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Posted 29 August 2023

Corsair MP600 PRO NH 2TB PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe M.2 TLC NAND – M.2 2280 –7,000MB/sec - (PS5 compatible)

£83.98£88.996% off
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Expected 19-21 September!!

In stock in 3 weeks of you are prepared to wait.
Price has gone up at scan.

A PCIe Gen4 x4 controller delivers up to 7,000MB/sec sequential read and 6,500MB/sec sequential write speeds*,

Using PCIe Gen4 technology for maximum bandwidth,

Good for PS5 with a heatsink

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The Corsair MP600 PRO NH is the low profile version of the Corsair MP600 PRO made for the PS5 and has slightly lower speeds and no heatsink.

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Faster than a 980 PRO? - Corsair MP600 PRO LPX SSD Review

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  1. fishmaster's avatar
    SSD prices continue to fall. There shouldn't be an excuse for you to pay and wait nearly a month to get this drive. If you can wait a month then keep the money in your bank and don't give it to a corporation to look after for you, the prices certainly won't be higher in a month. In short long lead times on SSDs the way the prices have been adjusting down this year isn't a great idea. Good drive, market price, but long lead time = cold from me.
    DoublePortingDad's avatar
    This is a sound of reason and a valid point.
    Just noticed 'FREE delivery 21 - 27 September'
  2. showstopper81's avatar
    This or the WD850X guys?
    fishmaster's avatar
    Not this as you have to wait 3 weeks to get it and not the WD850X because it costs more than this.

    So I'd get NETAC NV7000 on Amazon it is £109 BUT under the price is a 25% off voucher bringing it down to £82.49 and you can have that tomorrow and there's pretty much no noticeable difference between NETAC NV7000, the drive in this deal or the WN850X.

    This is the market price for this performance now around £80-£85 for high end PCIe 4.0 performance if you pay more you are being mugged. If you have to wait 3 weeks for delivery you are being mugged too. Expect more price drops next month.


    1. £80-£85 is market price for top end PCIe 4.0 performance, do NOT pay more
    2. Delivery should be next day, if it's longer than a week do NOT buy it
    3. Do not mug yourself! (edited)
  3. DoublePortingDad's avatar
    Guys seriously. This or the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB that is 10 quid cheaper now?
    Corsair on paper seems to beat Samsung in every aspect.

    I am looking for
    + 2TB for a laptop
    + cache
    + TLC
    + reliability over speed (important data)

    I hope somebody who knows better would advise.

    fishmaster's avatar
    OK so the 970 EVO is mid tier performance, whilst this drive is high end performance, so if high end performance is known to be critical and known to be effective then choose a drive with at least the performance of this drive.

    Secondly this comment is concerning, very concerning >

    + reliability over speed (important data)

    I will explain the fatal flaw in this logic. Hardware should only affect your redundancy and therefore your downtime. Hardware should never affect loss of your data because a backup plan accounts for this. So why is this? Well lets say a 100% reliable drive is invented, it is rock solid it will last thousands of years and never fail. Lets look what can go wrong when you have no backup plan.

    1. Someone steals your PC - Your most reliable drive is stolen with the data on the drive. Where is your data? If you say only on that drive, then you have lost the data.
    2. The PC is destroyed in a fire - Same as above
    3. You make a human error and erase the data by overwriting it - Same as above.

    This illustrates why is is a false premise to rely on hardware to protect your data. Hardware reliability doesn't protect your data for the reasons given above. Choosing hardware for it's reliability is for redundancy and downtime mitigation, at all times your backup plan protects your data. If you don't have a backup plan or don't understand how to make one, it is absolutely vital and critical that you do this with immediate effect and put one into place.

    So having said this you are looking probably looking for redundancy, this can be achieved with RAID (not 0), if downtime mitigation is critical then RAID is part of the solution. If downtime mitigation isn't as critical then you are looking for perceived reliability but a backup plan is still critical and must be in place immediately.
  4. beaversrus's avatar
    I bought one of these in Jan of this year and with a heatsink attached in my dell g15 5520 it reached 84c under test conditions.

    It's back in it's box. It's needs airflow.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Most high end drives generate a lot of heat, not just because of the max speed, but the DRAM also gets very hot.

    It's needs airflow

    All high end drives need good airflow if you're going to stress them.
    Laptops aren't the ideal place for them.

    I normally install Patriot P310's in laptops as they are low power drives which don't get very hot and help extend battery life compared to high end drives.
    Yeah, sequential speeds aren't great but general performance is fine.

    Just stressed the P310 in the Samsung Galaxy book I'm using. No heatsink, has virtually no airflow and very little space around the drive.
    Maxed out at 58c. (edited)
  5. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Superb drive for the money.
    Long delivery time, but well worth it if you don't need one urgently.
    Plus, usually Amazon get stock earlier than expcted so there's a chance you will not have to wait as long as expected.

    There's a deal for the 1TB 990 Pro with HS, £75...
    Why would you when the real world performance on this is the same. Stick a £4 heatsink on it and you have double the capacity for not a lot more money! (edited)
    TeddyLegs's avatar
    Any heatsink you recommend?
  6. Addikt's avatar
    I’m struggling to find something to confirm this definitely has DRAM, am I blind?

    Also, this or the Netac 2TB? I’m in no rush. Corsair is obviously more reputable but the Netac is faster and definitely has 2GB of DRAM.
  7. rossmcgowan123's avatar
    The price has went up. Is 89 still a good price?
    Shock's avatar
    Yes, prices are rising a bit.
    But still a good price for 2TB with good performance & warranty
  8. wyx087's avatar
    Thanks. Ordered.
    On one hand, I don’t need a drive. On the other hand, all my drives are PCIe 3. On the third hand, I also worry if flash memory prices stops dropping, I’d loose out.
    So I’ve placed an order and put in a reminder at 15th Sep to re-evaluate if I should cancel for a cheaper or better one, or if I don’t actually need one.
    wyx087's avatar
    It has been dispatched yesterday. ETA 10th Sep for me. Coming from Italy.
  9. technokeenan's avatar
    I just purchased a gen 3 samsung evo 970 for £4 less from Curry. This is a gen 4 SSD. Hot Hot!
  10. sdaniaal's avatar
    Get one from scan instead, less sketch
    Tom_Hulme's avatar
    I'd buy from Scan anyway because it just down the road from me and I like to support them but out of interest why is it less sketchy?
  11. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Great deal, i bought it to use as a second drive for my games and use my 1tb 990 pro just for windows.
    Im using msi b650 carbon wifi, does anyone know if you have to leave the covers off on m.2 slots 2,3 and 4 and buy a heatsink ?
    The top pcie5 bay definitely has built in cooler but not sure if theres thermal pads on the bottom covers and you use them as heatsinks, anyone know ?
    UnknownConcept's avatar
    It looks like it is an additional heatsink based on the fact the heatsink is actually 2 separate pieces. What does the manual say?
  12. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Hardly a reliable site to compare drive performance.
    I'd pick this over the SN770 any day.

    I'd rate this higher than the SN850, never mind the SN770... (edited)
  13. Shock's avatar
    Gone up to £88

    Looks like SSD prices are going back up!
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    They were matching Scan when it was £84 there.
    Scan went back up a while ago so now Amazon have done the same.
    Still a great drive for that money though. (edited)
  14. rossmcgowan123's avatar
    If you install an NVME without a heatsink, does it drastically decrease its life span?
    Shock's avatar
    Not really if it's in a pc with lot of airflow.

    In a closed space in PS5, yes better to.

    The 1st thing the SSD will do it throttle rather than go bad (edited)
's avatar