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Andrex Supreme Quilts - 24 - £13.33 / £12 Subscribe & Save (+10% 1st S&S) @ Amazon

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Andrex Supreme Quilts Quilted Toilet Paper - Toilet Roll Pack - 25% Thicker Than Before to Provide Ultimate Quilted Comfort with Unique Air Pocket Texture, 24 Count

In my opinion, this is the best toilet paper compared to all of the decent cheaper brands out there. At 44p per roll this is excellent value. A tenner (£10.67) for 24 of these is great!

Free delivery with Prime (not the drink).

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£12 or less with Max (15%) Subscribe & Save4099152_1.jpg

  • Our softest toilet paper yet - Andrex Supreme Quilts is our softest and most comfortable toilet paper yet. Experience a comforting clean like never before
  • Quilted toilet roll - When it comes to our skin we want the best. That’s why our ultra soft quilted toilet roll has been specially designed with unique Air Pocket technology
  • Airpocket Texture - Each super-soft quilted toilet roll is lovingly embossed with our Air Pocket texture – so it’s gentle on the skin
  • A Comforting Clean - Our supreme quits are 25% thicker than previous quilts, they help to absorb pressure for added comfort
  • 24 Toilet Roll Pack – Bulk buy our toilet roll so you’ve always got the comforting clean you deserve when you need it

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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    I warned you I had no life !!
    If anyone has the missing info, let me know - I have opened a post in discussions
    Instead of hijacking this thread, please take comments and thoughts about the spreadsheet to hotukdeals.com/dis…397

    49729040-3rvLv.jpg (edited)
  2. Weehamish's avatar
    Don't bother... try freedom it's actually easy on the ass! Doesn't stick either so no winnits but yeah use wet wipes too for a sparkly clean finish
    achilles2020's avatar
    you guys should research a "lota jug"
  3. Wildbobcat89's avatar
    Thanks OP. How’s people getting this for £10 plus, what discounts are applied?
    newbie68's avatar
    Usual vouchers associated with many accounts who use S&S and have at least 5 items on their next delivery. Not everyone gets the same vouchers offered, depending on several factors. It's why on every S&S item on HUKD the comments include a range of prices.
  4. FleetFanatic's avatar
    How many sheets per roll?

    We bought this in the past then ended up buying quilted shades at Asda as there were more sheets per roll.

    Of course, Asda have now gone to double rolls & whilst they highlight that the 4 pack is the old 8 rolls - it used to be a 9 pack.
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  5. ellie27's avatar
    Need loo roll but gone for the 3 ply Nicky, 24 for £7.87
    mkohagan's avatar
    Nicky 32 roll 3 ply in Home Bargains is £9.49. Works out slightly cheaper, provided you have a Home Bargains nearby
  6. Technoman2's avatar
    Why throw money down the toilet when you can get 3 ply soft toilet rolls from lidl for 6.99. Are people really brainwashed by a Labrador puppy on the package.
    JCMITFC's avatar
    There is simply no comparison between Andrex Supreme Quilts and Lidl's toilet rolls. You get what you pay for.
  7. newbie68's avatar
    £10.00 on max discount. Not a bad price at all if you value Andrex
  8. L33TL33's avatar
    Damn just bought 16 for £10 in Tesco with the clubcard offer
    JCMITFC's avatar
    Just roll with it....
  9. G0rdonGekko's avatar
    £10 after discounts. Thanks.
  10. NCS's avatar
    nice on OP £10.67 for me too
  11. Bunnster's avatar
    15 % s&s as well. Thanks to OP. Heat added.
  12. Snowi's avatar
    £10 for me too, thanks Op
  13. CaptainHUKD's avatar
    £10 for me, excellent deal!
  14. Weemzie's avatar
    Thanks heat added
  15. Kotn's avatar
    Thanks 11.33 s&s for me
  16. tomMannix's avatar
    What's wrong with using the newspaper when you've read it ??
  17. Ian_Silva's avatar
    Delivery from 25th of March, might be a long wait until someone brings me some bog roll
  18. JCMITFC's avatar
    Basically it has been whittled down from £13.33... to £12.00... to £10.67 (after discounts).
  19. LadyGrinningSoul's avatar
    Thanks @JCMITFC
  20. samhenderson2013's avatar
    Or 48 for £23
  21. Chickfillet's avatar
  22. Cheapasnowt's avatar
    prefer the Kirkland ones from Costco. They are 240 sheets per roll and a 10 pack of 4 so 40 rolls is around £19-£20 I think. I was hoping they would drop the price but loo rolls are no longer on offer at Costco.
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    On the spreadsheet, Kirkland would fall equal third with Tescos Luxury Soft at 24p per 100 sheets
  23. clampo1's avatar
    Great deal. Only a couple of pence a wipe.
  24. David_CalvervYJ's avatar
    Sorry but how are people getting these for £10? Is this account specific?
    newbie68's avatar
    Usual vouchers associated with many accounts who use S&S and have at least 5 items on their next delivery
  25. KB90's avatar
    How may sheets in one roll please?
  26. dlp1968's avatar
    I'm seeing £12 on s&s....deal over?
    JCMITFC's avatar
    No, select discount (10 or 15) to be applied at checkout too.
  27. Jonnyblock's avatar
    So which TP deal currently has the cheapest sheets per penny?
  28. Myavatar's avatar
    10% extra voucher has gone now. Showing at £12 minimum…
  29. Cavs's avatar
    Nicky Supreme or Saxon?
    I am aware that Saxon are Andrex-made
  30. Gavinge's avatar
    So much better than the Amazon brand
  31. fillroyy's avatar
    No 10% voucher for me. Cold.
  32. Northerndave's avatar
    2-ply....no thanks
    r4w80's avatar
    Isn't this 4 ply though?
  33. rapid85's avatar
    I've never done subscribe and save before. Any reason I'm not getting the 10% off first order? I can only get it for £12.
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Those vouchers are account specific. I haven't got it either.
  34. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    OOS, S&S expired, and dispatch in 1 to 2 months
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