetarian so I had no idea you could even get a veggie alternative until I saw it on the machine haha 😁

£1.99 off
£1.99 off McDonalds £1.99 voucher inside Metro newspaper
INSTRUCTIONS: For those in and around London. You get these on a regular basis in the free Metro newspaper . Only valid in restaurants without a drive threw .Enjoy !

i always had them accepted in every mcdonald's with drive thru's too. even i asked for 2 big mac's with 1 coupon.


Sorry, I meant to say it's on metro and ES literally every day.


Welcome to LONDON


Burger king also in today's metro with more offers ;)

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More Info McCafe McDonald's 2 for 1 vouchers @ McDonald's App
Download the McDonald's app on the app store and you can get a 2 for 1 voucher to enjoy 2 McCafe items for the price of one. Here's the link to the web page:… Read more

Interesting question. We used a pair of Android phones, without bluetooth or NFC enabled. Nothing seemed to happen until we tapped them together hard a couple of times - I think that it is using either the microphone or movement sensors to detect the "bump".


Ok great thanks. I cannot get it to work, is there a knack to it?!!


No. Once you have triggered the voucher using your friend's phone it is added to a wallet in the McDonalds App; any time before the expiry date just open the app and follow the instructions on screen when you are told to by the restaurant staff. Works in drive thru too.


Do both people need to be there to show vouchers for the offer to work? Thanks


I do understand it. If anything listed on hduk isn't of good quality or value it's voted Cold and likewise Hot if it's the opposite. so my personal preference for this is cold.

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More Info 27 x Printable Mcdonalds £1.99 Vouchers

Why would you be in a McDonalds in the Pacific?


Worked for McDonald's - this is a permanent offer left on the till forever - Often given on the back of Arriva bus tickets, In my store the manager used the policy if it had another stores name on it to just accept it as its a sale for us and not that store in the stats.. If you get a nice crewmember they will just put it through without even seeing a voucher or they might see it but not take it off you - another policy that it meant the customer would come back again and spend more, the terms and conditions are there for the store managers that really don't want to give the deal like franchise stores or in places there isn't other food shops because the manager knows you'll buy the items full price if he denies the voucher.. **If anyone ever denies, just stand there asking for a full explanation from the business manager and not a shift runner.. they'll give you the deal to get rid of you.**


Used last night in the drive through, didn't even ask for the voucher :)


I have used vouchers that have been for a pacific macdonalds in loads of other macdonalds they don't seem to care



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More Info McDonald's Vouchers Printable - see 1st post

Thanks OP!


\ Me too , but today lady checked coupon and said is not valid at Drive and Thru restaurant and not accepted. :( It's depend who is on cash mashine. So if You want be 100% sure to accept voucher go to McDonald's where is no Drive and Thu options


Used 3 at one time at a drive thru - no questions asked :)


They haven't accepted mine because of the "no drive thru" rule :(


Drove into a Mac's last week, and used three vouchers instore. No problem, even through the store had a busy drive through. Cheers OP.

£1.99 off
£1.99 off McDonald's Breakfast Vouchers Printable - see 1st post

expired this morning


Do you even know what a scam is? And I hope you're just exaggerating because it's pathetic to be that upset about anything relating to McDonalds, let alone missing out on a tiny discount on a breakfast there!


will use it tomorrow, thanks


Could somebody please link the source where McDonalds released these vouchers? I think they're fake and don't want to be caught out looking like an idiot when trying to use them.


Ahhh... Apologies then, thought it meant not through the drive in.. Wouldn't know to be honest, wouldn't feed it to my dog if I had one...

£1.70 off
£1.70 off McDonald's Printable Vouchers - £1.99 for burger and chips

mcD's are always cold staff miserable thats because they work hard and get paid crap wages,burger king is better


I'm still using mine, no one checks the date....




Used this today, simply showed them the voucher link after adding it to my 'passbook' and she didn't even question it, result!


Dont be so cheeky. Has it even crossed your mind that the person may have a disability?

£1.99 off
£1.99 off McDonalds Printable Vouchers for Manchester & Salford including Big Mac and drink for £1.99 expires Aug 2012!!

I had seriously bad food poisoning the last two times I had Big Macs. Food hygiene is clearly an issue!




Thanks for this OP :)


Been looking for some to be used in Stafford :)


If any of them tell you you have to have the original voucher and not a print off just tell them firmly that they are on the Little Voucher Book website available to download and use - don't let people who don't have a clue stop you from using them!

£1.99 off
£1.99 off McDonalds Printable Vouchers for Manchester & Salford including Big Mac and drink for £1.99
3 vouchers available for McDonalds in and around Manchester. Vouchers include: Big Mac & medium drink for £1.99 Double cheeseburger and large fries £1.99 1/4 pounder with ch… Read more

Or even the several million people who already lived in Manchester and Salford ? (_;) Hot for those that like McDonalds


This will be handy for the thousands of BBC staff that have just moved to Salford. Hot!

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More Info Printable BOGOF Vouchers for McDonald's Newcastle/Gateshead

Link above doesn't work (as usual for me, it seems). Vouchers here (click).

£2 off
£2 off 2 Medium Meals @ McDonald's in Leeds for £5
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More Info Free Printable Voucher for regular coffee,latte or cappuccino at McDonald's

Thanks! Should work fine :)


That assumes that staff apply common sense. :whistling:


well if u go with printed voucher 100% thy wont turn u down,end of the day its promotion to get more customers into thr restaurant,:)


Hot, if you can find staff that is dodgy enough to accept the printed voucher. Well worth a try.

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More Info Free Coffee Voucher in 'Metro' for McDonalds

Hate their coffee, and their hot chocolates. thanks for the heads up stil.


thanks for confirming:thumbsup:


Cheers Schaf!


Apparently in will be in the Metro on the 18th.


Can't find the voucher in my Metro, maybe it's a local thing?

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More Info McDonalds Vouchers in today's Metro

Not in todays midlands region metro.


even drive-thrus?


Yep, these are valid for any restaurant!


I had a Metro this morning - and did not see these offers! Grrr. Are they valid for any restaurant? Will have to pick up another later now.

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More Info 4 McDonalds Vouchers in tonight's LONDON LITE (Thurs 27th Nov 08) - vouchers valud until 14th December

they usually stop handing out london lites when they've given out enough i used to see the guys at like 9pm still handing them out. poor fellas


Thanks! December is going to be a tight month. These may come in handy at some stage.


Does anyone know what time they tend to stop handing out? :)

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More Info McDonalds. Big Mac or Chicken sandwich and fries @£1.99 But turning into a Subway thread.

My fella realised the offer was ending in a couple of days so he went and used 2 of the vouchers for his lunch! :)


Sorry for having turned this into a Subway thread but I just thought I'd mention that Subway now do the 6" Meatball for £1.99 everyday! Don't know how long this offer will last! Sorry again and back to your MickeyD appreciation...


Subway rules had one yesterday, Italian BMT with double meat, double cheese, handfuls of jalppeanos and hot chili sauce


I'm pretty sure i've seen the 1.99 meal deal vouchers printed on travel West Midland bus tickets.


just got a subway in my town you can't beat 12'' meatball :-D

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More Info BOGOF BIG MAC print voucher

Found 2 more links just in case they check the numbers : ) at your local McDonalds just print them of here 5 different vouchers:[image missing][image missing][image missing][image missing][image missing]


anyone had any bother using these?


Excellent, few more inches to my waistline!! Voted Hot!


Five... FIVE?!? That's 10 Big Macs!!! You Fat Bar Tender!?!:giggle:


Absolutely, in the interests of equality and all that malarkey. If you are a veggie, you can take the voucher and say "I'm a veggie what can I get" or if due to religion you only eat fish from McDonald's you can ask for that

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