Unfortunately, this deal has expired 9 March 2023.
Posted 5 March 2023

Andrex toilet rolls - 12 Mega XL Rolls - 12 Mega Toilet Rolls = 18 Standard rolls, £9 (possibly £6.96 with S&S) @ Amazon

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Update 1
Price drop from £9.95 to £9 - 08/03

Andrex Classic Clean Mega Toilet Roll - 12 Mega XL Rolls - Same Quality Toilet Roll, Lasts Even Longer, 12 Mega Toilet Rolls = 18 Standard Toilet Rolls

£6.96 if you have Amazon prime with the additional discount applied

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Features & details
Bigger Toilet Rolls with 50% More Sheets So It Lasts Longer - Get the same Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Paper quality with 50% more sheets on every roll thanks to our new Mega Rolls
Delivers the same great quality clean as Andrex Classic Clean. Softer, stronger, lasts 50% longer - and still fit on the majority of UK toilet roll holders
More Product, Less Waste - .Our Mega Rolls mean that you get more sheets in every pack. Uses 22% less plastic* *when comparing the primary plastic wrap used on a 9R Mega Roll vs 16R Standard pack
Enjoy the Same Quality Clean - The unique 3D Wave texture on Classic Clean Toilet Rolls gives everyone at home a quality clean – now in a Mega Roll that lasts even longer
Bulk Buy 12 Mega XL Rolls - A 12 pack of Classic Clean Mega XL Rolls - works well with Andrex Classic Clean Washlets
Amazon More details at

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  1. haq's avatar
    2 ply
    LAS00's avatar
    Literally a 2 second activity, calm down. You probably couldn't tell the difference if you didn't know, 2-ply was the standard , wait until 4ply (or 5 comes along) and I bet you'd say the same about 3ply next.

    I just noticed you deleted your last comment when I replied to you about the exact same thing!
    49709207-H0Zls.jpg (edited)
  2. holeymoley18's avatar
    So x32 3 ply Nicky Elite (170 sheets per roll) @ Home Bargains is £9.49 = 572 sheets/£1

    Andrex x12 2ply (300 sheets per roll) = £6.96 ie 517 sheets/£1

    Nicky Elite therefore offers an extra 55 sheets per £1 and is thicker. Another way to look at it being for the same cost £7 approx = 385 extra sheets, or more than 1 extra XL roll. If you prefer branded, then fair enough, but I think I'll pass.
    Red-VIII's avatar
    And I think we can all agree that Nicky is Elite.
  3. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    2 ply with 300 sheets per roll, according to the customer answers on Amazon

    If normal rolls have 200 sheets, then buying the normal sized variety of this paper is only a few pence different.
    Packs of 12 or 6 can be had for 58p per roll. To make them the same size as the mega rolls means they need to be 50% bigger with a similar price increase, which comes to 87p per roll compared to the 82p per roll of the deal.
    A difference of 5p, or 6.1%

    That is if you can't get the sort of deal that others seem to be getting on Amazon. Would like to know why some get it for £7 (edited)
  4. Reality's avatar
    49703385-6HIiM.jpgWith 15% S&S I'm only getting £8.46 do you have a coupon too?
    B0zza's avatar
    For me, there is "Save an extra 20% on your first Subscribe & Save subscription" which is how it got down to £6.96.
  5. smile78's avatar
    Are people really falling for this "12 mega=18 normal" trap. And it's 2 ply as well. Wonders of HUKD!
  6. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    If you can't get it on Amazon, it is available elsewhere
    stevie19uk's avatar
    Yes but paid £6.96 with S&S.. others have paid less.
  7. royals's avatar
    Costco Kirkland toilet paper is still good value despite its huge price increase to £19.18

    3 ply and 240 sheets per roll x 40 rolls, which works out at roughly 500 sheets per £1 of 3 Ply. It’s mikes better than Andrex (edited)
  8. 19DembaBa19's avatar
    I just use water so saved possibly £6.96 thanks for the savings
  9. swarnford's avatar
    It’s sad when 12 toilet rolls for £10 is viewed as a bargain!
    newbie68's avatar
    I do wish people would read a little more thoroughly. NO ONE is paying £10. No one thinks £10 is a bargain. I can only get it for £8.96 and therefore no where near good value - as others have noted. BUT some are getting it for under £7. If not a deal at £6.96 then fair enough.
  10. shaysmum's avatar
    £8.96. Going to go farmfood 4 packs of 18 for £22
  11. stevie19uk's avatar
    £6.96 with subscribe & save discount applied.. just purchased 

    49702367-q58W0.jpg (edited)
    supersue's avatar
    £8.95 with S&S for me
  12. paul9999's avatar
  13. Nfakkhan's avatar
    How is this a good deal seems expensive even two 12 normal would be cheaper
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    No they wouldn't. A breakdown is below
  14. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    This stuff is not natural.
    I prefer to use real puppies. They're more organic
  15. Simona90's avatar
    2 ply is dangerous territory 🖐️
  16. SILLYCLINT's avatar
    £7.95 for me, I'll pass
  17. alexma's avatar
    2 ply = brown ballerina (edited)
  18. digbys's avatar
    Try as I might, I cannot get my labrador to use this or any other toilet paper:-(
    TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Your dog might be to old. This is for puppies
  19. LEB123's avatar
    £9.95 for me
  20. SarahfromCA's avatar
    Were these £7.50 and tesco? I think I saw these but none left
  21. becci148's avatar
    Many thanks op, just got them for £7.95 with s&s(y)
  22. n_cotton's avatar
    Thanks just got these, will give them a go
  23. wakkaday's avatar
    Do mega fit on a normal holder ? And they work out at 90p a roll . Is this good value
    deleted2447051's avatar
  24. newbie68's avatar
    Very odd prices I'm seeing. Now they are £9.95 and 15% (maximum) S&S takes it to £8.46. I'm assuming either a voucher existed at some point (not on any of my accounts so assuming gone now) or the price has gone up
  25. deleted2447051's avatar
    No voucher here.
  26. LadyGrinningSoul's avatar
  27. haq's avatar
    LAS00's avatar
    Oh no, 2 ply 🥱🫵🏻
  28. ranikaur's avatar
  29. Little-star's avatar
    6.96 for me with S&S. I give them a go.
  30. 7day's avatar
    Greet if u get it …terrible for me 
  31. Nexobios's avatar
    I signed up because it completed my S&S 5 deliveries and topped to 15% less for all the items. I remember that I had the option to top up to 25% but it is now gone, was just temporarly?
  32. AncientYouth's avatar
    is this re-usable..........money is tight
    Angeli2's avatar
    Yep, just wash, dry n re-use
  33. coldfusion77's avatar
    2 ply rips off and gets stuck. I'm just saying
  34. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    For the price of 8 packs, you could buy a pressure washer.
    Just saying.
  35. contom's avatar
    £6.96 for me ta
  36. Frembrit's avatar
    Thanks OP. £6.96 for me too, works out cheaper than the Gentle Clean (which is 2-ply but thinner) that I bought last time elsewhere.
  37. lovesabargain1's avatar
    Thanks! Ordered for £5.96 👏
  38. Ringorama's avatar
    Meh, I'll stick with Sainsbury own brand, 8 double sized rolls (16 standard rolls) for £5.75, anyone finding better value than that?
  39. morrig's avatar
    Bought a 24 pack of Aldi Saxon softest for £6.99, well reviewed.
  40. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Price dropped to £9

    £6.75 now on max S&S if my math is right. (edited)
    newbie68's avatar
    15% max S&S would take it to £7.65 (no vouchers)
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