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Posted 22 March 2024

2 Selected Nintendo switch games for £20 e.g. Mario + Rabbids games, Harvest Moon free C&Cplus 250 gold points £2.50 back!!!so

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Nintendo Switch Game
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Nintendo Switch Game
both for £20
Buy two selected Nintendo Switch games for £20.
Argos More details at

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  1. SWERVE_79's avatar
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    Sparks of Hope is a cartridge
  2. amygreen79677's avatar
    It's probably just me but I'm not a fan of these games. I really tried to get in to it but just found it boring. Good price deal though.
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    ~RABBIDS is a bit marmite though right? For context I am a 80s vid game kid born in 70s and while I dearly love Mario as much as the next gal/guy/any other gender type label... I really can't get into the Rabbids games and pretty much hate it. I am not saying its bad, far from it. Its just not quite Mario Kart, NES platform Mario, or Mario 64 or Odyssey which everyone seemingly loves and has universal appeal and love.
  3. MrAlbert's avatar
    Are there any other physical cart bargains?

    My random sample were all code in box games that have regularly been under £5 each in eShop sales.

    Don't get me wrong there are some bargains here but you really need to do your research to make sure you're actually getting a deal
  4. mrdarknight79's avatar
    Bought two Sparks Of Hope.

    Sell one keep one.
  5. stingersplash's avatar
    When the only 2 games that aren't code in a box are Mario & Rabbids and a PS5 Game lol. I'll never buy a code in a box. What a waste of plastic too.
  6. Aerobiz's avatar
    Bah, mostly code in a box. I'm interested in owning games, not renting them until the powers that be see fit.
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    Unfortunately that's the way it's going, especially with Nintendo
  7. Mobizzle186's avatar
    This is a great deal but I don't know what I'd do with two copies of the game
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    I ordered four copies and they’re going to sit in a box for however many years (edited)
  8. paul.howarth's avatar
    Cex give £14 voucher each for mario + rabbids if it helps anyone
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    not for a Code In Box game they won't (Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle is CIB)
  9. Joseph_MitchellxXB's avatar
    Be cautious of these products, a lot in the offer are code in a box and can be bought straight from the eShop for less than £10 each when on offer i.e Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit (I know this after making this mistake myself
  10. azeemyaseen's avatar
    Ordered and ready for collection
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