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Posted 20 June 2023

Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT Gaming Graphics Card 20GB GDDR6 HDMI/Dual DP/USB-C (21323-01-20G) £749.99 @ Amazon

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Back again for £749.99 for those that missed it for £728.99 a few weeks ago.

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TomsHardware - 3.5/5
TechPower - 5/5
GamesRadar - 4/5


Experience unprecedented performance, visuals, and efficiency at 4K and beyond with AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards, the world's first gaming GPUs powered by AMD RDNA 3 chiplet technology.

Immerse yourself in breath-taking visuals with the pinpoint colour accuracy of AMD Radiance Display Engine and boost frame rates with AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution and Radeon Super Resolution upscaling technologies.

To unlock even more performance, combine AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics and compatible AMD Ryzen processors to activate AMD smart technologies.


  • 84 AMD RDNA 3 Compute Units(with RT+AI Accelerators)
  • 80 MB AMD Infinity Cache technology
  • DisplayPort 2.1
  • AMD Radiance Display Engine
  • AMD Radeon Boost technology
  • AMD Radeon Anti-Lag* technology

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  1. Somersett's avatar
    AMD is good at the value sector, lousy at the 'premium' sector- GPUs I mean. This card is RDNA3, which still lacks proper drivers. It is horrifically power inefficient. Mediocre RT for the money (if that matters to you). No CUDA (obviously). And they want >700 for this failed tech!?

    I loath Ngreedia, but I honestly cannot understand anyone buying RDNA3 products. As the cards get stupidly expensive, at least Ngreedia gives you innovation for your money. AMD only properly supports new AAA games with RDNA3- and yeah, that's important. But what about VR, older games and AI. AMD's driver team is an utter joke- and now AMD has all the money, they have no excuse for this at all.

    Meanwhile RDNA2 just works, and has about the same power efficiency. BTW these cards will have no resale value once AMD fixes the faulty hardware with RDNA3+/4.
    idontbyte's avatar
    Have both 6950xt and 7900xt as I host lan parties and they both work flawlessly in hundreds of games and run about the same power. The 7900xt is about 15% faster. But you know listen to this guy if you want
  2. MrBeginner's avatar
    MrBeginner Author
    Not sure what is referring to but the performance is amazing. I’ve had a 6900xt and 6800xt and a 3090 and tbh this blows those out of the water.

    The gpu is happy on a 750w psu and notice my total system power sitting around 550w.

    I use a single 1440p 180hz IPS (LG27GP850) screen which the vast majority of gamers use and don’t use VR (not sure what the attraction is here!).

    I get 250fps at Call of Duty MW2 on ultra, 110FPS on Spider-Man with MAX raytracing, 110FPS on TLOU on ultra, 160fps on Horizon Zero Dawn on ultra. Around 150-180fps on Forza Horizon 5 on max settings. I’d say these are amazing results and exceed my monitors refresh rate on quite a few occasions.

    It’s got quite a bit of potential left untapped which future driver updates will unleash making £700 quid seem a bargain if it matches a 4080 performance in a few months.

    But to make it clear I’ve had no driver problems whatsoever- make sure you do a clean install of drivers (use DDU program).

    Give AMD time and they’ll perfect the drivers like they did for RDNA2.

    I would advise against RDNA2 as these cards are woeful at raytracing. The 7900xt is on par with a 3090ti for raytracing. On straight up graphics grunt it is between a 4070ti and a 4080. Overclock it and you’ll gain 6-7% more performance almost touching a 4080 in terms of raw power.

    I think FSR 2.0 and DLSS 2.0 is very similar and don’t think this should be an issue.

    FSR3.0 (frame gen) is due to be released which will boost frames even more.

    I would easily think this is the better deal over a 4070ti for the raw performance and for 20GB vram which will future proof it somewhat.

    4070ti owners might have to upgrade again in 2 years due to vram insufficiency as it’s only got 12gb.

    I’m not intending to upgrade for another 4-5 years.

    Make up your own minds and watch YT. Linus Tech Tips has gone for AMD this gen and is happy about it etc. (edited)
    Azwipe's avatar
    Not a single example of FSR outperforming DLSS. Wouldn't call them very similar.
  3. zizouG's avatar
    great card, i went from a 2060 to this lol so I'm super impressed!!!
  4. pijus.paul's avatar
    I have 7900 xtx and I run everything 4k max (just saying my drivers works fine) (edited)
    NoNamesLeftWhy's avatar
    ok, this aint a xtx though
  5. jungleboy123's avatar
    i get depressed everyday. I got the budget for a 7900xtx/xt and 4090 but all are flawed so i just sit here trying to game at 1440p with lag lol. (edited)
    MrBeginner's avatar
    MrBeginner Author
    Just do it. Buy whatever you can afford. We all aren’t getting any younger!(y) (edited)
  6. uscool's avatar
    disguised over priced 7800xt (edited)
    MrBeginner's avatar
    MrBeginner Author
    Can you say in your opinion, how much this should be in GBP? (edited)
  7. Kotal_Khan's avatar
    Prices have gone back up for this, but there are a few on amazon warehouse for £728.
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