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Posted 25 June 2023

Air Fryer Oven, Uten 10L Digital Air Fryers Oven, Smart Tabletop Oven with 12 Preset Menus, 1500W £71.99 with voucher @ Amazon

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An excellent air oven can not only bring us delicious food, but more importantly, it can bring us a warm and happy feeling. Because of its healthy, smoke-free cooking method, it says goodbye to traditional cooking methods. In a way, it is more energy efficient, healthier and simpler.

Uten air fryer, does an excellent job in the kitchen

The clever combination of deep fryer, oven and rotisserie spit cooks your favorite dishes with significantly less energy and fat than conventional appliances. With a timer function and touch display, it is easy to use and the large viewing window provides a better overview.

12 recipes to choose from with a single click. Very easy to use and easy to use even for the elderly. Grilled food, vegetables, pork chops, corn on the cob, cakes, toast, pizza, french fries, steak, fish, shrimp, chicken legs and other delicacies can be enjoyed in no time at all.

For quick, healthy preparation + safety and convenience

Automatic switch-off, dishwasher-safe, large capacity of 10 liters, preheating and warming function, dishwasher-safe (BPA and PFOA-free), PDF recipe book, cool to touch housing and handle, inside and outside made of stainless steel, 306 ° high-speed convection.

Made from healthy, food grade 304 stainless steel

  • CE, GS approved, BPA and PFOA free
  • LED digital display
  • Overheating protection
  • Self-adjusting time and temperature
  • Countdown reminder and shutdown
  • 100% healthy, 80% fat reduction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Preheating and keeping warm function

About this item

  • [12 Modes] can choose to fry, bake, roast veggie, pork ribs, corn on the cob, cupcake, toast, pizza, fries, steak, fish, shrimp, reheat, chicken wings, chicken legs. Thanks to the hot air circulation system and The unique combination of perfect temperature and time allows you to cook food evenly and gently, so the outer surface is crisp and the inner layer is juicy and tender.
  • [Convenient and Efficient]: The clear LCD display has 12 pre-programmed programs, touch screen control, you can also manually set the temperature and preparation time by the knob. The circuit protection system can make the machine working process safer.When the body temperature is greater than 240-250 degrees Celsius, it will automatically enter the standby state.
  • [Meet Various Needs]: The capacity is 10L, which can provide healthy and low-fat dishes for many people! Very long selection interval: bread function 2 ~ 8min, defrost function 10 ~ 45min. Extremely wide temperature control range: 25 ~ 60 ℃ for defrosting, 80 ~ 200 ℃ for other cooking functions. It can almost meet your needs.
  • [Perfect Design]: 1. Built-in lighting which can be turned on or off to facilitate better observation of the cooking status of food. 2. The countdown will close automatically and there will be a reminder when it is about to end. 3. Removable double-layer heat-resistant tempered glass door can keep all the heat inside the device when cooking.
  • [Perfect Gift]: Uten electric cooker, bring delight to your family and friends. Uten is committed to providing quality products and customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will actively solve problems to satisfy customers.
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  1. Karl_Redman's avatar
    Heat added , had mine over a year. And have now fallen in love ❤️ with it .... used daily .......
  2. michael.galvinm7i's avatar
    I have this one and it’s absolutely fantastic. Ideal for 1-2 people. The trays can go in the dishwasher and a quick wipe of the inside with soapy water to clean. Everything cooks so quick, and the adjustable height trays are perfect to control browning on top.
  3. debschillen0704's avatar
    I don't know what to get. Haven't used main oven for around 7 yrs but use halogen and micro. Have looked at the tower vortex as seems smaller than this. But is 1 drawer better than 2. I really don't know what to get. Any info appreciated
    ncd's avatar
    We find having two drawers better as we often cook different food in each drawer, which require different heat/cooking time.
  4. presterjohn71's avatar
    We've got one of these. This is our fourth air fryer in 5 years ( they don't last long if used everyday) it's also the worst. It's not terrible, it just doesn't seem to cook as evenly or as hot as previous Salter and Cosori branded fryers. On the plus side super easy to clean compared to the basket types so it might last longer. (edited)
  5. Be79n's avatar
    I’ve never used an air fryer before so perhaps a silly question but can this be used to cook food like a normal oven?. For example a chicken Kiev or jacket potato’s?.
    michael.galvinm7i's avatar
    Yes you can pretty much cook anything you can cook in an oven, room permitting, don’t need to preheat, and everything generally cooks super quick. Hash browns from frozen cook in 12 minutes, and I tend to turn my items 2/3 through the cooking time.

    I’ve done Kiev's in mine and works well. I haven’t done a jacket potato but don’t see why you couldn’t, someone said microwave it first, rub a bit of oil on the skin then put in this to crisp up.
  6. Chemical's avatar
    We bought this last year, hardly used the main oven since. What a bargain, we paid around £120. Used every day with zero faults or flaws. 
  7. iGlad's avatar
    This will be ideal for my bedsit now the wife has thrown me out!
    Madhaggis's avatar
    Jammy bugger.
  8. b6mmg's avatar
    Isn't this more like a small fan oven ? A fryer has a pan you take out and clean, where this just has a drip tray, just like the ones you put in a normal fan oven. It is smaller though, so would be more efficient. But in my mind it is easier to just take out a pan and put it in the dishwasher.
    Chemical's avatar
    Exactly, this is so easy to clean. We had a pan type air fryer and was a right pain to keep cleaning. With this, throw the pans in the dishwasher as they take up very little space. It’s also really fast to cook.
  9. TopBargainer's avatar
    Still prefer deep frying my food
    Joe_G's avatar
    Air fryers don’t make food as tasty as deep frying, but it does make the food with less effort, healthier, and with the cost of oil, much cheaper. I threw out my deep fryer when the cost of refilling the oil became painful, I’ll stick to shallow frying when required
  10. ianyar1470's avatar
    Great little air fryer this, bought it 6 months ago. I like the fact you can see the food cooking if you put the light on to keep an eye on it.
  11. D105620's avatar
    I bought one six mobths ago. Great but chip basket hard to clean even in a dishwasher
's avatar