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FREE Amazon Prime for 6 Months *Students only* Then £4.49/monthly thereafter @ Amazon

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About this deal

*Students Only*
Very good deal if you want prime!:)

If you are already signed into your Amazon account or someone else's account on your browser, make sure you are signed out for the link to work.

Start your 6-month trial of Prime Student
FREE One-Day Delivery in the UK and Two-Day Delivery to Ireland
Prime Video
Exclusive Student Offers and more

After 6 month trial:
Prime Student (monthly) £4.49/month
Yearly £47.49/Year

Start your free trial of prime student to enjoy
Unlimited Premium Delivery on millions of eligible items
Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows
(HD, Ultra HD & HDR video when available)
All of the music you love + top podcasts, ad-free
Secure unlimited photo storage
Same-Day Delivery in eligible areas

By signing up you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Amazon Prime Terms and Conditions and you authorize us to charge to your default card or another card you have on file. After the 6-month trial period, your payment card will be automatically charged £4.49/month for as long as you are a student or for a total benefit period up to 4 years, after which your Prime Student membership will automatically convert into a regular Amazon Prime membership at the then applicable price. Your Prime membership continues until cancelled. You may cancel at any time by visiting Your Account and adjusting your membership settings

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How to join without an ac.uk email address, but have alternative proof of age and enrolment.
Enrolling in Prime Student Without a Recognised E-mail Address
If you are 18 or over and able to provide proof of enrolment in at least one course at a university or college located in the UK, you may be eligible to enrol in Prime Student through an alternative process.

To provide proof of age and enrolment, please send an e-mail to
from the e-mail address associated with your Amazon.co.uk account.

Please also ensure that your bank card (credit / debit) details are up-to-date before writing to us. You can check your card details within Manage Your Payment Methods.

In the message, include a scan, photo or screenshot of one of the following:
  • A valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card (must show your name, institution, and date of expiry)
  • A proof of student status letter (must be printed on official institution headed paper and include student name and address, course details and start date, expected graduation/completion date).
  • A tuition bill for the current term (must include institution name, course details and start date, student address).
  • A tuition invoice for the current term with your name and your institution’s name on it.
  • An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must be printed on official institution headed paper and include student name and address, course details and enrolment date, expected graduation/completion date).

If we determine you're eligible, we'll send you a follow-up e-mail within 3-5 business days that contains a link which allows you to complete the sign-up process without an .ac.uk e-mail address. However, you must sign-up for Prime Student within 14 days of receiving this follow-up e-mail, otherwise you will need to contact Customer Service again to register. By completing this sign-up process, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
Amazon More details at
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One of the perks of Prime student membership is that you get access to prime video, and there are some great movies and new series on there right now including:

Air: Courting A Legend | Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Whale | Official Trailer HD | A24

Below is a list of some more Amazon Free Trials that may be handy

Amazon has a Prime Try Before You Buy on various Fashion
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  1. Conkers816's avatar
    I assume you still have to prove student status ?
    Redninja24367's avatar
    Redninja24367 Author
    Yes with a student/college email I believe (edited)
  2. angleseyman's avatar
    Good thing with this ive not been a student for over 10 years but still have my college email and i used this 2 years ago and still have the student account on amazon now , Cant complain at £4 odd a month for prime like. So i will say try it even if your not currently a student
  3. Y33zy's avatar
    If you cancel your existing prime membership will you be eligible for the trial?
    donotneed's avatar
    Not if you have used the 6 months trial in the past on the same account. 7 days free
  4. Iru786's avatar
    Always has been like this
    Sinist3r_D3vil0's avatar
    Not everyone knows about this tho
  5. Cityslicker21's avatar
    How do I get a .ac.uk email account, without being a student?
    Y33zy's avatar
    By enrolling at a uni and not turning up to lectures.
  6. TekWoodyatt1's avatar
    This has been going on for years; why is this being allowed as a new deal?
  7. WWhite's avatar
    It has not always been that way?
    All the people I know had the first 6 months free
    Sinist3r_D3vil0's avatar
    Not everyone knows about this tho
  8. millarcat's avatar
    Great post, thanks @Redninja24367 ! 6 months free trial = 🔥🔥
  9. scrounger's avatar
    I'm a student of first aid .. with St John's ambulance...will that count ?
  10. Cyril_Blake's avatar
    Had the Totum pro reduced price for a bit, but now I just can't be bothered. You quickly get used to being without Prime.
    Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Yeah, prime is something you get used to having but once it's gone, I dont really miss it. While you can get free delivery to their lockers, I dont see any point in me paying for this - the prime tv has never had a great deal I'm interested in.
  11. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Good to know, people paying full price for Prime are subsiding this.
  12. Gav_881's avatar
    Unfortunately they stop your student ness after 4 years 😔
    2xBacktoBack's avatar
    Oh, how will you survive.
  13. nazlfc's avatar
    Totum Pro no longer accepted
    pontyslapper's avatar
    They accepted my TP just the other day for another year.

    Just sent a pic of my TP card via the verify link on the account/Prime pages
  14. stefwalker's avatar
    Thanks. Can it be used if already used about a year ago?
    JRSC01's avatar
    yes if the date is still current and your "student status" isnt yet expired
  15. orlovekat's avatar
    Any way to use if have nus extra or TOTUM card but nothing else
    JRSC01's avatar
    yes they will accept a photo upload of a valid Totem or NUS extra card

    amazon.co.uk/b?n…031 (edited)
  16. jona77's avatar
    For some very strange reason Amazon about 12 months ago thought I was a student ( I’m 50 ) so I’m using Prime as a student and currently paying £4.49 a month. Tried signing out of my student prime account then used the link signed back in and didn’t get this offer!
    sheffield788's avatar
    They gave me that as well about 18 month ago and now I'm on £4.49. It has been about 25 years since I was a student. No complaints here.
  17. angie555's avatar
    My card has expired I have the option to upgrade to totum professional and wandering if I should do it
    Is totum professional better than totum pro
  18. darren_hooker's avatar
    Hot hot hot!! And hot again! Where do I obtain the students email address.. Can you still buy em off ebay? Tia

    I'm an online student but not at uni.. (edited)
  19. angie555's avatar
    I wonder if student Beans would work
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