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Posted 15 May 2023

20" 4 Wheel Hard Shell Cabin Size Suitcase - £24 Each (Various Colours) @ WeeklyDeals4Less

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Pretty good range of colours here, all that the same price point.
Sizing in cm as follows - (Height) 56.5cm x (Depth) 22cm x (Width)33cm / Weight: 2.6kgs

There is a lock on there, which you can see in the bottom image below, along with a n inside view of the case.


20″ Strong and Tough – ABS Hard Plastic Carry on Approved Luggage
There’s a zipped pocket in the lid of case with a further interlocking adjustable strap which provide further support between the base and the lid of the case.

  • Modern Super Lightweight Design
  • 4 Multi-Direction Wheels
  • Built-in Stylish 3-Digit Combination Lock
  • 1 x 20″ Luggage Suitcase Trolley Bag on wheels, extendable telescopic pull handle and side carry handle

External Dimensions (Including wheels): (Height)56.5cm x (Depth)22cm x (Width)33cm
Weight: 2.6kgs


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  1. ronin13's avatar
    Just got back from Antalya on Saturday. And the local Gastapo at EasyJet check-in were taking a "no mercy" approach to cabin bags. It was horrendous (every single one was DOUBLE checked). If it didn't go in the metal frame bag-checker, or stuck out 1-inch. Then you were either paying or unpacking. The woman even made a blind man with his wife and 3 kids unpack 3x!! Things are getting very tight on the airlines, people. They WANT your bag money. Triple-check your measurements *including wheels* before flying.
    Deedie's avatar
    I do think they go over the top at times with this. However, at the end of the day if you turn up with a bag that is bigger than their maximum, then that is the person's fault entirely. If they end up having to pay extra that is on them unfortunately
  2. julienewdobbing9's avatar
    Gutted to big for Ryanair cabin luggage
  3. memyselfmash's avatar
    23 x 36 x 56cm is virgin size,
    23 x 33 x 56.5cm is this size

    Dont know if the half cm could make a problem but its frustrating that they couldn't be 1cm smaller
    SP2013's avatar
    Really depends on who checks these at check in or after. Most staff wouldn't mind the 1cm but it's that small chance that you get the "want to get to the top" staff that will check and make you pay £30+ just to check it in!
  4. Gregme's avatar
    Depends on the airline , wizzair to Vienna and back last week not checked, despite only being allowed a carry on underseat bag. Happily put in overhead locker both ways. Usually avoid hard cases as they can be put in hold. (edited)
    omgpleasespamme's avatar
    Can't anything be put in the hold and that's why you should go hard case just in case you're "randomly selected"? Look at a member of staff the wrong way and your rucksack could be getting the hold luggage treatment is what I heard. (edited)
  5. Wadialdoor's avatar
    What is the quality like ?

    Any good
  6. greatwhite's avatar
    Has anyone bought this before ? How is the quality like ?

    Can this be used for EasyJet and Ryanair ?

    Thanks in advance
  7. barkel's avatar
    Thankyou OP We received one Today and it looks really good! In fact just ordered another as the Mrs liked the First One So Much.
    soundsgood's avatar
    Wow, that is nice to heard
    Enjoy using it
  8. maze2680's avatar
    Which airline started all this . Crazy to have to pay to take a bag . It's just extra income for the greedy airlines
    Jayporsche0's avatar
    Although I got stung, I disagree with you. Flights are still cheap. Even if you factor in the extra baggage it was still cheaper for me per person to get a flight to Switzerland with the family and back than it was for me to get a train to London. If you can work the system and not pay extra you get insane value. If you don’t then it’s still good value. If you can’t afford it then don’t travel abroad. When BA had the monopoly we all
    Paid more. Bravo to disrupters like easyJet, Ryanair etc.
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