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Ancestry to provide free access to all historical records between the 4th & 10th May @ Ancestry
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
To help the nation commemorate VE Day on Friday (8 May), all historical records on family history website Ancestry will be free from Monday 4 May to Sunday 10 May. The 75th annive… Read more
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Does that mean I'm dead? (horror)


Records are not visible for those still alive, data protection and everything. In census they black out the line and mark it "this record is official closed" for those still living


Thanks Einstein 👏


Perhaps it proves that you and your ancestors are all aliens from outer space and have been among us for at least 400 years. Or, find out your own name by looking at your birth certificate, if that's the 'help' you need.


This is the most useless thing i have ever done, it didn't help one bit

Ancestry Free Access to UK & Ireland Records Easter Weekend
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Here we go, another free weekend of access to UK & Ireland records on Ancestry; very timely too as most of us will be at home looking for interesting things to do. I can think … Read more
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I have gone back to 1547 and the facts would be correct as only had one hint and it came up with all the family members that was already added and date of birth and place of birth matched up to


I have gone back to 1547 it took me two days to find 136 family members



Ancestry 12 month membership for £59.99
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019

I just wanted to say this deal worked for me today 10th Jan, so thank you.


For those who would like this for renewal Even if you cancel your member ship today (online), the account will not actually cancel until after you expiry date, thus the offer does not come up for you. I called their help line (which was actually very helpful) and selected cancellations, I explained that the renewal price (due in two days time) was too expensive and I would like the £59.99. without any issue he arranged this for me over the phone (by actually cancelling my accout which then allowed him to apply the discount). Nice catch OP, than you.


thanks for this looks interesting


I cancelled my subscription just before Christmas as it was coming to an end but it allowed me to resubscribe using this offer so worth a try even if you’re not a new member. I love, great little hobby. Thanks OP. Heat added.


My membership expires mid Jan but I cannot get the reduced offer. Do I need to cancel my current membership first or does anyone have the magic trick?

Ancestry DNA KIT £49
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Good saving on this kit from ancestry.

Europeans are protected with DNA testing, because of GDPR. Ancestry is one of the best to test with, they have the financial clout to battle any law enforcement agency trying to access their database. Plus, they are not a medical company, or associated with a pharmaceutical company, like some of the others. MyHeritage is another good testing company. Don't do it for ethnicity, this changes as companies increase their samples sizes, and actually only represents what you have inherited, most of your ethnicity from 500 years ago is gone from your AtDNA (what this kit tests) through the way your DNA is passed down. If you are doing this for genealogy, it is fabulous. Just beware of MPE (Misattributed Parental Event), approximately 1 in 5 will find out something in their family that was NOT known, discussed, or expected! (source- I am a professional genetic genealogist)


I would just get it from Amazon. 59 quid including delivery and you can get it next day for free


isn't it 49 and then another 10 quid for delivery?


The ethnicity is the part that gets media attention and is an area of science that's still bring developed. It's the cousin matching part that's of real value to anyone looking at doing their family tree.


Nor does the kit accurately go figure. Pointless gimmick, most will say you come from Africa/Asia/Continent etc. and its been pointed out by reports (BBC etc.) that its bull. But for a throw away gift for a loved one then I suppose you could buy worse or norse.

Ancestry DNA only £49 @
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Ancestry DNA only £49 @
AncestryDNA—The World’s Largest Consumer DNA Database. Get started in a few simple steps. Order your complete kit with easy-to-follow instructions. Return a small saliva sample… Read more
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no this is their deal. it runs until dec 2nd


Tempted but think it may go even cheaper on Black Friday, maybe postage free. What does everyone think?


I almost expect them to add "Use your DNA in the future to create monsters ..."


Time to get that tin foil hat out mate!


You really want to agree to all this? "You also agree that we may directly or through other companies who help us provide the DNA Services: Provide your saliva sample and DNA to other companies that help us provide the Services, such as laboratories;Extract your DNA from your saliva;Perform genetic tests in the United States (or, in the future, in other countries) on the resulting DNA using test methods available now or developed in the future;Compare your DNA results with other DNA data in the Ancestry database to provide the Services, including matching you to others in our database with whom you share DNA;Disclose to you, and others that you authorize, the results of the tests performed;Store your DNA results in accordance with these Terms and the Privacy Statement;Store your saliva and any extracted DNA in the United States or destroy any remaining saliva or DNA sample after your sample has been processed; in any case, once submitted to us, your saliva and DNA sample cannot be returned to you;Allow certain of our laboratory partners to use a portion of activated or inactivated saliva samples to calibrate or validate instruments, equipment, or laboratory methods used in providing DNA Services; andUse your Genetic Information and other Personal Information as described in these Terms and the Privacy Statement."

Free weekend access to military records on Ancestry
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Posted 7th Nov 2019Posted 7th Nov 2019
Free weekend access to military records on Ancestry
Just a heads access until 11 Nov 2019 to military records on Ancestry. This event normally happens on Remembrance weekend each year. I've just had a quick look and have… Read more
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No one exists until they have been created in a database. Welcome to the digital revolution.


I don't exisit!


I use a mixture of Ancestry websites as that way you get the broadest range of ancestry databases. My tree is on which I did have paid membership a while ago and now use it and Findmypast when they have free access. I do also use FamilySearch which is free and does have some international data although it is not as detailed as the other websites. This weekend's free access is definitely more wide ranging on FindmyPast than Ancestry, as i have researched today. So recommend using both to get the most free info this weekend!!


Personally I prefer Family Search. First of all, Its free, has some great tools and as all trees are ultimately joined into one tree big tree, you can sometimes find a lot of work already done for you. There is a learning curve, but quite easy to get the hang of. Its not quite as pretty as Ancestry & the search tries to look at all trees, not just your own. Has a great GEDCOM import but its very strict, this enforces accuracy. It does not like to import living people, records with no birthdate etc. , probably a good thing. Oh, did I say it was free :)


You will need to create an account but you don't need to sign up for their 14 day free trial if you use the link above... :)

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Save £20 on Ancestry DNA testing
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Posted 2nd Nov 2019Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Save £20 on Ancestry DNA testing
This offer is on a couple of times a year, and a decent discount IMO. Other DNA tests are cheaper, but this one is a more thorough test , and that is extremely useful if you are … Read more
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anonymouse10 Now £49 plus shipping


I was thinking the same. I have decided to hold out and see. If there is not a Black Friday or cyber Monday deal then Ill buy it on the next future offer. Hopefully before Christmas arrives.


will they do a better deal on black Friday


I’m not trusting these companies with my DNA, not whilst they let law enforcement have access, not that I’ve got anything to hide but what if they get hacked and I get framed for something I didn’t do and I’m convicted on DNA evidence - no thanks, not taking that chance. There is such a thing as having too much information I’d rather not know if I’m predisposed to something nasty all that means is more time to worry about it, focusing on every cough sneeze ache or headache wondering if that’s the start.


The 23 and me tests fewer snps than this, it just hand holds you through the results, which is where people often get confused "it said I was German but I'm Dutch" type thing, because they try to simplify something complex. Pay for this, get the most snps, then upload them to third parties and get the most detailed information that way.

Free access to all UK and Irish records until 26 Aug 2019 @
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Posted 23rd Aug 2019Posted 23rd Aug 2019
Free access to all UK and Irish records until 26 Aug 2019 @
I posted a similar heads-up earlier this year and I noticed this morning there is now another free weekend starting today. I Hope it helps a few people disciver some new and intere… Read more
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dont waste your time,i signed up for free 14 day trial had to use credit card,i could not find any close relatives even tho the info i supplied was 100 per cent correct,final straw was when i could not find even myself on the crap site no matter what correct info i supplied,so i did cancel right away - avoidddddddd


I was born a European.


Can this be used with an already register but not active account?


And share your data which they can make millions on yay


Hot. Everyone can check if they are eligible for an Irish or German passport. Good luck!

Free Military  access to all UK military records until Sunday 07/07/2019 at
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Posted 4th Jul 2019Posted 4th Jul 2019
Free Military access to all UK military records until Sunday 07/07/2019 at
As the website says, free military access to all UK military records until Sunday 07/07/2019. Enjoy!
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Well nows a good opportunity to rebuild when trump attacks Iran, Russia and South Korea as we join in.....


about a third of all "great war" records (as I recall) were destroyed when a bomb hit the building in WW2 so that's got a lot of dead end potential for a lot of people without service numbers, medal details etc to work with.


No results for my dad who served in ww2


I'm not sure that it's worth the asking price.


Nothing... Three family members all served in the forces, no results.

50% off memberships - Premium UK was £119.99 now £59.99 / Worldwide was £179.99 now £89.99 @
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Posted 22nd Mar 2019Posted 22nd Mar 2019
50% off memberships - Premium UK was £119.99 now £59.99 / Worldwide was £179.99 now £89.99 @
Get half price UK premium or Worldwide Ancestry full year membership for £59.99 instead of £119.99 for UK and £89.99 instead of £179.99 for Worldwide. Only valid through the link,… Read more

Do they send you this deal if you buy your kit on Amazon and register it? Don't know whether to wait until I get sent it officially.


It is a VERY good deal! No one can actually view certificate images although many marriage registers are online. Index numbers are given so can be ordered direct via the GRO for Engliand/Wales as a paper certificate £11 or pdf £7. Some Irish ones are free to view and Scotland's People are bought as a pdf for a couple pounds. You can search for index numbers for free at Ancestry hints must be treated as a guide only as only generated from other peoples' trees which may be copied from others containing mistakes, uverified, unsourced nor researched properly. It's best to ignore hints - the whole point is to do your own research!


you can download gedcoms to upload to other genealogy programs. (Have never heard of gramps). Gedcoms do not transfer media though but if you own Family Tree Maker 2017 you can synch and upload/dpwnload complete file so you are able to work on either platform.


This really does need to be deleted because if Ancestry finds out it will no longer be valid. It is a non public link :( It is ONLY VALID for those who have bought DNA kits


Which is what I said, ancestry sell the certificates at a massive mark up compared to buying directly from the General Registry Office.

WERE YOU ADOPTED? THE MILKMAN'S? Find out with 25% off DNA Test - Mothers Day Special £59
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Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
WERE YOU ADOPTED? THE MILKMAN'S? Find out with 25% off DNA Test - Mothers Day Special £59
Ancestry is the most popular website for those interested in actually tracing their ancestry. The 25% off promotion reduces the price from £79 to £59 (£9.99 p&p). Offer end… Read more

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Lovely saying, terrible way to find out you're adopted.


You too!


I'm hoping it'll give me some clues to elusive family members! Good luck with yours :)


Thanks I need to get done a few distant family members have and it's yielded some fascinating results!


I'm not certain if it goes back to Germany but it does come from there :) Free Access to Records Until Monday
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Posted 15th Feb 2019Posted 15th Feb 2019 Free Access to Records Until Monday
Free access from 15.02.19 to 18.02.19 - All UK & Irish records A billion records. A world of discovery.Now's your chance to meet your ancestors, for free. Simply search a name… Read more
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I don’t understand how this works... I searched name & DOB yet it shows minimal information - just that the person does exist Am I missing something?


So it's not worth trying then? Got my hopes up for a minute there


Anyone else having problems? Had to register this morning before I could view anything, but now its saying password is wrong and when trying to retrieve password it then says my email is wrong, but I've got the confirmation email from them so its not wrong. I'm also a bit confused, do I have to pay to see birth certificates etc? All I could find this morning were the recorded names and birth dates in registration books which doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know.


You liked your own comment, that's what I call a waste of time


Yeah this is awful. The only results it gives you are pieces of information that you typed in. Searching for family members is essentially typing it in yourself. If you even look at the webpage wrongly it'll pop up asking you to sign up (even though you're signed in), if not it'll try to get you to pay. I don't know what's supposed to be 'free' here, I've received 0 information from this website other than what I typed in myself, I wouldn't waste your time. Cold.

Half price premium UK yearly membership was £119.99 now £59.99 @
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Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
Half price premium UK yearly membership was £119.99 now £59.99 @
Until 3rd January, get a half price UK premium full year membership for £59.99 instead of £119.99 at Ancestry. I started on there a fair few years ago now and I am now in contact w… Read more

16th March 2919 my subscription ended early this month so I claimed the offer and obtained the deal UK Premium for 12 months for £59.99 even though the offer states until 3rd January. Ancestry have the UK Premium 6 month subscription for £69.99 on their website


I waited for my old sub to expire last night, then signed up today for the 50% off worldwide membership. On the screen it said 'welcome back....' and had all my payment details stored. If you have a subscription about to expire, perhaps it is better to cancel it now and sign up for the 50% deal.


I wish it were that easy! I have been researching my family tree for almost 13 years. It all started with some old family photos and conversations with family members. I have had an Ancestry subscription on and off for this whole time. I never have the membership on auto-renew though, I wait until it expires and then look for 50% discount offers. Just signed up for 12 months of Worldwide membership for £89.99. Genealogy is a very addictive hobby, and incredibly interesting. I don't just research my family name, I branch off and trace the female lines too. Have fun!


Your subscription is attached to just one account, with username and password. However, your fiancé could research their own ancestry on your computer when you are logged in, and create an additional tree of their own, and save it in your account. Ancestry is simply an enormous database, so you can research as much as you want and create as many family (or friend's) trees as you want. I have about a dozen at the moment! You can even create a tree and share it with family or friends, they can look at it by setting up a free account on Ancestry. I do this when I want my family to see what I've done.


21% on TCB

DNA test for ancestry £59 @ Ancestry
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Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
DNA test for ancestry £59 @ Ancestry
Ancestry is the most popular website for those interested in actually tracing their ancestry. The test is back to the Black Friday price, said to be today only but it may go up and… Read more

Ancestry has by far the biggest database and about half the people using it will put together some sort of family tree. 23andme started as a way to get health information and most people using it dont really have much in the way of useful information about their ancestors. If you are really interested you'll test with ancestry sooner or later, might as well start there. Ancestry dont allow uploads from other sites, some of the other websites do. Also as was said up thread it's pretty easy to delete information from ancestry if you wish. YDNA testing is good for tracing male ancestry but a lot more expensive. And even my wife - whose DNA is much more British than the average - has some Canadian and American 4th cousins. They can be very useful,




I used to wear a pair of them. :D


I bought the 23 and me DNA health and ancestry from Amazon for £65 last week. I ain't opened it yet. Do people think one is better? If so can I return my current one to Amazon?

SAVE 20% On Gift Memberships
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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018
SAVE 20% On Gift Memberships
6 Months £55.99 UK £79.99 Worldwide 12 Months £95.99 UK £139.99 Worldwide Keep in mind that this is a one-time, non-renewing membership and you will only be billed for the cost o… Read more
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Ancestry DNA Kit £49.99 @
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Find out that you are really Japanese and not Welsh
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This deal is deadbut anyone found another code?


Coming up as £79 excluding shipping for me


Im getting £63 + postage too. Has this deal therefore ended?


Far more amusing is when it turns out they are not actually their sibling...


Coming up as £63 excluding postage for me. Have I done something wrong? I don't like the way they don't tell you how much the postage is, until you've given them all your potential spam routes, either.

14 Day Free Trial ( UK and Ireland or Worldwide Database) Find out about your roots
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
14 Day Free Trial ( UK and Ireland or Worldwide Database) Find out about your roots
Don’t forget to cancel :) Find out about your past and build a family tree to help you link together your roots!
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Bad link


Unlike many others types of trial if you cancel it stops straight away.


Had this the last 2 weeks, cancelled it today with no hassles via the site. I’m not from here was using it to research the history of my house - ended up using trials on all the sites and I found this to be the best.

Free access to medal roll on ancestry until 11th nov
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Posted 16th Oct 2018Posted 16th Oct 2018
Free access to medal roll on ancestry until 11th nov
Free access to medal roll on ancestry until 11th nov

I’m not sure sorry as I already have full access


Oh ok thanks is this just for UK or for Europe too?


WWI records


What's medal roll


You shouldn't need to subscribe or give payment details. Just need to be registered and signed in to access offers like this.

Free Ancestry Access to Uk and Irish records Bank Holiday Weekend
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Posted 24th Aug 2018Posted 24th Aug 2018
Free Ancestry Access to Uk and Irish records Bank Holiday Weekend
Just had an email through to say that Ancestry are offering Free Access this Bank Holiday weekend to more than one billion UK and Irish historical records We found this really use… Read more
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Number 7 on that list would be a good place to start - get birth/marriage/death records for free.


Autocorrect removed the semicolon, who cares apart from you? Grammar is poor, but trying to be nice with the comment, as people can get passionate.


'not comprehensive' a bit like your grammar and sentence structure!


The free trial, you need to register, log-in and mess around with the drop downs and go to home page and then you can search. Personally I find incomplete as my acid test is, can you find yourself. I am still alive (well hope so) but cannot find myself on this site. The UK/England birth registry seems not comprehensive.


Lol. And other relations list was also long ..

Free ancestry access
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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Free ancestry access
Free access to ancestry this weekend 6-9 July 2018. Uk and Irish records. Why not have a look and see who and what you can discover. Ever watched heir hunters, if you are linked t… Read more

If you scroll down slightly following the OP link, there is a banner. Click on the green 'Search Free' button. Thanks OPEDIT - Following a search if you hit 'view image' it will ask for sub details. If you just click on the record link it doesn't.


Seems to work if u go to search at the top and click on a result


Just asks me to choose a membership price


It’s just gone live there I can view for free now try it again, u do need 2 log in but don’t need 2 put in any payment details


Found out I'm a quarter American through Ancestry last year. That would explain why my left arm is such an irritating over-confident borderline racist tw@t.