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Direct Return flight to San Francisco or Los Angeles £349 (Jan - March departures) - Departing London Heathrow @ British Airways

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About this deal

Price drops at BA, not a bad price booking directly with the airline. Please note only hand luggage,2 pieces, are included in the price
  • 1 handbag/laptop bag (Up to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm/16in x 12in x 6in.)
  • 1 additional cabin bag (Up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm/22in x 18in x 10in.)

Checked luggage is £100p/p, so if you are looking to take checked luggage, it may be worth looking elsewhere. Example dates are listed below, although there will be many more available too

Example dates (San Francisco)
16th - 23rd Jan
6th - 13th Feb
6th - 20th Feb
8th - 15th Mar
8th - 22nd Mar

Example dates (Los Angeles)
16th - 23rd Jan
13th - 20th Mar
13th - 27th Mar
21st - 28th Mar

British Airways More details at British Airways
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    Only found out the other day that the US hasn't dropped Vax requirements, might be worth a footnote in case I'm not the only one who had no idea
    That would really add more meaning to I left my heart in San Francisco.... (edited)
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    Been to both San Fran City and LA this summer. Was not blown away at all. Lots of homeless, lots of people on drugs, people shooting heroin on the street. California atm is not in a good place and a lot of locals are migrating out because of that. Not to mention human feces on the streets of San Francisco! Don't believe me? Google it.

    My advice is spend your hard earned cash and go somewhere nicer.
    The feces thing is an internet meme you're very unlikely to actually experience. Source? Lived there for 5 years and never once saw feces on the street.

    I will grant you though, there is a LOT of homeless people kicking about but they generally congretate in encampments which are pretty easy to avoid unless you're actively seeking them out.
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    Voting cold as whilst the flights are cheap you’ll spend a small fortune over there as the $ v £ is so bad. Friends just came back from Chicago and couldn’t believe how expensive everything is
    Stupid reason to vote cold. That’s like voting cold because the plane journey is long!
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    I love San Francisco. Got back in September from a USA holiday. Flew into New York and out of San Francisco. Highly recommend it to anyone. Good price too.
    Would love to do San Fran drive down to LA, then fly home from Vegas or LA. Any tips for finding decent prices for multi centre flights? Last time I looked it was ridiculously expensive, but much, much cheaper to book returns. (edited)
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    San Francisco. A bit like Blackpool imo. I enjoyed New York and LA a lot more.
    You really just compared Blackpool, Blackpool!? to LA?
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    Thanks op booked for March was £30 more on BA site on Skyscanner.
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    ONLY FROM Heathrow?
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    Could combine with a ski trip in Tahoe
    I did that years ago, also managed to cram in San Diego, Grand Canyon and Tombstone...best Holiday ever, skiing sun and fun well worth planning, a bit of everything
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    Just checked my flights to go home for summer and they want 500+ pp so good deal!
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