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BRIO World Rechargeable Engine with Mini USB Cable - £10.39 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Bit of an odd Brio train this one This really is something from BRIO hence along with the standard features of normal battery powered engines - fun, lights, sound and motion - th… Read more

I have the 1AAA battery powered one and it moves along steadily. The more carriages it pulls the slower it is. I do need to recharge the batteries quite often but having a usb one might better as then you don’t have to pull out the screwdriver each time


We have this, it's quite slow but can pull a decent amount. I think it goes a bit faster backwards than forwards. The front 2 wheels move freely side to side too so its best on the track.




More plastic from Brio - once makers of quality wooden toys - albeit still at vastly inflated prices!


The day when steam train is usb rechargeable..

Vothoon Micro USB Cable 50cm/1m/2m 3A Fast Charging Micro Data USB Cable 1p delivered @ Ali Express / Vothoon Official Store - New users
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
5V 2.4A Micro USB Cable Quick charger,480Mbps data transfer,Strong durable


for me only 23p for 2m ,thanks


Showed as 1p all the way through checkout, and I checked out for 1p. Then I look in my recent orders and I've actually been charged $2.77


Looks like it's true, but does refer to 1p price as 'new user bonus' (I'm logged in and don't need another USB cable, so not going to logout to purchase)


For me black 1m shows 1 pence in the basket!

GOJI 1m Type C to USB cable £1.97 @ Currys / eBay
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
GOJI GCA1WH20 USB Type-C to USB Cable - 1 m - Currys Free Deluvery

They normally let you buy even when its out of stock. Then they keep hold of your money for as long as possible before they have to refund you. I have been waiting over three weeks for a refund on something I purchased from their eBay store. Never again.


OOS anyway


Picture is of a Type A to Type C cable

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GOJI GOTG17 On The Go USB to Micro USB Cable 0.15m, £0.97 delivered at Currys PC world
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Nice offer. Keep your Android device charged and connected with the Goji GOTG17 On The Go USB to Micro USB Cable . Perfect for portable Android devices such as smartphones a… Read more

BTW, the USB A to USB C is also the same price. Deal posted here. Got one, good when using with power banks or travelling, as it is only 20cm.


Perfect for connecting a keyboard or something to a Raspberry Pi Zero too.


Perfect for my old tablet to connect a usb drive too. Lost my last one of these.


Yeah, there’s still unfortunately a need for micro USB cables, although I still have two or three knocking about. My point was more about the need for an OTG cable being low because anyone ‘techy’ enough to want to plug peripherals into their device almost certainly has at least a fairly new device (eg not much older than 3 years). I feel dirty using Micro USB now as it just feels so flimsy and horrible.


Most my devices are USB C now. But my kids tablets are still micro USB, their night lamps are micro USB, I've also have few other devices such as power banks on LED strips. I've only got these because I don't like wires all over and I can tidy the place around the workstation. I didn't realised these are OTG, so not sure what will do it them, I wanted USB A to micro USB.

Xenta USB to micro USB cable Keychain - White £1.25 delivered at Ebuyer
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Good offer. Charge or Sync Charge or synchronise your smartphone or tablet with this handy piece of kit from Xenta. Attach to your keyring and take it with you wherever you go. … Read more

I like the concept, voted hot, quite handy if you go away and need to charge your kids tablets, earbuds, etc. Shame they don't have USB C, but I may get a couple.


Nice idea but not really new i had one years ago but they are pretty crappy, I see they have added a bit of flex in the middle now so its not trying to support the entire device from just hanging its own weight off your host device or a plug socket and risk bending both its own input socket (your phone) and the output socket of its host (desktop, wall socket, etc) They are aimed at laptop users because of the shortness of the device you can't really use it for anything else as desktops tend to have sockets that are not level with a surface to balance your device on ie a phone so you are then propping it up on something to make it match that level so really becomes more trouble than its worth Cold from me even at this price like i said good idea but flawed in design just take a spare cable or put one in your laptop bag they are about same price for one anyway


Yes. Absolutely. That's the first thing I checked. I have a similar one that's usb c and they are a lifesaver


Shame they don't have a USB C version. Most new phones are USB C.