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Keaton: Leather Left Hand Facing Arm Small Open End Corner Sofa for £299 (delivery up to £69) at DFS
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Looks like a price glitch as other one are on sale for £2999. This price only applies to leather sofa. I haven't ordered as it's not my style, but someone can find it suitable for… Read more
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Very Apt


If anyone hasn’t received a refund yet I would advise that you call dfs as my refund has not be requested on my account and needs to be sent to a different department which I have to wait for the department to contact me before they will even arrange a refund Got a feeling I am going to be given the run around :/ :/


Yes, me neither.


I still haven’t been refunded and payed by debit card !! Has anyone else not received there refund ??



Ashdon 3 Seater Sofa for £379
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Ashdon 3 Seater Sofa for £379
The cosy corduroy upholstery and two-tone colour scheme of the Ashdon combine to form a truly stylish and comfortable sofa. Available in 6 colours Available in Dark and Light feet… Read more

Have a search for oakfurnitureland clearance. They are outlet stores and worth a look of you have one nearby or if it's a bit of a distance call to see what they have, it will be current ranges that are cancelled, rejected or marked in some way but worth it for circa 60/70% less than retail


Do you have any recommended ebay sellers or companies? Hard buying a sofa without actually sitting on it so customer recommendations are important.


Thanks OP. I actually went into DFS yesterday to buy a cheap comfy sofa for our den/mancave and we got to try this out. We already have a 'premium' sofa for our living room so didnt want to spend too much on something that no one else will look at. Confort and price were the main factors. This sofa was super soft and comfy and like lying on a giant teddy bear. I really liked it. However its ugy as sin and too narrow to properly lie in it. It says 3 seater but its more like an oversized 2 seater. I saw nothing else at all in this price bracket at DFS. Pretty much all their other sofas, including clearance were double the price of this. Not sure why they used the ugliest colour to advertise it. I thought the cream and grey versions look better. If you're on the market for a large 2 seater thats comfy then its worth popping into DFS and trying this out. I am myself still looking at Sofas from Argos or eBay but Im hesitant to buy a sofa I havnt tried out in peson. Hence why I might end up going for this myself. Also remember to factor in the £65 delivery fee (unless you can find a voucher somewhere) .


god... they really hit this thing with an ugly stick... which was itself hit with an ugly stick


I heard they are getting back together soon

10% off @ DFS for Bounty.com subscribers
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019LocalLocal
10% off @ DFS for Bounty.com subscribers
Just had an email from bounty.com with a unique code for 10% off DFS. DFS is a bounty partner and it looks like it’s just for people who subscribe as I can’t find it on the website… Read more

Anyone happen to have a spare code available?


Ditto above


Following this - anyone got a code they are not planning to use? About to make a large purchase @ DFS and would be most grateful!


Does anyone have a code for this please subscribed but never got the offer via emails?


Is it better to wait for Boxing Day to order sofa. Or is it just Instore offers. Can I order online with 10% off with this code

DFS Winter Sale already started
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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018
DFS Winter Sale already started
Thought I would pop in to see what Boxing Day deals they would be having to find out sale already started. The sakesperson told me this is their main Winter sale Some good deals

Does anyone know if scs has a sale as well? (lol)


Water is wet


It’s ok, I asked mods to unexpire (lol)


Of corse its started, the autumn one has just finished


Why has this been expired?? The op couldn't take the cold?

Glow 2 piece corner sofa down to £799 @ DFS + up to 4 years 0% interest
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Posted 26th Jul 2017Posted 26th Jul 2017
Glow 2 piece corner sofa down to £799 @ DFS + up to 4 years 0% interest
Product Information About the Glow: Left Hand Facing 2 Piece Corner Sofa Low seating adds a touch of luxury to this soft leather range, enhancing your sense of space without compr… Read more

It's £799 for corner sofa and with upgrade was £1099 sorry took a while as no breakdown on receipt


If you don't mind me asking how much was the leather upgrade?


Quality is good but like I say we paid for the upgraded leather as we have a toddler and a baby on the way - I can't comment on the standard finish. It's really comfy, I like sitting with my feet on the return bit without the end - that's a really comfy position. We are pleased with it


What's the quality and comfort like?


Is it on sale?

DFS additional £350 off (upto) until 6th June 2016 on the internet
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Posted 15th May 2016Posted 15th May 2016LocalLocal
DFS additional £350 off (upto) until 6th June 2016 on the internet
I know this will go cold but it may help one or two which is the important thing. DFS are running an offer of upto an extra £350 off depending on your spend until 6th June ! Just g… Read more

Pay on credit card... that way any unresolved issues take them straight to credit card company. :).


good luck buying from DFS, my sofa took 3 months to deliver when they said 5 weeks. when it arrived all corner of the sofa was damaged, 1 month later the stitching on the seat burst open, instead of stitching it back together they glued it back! and it didn't last long! so again..... good luck with dfs


Must admit, as poor as their pricing policies are the two sofas I've bought from dfs have lasted well, first one I had for eight years and only got rid of when I moved to a new house, the current leather one I've had now for 6 years and is still like new


Our DFS sofa was rubbish- the cushions all became un-stitched soon after we got it, then the frame collapsed. Replaced with one from furniture village and its much better quality.


I probably wouldn't use the vouchers then if I was you - it is still a good deal if you wanted one, unfortunately too many people seem to just vote cold because they don't like the company like yourself, rather than the deal itself

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DFS Revive 3 seater sofa £299
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Posted 27th Mar 2016Posted 27th Mar 2016
DFS Revive 3 seater sofa £299
I have been looking for a fabric sofa that is reasonably priced and good in quality for a little while now and I think I have found it! DFS are offering 4 years interest free credi… Read more
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Thanks so much. I'm not totally sure of amounts, but I think she paid half on debit card, so if she pays remainder on credit card, according to the article she is fully covered!!! Wow. I will tell her. 'Section 75 offers protection for items or services valued from £100 to £30,000, of which at least part of the purchase (such as a deposit) was made with a credit card. Purchases under and over these thresholds cannot be considered. So, if you buy something for £500 but only pay £50 with a credit card, you would be protected for the full amount. But if the full value of the item was only £75, you wouldn't.'




Thanks. I can tell her to pay rest on her credit card.


Yes. You can then claim the full amount back if there are issues and dfs do not try and resolve them. Much better negotiating position to pay on card.


Yes my friend is also worried about quality. Reviews are awful! What du mean credit card route? My friend paid half on debit card, should she pay the other amount in credit card.

50% off selected deals at DFS!
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Posted 27th Jun 2014Posted 27th Jun 2014
50% off selected deals at DFS!
My sister recently purchased a new sofa from these guys, unluckily for her she missed the offer! Her loss is your gain!
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heres ours after 3 months. according to DFS its not their problem because people have been using the head rest as a head rest[image missing]http://postimg.org/image/lrg4btou9/


This might be the mid-summer sale. The other sale finished the day before this sale started. :p Here's me thinking it was half price trips to Amsterdam. lol


Dfs is the worst company do not buy from then!!!!!!



Cold bought a sofa July last year they have had to come and do 2 repairs already not even a year old would not recommend Sorry

DFS upto £350 off voucher
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Posted 10th Mar 2014Posted 10th Mar 2014
DFS upto £350 off voucher
Blink and you will miss it! Go to the DFS homepage and at some point a little box that says save up to £350 will appear. Click the box and you need to enter your details for your… Read more

Too late! deal expired 30 march 2014.


thanx for this, if I like the dynamo sofa this will save me a few quid.;)


you should have waited for a sale to start


Is there a use by date for this, as I cannot see one stated on the voucher?


Receipt: http://www.bubblews.com/news/2581576-dfs-voucher-code Delivery on Wednesday or Thursday this week!

Up to 60% off at DFS (£1500 off sofa in opening post)
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Posted 31st Jul 2013Posted 31st Jul 2013
Up to 60% off at DFS (£1500 off sofa in opening post)
There is a summer sale at DFS it includes this one for £998 it will go up to £2498 after sale. http://www.dfs.co.uk/sofas/leather-sofas/chess/left-arm-facing-2-piece-corner-sofa/
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Thanks, c'mere there's more.


I think that was a joke.


Think thats what the delivery man thinks of the stuff he's delievering. See that watchdog like program last Wednesday on bbc1 about DFS instore staff pimping the price up,no doubt no one on hukd been duped like that?


Cool story bro


I complained to DFS after a sofa I ordered was dumped in the stairwell of the flats I live in. They said I need to take it up with the delivery man.

Abode 3 Seater Leather Sofa £599 50% off DFS
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Posted 9th Apr 2013Posted 9th Apr 2013
Abode 3 Seater Leather Sofa £599 50% off DFS
Great sofa that is half price normall £1199 now onlt £599 great saving
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they are rubish quality takes for ever to get repaired if it breaks,cold


How many days in the year do you think this sofa is actually on sale for £1199? Genuine question


I was going to express my concern that this sofa may be as good as their pdf writer, I'm glad I re-read the title.


We have twice been in the position of wanting to get rid of a sofa that doesn't fit our setup any more and have always found that they are impossible to sell and the only way to shift them is through Freecycle. if I was looking for a cheap or free sofa that is the first place I would try. Either way people shouldn't buy from DFS until they stop with the fake sales and the cheesy adverts.


Forget the sales talk. DFS sofas are good value, especially if you can't cough up the cash. imo.

DFS sale now on - DOUBLE DISCOUNT !!!
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Posted 26th Dec 2012Posted 26th Dec 2012
DFS sale now on - DOUBLE DISCOUNT !!!
I cannot believe my eyes ! Never known DFS to have a sale on before, so I thought I'd better post it up to let the good people of HUKD know that it's happening TODAY !! Astonishin… Read more
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Great if you want a cheap tat sofa for top dollar.


@ the cold voters....... Show me a better sofa deal than this !!


Happy to help starsparkle. Even it it saves one person from camping outside in the cold and rain, my work here is done.


Your trouble is, you wouldnt know a bargain, even if it smashed you in the chops !! You keep buying your expensive sofas and I'll get mine with a double discount ........ from DFS <3


omg did they really have a double discount?????? so what they have it loads of times in the year so cold for your wording and think thats why its COLD THROUGHT

Upto £400 off DFS Sofa with Voucher
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Posted 27th Mar 2012Posted 27th Mar 2012
Upto £400 off DFS Sofa with Voucher
Please read before the usual anti-DFS abuse starts... DFS have been sending out Vouchers through the post recently, 10 x £40 Each voucher can be used on any individually priced i… Read more

I think you'll find if you say you've forgotten the sofa they'll probably honour in order to get a sale (I've seen them do it before - and also when they used to offer on specific sale days they'd honour on other days too). I used to do casual work there helping customers with dimensions etc as I was never authorised to do any selling. I think it used to be their own factories which offered the 10 year guarantee and the 5 year guarantee was on the other factories but I left there about 18 months ago so may have changed.


I think if you went into a store they would honour the deal without the voucher


My biggest issue with this post is that it depends on DFS actually sending you the vouchers on a non-solicited basis : You can only take advantage of the offer if they've mailed you, so you'd know about the offer anyway. Putting this info on HUKD doesn't actually make the offer available to anyone. Which is a pity, cos I'm looking at getting a new suite.


I must be one of two or three people in the UK that actually paid full price for a DFS sofa - am I unlucky? Probably:p


"Unlucky" is NOT the word I'd have used!!!!!!!! :p

double savings sale must end 16th january @ DFS
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Posted 26th Dec 2011Posted 26th Dec 2011
double savings sale must end 16th january @ DFS
double savings at dfs must end 16th january
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I have my eye on the Avondale leather corner sofa but I want it at half price, it's just got £100 off at the moment, is it usual for DFS to slash prices the longer it's in the sale?


Didn't DFS go bust though?


everyone moans about DFS but someone is buying from there as theyre the biggest sofa retailer in the UK.


Best laugh I've had today..Thanks to the OP.. :)


DFS are a bunch of ripoff merchant currents!

£400 of sofas at DFS
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Posted 12th Oct 2011Posted 12th Oct 2011
£400 of sofas at DFS
get an amazing £400 off sofas and 0% credit at DFS only 5 days left
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Same here. Bought a 4 and 3 seater for £1500 at half price *cough* 9 years ago and still as good as new and supremely comfy. The deal though is a joke!


Love your avatar !


i wouldn't call it cheap and nasty, we bought a leasther one from dfs a few years ago and it's still like new, very good quality but the amount of "sales" they have is ridiculous


Lmao at this deal


@HAL2000 thanks for the reply. I agree with the annoying fact about companies selling techniques. Our sofa was £800 half price, I asked sales man if it was ever for sale at £1600, he said legally they have to advertise sofas at full price for at least 2 weeks before reducing. And people have bought sofas at full price! Can't help thinking my sofa was £200 day after purchase.

Nolan 3 Seater Fabric Sofa - £299 or £6.22/month @ DFS - 4 years 0%
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Posted 10th Jan 2010Posted 10th Jan 2010
Nolan 3 Seater Fabric Sofa - £299 or £6.22/month @ DFS - 4 years 0%
Just went to DFS to try this out, a very comfy sofa. Comes in a few colours, red, beige, "chocolate" or weird purple. We got ours for delivery within 6 weeks. Apparently down from… Read more
Avatardeleted28317Get deal*Get deal*

I got the same sofa about a year ago, and it's doing OK so far. 0% is great for people who might otherwise consider using a credit card to buy it. As far as financial products go, it's got niche for whom it's a good choice. Not like that 2356% 10 day loan nonsense.


You really weren't paying attention in English lessons, were you?


im a antique dealer most modern sofa,s are made of weetabix and cardboard so im told


+1 We bought DFS interest free over four years when we moved into our first home, just to get started. Three years in, and the sofa won't last much longer - the wooden frame inside creaks, the arms are giving way, the cushions are wrecked - and we looked after it well!! Not great.


I had always wondered who buys from DFS! To plagiarise Ronnie Corbett, "I remember the day well, it was the day DFS didn't have a sale on!"

1/2 price sale starts today @ DFS + 4 years 0%
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Posted 26th Dec 2009Posted 26th Dec 2009LocalLocal
1/2 price sale starts today @ DFS + 4 years 0%
If your not doing anything today get down to DFS some sofas are HALF PRICE not only that nothing to pay for a year and 4 years intrest free credit WHAT A HOT deal

I missed the last sale finishing. Blast. Must have fallen asleep at some stage last night.


Don`t forget also. If your after a bed [URL="www.dreams.co.uk"]dreams mega sale[/URL] :whistling: :-D


Perhaps it would be better to let people know when they haven't got a sale on, but then you'd never see another DFS post again, and that'd be a shame!.Personally, I miss their old crap TV ads with the 'cardboard cutout' man and woman, who looked as if his arms were stuck in that 'look at this s*@t bargain' open position.Still, I guess some people must like them, and think they're getting bargain (even if they're not), otherwise they would have gone the same way as MFI and Courts by now, thankfully, I'm not one of them, and neither, by the look of the freezing conditions in this post, are any of those belonging to this excellent site.


cracking deal..have some heat


If you do miss it.. you could always try here... but best be quick...:whistling: http://www.scs.co.uk/

DFS Sale Now On!
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Posted 4th Dec 2009Posted 4th Dec 2009
DFS Sale Now On!
DFS Sale Christmas sale now on (earlier then normal!)

Is this still on?


They are - horrible Victorian sweatshop near doncaster. DFS head office used to have wall hanging photos of Thatcher. Says it all really


yes, everyone that has ever shopped there :roll::santa:


Has anyone EVER paid full price at DFS?


What a sale at DFS, 'I don't believe it' ;-)

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Posted 16th Oct 2009Posted 16th Oct 2009

At least £400 off every 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 zzzzzzzzzz you get my drift :)


Freezing cold




But MFI stuff was better quality. :roll:



Half Price leather sofa at DFS Till tomorrow....
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Posted 31st May 2008Posted 31st May 2008
Half Price leather sofa at DFS Till tomorrow....
Half price sofa at DFS until this weekend... a lot of selection to choose from...

just checked, the sale is still on, phew. sadly the sofa i want isn't on sale :( seriously, does anyone pay full price?


Would you believe it, the sale is still on....


"Expired" ;)


I was watching a programme and they featured about the sofa shops. What they do is that they have the names of sofas and the 'full price' in a book for a while before the 'sale' so they are actually offering them for sale at full price before halving the price for the sale. That's how they get away with it. Doesn't seem to matter that the full price sofas in the book are never on display until they reach the sale price and no customers are aware of such a book.


Doesn't matter, both halves are rubbish

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