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Free insurance write off check before you buy a second hand car - saves £10+ on a HPI check @ Auto Trader
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
If you are looking to buy a second hand car and want to do some basic checks if the car is an insurance write off and not have to pay approximately £10 to £24 for a HPI check, then… Read more
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The Hire Purchase Act 1964 says that if a private buyer buys a car in good faith not knowing that there is HP outstanding on it, then they become the legal owner. I am not suggesting that you should rely on this instead of doing proper checks but is a safeguard worth remembering. i once spent an anxious weekend after I received a letter from an HP company saying that there was outstanding finance on the car I had bought several months before. I thought they were going to seize the car. Obviously they don’t publicise this clause in the HP Act. I wrote to them explaining that I was a private individual who had bought the car for my own private use not knowing that there was outstanding HP - would they confirm in terms of the HP Act 1964 that I was now the legal owner. They replied that they had no further interest in the car. The full explanation is here


Probably not , but then that could be the case with any car you look at , even approved used . Dealerships will have companies like chips away in to carry out minor repairs . And will have body shops for more extensive "wear and tear" The point is though if the car is recorded as any category of write off it will lose a fraction of its value . So better to know before buying it instead of when you come to sell it.


This was literally my first car assuming it’s a Fiat Cinquecento. Purchased a few days before S3 of the inbetweeners aired (great timing). The handbrake came off when parking outside a mates. The wiper broke off on the way to the cinema on a dark stormy night. It went up in black smoke twice, forcing me to pull over. Within a month it was scrapped and is now in car heaven.


Doesn't mean the car has never been damaged,I don't think repaired cars show up as they haven't been written off...or its been repaired without going through the insurance.


It works on the app as well.

Black Friday car deals
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Black Friday car deals
Just spotted this from Auto Trader. They are compiling a list of all the best black Friday deals on new cars. Some decent ones up already so one to keep an eye on.

Some decent deals dripping through here, You could save up to £3972 across the BMW range. Search for a new BMW on Auto Trader. You could save £2456 on a new Ford Kuga. Search for a new Ford Kuga on Auto Trader. You could save £1348 on a new Ford Fiesta. Search for a new Ford Fiesta on Auto Trader. You could save £1365 on a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Search for a new Mercedes C-Class on Auto Trader. You could save £2970 on a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Search for a new Mercedes E-Class on Auto Trader. You could save up to £500 across the Nissan range. Search for a new Nissan on Auto Trader. You could save £900 on a new Volkswagen Golf. Search for a new Volkswagen Golf on Auto Trader. You could save £795 on a new Volkswagen Polo. Search for a new Volkswagen Polo on Auto Trader. You could save £5868 on a new Volvo XC90. Search for a new Volvo XC90 on Auto Trader. You could save £2779 on a new Volvo V40. Search for a new Volvo V40 on Auto Trader.


Y Next time I think I'll get a Dacia, they might appreciate the business.


I bought a C220 in 2011 the AMG line 125 edition. I kept it for 4 years, without any issues, but I'd only put 25,000 miles on the clock. The last 3 years I've had a couple of Lexus IS Fsports, great car, but service charges are quite high, plus its every 12 months or 10,000 miles. I was looking at the A5 or A4, but struggled to find one with a sun roof and the virtual dashboard. So back to Mercedes I went, this time for the C250. Which I got a great deal on as they have now finished with that engine.


Try Google (y)


Does anyone know anywhere online that will list zero percent finance cars?

FREE insurance write off check and valuation @ Auto trader
Found 29th Aug 2018Found 29th Aug 2018
FREE insurance write off check and valuation @ Auto trader
Found an old post on here when searching for a check that shows if a car is an insurance write off? original post by J4GG4 so take time to thank him INSTRUCTIONS: 1. autotrade… Read more

Thanks for the share


I never said it wasn't but for a free check that may save you traveling to see a car that's a write off is worth using


They don't always record them properly. I had a vehicle written off as Cat D and it shows as clear. The autotrader thing is great as an initial check, I've found a number of write-offs using it that I would have otherwise wasted time going and viewing (as above it only works on the dekstop site). Obviously when you go to view the vehicle do a proper check, you should really be doing one that includes a finance check anyway.


This isnt 100% accurate. I tried two cars I am sure of, and only 1 came back correctly


Well your post did not come up as 2 months old so...I found it useful.

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FREE insurance write off check before you buy a second hand car without paying for HPI Check... @ Autotrader
Refreshed 4th Jul 2018Refreshed 4th Jul 2018
*Updated 4th July: Make sure you are on the desktop site not mobile* Credit should go to J4GG4, posted 4 years ago, and this is STILL WORKING. Being in Cat A/B/S/N can significan… Read more

Same! No estimation value given either


Doesn't work anymore


Personally I wouldn't pay more than 2600 - 2700 but it all depends on what the damage was and how competent the repair has been, insist on seeing photos and inspect the area that has been fixed, if the seller can't tell you or more importantly show you what was damaged then walk away. Also worth remembering that not all cat D / C will show on the v5, if it doesn't show you can legally (I'll leave the moral dilemma up to yourself) ;) as a private seller (traders legally have to declare) run about in the car for a few years then sell it as a straight car afterwards getting back what you paid for it. Needless to say our last 3 2nd cars haven't cost us much to run over the last few years. Its all down to what the damage was, I've just sold a cat C (Listed on tje V5) VW Transporter for straight money dispite fully declaring it as a cat C as its an in demand vehicle and j could show exactly what was damaged and how it was repaired properly. Friend if mine bought a 530d Beemer that was stolen recovered, it was prefect apart from having no seats lol it was even stolen with the true key. It's all about buying the correct vehicle.


Ok...take a 15 year old Mondeo with a damage wing and bumper,gonna be written off as it will cost more to fix than its worth. Is a 2018 Mondeo going to be written off for the same level of damage? no its not. What I'm saying is if a very late car is written off due to being uneconomical to fix it is going to have alot more damage than a 15 year old cat d car as they work on a percentage of the cars value. Look up the pics of some cat D late reg cars... I wouldn't particularly want one...certainly not just cosmetic damage.


I beg to differ. An older car would more than likely be written of due to the cost of repair being more than the value of the vehicle. It’s the opposite for a newer car as the cost of parts on newer vehicles mount up, making it uneconomical to repair and the damage is generally more cosmetic. I had a car that was deemed borderline £2500 estimated repair on a car with an estimated market value of £4000. I priced up the parts second hand and it would have cost me approx £600 to repair it myself as it was easily replaceable parts.

List free with Autotrader (if car value is less than £1000) -  TCB give you £7.50!!
Found 3rd Sep 2017Found 3rd Sep 2017
List free with Autotrader (if car value is less than £1000) - TCB give you £7.50!!
Was suprised at this, list your car on Autotrader (if it's worth less than £1000), if you do it through TCB, they give you £7.50

there is no buy it now on autotrader, so they have no way of knowing if the car sold or not


if car doesnt sell, do we still get £7.50?




Anyone interested in a bag of nails?


This is the same deal as this as it's ongoing Autotrader had this in their news on August 12th

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Sell your car for free if valued under £1000 @ Autotrader (Free Valuation and listing if you qualify!)
Found 14th Aug 2017Found 14th Aug 2017
Sell your car for free if valued under £1000 @ Autotrader (Free Valuation and listing if you qualify!)
Spotted this and thought it was a great offer if you have an older car and want rid, but don't want to pay for listing or you are unsure of it's worth. You can get started in 3 ea… Read more

Is anyone having a problem that where the search for their vehicle only shows up if you put 20 miles or under? Otherwise the listing won't show making it completely useless advert!!


I report those listings. Not only is it timewasting for buyers to sift through, it loses Autotrader money so in theory they should remove them.


Or a Skoda? Give over.


Never heard of a car brand called "research", but if it floats your boat........ ;) To be fair, I cannot fathom why a car that has depreciated 7k in 3 years, then only drops 1k in the 2 years following purchase (although you now seem to have corrected it to 1.5 yrs, but still). No amount of research makes that sound possible. So, what is this magical car then? Are you going to tell us or it is actually called "magic"?


Just report the add, it will be taken down

FREE insurance write off check without the need to pay a for a HPI check
Found 27th Aug 2015Found 27th Aug 2015
FREE insurance write off check without the need to pay a for a HPI check
Right..... Go over to: 1. 2. Type the REG and any random milage 3. It will show the car details (if not click find details)... click next s… Read more

this cat c thing confuses me. recently my car was hit while parked. only damage was to the back right pannel. it now been written off as a cat c, and I've bought it back at the salvage price. from what I've been to by the accessor is that cat c does not get logged anymore, I don't even need to declare it if I ever sold it and all I need to do is fix it. I've even spoken to my insurance company (as I went through a different insurance company as it was a non fault claim) and they said all it need now a days was a new mot and all is fine. is this right? how come it's not logged anymore?


Actually *


I listed my car to sell on auto trader and I can verify I realised mine was c category after keeping it for 7 years ( my wife's car acthally)


Do be wary of this.... Yes great to see if a car is a CAT C or D but will not tell you about finance, plate changes, mileage discrepancies, stolen vehicles and CAT A or B's which contrary to belief do find themselves back on the road after going to 'dodgy' scrap yards..... For a car of a few thousand pound surely a £20 full HPI Check is the way forward for complete peace of mind??


To be fair it isn't exactly the same. The ones you pay for typically offer a guarantee with compensation if one slips through the net. This method doesn't. Not knocking the idea, as it is a great initial step, just adding a little info for accuracy. Also, there is a far greater chance the car you are looking to buy has outstanding finance, which again, this wouldn't uncover but the HPI type checks do cover, plus if it's been stolen. As always, it is a case of Caveat emptor.

FREE insurance write off check without the need to pay a penny for a HPI...
Found 27th Jul 2014Found 27th Jul 2014
I've stumbled upon a way to determine if a car is a CAT D / CAT C / CAT N / CAT S without the need to buy a HPI check. ===========================================================… Read more

thanks but I think the MOT site has details after 2012? and yet there is another method to check milleage discrepancies that I have read again is not 100% sure. The totalcarcheck is not free as well. The method you are describing is right, if the owner has full service history.. Or what is the cheaper check. I would like to check also 100% if it was Cat C or D although the method here is probably right.


Theres a way, but it won't 100% guarantee that the miles haven't been tampered with. I use total car check, sign up and it gives you all the past mot info on the same screen (easier than gov site). It will flag in red of any mileage issues on this site. But you can check yourself, examine the service history, match the service stamp and mileage up with the nearest mot mileage. For example a service stamp in the service book may say it has a full service 01.01.2019 at 76k. You check the mot to make sure it all looks above board. So if the last mot was before the service stamp date, you'll want to see less mileage on the mot. If the mot is after the service stamp date, you'll want to see a higher mileage on the mot. Match them all up, ive caught a couple of clocked cars this way.


is there any way to check for genuine mileage? :D


Thanks for this, big help.


You don't know what you are saying mate. I think the ad is amazing. Well done that man.

Free car valuation tool @ Autotrader
Found 23rd Jan 2014Found 23rd Jan 2014
Free car valuation tool @ Autotrader
Just enter reg and mileage and on the next page it will give you a valuation of your car,I was actually surprised at how much mine was worth!!! Link not working see post below ht… Read more
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These are not valuations. They are trade in values and not what you should expect from a private sale. Private sale will be worth a lot more.


This is not a free valuation total bull :p cold as the weather!!!


Thanks - interesting to check. Don't know why all the cold!!!


Rubbish, just a con for money... Freezing


Been looking to trade the car now I'm going to be looking for something a lot cheaper lol I cant afford to be loosing that sort of money every 4 years.

Half Price MOT @ Auto Trader
Found 31st Mar 2011Found 31st Mar 2011
Half Price MOT @ Auto Trader
Half Price MOT with Auto Trader
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Update. Just took my 10 year old Corsa diesel for MOT to Halfords. Passed no bother again. I do all my own car maintenance so car is always well prepared, so no reason for it to fail. With Quidco cashback my MOT test cost only £26.05. Bargain.


Am sure there are a few positive comments and happy customers, but be wary of the significant numbers of negative comments and extremely unhappy customers on previous posts, including me! There may be some decent garages and technicians, but sadly they seem to be outnumbered by the cowboys happy to make something of nothing to try and make extra work for themselves :-( Do yourself a favour, follow the MSE advice and go to your local council run MOT station who only have a fair safe test in mind.


Been available for ages. I used it three times last year. All cars passed first time!!!!! Used to be Nationwide Auto, now Halfords.


they advertise half price mot with halfords autocentre, which you can get for half price through their website.

Auto Trader Fuel Saver Scheme-£10 fuel voucher for £40 spend in Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, M&S, Next, Halfords etc, Online
Found 5th Sep 2009Found 5th Sep 2009
Auto Trader Fuel Saver Scheme-£10 fuel voucher for £40 spend in Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda, M&S, Next, Halfords etc, Online
MUCH better the the measly 5p off per litre, its almost 10 litres for free in comparison. Not sure if its right section, couldnt put it in vouchers because it asks for code. Anywa… Read more

I thought too seemed a brill offer then I noticed the subscription bit, I would imagine the subsription costs will be on their site when its up and running


Oops. I didnt realise you would have to pay for it. I just read what it was about and thought it was fantastic, as i have spend over £250 on those retailers in the least few weeks alone. Its probably not worth it for just a trial, unless you knew u were going to spend that money at those retailers for certain. Do you know what the subscription cost is?


It's a 10 day trial offer though,after that you have to subsribe for a year Plus when you do register you get the message... Welcome to the Auto Trader Fuel Saver Scheme We are currently under construction. Please check back soon. Hmmm...maybe the site will be up and running in 10 days time :whistling: I was originally thinking maybe it'd be a good idea just for the free trial period

50% of MOT with Autotrader and nationwide autocentres.
Found 17th Jul 2009Found 17th Jul 2009
50% of MOT with Autotrader and nationwide autocentres.
50% of the MOT with autotrader until 30th Sept 2009. Simply go to website and follow the advert down the right hand side on home page., or this link Just booked mine for £27.00 … Read more
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Had my MOT done today for £27 passed with no advisory items. The mechanic had to fix my pushbike before he did the car as I put it in the car to cycle to work on and bent all the gears. He probably felt sorry for me so didn't like to fail the car. The guy on the reception was really kind and helpful too. I used the autotrader offer with them last year. It failed on its brakes as the rear discs were jamming and had worn really bad grooves in them and the emissions failed because no one told me if you drive like a granny like me then when they blast it for the test it puffs out a lot of crap. I had the work done by a friend and had a retest a couple of days later. They only charged me £13 for the retest which was half of the retest fee. I am certain that the failure was genuine and felt happy that they had picked up what could have been a serious fault with the brakes that is why I was happy to return this year.


If you book an MOT through the 'TopCashBack site ,you can download a half price voucher.I've been to them in the past and always been quite pleased.


I use tesco clubcard vouchers as £4 for £1 at nationwide


+1 :thumbsup:


I had my mot done by Nationwide a couple of years ago, it passed but they said it was close on emissions and I should have their fuel treatment for £29. I thought it sounded like BS and thought that was 10x the price a tub of Reddex should be. 2 MOTs straight passes since then at another garage, no fuel treatment and exemplary emissions reports. I prefer to use a local garage who will do things little things like changing a bulb before failing you on it.

Get your MOT test for just £27 @ AutoTrader
Found 21st Jun 2009Found 21st Jun 2009
Get your MOT test for just £27 @ AutoTrader
Auto Trader are delighted to offer a half-price MOT test in association with Nationwide Autocentres. Book now with one of the UKs finest service centres near you.
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true - i used £15 worth. I have so many tesco vouchers to use up so no problem for me. And I'm a big fan of authentic tapas so avoid imitations like La tasca as the Brighton one is awful. All down to personal preferences though. ;-)


They told me if I was using Tesco vouchers I would have to pay the full £54!! I was going to go for the £27 offer but the wording on the offer says that it is £27 PLUS ANY OTHER EXTRA COSTS needed to past the test in the event of an MOT failure. So you could be charged high prices for example for wiper blades or light bulb which could be done easily yourself.... or not have the opportunity to take it somewhere else for a second opinion. In the end I steered clear and went to a local garage I knew were okay. EDIT : Oh I see - you did pay the full £54 but using Tesco vouchers. You can't use £13 vouchers though - you can only buy in multiples of £10 so you would need to buy £60 worth - which is £15 of Tesco vouchers. A normal MOT in our town is £35 (and £30 in one place) so I would have only been 'saving' £20/£15 by using my Tesco vouchers. I'd rather get my full £60 worth when using £15 of vouchers in somewhere like La Tasca and have a great meal out. All down to personal preferences though.


Nationwide ??? Brrrrrrrrr.....cold..............


fail! :whistling:


always been great for my mots. pass rate of 9/10. i use tesco clubcard vouchers as only need £13 worth for an mot

Half price MOT only £27 with AUTOTRADER
Found 4th Jun 2009Found 4th Jun 2009
Half price MOT only £27 with AUTOTRADER
Don't know if its already posted if so use the contact a MOD button and expire!!! All of you that are due an MOT soon or Later this seems a cracking deal only £27 for an MOT Get … Read more
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Agree with other posts. Went there for years on the Tesco clubcard voucher exchange. Failed every year, headlights needed adjusting every year amongst other things. Local garage at £54 full price, sailed through. Never again Nationwide.


for what its worth found this the other day but it was already posted - expired;-)


:-( Absolute scammers! Every industry has its bad apples but mechanics have to have orchards full of them. I don't know all that much about the inner workings of my car and know how easy it would be to take advantage. Rather like I could take advantage of those who come to me with their IT problems, but I tend to want to sleep at night! I've found Kwik Fit very fit and miss too though! Got 10 months left on the MOT of my new motor, will be following the MSE advice and booking the next test with an MOT only centre.


Please Just Dont Go For This "deal" - We Did It Last Year And The Car Failed Mot - They Charged £200 To Fit A Spring And £135 To Do A Cv Boot And Then Recommended A New Battery At £95 Because It Would Fail Imminently And £65 For A New Exhaust Hanger. I Then Took The Car To Kwik Fit Who Tested The Battery And Found No Fault BUT SAID THE BATTERY WOULD BE £39 FITTED!, And The Exhaust Hanger Was Fine. This Is A Scam To Get More Work At A Mega Inflated Price.


After reading the MSE link - - I'd say avoid this like the plague. Go to an MOT only centre, or one of the council centres listed at the above link. Screw any place like this who would have a motive for failing your car!

Autotrader have increased cashback to 55% via Quidco - Ends 31st May
Found 27th May 2009Found 27th May 2009
Autotrader have increased cashback to 55% via Quidco - Ends 31st May
Previously listed by LC, but showing 50% cashback, now increased to 55% I have just listed 2 cars @ £40 each for 3 weeks in the mag and 3 weeks online and I am getting £22 back on… Read more
Save 40% on listing fees @ Autotrader plus possible 50% cashback from Quidco
Found 12th May 2009Found 12th May 2009
Save 40% on listing fees @ Autotrader plus possible 50% cashback from Quidco
Autotrader are offering 40% off their 3 weeks website + 3 weeks magazine package for a limited time, PLUS Quidco have a limited time offer of 50% cashback!… Read more

Only a few days left on this stonking deal :D


Tracked yesterday. :)




Quidco still not tracked and ad placed last Thursday :-(


does it work for existing ads? cause i need to renew mine

FREE 30 DAYS CAR WARRANTY When buying or selling with Autotrader
Found 24th Jul 2008Found 24th Jul 2008
FREE 30 DAYS CAR WARRANTY When buying or selling with Autotrader
Normally, consumers buying privately have little or no recourse if their new purchase suddenly fails. Now Auto Trader and Warranty Direct have teamed up to deliver this unique of… Read more
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spoke to these this morning about this as im just about to sell a car and this is reply i got; This is only available to Autotrader Insurance customers. Please confirm that you are indeed an insurance customer and I will speak with Autotrader to obtain your registration details in order that we can action this ed


Agree 100%.......looks great up front but in reality probably has very little substance.


No doubt loads of clauses on what it doesn't cover and any claim you have there is no cover


I'm sure they'd look at the car and give it's real value as opposed to the price someone pays :thumbsup: Therefor may as well just sell it legitimately for that value and save yourself the prison sentence.


the warranty has a £500 claim limit with a £100 excess which will really only protect £400 worth of costs, which is brilliant as its for free.

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