Unfortunately, this deal has expired 20 July 2023.
Posted 19 July 2023

12 x Brewdog Cold Front Vienna Style Lager 330ml Beer Cans Best Before 6/10/2023 - free del over £25

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  • ABV 4..5%
  • 12 x 330ml Cans (Total 3960ml)
  • Minimum Best Before 06/10/2023
  • Age 18+
  • Please note – Maximum 2 Per Customer (24 cans)
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1 pack per customer and £5.99 postage

I’d also point out that every can I bought on their last offer was dinted and didnt taste as good as shop bought ones
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  1. Baldricky's avatar
    It seemed to be an obvious £25 bundle so I went for it.

    jamesdl's avatar
    Great combo
  2. mogwy's avatar
    not bad lager this if ice cold but cant find anything else worth adding
    nigelbutler's avatar
    If you want 48 cans then you can add the £16.99 deal and 2 x 12 - works out 56p a can
  3. hkphooey's avatar
    What's it like... Is it a weird beard crafty lager or a nats light summer lager
    fazzy-bhoy's avatar
    It's quite light but not as insipid as lost lager. It's not bad at all to be honest.
  4. senorsombrero3k's avatar
    Free delivery except northern Ireland
    Charger1969's avatar
    Cheers, saved me the bother of trying to get 25 quid for free delivery
  5. feeder16's avatar
    This is pretty good stuff. Shame I have shedloads of brewdog stashed away
    nostoneunturned's avatar
    Brewdog have loads of stash in sheds!
  6. rogue_wolf81's avatar
    Max 2 per customer but free delivery if over £25 :/
    Good price if picking up part of a basket.
    radioshed's avatar
    Clif Bars, Anton Berg Bars and Triple Treat bars all good prices for me to fill the basket
  7. timboslicey's avatar
    Awful company that mistreats its employees while lecturing the world on how to behave. Please spend your hard earned anywhere else!
    wpj's avatar
    All my interactions with DD have been extremely cordial.....
  8. johnc77's avatar
    It seems brewdog is always in discount stores these days, I used to like them but half of there beers are rank and are just made because they can not because they should
    nigelbutler's avatar
    This is true. But I'll still drink them at this price.

    Compare to Supermarkets at £5/£6 a box of 4
  9. darrenjg's avatar
    I like the look of this, but really struggling to find enough of anything else to get over the £25 limit
    nigelbutler's avatar
    If .... Big if... add the £16.99 for 24 cans deal and 2 X 12 cans. Which is 56p a can. Check the helpful taste descriptions above.... 48 cans (edited)
  10. Tommt's avatar
    Didn't enjoy it personally, I got them in heron really cheap a few weeks a go
  11. gogochancer's avatar
    Ordered two with the 9.99 bottle of vodka and a few crisps/snacks to get free delivery . Can't grumble at that price - particularly for Scotland
  12. scotty6435's avatar
    It's now limited to one per customer so unless you plan to buy a lot more, this isn't really a good deal anymore
    Roygroyg's avatar
    Yeah was trying to build an order and knocked one off from basket despite saying 2 when started. Dealbreaker as was struggling as it was to justify other fillers.
  13. roguess's avatar
    Every 'offer' from that site is junk considering it has a minimum spend of £25. For added comedy their 'free delivery' is 7 'working' days hahahaha, why would anyone order anything from their when they try to con ppl into paying extra for delivery with the threat of free delivery taking 10 days? Trash site. (edited)
  14. FNC888's avatar
    They've increased the price of the 24x can deal to £19.99, so it now comes to 62p per can if you buy 2x 12 and 1x 24. I still think that is a good deal for what is a pleasant lager delivered to your door, considering even in the likes of Aldi and Lidl you're now looking at £1 per can for most branded beers.
    peakbear's avatar
    There are decent supermarket 'Brands' but obviously personal preference on what you like.
  15. jakerushworth's avatar
    its a good deal. But everything else in the shop is garbage
  16. H1.HWK's avatar
    Paid £16.99 for 24 cans of this, delivered yesterday, so good price drop if you're ordering now. Haven't cracked a can of it open yet to try it, but sounds OK from the description. Will test it Friday and order more if it stays at this price.
  17. wpj's avatar
    Got a stash in the basement already, but could not resist. Son has been asking about the Grenade Oreo so that makes up the rest.

    It's quite reasonable stuff, and more so at this price.
  18. HottyHotty's avatar
    2 brew, the goose island and the vodka seems like a good deal - 36 beers + 70cl vodka for under £30 delivered
  19. wpj's avatar
    Well, over 650 gone since I placed my order.
  20. Phillpot's avatar
    24 cans, the strawberry gin for the Mrs, and a box of after eights.  Less than £26 delivered so can't grumble with that.
  21. steve_hn's avatar
    All gone now. Pleased I ordered my two lots of beer as soon as I saw this deal. Will be perfect for the Summer if it ever comes back!

    These went really fast as there were around 600 left in stock when I made my order a few hours ago! (edited)
  22. Headnogood's avatar
    50639756-g2KCP.jpgNice one
  23. Baldricky's avatar
    Having quaffed a few of the cans last night and a couple just now as my reward for grafting in the garden, I have zero complaints. In fact if I can find a coupon code, I think I will bang in an order for a couple of cases of 24 for £19.99 a pop.

  24. Mit_Nor's avatar
    Think the vodka is OOS now but it's a great deal. Here's what I ended up with.

    I'm surprisingly excited about that kit wash bag as I needed one for the gym anyway

    50625502-mMxdh.jpg (edited)
  25. goro78's avatar
    You can still get x24 cans…
  26. joeymcjoe's avatar
    Crazy price
  27. youngcrazedpeeling's avatar
    Bah coming up as remote delivery for me and I’m in Cornwall
    Ljsdad's avatar
    I’m in cornwall and ordered it and received the last week no probs
  28. MartinOgdenCorrigan's avatar
    Does this place have a physical/walk in store you can go to? I believe it's in Leigh, which my family live near and I'm off to visit them at the weekend
  29. Thelakes43's avatar
    Is the bbd 6th.Oct or 10th .June(the american bbd format?)
    mintyhall's avatar
    Checked other deals, found one as Minimum Best Before 22/09/2023 which means it must be UK bbd.
  30. hkphooey's avatar
    Not into these borderline ales calling themselves lager...

    Anyone tried this please discountdragon.co.uk/pro…ns/ (edited)
  31. Kushdy's avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered along with some other stuff that I didn't need, so I could get the free shipping.
  32. Xercen's avatar
    Has their corporate culture changed?
  33. wrcallar's avatar
    1 per customer kinda sucks. Oh well, just topped up with 20 quid of rubbish lol
  34. TheCostOfLies's avatar
    Deals need to include P&P. It's not £4.99.

    I do wish you could switch votes after you've made them.
    HottyHotty's avatar
    P&P is free though isn't it? It's just that there's a minimum £25 order which should obv be mentioned
  35. wackojacko99's avatar
    This was hot, now not so good
  36. guest5234's avatar
    They can’t brew lager like the Germans and chekz, far to hoppy
  37. jhw's avatar
    All gone now - they removed it from my basket before I could check out.
  38. miguellimapt's avatar
    Same all gone, removed from my basket when I was going to check out.
  39. steve_hn's avatar
    My order arrived today. I have family visiting and we have all been enjoying these this evening. Very happy with my purchase! (edited)
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