Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 June 2022.
Posted 21 June 2022

Any Footlong Sub £3.99 via app at participating stores @ Subway

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Credit to and for the participating stores list.

Valid until 26th June.
Only valid on orders made through the Subway app to collect in store.
The discounted price will appear after you select a sub and proceed to "add to order".
Multiple subs can be ordered and multiple orders can be made.

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Example below:
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Participating Stores:
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  1. royaltee's avatar
    Participating stores list:
    Please bear in mind that you could head down with this list printed and signed by the queen with an army of lawyers and they will still deny the offer exists. (edited)
    BenzBoy's avatar
    The post codes are all incorrect. All the London outlets have post codes from elsewhere in the country.
  2. Pinky111's avatar
    Oo nice! Thank you. If you go on the app, choose your store and add order to your basket, the offer will work (edited)
    bhavani123's avatar
    Its not working for me
  3. a_and_s's avatar
    Difficult when you can't see which stores are participating.
  4. Jimbo10's avatar
    Worked for me yesterday. Should be that price all the time. Chicken teriyaki 6.89 normal. Cheaper to buy a KFC meal!
    Scott_Dugdale's avatar

    Replying to

    LOL you think they are pennies away from bankruptcy? Subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world, but I'm glad you are looking out for them Graham. (edited)
  5. DJSimes's avatar
    If you go onto the app (I'm signed in, so don't know if that's what you need to do) go to the offers section, you should see the offer there. I selected on it and initially it shows the full price, I selected my sub and all the salad etc, added it to my basket and it automatically took the price down to £3.99.

    That was Southend, the one next to the Royals Shopping Centre
  6. Sylar2023's avatar
    How much are these normally?
    rodman's avatar
  7. jinkssick's avatar
    You got more chance of getting petrol at £1.10 then getting a deal from these crooks.
  8. a_and_s's avatar
    Can anyone name a store thats participating, so i can test? Does it appear at 3.99 immediately, or just when you go to pay? (edited)
    zedlor's avatar
    Appears when you go to the basket

  9. Holyman4vr's avatar
    Someone screwed up on that list the post codes dont match the stores.
  10. Shopaholicshopper's avatar
    For participating stores
  11. solid's avatar
    Can you order more than one footlong for £3.99 in a single order?

    Edit: yes you can (edited)
  12. royaltee's avatar
    The participating store lottery from Subway. The only time I ever redeemed one of their offers was when the sleazy franchise owner happened to be in the shop and the incredibly fearful staff member asked if it would be ok to let me have a nationwide advertised offer and it was reluctantly accepted using a combination of keys on the till that have probably never been touched since.

    It was like Indiana Jones unlocking Aladdin’s cave of wonders with Barney Rubble’s dino-bone house keys. A very dusty sandwich, well earned
  13. Open.Sauce.81's avatar
    Doesn't work for my nearest but it amended the price to 3.99 at the first checkout step for stores further afield, so until/unless they publish a list it looks like it's going to be trial and error for everyone.
    coolio28's avatar
    What a mess, super annoying
  14. preecey's avatar
    Subway has gone to the dogs. Since they hiked their prices to extortionate levels I no longer eat there. I used to eat at Subway every day in my late teens and early 20s. They can truly stuff it now.

    I appreciate the OP for posting this deal as it may benefit some, but be warned your next footlong sub will cost you £9ish. Total con.

    I hope you're reading this, Subway UK social media team. Your products these days are a total rip-off.
  15. richtea-'s avatar
    Bring back £1.99 sub of the day
    Mooney_70's avatar
    Technically if you cut this in half it is 2 subs for £1.99 each but I know what you mean. The sub of the day offer was good I wish they'd bring it back as well.
  16. Camillo_eM's avatar
    Ordered, they took my money, when I came to collect, staff told me they don't have my order,and refused to refund... Just beautiful
    Mooney_70's avatar
    Sounds like a nightmare, I don't understand some shops refusing to do this offer. I know they are franchises but surely they are better off getting £3.99 for a foot long than nothing at all? These offers help to bring trade in that's the point.
  17. royaltee's avatar
    I ordered and paid on the app and got refused. The store guy called the franchise owner who cancelled the order and told me to go fish for a refund.

    Subway, you listening? You know what you can go and do don't you.
    jco83's avatar
    They can't keep your money. They must refund you
  18. Garf's avatar
    I added the local Mobile Store to the App.
    I then added my Footlong Subway and it discounted it when I added to my basket.
  19. bargaincrazy2012's avatar
    Works after signing in...
  20. MrHarBear's avatar
    Doesn't work on the app for the 2 stores near me... Is there no list of stores?
  21. tuftyhill's avatar
    I placed the order earlier for 12.00 collection near to my office. Received a confirmation email and was just about to head out to collect it and had another email saying my order had been cancelled
  22. wellhellothere's avatar
    Still getting a free footlong one every week from last years deal on here.
    brohood's avatar
  23. Ashbeck's avatar
    My local Subways always make up some excuse about the till or some other reason as to why the promotion isn't valid for them (despite being listed).
    BenzBoy's avatar
    This is an order ahead promo (paid online). They can't refuse.
  24. JIC83's avatar
    Subway is so expensive. Not been for years now
  25. zoop458's avatar
    Thanks OP nice treat during the week
  26. Rani_B.72's avatar
    Thanks for posting OP. 🔥.
    I'm sorry, if l sound silly, but wanted to know, if l can pick up, or Delivery Only. Thank you in advance.
    waz3id's avatar
    waz3id Author
    You can collect, although only certain stores are doing the offer.

    Don't think Subway delivers but it definitely won't be honoured through Uber/Deliveroo/JustEat etc.
  27. 5hooey's avatar
    My NHS discount worked out cheaper for me.
    Mohammad_Patel's avatar
    Is it possible to get NHS discount, and if so how do you apply it?
  28. lemonares's avatar
    My subway is not on the list but I have gave it a try and it worked! So not all stores are on the list. Have some heat!
    Xtrykyr's avatar
    my store is on the list but it doesn't work haha
  29. DBDB's avatar
    Anyone else find the app unusable? I can't login and when trying to do "forgot my password" route that also fails?
    royaltee's avatar
    Forgot password usually takes about 20mins, I can only imagine it is so you don't bother collecting your points and redeeming them
  30. deleted2790025's avatar
    Anonymous User
    What's going on with the postcodes in that list
    waz3id's avatar
    waz3id Author
    Just noticed - seems like someone forgot to highlight the postcode column when doing a sort in Excel, rookie mistake
  31. r9000's avatar
    Always use Shelter to stop them plundering your phone.
    josh971's avatar
    What do you mean please?
  32. gazter's avatar
    There's about six different subway franchises in my town and none on that list!
  33. Sylar2023's avatar
    Thanks Op just got one.
  34. Doomathy's avatar
    Does it work more than once?
    waz3id's avatar
    waz3id Author
    Apparently yes, I got this message after I ordered one - plus I checked it still lets me order again at the discounted price.

    I wouldn't more than once a day though just in case it gets turned down, or at least not from the same store (edited)
  35. Super's avatar
    Defo works , got em earlier. Go to subway app, click on "order ahead", and choose your sub, it will show the discounted price when you have added to basket, shows full price before that.
  36. Shenx's avatar
    Hard to believe the four subways I go to are not on that massive list lol
  37. vraxxos's avatar
    I got scammed by this deal before. Most shops do not want to actually honour these deals .
    royaltee's avatar

    Replying to

    Yes. The customer experience is not the priority at subway. They will literally say ‘you paid head office, not us’, expecting the customer to understand the difference and thefranchise model and back office accounting. And good luck getting a response from head office.
  38. BaelinTheFisherman's avatar
    any workaround if the app is not supported on your device? (samsung fold 3)
    BlueCreek's avatar
    A £1.6k phone can’t support the subway app?

    This looks like an app only deal, the subway website doesn’t support ordering.
  39. Mooney_70's avatar
    Sounds like some people are missing the fact this has to be ordered online via the app. You'll know if your local branch is taking part as when you add a footlong to your online order for collection it will change the price to £3.99
  40. Temp4567's avatar
    Cheers op. Just finished my meatball marinara with olives :-)
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