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Posted 1 July 2023

Challenge Holborn 20 inch Wheel Size Unisex Folding Bike £146 using collection @ Argos

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About this product

Perfect for commuters, this folding bike can be folded to fit into smaller spaces, making it great for travelling on trains and buses. Then when you get to work you can simply store it under your desk. The easy fold mechanism - which even includes folding pedals - makes it such an easy job. The bike has a 6-speed Shimano gear shifter so you can choose the right power and a rear derailleur to help you move smoothly through the gears. With its slick tyres and v brakes, you get a smooth comfortable ride with quick stopping power.

This is the perfect bike for those who have storage issues, or for those who are commuting on a regular basis. You can also take it away on a Staycation as it can easily be folded to fit into your car.

This bike comes 95% pre-assembled in the carton.

Key features

  • Unisex folding bikes.
  • Steel frame.
  • 6 Shimano gear(s).
  • Shimano SL-RS35 shifters.
  • Shimano TY-21 rear derailleur.
  • Front V-type and rear V-type brakes.
  • City style RFL tyres.
  • Alloy rims.
  • 15mm wheel nut size.
  • Steel forks.
  • Front and rear mudguards .
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Minimal assembly.
Size and weight

  • Assembled dimensions: H107, W61.5, L152cm.
  • Weight fully assembled 14.5kg.
  • Height of handle bars (from ground to handle bars) 42 inches.
  • 13 inch frame size.
  • 20 inch wheel size.
  • Package dimensions: H85, W33, D63cm.
  • Package weight 18.3kg.
  • Folded dimensions: H60.5, W32, D84cm.
  • Suitable for riders with 25 to 37 inch inside leg measurements.
  • Maximum rider weight 80kg.
General information

  • For an easy delivery, your new bike will arrive with partially inflated tyres, make sure you top them up before riding.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee; .
Argos More details at

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  1. sowotsdis's avatar
    I would not recommend it I dislike it as the mechanism is very difficult and it does not stay closed but the main problem is the handlebars do not fold down (edited)
    timmy_w's avatar
    Yes, only a small part of the handlebar can be "folded" so a large bag is needed if I want to put it inside a bag. I think it is still ok to carry it in public transport.
  2. royaltee's avatar
    Update now that I’ve had this bike for over a year, replaced the saddle as the supplied one is not really a saddle but apart from that, it has cost me nothing, works well, as it did when it was new, useful simple bike, unbelievable value.
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    How is the weight when you are putting it in the back of your car? Oh & are you male or female (edited)
  3. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    My advice is go to Sports Direct or wherever & lift up a 15kg dumbbell. With 2 hands if you want.
    royaltee's avatar
    Never take advice from people who advise you to go to sports direct
  4. hull1270's avatar
    Bought one of these from Argos about 18 months ago. Its surprisingly heavy and I've not used it much as a result. I recommend you view it in the shop before deciding whether to buy it or not.
  5. ArthurDent1's avatar
    Cheap steel-framed bikes are rarely a good idea. Likewise cheap folding bikes. A cheap steel-framed folding bike for less than the cost of a budget bike is too good to be true.
    I know it's tiresome on bike deals being told that this pricepoint won't get you something worth riding so you need to look secondhand or spend a bit more, but it's tiresome because retailers like Argos and SportsDirect insist on marketing steel-framed BSOs that really aren't fit for purpose.

    Have a look at the Halford Carrera range of folders (ignore the cheaper, steel-framed Apollos) which start at about £350. Or go to Decathlon and check our their B'Twin folders - their cheapest is a single speed for a mere £199. Single speed would make it only suitable for occasional use but that might be all you need. I've only ridden it around the shop but it was an absolute hoot to ride! £80 more gets you some basic gears to cope with hills and keep up with traffic.

    I have Decalthon's £700 folding ebike as a spare bike. It's pretty basic but does a great job for the money. Like all folders with 20" wheels it doesn't fold as small as a Brompton (they start at about £900 though and an electric Brompton is a LOT more) and is too heavy to carry any distance folded. However, it's decent to ride and folds into the boot of a car. Unfolded it's light enough to carry up or down a flight of steps by the frame. In an emergency I can fold it into a bag (Halfords do a nice one, thought the shoulder strap is a bit fragile) and pretend I don't have a bike- just a very cumbersome bag - to get it onto a train or into a hotel room.
    royaltee's avatar
    This bike is fit for purpose, the main gripe on this post is that it doesn’t having folding handle bars. I don’t know why anyone thinks it would have them, it doesn’t say it has them, they don’t look like they fold but it still seems to come as a surprise. I commute on this bike, it is fine. Recommending something more expensive with single speed is nuts.
  6. 8atman's avatar
    I had this. Didn't like it and sold it. Very uncomfortable and the handle bars don't fold and also the handle bars felt a bit flimsy when riding.

    I bought cheap off Facebook marketplace second hand although it was like new.
  7. TeamMCS's avatar
    I really wish these folding bikes were not quite so heavy. near 15kg which you will have to man handle up stairs and onto trains. That'll get old very quickly. I remember the old bromptons, after a month of lugging that chunky monkey around you look like spitting image of Arnold Schwarzenegger
    royaltee's avatar
    Bromptons old or new are also very heavy however your wallet will be a lot lighter so maybe it balances out (edited)
  8. sunnyvk's avatar
    There were deals posted in the past for the same product here on HUKD, you can search and read what other people said on those posts about this product. Hope that helps!
  9. benbojangles's avatar
    Have this and the handlebars do not fold down so you have to use a hex key to unfasten and refasten when packing in the car which defeats the idea of folding bike imho. Also the saddle is horrendously uncomfortable as stated by three members of my family. I think we got ours fo £99.99 on a deal last year. Plan to add £15 for a new comfier seat, and I think you can buy folding handlbar posts on fleabay to replace the one on this for another £30-40
  10. bluewhale2015's avatar
    Please don't buy this bike. I bought it as my first bike, really hard to use. Had rust near joints within a month and some bits broke.
    This bike will put you off from cycling.
    royaltee's avatar
    I agree, don’t get it as a first bike.
  11. timmy_w's avatar
    Update: I ended up buying a 2nd hand Dahon Vitesse D8 at £90. It weighs 11.2kg, which is 3.3kg lighter than this Holborn bike, and I still found it a bit too heavy to be taken upstairs. The lower cost and weight do not come with no price. The chainring guard has minor crack, which will cost me about £10-20 for the part and tools, and the time to replace it when it is completely cracked.

    Therefore, if you do not have the time to fix the problems of a 2nd hand bike, and you only transport it in a car or bus, I think this Holborn bike is not a bad choice. If you plan to take it in rail and tube, you may find something lighter in the 2nd hand market instead, and do some research on maintenance before buying one.
    ArthurDent1's avatar
    SH will always get you a better bike for the money, but when the budget is less than about £300 SH is the only way you're gonna get something fit to ride.
    If you're not confident about buying privately, most cities have a charity that fixes old bikes and sell them on - Bike For Good in Glasgow and The Bike Station in Edinburgh are a fantastic source of fully-serviced SH bikes and will give good advice on what suits your needs.

    SH will always get you a better bike for the money, but when the budget is less than about £300 SH is the only way you're gonna get something fit to ride.
    If you're not confident about buying privately, most cities have a charity that fixes old bikes and sell them on - Bike For Good in Glasgow and The Bike Station in Edinburgh are a fantastic source of fully-serviced SH bikes and will give good advice on what suits your needs. (edited)
  12. Lloyd's avatar
    Thanks for your first deal post
  13. Jijin2's avatar
    Can you fit a child seat on a foldable bike?
    timmy_w's avatar
    I think you can fit a seat on rear rack. I do not know if there is enough space at the front.
  14. Rob_Samsung's avatar
    Not sure if trains would accept as a folder or not as wheel size is 20. So would have to be booked on and then put into the bike area. If you don't use trains then not an issue.

    I had a Brompton so can carry on to any carriage, as wheels are 16".
    Welliesorter's avatar
    Most folding bikes that aren't Bramptons have 20" wheels. It may be heavy to lug, around though.
's avatar