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Free access to Historical records until Easter Monday on
1114° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Free access to Historical records until Easter Monday on£0.01
Restart you Family History research with FREE access* to over 27 billion records from national and local archives worldwide Free access ends 5 Apr 2021 at 11:59 p.… Read more

Thanks I haven’t but will do. I knew there would be a way to get text from a photo just hadn’t found out how.


Have you tried Google lens? You can use it to photograph the words and turn it into text, then it can translate it too. I use it for menus and things when I go abroad.


Many thanks for these links. The first one is a paid service and I’m sifting through info on the second. I don’t think there will be many records if any on my fathers side as he lost his mum age 10 due to Stalin regime and the family was then split. Nothing so far matches his DOB. I did find the maiden name confirmed for my mother but that hasn’t got me anywhere either. Without paying for a genealogist I’m pretty much going round in circles. I have a newspaper article in Russian about my father that might help if I get that translated.


For administrative purposes, the date of the records is calculated at the end of the year and not from the dates of individual sensitive records. Personal data from the 1921 census will, therefore, be made available to the public in early 2022 and will be accessible through Findmypast.


Have you looked for your mother in the Polish records? or for your father

AncestryDNA offer at £59
77° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
AncestryDNA offer at £59£59
Hi All, Normally Ancestry is £79 but it's currently at £59 plus shipping. Order your complete kit with easy-to-follow instructions. Return a small saliva sample in … Read more

No Ancestry is more for finding family and 23andMe is better for genetic traits for medical


Can I ask if this shows medical result. Apparently 23andMe shows medical history


Hmmm... (skeptical)


You are able to request all your DNA and data is deleted :{


I had that thought too. An easy way to get a centralised DNA database for The Company. (shock) (zombie)

Ancestry half price UK Premium for £59.99 and Worldwide for £89.99 for 1 year - New subscribers only
72° Expired
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Premium £59 for a year subscription Worldwide £89.00 for a year subscription. You need to be logged in to access the offer After the initial 12 months, your membership will auto… Read more

Try ancestry DNA ..FOUND THE OFFER there


Does not work. Tried all ways logged in and out removed cookies etc.


Use the expired link on next listing below. Posted by Graan. It is Still working (y)


Did you try the other link??


I can't get it to work :( anybody got any ideas? I've tried it signed out & signed in

Ancestry Half Price Deal - £59 for the year
261° Expired
Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Ancestry Half Price Deal - £59 for the year£59
Ancestry UK/Worldwide half price deal. Just renewed my expired membership ( two days ago I cancelled my membership as I thought this deal would come up again ) UK £59 a year Worl… Read more

Just worked for me. I had cancelled my subscription before auto renewal. It ran out yesterday. Used this expired link today and it took me to the correct page £89.99 worldwide membership. Thanks OP. 👏 (y) ( the other


thanks I've just used this as well as the other one isn't working for me. I had tried negotiating with them on the phone before my old one expired but didn't get the most helpful of answers - basically told me to let it expire and see what was available then ... luckily this worked once it had expired


This link just worked for me. Brilliant.


Copy the link then go via Topcashback, then paste this link into the address bar on the ancestry website. Worked for me and Topcashback tracked and showed confirmed within 3 days.


Hoping someone can help me re topcasback. If I click the link I get the reduced offer but if I use topcashback and get directed to Ancestry I get the normal price, so how do I get cashback to track on this offer

DNA Activation kit £49 at Ancestry
85° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2020Posted 29th Nov 2020
DNA Activation kit £49 at Ancestry£49
Order your complete kit with easy-to-follow instructions. Return a small saliva sample in the prepaid envelope. Your DNA will be analysed at more than 700,000 genetic markers. … Read more

Showing as £59 now


Mate, leave that to the experts. Your internet research is not going to tell you anything else that what you want to know.


It's slightly cheaper on Around €49 or £44 including postage vs £59 at Ancestry. When I ordered from Ancestry it came from Germany anyway and took ages to get here. When you get your results you get two things, an estimate of your ethnicity which is more or less useless unless you don't know where your ancestors came from, and the people you share DNA with (3rd, 4th, 5th cousins etc). The latter is the useful part but it can take a lot of time and effort to research your family tree and also the family trees of your matches to determine how you're related and sometimes an NPE can throw a spanner in the works. What's an NPE? A non-paternal/parental event, i.e. someones parents (or dad) wasn't who they thought. You might find your great-grandfather was someone else and your grandfather never knew, you might find your own biological father is not the one you thought. My family is pretty boring and yet I discovered that my maternal great-uncle was, in fact, my half-great uncle and my aunt (his niece) is probably my half-aunt. Then I found out my paternal grandfather (so different family) is not actually my grandfather and AFAIK my dad has no idea and now I've got to tell him. Erm, how was it dubious? You absolutely could. They didn't just do a DNA test and get told that their ancestors were from such and such a place, like anyone else they got matched with hundreds of other people who've done a DNA test and they constructed a family tree for AntNDec mainly through genealogical research but with the help of DNA. It cost them far more than the average person would spend because they went and did a large number of DNA tests on people they suspected were related. If you had a budget of a few hundred thousand you can pretty much do anything


Well... go back a generation or two and you really don't know the circumstances and almost certainly never will. You are opening a can of worms with a DNA test - see


And always remember, people lie. DNA doesn't.

Free access to military records @ - Until 8th November
300° Expired
Posted 6th Nov 2020Posted 6th Nov 2020
Free access to military records @ - Until 8th NovemberFREE£0.01
Ideal chance to do some more research into your ancestors. Sadly does not include other records, only military.

Many thanks , worth checking


Thanks for the heads up.



World Wide Explorer membership $1 for 3 months @ Ancestry
300° Expired
Posted 20th Oct 2020Posted 20th Oct 2020
I got this last time it was around and cancelled it 2 weeks ago before I got charged £79 and definitely worth it. Sure it worked out to be £1.04 after my bank charged me for non st… Read more

Just giving you all a warning that your memberships renew in a few days


I got it the last time it was here and was very happy, although I spent a lot of time doing it. Shame I missed it this time, guess I will have to wait for a couple of months for the next promo.


Missed out here too, bummer. Had been waiting to get it to run to end of January if possible.


I did see it last week but waited for my trial to run out and now it's gone. Gutted.


Devastated not to have seen this last week - the link no longer works ;( If anyone has got a way around this, would be great but have a feeling that they just forgot to pull it down after the initial offer and have subsequently done so after seeing another glut of $1 trials.

Save 30% on Ancestry DNA Kits (£64.99 including delivery and test postage.)
-120° Expired
Posted 11th Oct 2020Posted 11th Oct 2020
Save 30% on Ancestry DNA Kits (£64.99 including delivery and test postage.)£64.99 £9.99
Normally this DNA Kit test costs £79 plus £9.99 delivery. Additional kits £55 plus £4.99. (Two tests £124.98 including delivery) This presents a snapshot estimate over time of wh… Read more

That's good to know too.


You don't have to keep subscribing to contact people on there. I've spent £20 in addition to my DNA Kit in over 10 years of having the tree. In normal times you can just go into a library and use their special access PCs for free with free access to "public" trees. The subscription is access to the scanned Births Deaths and Marriages books located all over the world and as you say for access to the family trees of other people.


You're welcome. Also worth bearing in mind is that over the years we have spent thousands of pounds on copies of documents and travelling to view archives, parish records etc. In comparison the cost of Ancestry and the DNA test seems pretty good value.


Very true but if they need it to stand in court the evidence needs to have been legitimately gathered or it could be excluded.


I don't think the US intelligence recognises ;) forbidden terms

25% Off Ancestry DNA £59 + £9.99 del at Ancestry
49° Expired
Posted 5th Aug 2020Posted 5th Aug 2020
25% Off Ancestry DNA £59 + £9.99 del at Ancestry£68.99£7913% off
ENJOY 25% OFF ANCESTRYDNA Explore the people and places in your past and go deeper into your family story. Bring your backstory to life with AncestryDNA® DNA could be the key … Read more

Thanks anyway. I managed to get myheritage for £49 excluding delivery using a code on google.


No - seems to have exspired


As this expired or is there a code?


I did this during lockdown and have built a fair sized tree and got tempted by the DNA side of iut - in the times of Covid it takes around 6 weeks to get yr results, quite fascinating to see the results though


Be careful what you wish for. My Cousin discovered that she was not my cousin

Ancestry Worldwide for only $1 (New and returning customers) via (Not Ancestry UK)
839° Expired
Posted 12th Jul 2020Posted 12th Jul 2020
Ancestry Worldwide for only $1 (New and returning customers) via (Not Ancestry UK)£0.80
I have not tried the link as I have a current subscription, but via a Canadian family tree forum I am on, I have seen that they can sign up for Worldwide for $1 for the first thre… Read more

My 3 months on this offer ended this week. I can’t believe it’s just let me renew again with this same link. 93p. Bargain! (y)


Don't forget to cancel! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that they sent me a courtesy email saying that my sub was about to renew, so it's time to get on there and cancel as I've a month left. Does anyone know if I was to cancel now, would that mean I'd no longer have access or do you lose that at the end of the final month? I'm never sure how it works from company to company, but most seem to let you cancel and then use it till your time's up (hoping you'll find their service invaluable and stick with them).


Just seen this today, noticed it says expired. But worked for me paid with paypal cost £0.96 after exchange rate. Happy (y)


Tried to Pay with Paypal and it just keeps timing out, anyone else have this issue?


Looks like they are overwhelmed with new signups/searches. So far no kings and queens in my ancestry and I've already added my grandfather. I'll ask for a refund.