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Anker USB C Cable, 310 USB C to USB C Cable 3ft (60W/3A) with voucher Sold by AnkerDirect UK FBA

£3£540% off
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Only £3 when you add the voucher. Good price for a branded cable i think.

About this item
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 80 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • High-Speed Compatible: Charge a Samsung S23 to 55% in just 30 minutes when paired up with a compatible Power Delivery charger (charger not included).
  • Built to Last: Proven in strict laboratory tests to withstand up to 10,000 bends.
  • Reliable Charging: USB-IF compliant for safe, reliable charging for virtually any USB-C device.
  • What You Get: Anker 310 USB-C to USB-C Cable (3 ft Braided), our worry-free 24-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

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  1. scorcher's avatar
    Dont be fooled by the 60W claim, its the 3A that matters more. eg Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0 is 45W but needs a 5A cable.
    scotty6435's avatar
    What do you mean? Watts is volts times amps. Given USB can vary between 5V and 20V, if you only consider amps then you could be WILDLY over-stressing the cable.
  2. Deal_Veteran's avatar
    Great spot, OP. Voted hot

    Also available is the 6ft version for £3.50

    Perhaps may want to edit the title for people for whom the 3ft version may be too short to be useful? (edited)
  3. dean_brfc's avatar
    Will this work with a Thunderbolt dock? I've just ordered my first one but I don't think it comes with a USB-C cable.
    Yellowstonebob's avatar
    Anker USB C Cable, 310 USB C to USB C Cable (3ft), (60W/3A) USB C Charger Cable Fast Charge for Samsung Galaxy S22, iPad Pro 2021, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, MacBook Pro 2020, Switch (USB 2.0) - USB 2.0 speeds so good for charging not for data transfer - I have made that mistake already. Needs USB 3.2 or 3.1 certified cables.
  4. stevieshoes's avatar
    For a plug socket would you recommend getting usb ports, usb c ports, or a mix?
    slaha11's avatar
    A mix of always better, as you don't need to carry multiple and all you cable are compatible.
  5. giantkiller's avatar
    Is this efficient enough to charge a Huawei laptop?
    Aydin_G's avatar
    Need to check the wattage on the laptop model. I don't think there are many laptops that charge at 60w or less... minimum I have seen was 65w...
  6. AfAf_U's avatar
    Does this have a lifetime warranty?
    tricor's avatar
  7. DayDreamer121's avatar
    Hello friends. Good find OP thanks for sharing.
    Sorry if already asked I didn’t notice.
    Is this cable any good for IPhone 15 pro max? Thanks in advance
    Titanium's avatar
    Searching Amazon's reviews, one user was happy it worked for iPhone 15. Another complained why iPhone 15 got so hot during charging but didn't know if it was due to cable or otherwise.
  8. jjc_372's avatar
    Thanks, got the 6ft for 50p more
  9. Jon_Snow's avatar
    Perfect timing! I was about to order a few.
  10. M17BAH's avatar
    Great price OP. But I can't seem to find info about data transfer with this cable, possibly may not support data?
    mariusraresh1's avatar
    Says "Fully support for Android Auto" in the pictures so I guess it does support data transfer.
    Voted hot and bought one.
  11. jamie915's avatar
    Great deal, but mine broke (although no visible damage) after about 3 months of light use.
    MrBook's avatar
    If there's no visible damage, how did it break?
  12. Mo1's avatar
    Does this support super fast charge
    sheffield788's avatar
    It certainly does not support SFC2.0 at 45w, as this is only 3A. I can't answer about the 'standard' SFC at 25w.
  13. Malley's avatar
    Anybody know if this is any good to charge my sons PS5 controller?
    Velete's avatar
    The PS5 controller charges at a paltry 5v/0.5a to 1.0a (hardware revision depending), so any old crap USB C cable should be fine , though can be handy to make sure one can do data too for handshake/wired controlled purposes for a console

    Though talking about data, Anker has this one running at USB 2.0 lol and wanted £5 for it? Really peddling expensive crap now (not that cheap Chinese stuff is bad, it just is when someone else slaps a 'label' on it and acts like it's better lol)
  14. adam.yacub's avatar
    Do these support super charge 2.0?
    sheffield788's avatar
    Absolutely not. This is 3A. You need a 5A cable for SFC2.0@45W. (edited)
  15. tombowler's avatar
    Wish it was iPhone charger 
    Bryzill's avatar
    It is, for all new iPhones.😜
's avatar