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Oxfam has been serving as one of the largest non-profit retailers in the UK since its foundation in 1942. Not only do they provide a great product and even better service but the work to better the lives of those less fortunate on a daily basis. So feel free to stop browse the Oxfam vouchers page to find even better savings on items from all around the UK. How to redeem Oxfam Shop vouchers
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-12% Discount
-12% Discount
12% off @ Oxfam
This offer is only valid for orders placed online. Only valid for items priced £2.99 - £200. This offer is on selected items. Code must be entered at checkout. Offer is not v… Read more

If there’s something you want a code is worth using :)


The charity that supports victims in gun battle countries, by investing money in stocks and share of gun manufacturing firms. Self supporting?


I will squeeze charity shops all day long. Prices they charge in shops these days is disgusting. Every shop has a fully paid manager now and paid staff too. Yet they pay hardly anything in business rates. Top dog at oxfam earns about quarter of a million.. So yes squeeze them like anyone else now. Wouldnt of 7 or 8 years ago but now oh yeah defo


Save the kids in Haiti, don't make this "charity" richer.


Lmao expect to pay more than Ebay prices, Oxfam is a disgrace, what happened to the good old days of Charity Shops charging for example a PS2 Game or DVD £1 per item, they have basically become an after market profit setup, basing their prices for items off Ebay and adding another 10% or 20%. Sell in large quantities for cheap which will generate more sales and donations, not charging over the top and being basically CEX.

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off women's and men's clothing, accessories and shoes priced between £2.99 - £200 with Voucher @ Oxfam Shop
INSTRUCTIONS: T&Cs below: 1. The discount code entitles you to 20% off women's and men's clothing, accessories and shoes priced between £2.99 - £200. 2. To redeem, the prom… Read more

Sorry oxfam must have decided to with draw offer :(


Didn't work unfortunately.:|

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Oxfam 50% off gifts over £10 + £1 delivery
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Oxfam 50% off gifts over £10 + £1 deliveryFREE£7.50
Good idea for mother's day - including £1 delivery and a chocolate coin.
Up To 70% Off Online Sale - delivery £3.95 per order @ Oxfam
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Up To 70% Off Online Sale - delivery £3.95 per order @ Oxfam
Sale terms and conditions: 1. The sale runs until 11:59pm on Monday 11 January 2021. 2. This offer is only valid for orders placed online. 3. This offer applies to selected items… Read more

It’s a business decision, if you have the storage space then selling more at lower prices won’t make more money in the long run if eventually someone is willing to pay the higher prices for something they want. The 70% off sale helps clear some of the over priced items and I have come across many items worth buying.


82% of the money Oxfam collects goes on charity work and 2% on campaigning, which I think is pretty good as big charities go. Cancer Research is 83%, so very similar. https://www.oxfam.org.uk/donate/how-we-spend-your-money/ https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-us/our-organisation/how-we-spend-your-money That doesn’t make the high prices ‘greedy’, it means they’re trying to raise more money. That said, some of the website prices are crazy so they should probably probably have a rethink- I’d guess they could sell more stuff and make more money with lower prices...


Ridiculous prices for Oxam. Saw a book which was a free giveaway and on 19.99 on their site.


They are greedy someone at the top making a lot of money these so called charity shops give genuine ones a bad name most the items are donated. I give my donations to my local cancer hospice.and by the way I do have cancer. There must be a better way then this .


Ridiculous prices. Cold.

Up To 50% Off at Oxfam Online
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Posted 10th Dec 2020Posted 10th Dec 2020
Up To 50% Off at Oxfam Online
Amazing 50% off at Oxfam Shop

Thanks for sharing @t00tsweet (angel)

Up to 40% off @ Oxfam - £3.95 delivery
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Posted 30th Nov 2020Posted 30th Nov 2020
Up to 40% off @ Oxfam - £3.95 delivery
Get up to 40% off 1000s of new and donated items and with every purchase you're supporting people to work their way out of poverty. It doesn't stop there - for every pound you sp… Read more

🔥 @Delightful123 (y)

Free Delivery (This Bank Holiday weekend) @ Oxfam Shop
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Posted 28th Aug 2020Posted 28th Aug 2020
Free Delivery (This Bank Holiday weekend) @ Oxfam Shop Free P&P Free
‘Did you know? The carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK every minute is greater than driving a car around the world six times ! Shopping second-hand is one … Read more

Oxfam....helping seedy old men go abroad under the guise of a volunteer to abuse the needy, then cover it all up. Lovely charity ❤


As stated above charity shops used to be great for bargains, nowadays they want stupid prices, £4 for a t shirt that is used and costs the same or up to £8 max at a supermarket? A shirt I can buy in primark for HALF the price the charity shop wants. And often of course they have the signs of usage i.e faded colours, and all for the convience of going out of your way and paying up to double sometimes more to a charity. If I want to donate I will do it direct!


Too overpriced for second handed clothes. Plus once a huge charity organisation messes up like Oxfam, you really should avoid them.


Volunteer in a charity shop. Can confirm its exactly the same in our shop. Everything is checked on eBay or monsoon before it goes out on the shop floor


so cheap, great find

Oxfam/Nectar: Sign up to Oxfam 'Tag Your Bag' and get 100 Nectar points @ Oxfam
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Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
Oxfam/Nectar: Sign up to Oxfam 'Tag Your Bag' and get 100 Nectar points @ Oxfam
Sign up and get 100 Nectar points. Plus an extra 25% goes to Oxfam if you're a UK tax payer. All details on the link.

Sign up to Tag Your Bag. To collect Nectar points, enter your card details and you'll collect 100 points. If you've already got a Tag Your Bag account, link your Nectar card to collect 100 points. You'll receive personalised tags in the post. Donate your items to an Oxfam shop making sure your tag is securely on your bag of goods. We track your items and when they sell you'll get 2 Nectar points for every £1 they raise. If they don't sell they'll be recycled or reused - so they'll still help Oxfam fight poverty. You can even donate your points back to Oxfam if you want. Visit nectar.com to spend your points on a range of Oxfam Unwrapped items from safe drinking water to life-changing farming supplies. The money your unwanted goods raise, along with the money we collect from Gift Aid will build water pumps, dig vegetable plots, send children to school and give families a better future.


Are you really not going to explain what, "Tag Your Bag", means?

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50% off charity gifts at Oxfam. A pile of poo now £6 @ Oxfam
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Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
50% off charity gifts at Oxfam. A pile of poo now £6 @ Oxfam£6£1250% off
Oxfam sale get 50% off charity gifts over £10. For example you can get this pile of poo (poo) card was £12 now £6 Thought this might be a bit of fun for someone This charit… Read more

What infrastructure are they are expanding besides the prostitution/poverty industry? Staff volunteer and people fundraise for the directors to act like pigs, (Oxfam were created to fight this criticism of capitalism). We tell other countries that people are protected by law, yet the system fails the most vulnerable. The country is run by people with the mentality that we mustn't punish, so these abusers walk into the sunset with a payout. How is it you think they will be less transparent, when they were never honest about it to start with??


If you have a way of eliminating crime you get my vote in the next election. You did, however, fail to recognise my support for an umbrella brand for various charities. Do you plan to play the outraged citizen all your life or are you also doing something constructive?


This is EXACTLY the problem. Oxfam should be eliminating sexual violence and exploitation, NOT allowing it to be carried out by its own staff (and then subsequently trying to cover things up to "protect the image of the brand") I wonder if you'd take the same position if the headteacher and senior personnel at your local school were found to be abusing their pupils? Probably not, and this isn't any different.


This is the main point to take away. If one claims goods or services provided abroad have a certain value then discounting them like this undermines the argument. Far better to say DFID provide the shortfall. They do run donation matching schemes and I think what you are buying is half the gift for twice the feelgood factor. The expert who wrote the Guardian article quoted above - https://www.theguardian.com/voluntary-sector-network/2018/mar/16/government-donors-reward-honest-charities-oxfam - stated: Oxfam is widely recognised as having the best policies on sexual violence in the sector. But it now faces losing funding from DFID and the EU. The danger of this donor reaction to the Oxfam scandal is that other NGOs with less robust procedures will shy away from being open about abuse. Managers will judge the consequences of transparency too grave. So not a good idea to Oxfam bash then. I like this scheme a whole lot better though https://www.goodgifts.org/how-it-works You know exactly what you are gifting PS Heat added. You were right. It is a fun gift


But who exactly do you think runs Oxfam? It's a bunch of individuals working together with (supposedly!) the same objectives. In the past, people volunteered their time and undertook Charity work for free (the "Charity" bit of the name being a big clue). But not any more. Nowadays, most "Charities" are basically nothing more than enormous commercial business operations providing funding to a cause. You now have professional Charity Directors who move from one Charity to another, trousering large salaries in the process. It's been clearly demonstrated many people at the top of such "Charitable" organisations are guilty of some form of abuse (remember Brendan Cox's abuse at Save the Children?) Charitable status should give not give abusers immunity from anything. Until Charities get their own acts in order, they don't deserve to be treated differently to any other commercial organisation. If you really want to give to a good cause, you are probably better off finding a smaller local charity which is more open and honest about its endeavours.

Oxfam Moomins collection 20-50% off
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Posted 27th Oct 2019Posted 27th Oct 2019
Oxfam Moomins collection 20-50% off
Oxfam have their Moomins collection on offer, with books, bags and a travel cup at 20% off. It looks like it's online only and so you might need to buy a few bits to offset the £3.… Read more

Sounds fantastic! I'd love to visit Finland but haven't made it yet


Loads of Moomins stuff in Helsinki (airport and city). They had 3 people dressed up as characters in a supermarket last weekend. Used to read the books and watch it on tv as a child, many years ago.


The 90s; catchy tunes, inflatable furniture, it was a decade of highs and lows XD


60s for me


I'm a child of the 90s (embarrassed)

Divine chocolate 25% off - Oxfam shop - £1.64 instore only
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Posted 4th Oct 2019Posted 4th Oct 2019LocalLocal
Divine chocolate 25% off - Oxfam shop - £1.64 instore only£1.64
Oxfam instore. Divine chocolate 25% till 22 Oct. Normal price (90gr) is £2.19. Good price for this chocolate (all flavors), plus it's charity so you help a high ranking directors w… Read more

Oh where do you get these in store or online?


The deal may be a good one but the comment is awful. I think you will find that the Directors of Oxfam are senior business people that take a pay cut to join the charity to "make a difference" and don't get paid bonuses. I applaud them for what they do. Why be sarcastic and nasty?


Heat for the wry but realistic comment lol! (y)


Doing your bit for famine relief, by eating chocolate. It's a win win. Heat added.

100 free nectar points for oxfam pledge
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Posted 9th Aug 2019Posted 9th Aug 2019
100 free nectar points for oxfam pledgeFREE£0.01
100 free nectar points for pledging not to buy any new clothes in september just fill in your nectar details

How about 50p then? (:I


Some gullible souls will sign up no doubt


10p so oxfam can spam you for the next 1000 years. Where do I sign up.


How surreal, the moment I started reading this my mail came and one of the letters was an oxfam "tag your bag today" from a previous nectar points signup, so yes be prepared for spam.


Oof. So if you try to decline permission to be contact by email... > Oops sorry, in order to sign up to Second Hand September we require your email address to keep you informed. If you'd like to take part in Second Hand September without receiving emails from us then we recommend you follow our social media channels for updates and tips. ... which is simply a shady way of circumventing the GDPR's requirement of not opting people into marketing by default.

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