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Get your MOT test for just £27 with Auto Trader

[COLOR="Red"]April 2010 Still works![/COLOR] Booked online with ease, my 9 year old car sailed through with no problems - just like it did with these guys last year. Don't forget, you can get your MOT up to a month before the old one expires and still preserve the due date for the next test. So if you have a problem, you've got plenty of time to get it fixed.


Brilliant deal - but personally wouldn't trust Nationwide Autocenters -- they might find things wrong with your car that don't really exist - this happened to me. i Just use the local council site, where they are fair and have no vested interest

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
Half Price MOT (£27) with Nationwide Autocentres / Auto Trader
£27 Discount

if you're worried about that use your council test station - you'll have to pay full wack though but no repairs so no incentive to fail you.


And the reason it's half price is because your car is almost certain to fail and you'll find it needs several hundred pounds worth of repairs that Nationwide Auto Centre will carry out for you. A well known scam practised by all the big players in the MOT market. The best advice is to never take your car for an MOT to anyone who also repairs cars or has any connection with anyone who does - but this makes it really difficult to find a straight MOTer. :x

MOT & Service Discounts @ Autotrader
This is my first post found this on autotrader website You can get FREE fuel service in association with Nationwide Autocentres. Simply combine the Fuel Service with a Full or M… Read more

Yes I was thinking of the tyre place and isn't it normal for most garages to want your car for the best part of a day? It is in my experience of being a company car driver for the last 12 years and getting between 2 and 4 services a year.


I presume you are thinking of National Tyres! This is Nationwide Autocentres - they specialise in servicing/MOT's and 3rd party warranty repairs. - I've found them OK only downside is they want your car all day. Last time I used them it was drop off at 8.30 and wasn't ready until 16:30. They did offer me a few extras but weren't pushy and seemed professional enough.


You can use tesco deals/points for sevices and MOTs at nationwide so works out cheaper imo I have used them for both my cars over the last 3 years since ralising i can pay with points - 6 MOT's and 6 services. Never had a problem, both fly thru MOT (2003 honda accord and a old P reg 214!)


I would not go back to Nationwide - had a 'free' service there by using TESCO Clubcard deals. They noticed there was a crack in the manifold and a couple of the studs holding it all in place needed fixing. Welded the crack and told me to book the car for a few days as they would need to remove the manifold and send it off to get it all drilled out and sorted - £600-800 quid was the estimate. Took it to my normal garage and they did it for £200 as well as re-weld the crack that Nationwide had welded, albeit along the side of the crack rather than in it....... I know this is only my personal experience, but I wouldn't go back and the advice seems the same above.


Now that's a good garage! :thumbsup:

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Receive £20 off your next MOT at Nationwide Autocentre with this Auto Trader printable voucher.
£20 Discount
£20 Discount
Free £20 Off Your MOT Voucher

no west yorkshire :)


£20 for a MOT at Pentagon


i've not had any problems with nationwide in sandhurst (formally trade tyres but same team). ive put both our cars through there a couple of times, usually pass first time. not bad for an s-reg 406 with 130k on the clock :-)


would this garage be in north west london by any chance? mine is due on the 9th dec


or use the 4 for 1 tesco clubcard tokens.

Best Auto Trader deals from our community

Volkswagen Golf 1.0 eTSI MHEV Life DSG (s/s) 5dr £21.490 @ Robinsons Volkswagen Norwich / Auto Trader
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Description We have just two remaining of these Golf Estate Life DSG, with optional Winter Pack including heated front seats and heated steering wheel, Carpet Mats and Spare Wheel … Read more

No too dissimilar to my 2001 Toyota Yaris 1.0 except…£215 pence a year to run :/


Sorry what I meant to say was dull and dreary looking compared to some of the performance models .


Basic Golfs don't come a dual-clutch automatic transmission ;)


(lol) (lol) (lol) I thought this site was called hotukd (lol) Come on what’s happening



MG 5 EV Excite 52.5kWh 156PS Auto | 214 Mile Range | Sat Nav | Apple CarPlay / Android Auto 5dr - £19,849 @ Auto Trader
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Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
MG 5 EV Excite 52.5kWh 156PS Auto | 214 Mile Range | Sat Nav | Apple CarPlay / Android Auto 5dr - £19,849 @ Auto Trader£19,849
Had enough of all the expensive electric cars, look no further than the MG M5, first estate EV.
Get deal*Get deal*

I have a mg3 for over a year now no problems so far....


I have a mg for over a year now no problems yet touch wood. ;) ;) ;) it's a mg 3


Lol, do I really need to? Read my comments on this and other Ioniq deals


You didn't refute anything he wrote though.


Handy live stats

VW ID3 discounted by £5k until the end of December - £24,990.00 @ Auto Trader
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020
VW ID3 discounted by £5k until the end of December - £24,990.00 @ Auto Trader£24,990
After speaking with my local dealer, they seem to think that VW have not yet hit their targets for electric cars for 2020 and have decided to cut £5k off the price of the new ID3 u… Read more

This still on sale?


If you live in a flat charging your vehicle is just a pipe dream. No one has built any electric chargers close to where I live. I'd gladly buy an electric car if I could charge it.


That videos ridiculous. He’s comparing a Golf R to a standard VW golf and as some of the viewers in the comments who have had both cars says he’s overblowing the whole things. Most of the issue seems to be the touchscreen but if you want buttons then get a A3


Not on a 50kw charger at Morrison’s. you clearly don’t know much bout EVs


Fact. There are side by side video comparison on YouTube. Type in VW mk8 cost cutting, a popular video is from MTLCARGARAGE.

Fiat Panda 4x4 - 0.9 TwinAir - Brand New 20 Reg £11,995 at Auto Trader (Stoneacre Cleckheaton Fiat)
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Posted 5th Mar 2020Posted 5th Mar 2020
Fiat Panda 4x4 - 0.9 TwinAir - Brand New 20 Reg £11,995 at Auto Trader (Stoneacre Cleckheaton Fiat)£11,995
One of a number of Fiat main dealers offering similar deals. Metalic paint included. These are unregistered 2019 model year stock. Cracking price for a very well liked 4x4 model… Read more

Hot. Love crap cars. Always loved the old 80's 4x4 panda. For those moaning about the ncap rating, your 10 year old BMW would fare even worse against the same criteria.


Ahh, ok. I thought modern cars with power steering had that anyway where the steering tightens up at higher speeds and becomes lighter at lower speeds. That's why I thought Fiat's term for it was marketing bull.


If you want a small 4*4 with great fuel economy get a small Suzuki


Latest test standard (WLTP) Explanation 36.7 - 37.2 mpg


Depreciation is also based on list price, if you have a load of money off (as here), it's it can depreciate less than another car with a smaller discount but "lower depreciation".

Fiat Panda 1.2 8v Easy (s/s) 5dr - Brand new - 20 Reg £8490 @ T J Vickers Telford / Auto Trader
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Posted 19th Feb 2020Posted 19th Feb 2020
Fiat Panda 1.2 8v Easy (s/s) 5dr - Brand new - 20 Reg £8490 @ T J Vickers Telford / Auto Trader£8,490
21% off Brand new Fiat Panda, OTR inc 12 months tax, plates etc. Mid spec includes : ESP - ASR - Hill Holder Longitudinal Roof Bars - Black Luggage Compartment Light Manua… Read more

Nothing worse. I despise drivers who are impatient and don't use indicators. I think it's any fast car in the hands of an irresponsible aggressive driver. Speed kills innocent victims.


Totally agree with the sentiment of what you are saying (i.e. its never going to win a race, but its fine for its purpose), but you state you have the 0.9 litre (over 100lb ft of torque), which is the twin air turbo thing, isn't it? Furthermore, the 1.2 litre being advertised here is the non turbo with about 25% less torque (75lb ft) and about 20% less power? I imagine your car is quite nippy but the 1.2 may feel a bit slow in comparison?


I can personally vouch for the panda being a great little motor for town. I currently still use a 1.2 panda for nipping about. Admittedly it's not going to be ideal for barreling up and down the motorways or carving up a country road in the mountains but in the real world its a great little car. I have a classic porsche and a four wheel drive diesel Audi estate for the motorway miles and weekend drives but for an A to B car its hard to beat! Plus its cheap as chips to run and maintain


And it's always the Audis and BMW's with indicators that are never used sitting impatiently behind whose drivers crash and kill innocent others!


When they're pig ugly they're usually reliable, but fix it again today didn't get its name for no reason. Fair enough, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. BTW, it's always a Fiat Panda that holds everyone up and causes tailbacks on single lane roads. Probably the safest drivers ever.

Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI 40 Sport Avant 5dr Diesel S Tronic (s/s) (204 ps) £28,950 @ Stoke Audio / Auto Trader
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Posted 24th Jan 2020Posted 24th Jan 2020
Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI 40 Sport Avant 5dr Diesel S Tronic (s/s) (204 ps) £28,950 @ Stoke Audio / Auto Trader£28,950£29,9993% off
Spotted this on auto trader. Stoke Audi have a deal on this pre registered A6 Avant. Dealer contribution of £14970. Estate Diesel Auto 2litre 5 door 5 seats Metallic floret silver … Read more

Way too common and doesn't come with indicators.


Why would the car already be in lane 3? It could possibly just moved to lane 2? As you wouldn't want it hogging lane 3 :) That's a very bold statement to make, do you have any evidence? Also what conditions are we talking about?


In my opinion, a lot of this is caused by people's inability to judge speed and distance correctly. I see so many drivers move out to overtake something that's miles ahead because they are slowly gaining on it, not realising it will take them several minutes to get anywhere near it, this has a knock on effect which is then exaggerated by the fact that they do not pull back once they finally complete the overtake. All jokes aside about what brand of car people drive, the standard of driving in this country is an absolute joke, Don't even get me started on the folks who I see move out a lane when there is literally nothing in front of them to overtake. Honestly, I think all car drivers should be made to spend some time riding a motorbike, I think then they would have more appreciation for reading the road and being more aware of what is happening around them.


Must've sold then.


Cheapest Audi A6 Avant on Autotrader is £36.939

Peugeot 508 GT Fastback THP Auto 36 Month Lease, 6000 MPA £2124 inc vat upfront 36 x £354 per month inc vat (6+36) £14,868 @ Auto trader
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
Peugeot 508 GT Fastback THP Auto 36 Month Lease, 6000 MPA £2124 inc vat upfront 36 x £354 per month inc vat (6+36) £14,868 @ Auto trader£14,868
I've walked past my local Peugeot dealer this morning and they have a deep red 508 GT with full leather, sat nav and electric tailgate in their showroom for £295 a month plus vat o… Read more

Could this be the coldest car lease deal this year?


When you were at uni.... unlikely it's the cars fault ;)


In 1.5 years, these will be going for around 15k. If that. So save your money, and get one then.


We have had peugeot for last 8 years as a second car and leased them , 208, 308 Gt line and now have the 3008 GT.... in my opinion the peugeot qulity now is fantastic for the money and the perform very well, spec wise dwarfs great value for the money and great reliability never had a single issue ....but I paid nowhere near the above so not a great deal on this sorry!


So cold that I wish I could vote twice on it

Free insurance write off check before you buy a second hand car - saves £10+ on a HPI check @ Auto Trader
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Refreshed 15th Apr 2019Refreshed 15th Apr 2019
Free insurance write off check before you buy a second hand car - saves £10+ on a HPI check @ Auto TraderFREE£10
If you are looking to buy a second hand car and want to do some basic checks if the car is an insurance write off and not have to pay approximately £10 to £24 for a HPI check, then… Read more

The Hire Purchase Act 1964 says that if a private buyer buys a car in good faith not knowing that there is HP outstanding on it, then they become the legal owner. I am not suggesting that you should rely on this instead of doing proper checks but is a safeguard worth remembering. i once spent an anxious weekend after I received a letter from an HP company saying that there was outstanding finance on the car I had bought several months before. I thought they were going to seize the car. Obviously they don’t publicise this clause in the HP Act. I wrote to them explaining that I was a private individual who had bought the car for my own private use not knowing that there was outstanding HP - would they confirm in terms of the HP Act 1964 that I was now the legal owner. They replied that they had no further interest in the car. The full explanation is here


Probably not , but then that could be the case with any car you look at , even approved used . Dealerships will have companies like chips away in to carry out minor repairs . And will have body shops for more extensive "wear and tear" The point is though if the car is recorded as any category of write off it will lose a fraction of its value . So better to know before buying it instead of when you come to sell it.


This was literally my first car assuming it’s a Fiat Cinquecento. Purchased a few days before S3 of the inbetweeners aired (great timing). The handbrake came off when parking outside a mates. The wiper broke off on the way to the cinema on a dark stormy night. It went up in black smoke twice, forcing me to pull over. Within a month it was scrapped and is now in car heaven.


Doesn't mean the car has never been damaged,I don't think repaired cars show up as they haven't been written off...or its been repaired without going through the insurance.


It works on the app as well.

Black Friday car deals
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Black Friday car deals
Just spotted this from Auto Trader. They are compiling a list of all the best black Friday deals on new cars. Some decent ones up already so one to keep an eye on.

Some decent deals dripping through here, You could save up to £3972 across the BMW range. Search for a new BMW on Auto Trader. You could save £2456 on a new Ford Kuga. Search for a new Ford Kuga on Auto Trader. You could save £1348 on a new Ford Fiesta. Search for a new Ford Fiesta on Auto Trader. You could save £1365 on a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Search for a new Mercedes C-Class on Auto Trader. You could save £2970 on a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Search for a new Mercedes E-Class on Auto Trader. You could save up to £500 across the Nissan range. Search for a new Nissan on Auto Trader. You could save £900 on a new Volkswagen Golf. Search for a new Volkswagen Golf on Auto Trader. You could save £795 on a new Volkswagen Polo. Search for a new Volkswagen Polo on Auto Trader. You could save £5868 on a new Volvo XC90. Search for a new Volvo XC90 on Auto Trader. You could save £2779 on a new Volvo V40. Search for a new Volvo V40 on Auto Trader.


Y Next time I think I'll get a Dacia, they might appreciate the business.


I bought a C220 in 2011 the AMG line 125 edition. I kept it for 4 years, without any issues, but I'd only put 25,000 miles on the clock. The last 3 years I've had a couple of Lexus IS Fsports, great car, but service charges are quite high, plus its every 12 months or 10,000 miles. I was looking at the A5 or A4, but struggled to find one with a sun roof and the virtual dashboard. So back to Mercedes I went, this time for the C250. Which I got a great deal on as they have now finished with that engine.


Try Google (y)


Does anyone know anywhere online that will list zero percent finance cars?

FREE insurance write off check and valuation @ Auto trader
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
FREE insurance write off check and valuation @ Auto trader
Found an old post on here when searching for a check that shows if a car is an insurance write off? original post by J4GG4 so take time to thank him INSTRUCTIONS: 1. autotrade… Read more

Thanks for the share


I never said it wasn't but for a free check that may save you traveling to see a car that's a write off is worth using


They don't always record them properly. I had a vehicle written off as Cat D and it shows as clear. The autotrader thing is great as an initial check, I've found a number of write-offs using it that I would have otherwise wasted time going and viewing (as above it only works on the dekstop site). Obviously when you go to view the vehicle do a proper check, you should really be doing one that includes a finance check anyway.


This isnt 100% accurate. I tried two cars I am sure of, and only 1 came back correctly


Well your post did not come up as 2 months old so...I found it useful.

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