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Posted 14 July 2023

Charge Spoon Cromo Bike Saddle

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Product Description

The Charge Spoon Saddle is extremely popular for all XC, Trail, Enduro and Road riders. Why? Because it is extremely comfortable. The longer you ride in this saddle the more you'll appreciate it. No more numbing pain on your sit bones.

It's light too at just 285g.

Charge have put a lot of thought into the design of the Spoon saddle. It's a mid-width saddle with a pressure relief channel that also keeps the blood flowing to your legs.

The shape is very supportive with the sweep towards the rear and drop at the nose. This nose has enough width to allow you to shift forwards on steep climbs or when you're really powering along - you can alter your riding position.

It's durable too, the Spoon will perform for a long time. It's simply fantastic and at this price point… untouchable. Just look at the positive reviews it receives.

Key Features:

  • Usage: XC, Enduro, Road Cycling
  • Weight: 285g
  • Design: Mid-width saddle with pressure relief channel
  • Width: 145mm
  • Length: 280mm

Colour Options:

  • Black / Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Black / Black
  • Black / Green
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  1. mutley1's avatar
    I don't know why these seats are so popular on bikes as there is very little padding on them. Guess they rely on the rider wearing cycling shorts with padding.
    Jim1_Smith's avatar
    They're not designed for people plodding to the shops....
  2. zx636r's avatar
    Guaranteed sore arse.................
    rogersmore's avatar
    Had one on an old bike and was the most comfortable saddle I've used. Picking this up for my new MTB.
  3. basergorkobal's avatar
    There is a lot of hype surrounding this product.
    I also thought this was a good saddle. Until I got into cycling propper and tried other saddles.
    And it perhaps is for a beginner cyclist. But for anything other than casual rides and commuting of up to 1-2 hours at a time it simply isn't supportive enough.
    I appreciate saddle choice is extremely personal. Just can't see how masses of soft foam can be any good for longer duration in the saddle.
    IanC7's avatar
    Got to agree with dave, this saddle doesn't have masses of soft foam.
    The problem I found with it for on the road was the lack of a centre cutout. It really depends on your anatomy as to whether you need a centre cutout or not though.

    I moved mine to my mtb and I have no problem with it on there because I'm moving about a lot more and shifting my weight around.

    Honestly it's so cheap that if you're in the market for a saddle, it's worth trying, might save you a lot if you get on with it. And if you don't, sell it on or keep it in the spares box and stick it on the bike when you come to sell it instead of selling it with a saddle you like
  4. Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Any other deals out there at Tredz worth looking at?
    rogersmore's avatar
    Picked up some cheap £2 Muc Off mud guards.
  5. noobnoob's avatar
    Everyone raves about these saddles but I found it very uncomfortable. I guess not suited to my sit bones
    harpasus's avatar
    Same, one of the most uncomfortable saddles I've used.

    Least it's cheap enough to be worth a punt though, see if it works for your backside or not.
  6. MikeyS's avatar
    My gooch hurts just looking at it!
  7. MDog0101's avatar
    The one biking deal I can justify - my ass hurts so hope this helps
  8. quakerphil's avatar
    Great saddle, I have them on a few bikes.
    AverageBloke's avatar
    The best this side of a Brooks B17 IMHO.
  9. Unfitguy's avatar
    Seen it posted plenty of times think Im going to give it a go Thanks Op
  10. soulman123's avatar
    Erm…. Ouch
    Rich44's avatar
    Personal experience?
  11. tranceazure's avatar
    Fantastic saddle I have one on each of my bikes a black with green on my Kermit green tarn and a black black on my bright red primal.They remind me of the flute titanium which was the saddle to get in the 90s.Weight is around 280 gram with the 4130 rails and comfort is medium these are a top saddle and excellent value for money.
  12. zeffania's avatar
    I'm happy with mine on the MTB, decent seat

    50590124-fwvKk.jpg (edited)
  13. bbbob's avatar
    These saddles must be like how it feels to wear a thong.
  14. dale7's avatar
    Best for snurging by far
  15. darksideby182's avatar
    Good saddle and price.
  16. hoysy7's avatar
    great saddle
  17. halbot's avatar
    These saddles are superb
  18. UnseenPrawn's avatar
    Best saddle
  19. mudds's avatar
    So good I have them on three of my four bikes.
  20. DonnyBrago's avatar
    I have one, brilliant, v comfortable
  21. Adam_Q's avatar
    Excellent saddle most comfortable and a great addition to any bike
  22. mattd555's avatar
    Super old stock, these have been made by Fabric for at least 8-9 years now!

    I prefer the Scoop over the Spoon, the stitching on the Spoon destroys my pants over time
  23. Hollowpoint's avatar
    Good price.
  24. w0z's avatar
    Does anyone have one on a Brompton?
  25. Biker.Jeff's avatar
    Subjective but I dont get on with this saddle either. It probably worked best on my drop bar road bike, but even that was far from perfect. Tried it on my hybrid and folder and its really uncomfortable on those bikes.
    Its a shame because its a good looking and seems a well made saddle.
  26. Wildf1re's avatar
    Thought it was an upside down flip flop...
  27. joepineapples901's avatar
  28. dotmac's avatar
    First I saw this photo and thought why are they selling flip flops upside down  
  29. HDUK2022's avatar
    Looks like an upside down flip flop
  30. michaeljb's avatar
    For anyone moaning about uncomfortable saddles just have have your bait and tackle removed, buy a woman's saddle and ride like a real Nancy

    No but in all honesty if you carry some weight or have wide sit bones a women's saddle may actually be more comfortable imo.

    I personally ride a leather charge pan specifically this model billamberg.com/por…ge/ and im on the heavier side. Once you find a good saddle never let it go.
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