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WERE YOU ADOPTED? THE MILKMAN'S? Find out with 25% off DNA Test - Mothers Day Special £59
27/03/2019Expires on 27/03/2019Found 20 h, 30 m agoFound 20 h, 30 m ago
Ancestry is the most popular website for those interested in actually tracing their ancestry. The 25% off promotion reduces the price from £79 to £59 (£9.99 p&p). Offer end… Read more

Thanks I need to get done a few distant family members have and it's yielded some fascinating results!


I'm not certain if it goes back to Germany but it does come from there :)


Wasn't aware went to 🇩🇪


Not sure what that has to do with a DNA test? It's to cover both delivery and return postage, it is delivered from Germany so not too bad really when it's to cover return fees too.

loonyboyx is free with most local libraries. Free Access to Records Until Monday
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Free access from 15.02.19 to 18.02.19 - All UK & Irish records A billion records. A world of discovery.Now's your chance to meet your ancestors, for free. Simply search a name… Read more
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I don’t understand how this works... I searched name & DOB yet it shows minimal information - just that the person does exist Am I missing something?


So it's not worth trying then? Got my hopes up for a minute there


Anyone else having problems? Had to register this morning before I could view anything, but now its saying password is wrong and when trying to retrieve password it then says my email is wrong, but I've got the confirmation email from them so its not wrong. I'm also a bit confused, do I have to pay to see birth certificates etc? All I could find this morning were the recorded names and birth dates in registration books which doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know.


You liked your own comment, that's what I call a waste of time


Yeah this is awful. The only results it gives you are pieces of information that you typed in. Searching for family members is essentially typing it in yourself. If you even look at the webpage wrongly it'll pop up asking you to sign up (even though you're signed in), if not it'll try to get you to pay. I don't know what's supposed to be 'free' here, I've received 0 information from this website other than what I typed in myself, I wouldn't waste your time. Cold.

Half price premium UK yearly membership was £119.99 now £59.99 @
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Until 3rd January, get a half price UK premium full year membership for £59.99 instead of £119.99 at Ancestry. I started on there a fair few years ago now and I am now in contact w… Read more

16th March 2919 my subscription ended early this month so I claimed the offer and obtained the deal UK Premium for 12 months for £59.99 even though the offer states until 3rd January. Ancestry have the UK Premium 6 month subscription for £69.99 on their website


I waited for my old sub to expire last night, then signed up today for the 50% off worldwide membership. On the screen it said 'welcome back....' and had all my payment details stored. If you have a subscription about to expire, perhaps it is better to cancel it now and sign up for the 50% deal.


I wish it were that easy! I have been researching my family tree for almost 13 years. It all started with some old family photos and conversations with family members. I have had an Ancestry subscription on and off for this whole time. I never have the membership on auto-renew though, I wait until it expires and then look for 50% discount offers. Just signed up for 12 months of Worldwide membership for £89.99. Genealogy is a very addictive hobby, and incredibly interesting. I don't just research my family name, I branch off and trace the female lines too. Have fun!


Your subscription is attached to just one account, with username and password. However, your fiancé could research their own ancestry on your computer when you are logged in, and create an additional tree of their own, and save it in your account. Ancestry is simply an enormous database, so you can research as much as you want and create as many family (or friend's) trees as you want. I have about a dozen at the moment! You can even create a tree and share it with family or friends, they can look at it by setting up a free account on Ancestry. I do this when I want my family to see what I've done.


21% on TCB

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DNA test for ancestry £59 @ Ancestry
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Ancestry is the most popular website for those interested in actually tracing their ancestry. The test is back to the Black Friday price, said to be today only but it may go up and… Read more

Ancestry has by far the biggest database and about half the people using it will put together some sort of family tree. 23andme started as a way to get health information and most people using it dont really have much in the way of useful information about their ancestors. If you are really interested you'll test with ancestry sooner or later, might as well start there. Ancestry dont allow uploads from other sites, some of the other websites do. Also as was said up thread it's pretty easy to delete information from ancestry if you wish. YDNA testing is good for tracing male ancestry but a lot more expensive. And even my wife - whose DNA is much more British than the average - has some Canadian and American 4th cousins. They can be very useful,




I used to wear a pair of them. :D


I bought the 23 and me DNA health and ancestry from Amazon for £65 last week. I ain't opened it yet. Do people think one is better? If so can I return my current one to Amazon?

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Ancestry DNA Kit £49.99 @
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Find out that you are really Japanese and not Welsh
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This deal is deadbut anyone found another code?


Coming up as £79 excluding shipping for me


Im getting £63 + postage too. Has this deal therefore ended?


Far more amusing is when it turns out they are not actually their sibling...


Coming up as £63 excluding postage for me. Have I done something wrong? I don't like the way they don't tell you how much the postage is, until you've given them all your potential spam routes, either.

14 Day Free Trial ( UK and Ireland or Worldwide Database) Find out about your roots
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
14 Day Free Trial ( UK and Ireland or Worldwide Database) Find out about your roots
Don’t forget to cancel :) Find out about your past and build a family tree to help you link together your roots!
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Bad link


Unlike many others types of trial if you cancel it stops straight away.


Had this the last 2 weeks, cancelled it today with no hassles via the site. I’m not from here was using it to research the history of my house - ended up using trials on all the sites and I found this to be the best.

Free access to medal roll on ancestry until 11th nov
Found 16th Oct 2018Found 16th Oct 2018
Free access to medal roll on ancestry until 11th nov
Free access to medal roll on ancestry until 11th nov

I’m not sure sorry as I already have full access


Oh ok thanks is this just for UK or for Europe too?


WWI records


What's medal roll


You shouldn't need to subscribe or give payment details. Just need to be registered and signed in to access offers like this.

Free Ancestry Access to Uk and Irish records Bank Holiday Weekend
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Free Ancestry Access to Uk and Irish records Bank Holiday Weekend
Just had an email through to say that Ancestry are offering Free Access this Bank Holiday weekend to more than one billion UK and Irish historical records We found this really use… Read more
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Number 7 on that list would be a good place to start - get birth/marriage/death records for free.


Autocorrect removed the semicolon, who cares apart from you? Grammar is poor, but trying to be nice with the comment, as people can get passionate.


'not comprehensive' a bit like your grammar and sentence structure!


The free trial, you need to register, log-in and mess around with the drop downs and go to home page and then you can search. Personally I find incomplete as my acid test is, can you find yourself. I am still alive (well hope so) but cannot find myself on this site. The UK/England birth registry seems not comprehensive.


Lol. And other relations list was also long ..

Free ancestry access
Found 6th Jul 2018Found 6th Jul 2018
Free ancestry access
Free access to ancestry this weekend 6-9 July 2018. Uk and Irish records. Why not have a look and see who and what you can discover. Ever watched heir hunters, if you are linked t… Read more

If you scroll down slightly following the OP link, there is a banner. Click on the green 'Search Free' button. Thanks OPEDIT - Following a search if you hit 'view image' it will ask for sub details. If you just click on the record link it doesn't.


Seems to work if u go to search at the top and click on a result


Just asks me to choose a membership price


It’s just gone live there I can view for free now try it again, u do need 2 log in but don’t need 2 put in any payment details


Found out I'm a quarter American through Ancestry last year. That would explain why my left arm is such an irritating over-confident borderline racist tw@t.

Ancestry DNA Test Kit 20% off - £63 / £72.99 delivered
Found 22nd Jun 2018Found 22nd Jun 2018
Ancestry DNA Test Kit 20% off - £63 / £72.99 delivered
Ancestry DNA kit has 20% off until the 24th of June. This is a recurring deal. Postage is £9.99 for the first kit and £4.99 for subsequent kits. I saved on postage by ordering wit… Read more
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Idc It saves on Toilet roll


Don’t believe the label ‘flushable’: disposable wipes clog sewers around the world Grownups are now using the same wipes once reserved for babies, leading to millions of dollars of sewer problems. A New York City bill takes aim at the lack of transparency – and mislabeling – some say is to blame Bruce Watson


Flushable wipes, use 1


Bad method; Wet wipes make up 93% of matter causing UK sewer blockages City to Sea campaign says we must rethink bad habits and only flush ‘three Ps: pee, paper and poo’ as study finds blockages cost UK £100m a year Matthew Taylor Tue 12 Dec 2017 02.15 EST

AncestryDNA 20% Off till Tuesday
Found 27th May 2018Found 27th May 2018
AncestryDNA 20% Off till Tuesday
AncestryDNA 20% Off till Tuesday. I have seen this slightly cheaper recently but still a good deal. Shame about £10 delivery rip-off but hopefully Amazon will price match.

Just be warned. Once you send they keep your DNA and it becomes their property,read the small print !!!


Think mine was £49 plus postage a while ago.



Maybe its the £10 delivery? "...but hopefully Amazon will price match." Do Amazon even sell this, in order to be able to price match?


This doesn’t seem to popular, don’t we like ancestryDNA here at HUKD? (ninja)

Free Access to the 1939 Register on Ancestry UK
Found 9th May 2018Found 9th May 2018
Free Access to the 1939 Register on Ancestry UK
From today until Sun 13th May. You may have to sign up as a member.

He may have been redacted anyway. My dad was born in 1937 but wasn't shown in the 1939 Register - maybe one of the lines on the page which has been censored out.


.... Indeed


Sorry for my lack of help. I just took a minute to post the deal. I figured people would figure it out. Oh, you did. Well done.


There is nothing thick or daft about it. I struggled to understand how to connect to the site, and left a message up for a few hours asking how... before finally working it out. A better explanation by the original poster would have been a little more helpful (although I do recognize and appreciate them posting the deal in the first place). This is the link:


No just create a free account then when logged in click on the direct link above. It's only the 1 census that's free all the other searches like births and marriages etc you need the membership.

25% off Ancestry DNA Was £79 Now £59
Found 24th Apr 2018Found 24th Apr 2018
25% off Ancestry DNA Was £79 Now £59
25% off Ancestry DNA until midnight on April 26th Was £79 Now £59 Also still have to pay postage which is £20 for the first kit and then £10 for each additional kit
Avatardeleted1855576Get dealGet deal

Something in the a newspaper the other month compared the same persons DNA through a few different testing companies, the results varied quite widely, which made me lose interest in doing one of these tests. I know I'm at least 50% moron anyway.


It's DNA day apparently and other companies have also got offers on. 23andme has 30% off so £55 for ancestry service. Living DNA is £79.20 from £120. I don't know the subtleties between them.


That is one of the downsides of this site, there are some participants who go out of their way to knock people's efforts to help others.


I think you can get this Ancestry test for just £59 on Amazon without have to pay the postage: I've had myself tested and it told me I was mostly Scots, Irish and Scandanvian. It has allowed me to confirm some lines on my family tree - some were correct, one looks like it might not be. I've bought a test for my parents to try and break down some of the brick walls in my tree (mostly where the father is unknown).


I did the 23andme. I'm not an immigrant. Almost 100% British

Free access from 30 March to 2 April
Found 27th Mar 2018Found 27th Mar 2018
Free access from 30 March to 2 April
Just received an email announcing free access for the Easter weekend, if you fancy a break from eating all that chocolate (y) This time it's for records from the UK… Read more
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Waste of time, nothing is FREE asks for credit card details and every time you do a search asks you to pay more money to see results Have a look at all bad reviews before signing up for this so called free trial


I don't think I entered any card details during the last free trial. :| Maybe you had this issue because the trial hasn't started yet? Idk... Maybe the 14 day trial is different to the free weekends?


Never has for me!


Great thanks, I always use the free w/ends and have got quite far back with my tree

Ancestry DNA - 25% off, £59 + £9.99 postage
Found 24th Mar 2018Found 24th Mar 2018
Ancestry DNA - 25% off, £59 + £9.99 postage
Ancestry DNA is currently down to £59 from £79. The postage is also down to £9.99. I've not seen the postage at this price before, it usually £20. Ancestry DNA allows you to see… Read more

Er, no. If you don't know anything about the subject matter, maybe refrain from commenting? It isn't a 'random company' but a well established one. You do know that adoptees and people with unknown parentage rely on autosomal testing to identify family.


Only an idiot would send their DNA off to random comapny,


Thank you for the reminder about Quidco. Topcashback too.


It doesn't. Database sizes here: Update: more up to date graphs further down this link (website has nothing to do with me). Anyone who has tested from the main testing companies can upload their data to GEDmatch (free) but in reality, few people do.


I assumed GEDmatch had the biggest database, anyone know?

Free Ancestry access, 23rd-25th February
Found 20th Feb 2018Found 20th Feb 2018
Free Ancestry access, 23rd-25th February
Received in an email this morning: Starting this Friday, we're giving you free access to all our UK and Irish records for three whole days. Access to the records in the feature… Read more
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I just get Ancestry is currently unavailable we are working hard to resolve the issue message. I guess the servers are overloaded


Anybody had any luck using this? It keeps taking to the American site everytime I try to access anything!


This Friday, which means you didn't miss it?


Ancestry is indeed (in library edition - anyone know what that is?) available at my local library. Sadly not online though


Check your local library as many provide free access to as part of their online services

Ancestry Worldwide subscription half price 89.99 (UK premium possibly 1/2 price too 59.99
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Ancestry Worldwide subscription half price 89.99 (UK premium possibly 1/2 price too 59.99
All credit to previous poster "trevorfranklin" his huk deal was expired but I chanced it anyway and got Worldwide subscription for 89.99 saving 90 pounds for my dad's … Read more

See iain_k's working link several comments down - I actually got it off another post - but I think it is the same link - worked fine for me just now.


This is still working; Premium subscription for £59.99 is an absloute bargain ! Ancestry don't usually discounts like this; I'd just refused my renewal at double the price and was offered no discount - So thanks OP ((last year had a Quidco claim for ancestry refused too)


sure it's subscribe?dna=crossAct I've tried to post the entire url but it's not allowed. I hope this gets through the filter!


Cant make out the end of that url. Can you post the end bit after subscribe


Yes it's still working for me. Which browser are you using? I use chrome and the link takes me to this page below. Can you see if it's the same URL?

AncenstryDNA Testing Kit - Discover Your Family Origins (WITH SCIENCE!)
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
AncenstryDNA Testing Kit - Discover Your Family Origins (WITH SCIENCE!)
AncestryDNA is a DNA testing service that utilises autosomal testing technology to discover your family history. This service combines DNA science with the world’s largest online f… Read more

Black Friday was when I was waiting for on this one. They may reduce prices around Christmas but I wouldn't guarantee it. I ended up getting's version for £59 delivered with the free shipping and Black Friday discount. Surely if you believe we're all descended from Adam, you can't also accept the worthiness of these tests? Amongst other things, this test includes measuring the prevalence of neanderthal genes. The bible's version of where man came from simply isn't compatible with the existence of neanderthals.


This is interesting I would like to get this done. Any new deals? I do believe we are all children of Adam .


Seriously £20 delivery... What a joke... £69 is the standard offer... Ancestry you disappoint me.


Should be handy for single mums off council estates...


~hangs head in shame~ I just read that, sorry. I think I paid about £150ish for 23andme last year (it was time sensitive though so I couldn’t wait), so that price has already dropped a huge amount from that! Wow! I’m tempted to buy 23andme kits for my aunt and uncle at £79 but will follow your example and wait to see what happens on Friday. ^_^

Free access to Ancestry's UK Military Records, 10-13 November
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
Free access to Ancestry's UK Military Records, 10-13 November
As part of Remembrance Day, Ancestry's UK military records are free to access. Access, starting on Friday. Email I received goes as follows: "Which of your family members served… Read more
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Any fake credit card details I can enter?


If anyones interested there is free access also until end of 12th November on Find my Past also


Hi there thanks for the post. I have been doing my family tree on Ancestry for several years, intermittently subscribing but now mainly using the free weekends. Also use FreeBMD and Family Search. Find My Past when they do free weekends, You can usually get free access at libraries but more of a drag to do it that way. Probably 3-4 free weekends between Ancestry and Find my Past a year. I began with the 2 week Ancestry free trial (you do need to give credit card details but you can cancel before they start charging), use that time to start your tree and then either subscribe or wait for free weekends. Also you can download records which may be useful reference when the free trial ends.


Maybe they were watching your post and nipped in quickly to fix it ;)


The T&Cs were at the link when you said : Full list of records you can search here. Honest! Now they've been amended to what was in your email - all day 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th.

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