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Bulk Special 48 x Brewdog Hazy Jane IPA Beer 330ml Cans - Best Before End October - £29.99 @ Discount Dragon

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  • Bulk Special 48 x Brewdog Hazy Jane IPA Beer 330ml Cans
  • Special Offer £29.99 Including Free Tracked Delivery
  • 62p Per Can Delivered to your door
  • New England detuned.
  • This full-tilt fruit machine of an IPA packs all the flavour but less of the alcohol.
  • Notes of pineapple, mango, stone-fruit, and a hint of tangerine to mix it up. Brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smooth juicy hit.
  • ABV 5%
  • 48 x 330ml Cans (Total 15840ml)
  • Minimum Best Before End October
  • Age 18+
  • Please note – You are not able to add any other products to your shopping cart if this item/deal is included!
Discount Dragon More details at Discount Dragon
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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  1. jayroller's avatar
    Is there a reason the cans are different colours? I've had the Hazy Jane before and the cans were all blue - if these are Brewdog's weird flavoured variants (like the Lost Lager Guava/Blood Orange variants - bleurgh!) I'll give it a miss, but if its the standard brew I don't think I can resist!
    cbates60's avatar
    They were temporary can designs for the World Cup (World F*cup)

    deal.town/bre…4FD (edited)
  2. IW74's avatar
    Don’t forget the £2.50 global Quidco bonus :-)
    With the Discount Dragon cashback added, saves another £3 roughly.
    Dubmonkey's avatar
    Mine tracked immediately 🏼
  3. Spider_Boy's avatar
    Weird I can't add some of the other stuff they sell, would have thought be easy margin for them. Great deal anyway.
    Dodgethegod's avatar
    It's because they literally slap a postage label on a large crate of cans. If they allowed you to buy other stuff then they'd need to do a bunch of extra processing.
    It's probably just easier for them to send as-is.
  4. Ouzoherb's avatar
    I've still got 56 cans of Xmas special to get through.
  5. ActionO's avatar
    Grabbed 2 cases. My fave beer to be fair. My crude maths says I only need to drink 1 every two days to get through the 96 cans. Amateur stuff.
    senorsombrero3k's avatar
    Rookie numbers
  6. cbates60's avatar
    what. a. deal. 🔥
  7. tommytbone1's avatar
    Now using Evri to deliver. Maybe RM complained about carrying all these Brewdog cans around the country
    nigelbutler's avatar
    My postie wasn't too happy!

    After first delivery I'd try to get outside and take it to garage from his van (edited)
  8. Lewman's avatar
    Back in stock.
  9. kembiff's avatar
    Ordered thanks
  10. ddaann_99's avatar
    Cheers OP!
  11. N._Y.'s avatar
    Ordered, nice find
  12. vickyo's avatar
    Love Hazy Jane.
  13. PaulStringer's avatar
    One of my favourites, 2 cases ordered. Thanks
  14. tommytbone1's avatar
    Nice, cheers op
  15. ryandev's avatar
  16. Neil82's avatar
    My fave Brewdog. Ordered, cheers mate
    Kamillo16's avatar
    Did you try silk road?
  17. Paperlantern's avatar
    Wowzers that's a great deal. Ordered.
  18. mb1's avatar
    Ordered, thanks. Other half is going to kill me of course.
  19. chris_p's avatar
  20. nobnoxious's avatar
    If you reject cookies on this discount dragon site, they redirect you to google instead. Obnoxious.
  21. Diabolik88's avatar
    Not the biggest Brewdog fan but with 10% CS cashback we're talking 56p a can so I couldn't pass it by, heat from me
    Peter9588's avatar
    What is CS?
  22. doctorreeve's avatar
    Enjoying my Hoppy Xmas and tempted by this but don't really need any more beers.
  23. qweqwe1's avatar
    Can't believe I've gone for it, this lot can stack up on top of my Xmas Brewdogs in the shed! Discount Dragon do great bulk buys like this and it is a bargain with cashback, but it does mean my family think I'm a total beer monster!
    Diabolik88's avatar
    My family don't think I'm a beer monster, they know I'm a beer monster
  24. Lord_Azrael's avatar
    Don't forget Quidco
  25. nigelbutler's avatar
    Not bad deal imo - Just dont really want 48 cans! - but its decent for 63p a can & best before til October
  26. nigelbutler's avatar
    553 in stock!

    Looks popular from the comments
  27. Dodgethegod's avatar
    thanks OP. great deal !
  28. Gooner1011's avatar
    Good deal. Id buy if i could afford it.
  29. Robmanc's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks OP 🍻
  30. rich23's avatar
    Anyone else find the new customer discount code doesn't work with this?
  31. po57405k's avatar
    Absolute bargain
  32. Vad_Bj's avatar
    Many thanks, OP. £90 lighter, but heh , beer fridge stocked
  33. Markabs's avatar
    Bargain! Ordered thanks
  34. Deal0rN0Dea1's avatar
    Wouldn't hesitate on this one, 20 cases left. Great price
    Deal0rN0Dea1's avatar
  35. badgerman26's avatar
    Had 2 in basket and all gone by time clicked through
  36. Fens's avatar
    Great deal, not a massive fan of Brewdog but this is one of their better beers.
  37. Jeevester's avatar
    Just missed out
  38. stoner79's avatar
    Out of stock
  39. Wongy111's avatar
    Ta says only 6 left. (edited)
  40. bargainhound99's avatar
    OOS now, shame like the Hazy Jane, not so keen on the Lost Lager 
    dodgymix's avatar

    Here you go (edited)
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