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6 packs steak mince £19.90 + £5 delivery at Donald Russell
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
6 packs steak mince on offer for £19.90 We always buy this when this offer comes around

£17 per kg original price, that is expensive. £7.54 per kg not too bad, if good quality may worth to pay £1-2 extra rather than tesco, however, with delivery cost comes at about £10 per kilo. Quite expensive, rather pay £10-15 for a mincer, buy a good piece from the butcher and do it yourself. Cheaper, and you know what is in it.


According to the dna tests a few years ago it could well be :D


Fabulous quality from Donald Russel always buy when on offer. Thanks op


Everything I've had from Donald Russel has been excellent. I've had their steak packs and Christmas packs previously - all excellent meat and superbly packaged.


I don't touch tesco meat, the quality is very, very bad. Donald Russell mince is way, WAY better than any supermarket. But i've never tried costco tbh. I recommend you try Donald Russell, just once. After that you'll think Tesco meat is from a different animal entirely.

>2kg of premium steaks for £25 delivered @ Donald Russell (Nationwide,HSBC+First Direct customers via Simply Rewards)
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
For those with a Nationwide, HSBC or First Direct account, Visa Simply Rewards are offering £15 cashback on a £40 spend. This can be combined with their welc04 code (£10 off £50 … Read more
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New customer = new email address & password


what is difference between this and say morrisons meat?


New customer, VISA discount, no brainer.


Why do I think that the premium steaks would be: fillet ribeye T-bone rump...... so what's "premium" about this offer???? just a 170g of thin rump?? Amazing how the word "premium" turns some of the cuts most of your average consumer never seen into a selling gimmick. The content should count not the adjectives used to hype it up - just saying.


new Donald Russell customers only :( would have loved some nice steak ;(

Steak Selection Box £29 delivered @ Donald Russell
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Enter code tt1706 in search box to get to the deal. Donald Russell have Traditional Steak Selection for £29 and free delivery. Donald Russell have Traditional Steak Selection fo… Read more

Heat added but I don't think it will save this deal. I love Donald Russell steaks but only every order selections on offer otherwise stupid price. I often find I can get a couple of different steak selection packs by selecting reorder from my previous order. Note it looks like no cashback from quidco or TCB a time the moment. But I have Amex offer for £10 credit when spend £60


Ah yes. My bad.


You're replying to the wrong person,I didn't say that,this person did . jimmythecat123


Why is it strange? Read your sentence back. "These steaks are handy to keep in the freezer and quality is great!". How is that not applicable to any frozen food? The truth is; the meat is terribly overpriced regardless of the taste.


I was asking what stoogey meant as I've never heard it before,strange you interpret that as supporting the company :|

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Donald Russell Specials - Mince 1/2 price and more - free delivery over £30
Found 24th Oct 2016Found 24th Oct 2016
Half price minced steak offer is back - £23.25 for 6x440g or £38 for 10x440g Also burgers, roasts, lamb, fish and ready meals...
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Didn't know they had joined up. Could end up being the Amazon of the meat market. As long as they keep up on the quality and customer service. :)


Ah yes - Westin Gourmet has joined with them too - we use them too...


MuscleFood is now my local butcher. Don't think they can be beaten. :)


Use them all the time (always offers on); superb quality!


Partner opened an account and received an email with a free delivery code on first order

Donald Russell minced steak half price offer returns: £22.50 + £5 delivery  (Quidco/Topcashback too)
Found 5th May 2015Found 5th May 2015
£5 delivery included in the price - might be possible to find a code to avoid this. 10.5% Topcashback for new customers Our Minced Steak is prepared with the prime fillet, sirloi… Read more

If you haven't used it before, code NEXT20FD gives free delivery and 20% off, but I think it has a £30 minimum spend, so you can buy two lots of 6pack for £36 delivered.


What percentage of fat is it though,I remember looking once & it was 20% :|


99p offer is on at musclefoods. You need to spend £25 but much cheaper than this.


I must be tired, just thought to myself why is darcey bussell endorsing mince


you get what you pay for Donald Russell does have good quality it is difficult to judge like for like Lidl have an offer on weekend but don't expect same quality

Fresh Christmas food to your door £47 with code Free Delivery and 20% off @ Donald Russell
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
We all LOVE christmas and this will go down a treat, have used them before and the food was amazing. Use code NEXT20FD for Free Delivery and 20% off. Topcashback for new customer… Read more
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Really glad it helped you Whitney. Enjoy!!


I love Donald Russell meat. I have just ordered my Turkey for £49.00 then while I was going thru to the checkout it offered me todays specials, which were minced steak meat 440g for £4.50 and 8 pork sausages for £4.00. Altogether £57.50 minus 20% discount (£11.50) = £46.00 also tracked on quidco. Thank you


I love Donald Russell meat. I have just ordered my Turkey for £49.00 then while I was going thru to the checkout it offered me todays specials, which were minced steak meat 440g for £4.50 and 8 pork sausages for £4.00. Altogether £57.50 minus 20% discount (£11.50) = £46.00 also tracked on quidco. Thank you


Great if it helps a few it was worth the post. Can't believe some of the comments!!


Donald Russell meat is good and as I often buy then freeze it is great as dry ice and is always really lovely - especially the steak mince Thanks will see the 20% is put to use!

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Donald Russell Minced Steak (Decent quality, low fat) half price again at £14.50  (free delivery if spending £30)
Found 17th Oct 2014Found 17th Oct 2014
As anyone who's has this before will know, this is not your ordinary bog-standard supermarket mince. More expensive, yes, but rather different. As they say: Our Minced Steak is … Read more

thanks OP, these mince deals from DR never get hot but I bet a lot of the people voting cold have never tried it compared to the supermarket stuff. Just grabbed 4 lots for £46.40 using the NEXT20FD code. £2.90 a pack before quidco - nice !


The code didn't work for me till I added something other than the mince, then it worked. HTH


Unless it's for one person I don't think you'd want to spilt them,but I don't think you can as you would have to defrost it then re-freeze it,not sure if you can do that with meat.


So I can't split the 440g packs into smaller packs?


No,it's 4 individual packs as above,not one huge one,they are vacuum packed so take up a lot less room in your freezer.

BBQ time! Better than half price Steak pack! £34 + £5 delivery under £80 spend @ Donald Russell
Found 1st Jun 2014Found 1st Jun 2014
Alright all! First post so hope i do right... Don't usually share these things but with the weather and all thought be good first post...! I got email this morning from the butc… Read more
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12 mini steak burgers totalling a weight of 270g! What are they for dolls houses? You can't be serious to think this is a deal?


Exceptional quality......just not enough of it for the price. Cold I'm afraid.




2kg of meat for £39... just go to your local butcher will be cheaper and quality should be on par.


love the avatar macman! Mail order meat...

Pure steak Selection £29 Delivered @ Donald Russell
Found 1st May 2014Found 1st May 2014
Saw this in the Press & Journal paper today. Free delivery with code journal14 Better than half price (reduced from £64) from a quality butcher. meat is blast frozen and deliv… Read more
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We were so impressed with the quality and flavor when we tried one of these deals. Definitely too expensive at full price but at this price we discovered it was worth every penny.


The meat is good quality from Donald Russell, never had a complaint with them. Fair play if you want cheaper, run-of-the-mill meats from the supermarket but sometimes it is nice to push the boat out and have a stock of decent steaks in the freezer :)


BUY BUY BUY FROM DONALD RUSSELL. I use them all the time; extremelly good quality meat; for what it is this is a bargain. There is no way one can buy anything similar for £10; I prefer to eat less often but not compromise on quality.


frozen meat? Yuck no thanks! Try your local non-halal butcher


DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE,my mum bought a package off them for £32 and seriously you could have bought the same for about £10 at the local supermarket

Donald Russell Traditional Steak Selection over 55% OFF £29
Found 24th Apr 2014Found 24th Apr 2014
Enter code 'hut1401' for FREE delivery. Enjoy 7 generous servings of finest quality grass-fed, naturally reared steak. Our Sirloin Steaks are flavoursome and tender, whilst our Rib… Read more

terrible value my meat market is a lot cheaper he has fillet steak for around £20kg rump at £8 and sirloin i get cheaper of another butcher £10 for about 6 12oz pieces


Why lol?


Terrible value compared to my local butcher


If any of those steaks in that picture are representative of the size of the ones you get I'll eat my leather shoes which will probably have more protein in them than these 'generous' portion sizes....NOT!


Aren't these normally £30? So you're saving a whole £1?

Donald Russell Steak Mince 6x440g for £21.75 + Quidco
Found 3rd Mar 2014Found 3rd Mar 2014
Donald Russell steak mince is once again on offer. It's not as good a deal as it was last year but still represents a really good price for top quality mince (working out at £8.24 … Read more
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Really? So you'll pay £7.50 p/kg for Costco meat but you won't pay £8.24 (let's forget the Quidco for now) for Donald Russell? You clearly haven't tasted it.


Too expensive. Cold added


seriously don't buy anything of these people,my mum bought a so called special deal off them via a leaflet through her door which was £30 and im not kidding when I say it wasn't worth £10


Great mince but so expensive gone cold for me as found good quality steak lean mince at Costco @£15.00 for @2kgs or local butchers better than supermarkets poor quality

7 Steaks Selection, fully matured, grass-fed beef. PRICE £29.00 plus delivery. RRP £67.50 SAVE £38.50 - £34 @ donaldrussell
Found 1st Feb 2014Found 1st Feb 2014
Its a box with a selection of steaks and couple of other things. Comes frozen so you can store them in the freezer. Beef is grass fed and aged for flavour. It's a very good price f… Read more

You people obviously don't understand what Grass-fed is


Is this a joke? £34 for slightly over 1 kilogram steak, 4 sausage and 6 micro burgers? Even Waitrose hand-cut-in -front-of-you, dry aged Aberdeen Angus is cheaper than this and almost certainly better. Plus if you cut a steak at 190g it will usually be far too thin to cook properly. A steak needs to be really thick in order that the outside can be cooked to tastiness while the inside stays rare.


Delivery (Standard delivery charge £5)


Yeah, 190g Sirloin and Rib Eye steak is a bit measly.


190g sirloin steak? That's a pretty mean cut! Its a cold vote from me ⏬

Free How to 'Meat' Perfection Guide @ Donald Russell
Found 4th Sep 2013Found 4th Sep 2013
Spotted this on the Donald Russell website, thought it may come in handy for meat lovers. When you cook with the finest ingredients, you don’t need fancy recipes to make a fabulo… Read more

Whilst obviously an advert for their company - a very good guide and well worth having to hand in the kitchen when trying to cook that perfect bit of meat!! Heat added


It's more a guide on what order numbers to use when buying meat from them. Source(s): I have one.


Excellent post, heat added and now I am hungry


Excellent just what I needed to know thank you very much for posting


This is brilliant, thanks. The steaks look awesome!!

Quality steak mince 12 x 440g £2.80 each @ Donald Russell
Found 1st Sep 2013Found 1st Sep 2013
Please don't compare this to bog standard beef mince you can pick up in Tesco, this is miles better - much tastier. Half price offer ends midnight tonight then use discount code … Read more

I buy this a once or twice a year stock up. The mince is far nicer than tesco and Asda equivalent. Less gristle, fat and tastes much better. Only complaint is you need to chop it up a bit with the spatula whist cooking to get the small mince most people are used. Heat from me.


If you have a freezer this is excellent value.


Worked for me, two lots of mince (12 packs), four lamb shanks and 48 pork sausages delivered for £68 - Excellent quality meat at a great price.


Doods1875, what an uneducated post. Why do meat posts bring out all the pompous hukd-ers? 'Mass processed' - what exactly does that mean? It's processed in large quantities? What process exactly is it that your not fond off, the actual mincing of the meat? If that's the case, this meat is processed aswell. Plus it's certainly en mass because you have to buy £35 worth just to avail of the deal! A good price per kilo but I've had to vote cold because of the quantity required


Thanks OP. This is really tasty mince.

Get in quick ends midnight. 12 packs of 440g very lean mince steak half price £33.60 delivered from donald russell
Found 11th Aug 2013Found 11th Aug 2013
Tried this last time it was on offer and really is remarkable mince for your money. It is expensive at £42 but 6 packs of 440g very lean mince at £21 is a steal. 7% quidco cashbac… Read more
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Ours was delivered on time and very well packaged and frozen today. Will comment again when we have tried it. Dry ice was fun to play with too :)


It's shipped chilled with dry ice packets in an insulated box.


Anyone know how it's shipped? My order due tomorrow still says processing


I did say similar price, for me its work the few extra pennies to cut down on fat and red meat intake.


And their cheap mince is £3.59/kg.

Half Price Steaks (plus free Sausages and Mini Burgers) from Donald Russell
Found 8th Mar 2013Found 8th Mar 2013
These are highly recommended. Includes free delivery. 5% cashback from TCB too.
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it's 1700g - c.£17 per kg


another maths failure ;)


your maths is quite shocking, as is your grammar! you stick with your chavsda 'meat'


By my reckoning you get almost 60 ounce of meat in total with this offer.....50oz beef/10oz pork. Pretty good offer for quality meat £29 and free p&p. 2 Sirloin Steaks....10oz +/- (each pack is 5.2oz, u get 2 individual packs) 2 Ribeye....10oz +/- (each pack is 5.2oz, u get 2 individual packs) 1 Pave Rump Steak.....5oz +/- 4 Pavé Rump Medallions.....8.5oz +/- 6 Mini Steak Burgers.....9.5oz +/- 4 Pork Sausages....10oz +/-


Donald Russell - Half Price Bundle of Pork Sausages (48 in total) - Was £42 NOW £21 (£6.25 p/kilo) add £5 for Delivery (Free if spending £80+)
Found 18th Feb 2013Found 18th Feb 2013
Bought their recent mince deal - great quality and tasty. Going to give this a go, hope it helps someone: Our Butchers know that by using the highest quality Freedom Food pork yo… Read more
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Shop Local....You know it makes sense!!! Our butcher has a sign up stating where his meat comes from... and it's mainly local!!!


50p each a lot of money just for a sausage.


try this......... it's all delicious - use quidco for a few quid off


Not a nags meat so nay,sorry.


I smell something, and it's not cooking sausages. Its SPAM

Half Price Whole Salmon @ Donald Russell just £23 -> £11.50 (£8.52/kg now) Free Delivery
Found 13th Feb 2013Found 13th Feb 2013
Woooooo, this is a good deal for this quality Donald Russell deal. And you could only buy this with the code below to try their quality with free shipping. No need to hassle about … Read more
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£5 per kg at tesco


for me hot:)) Really good price i hope that will delivered fresh:))


Picked up 4 whole salmon from Billingsgate this morning for £15


What do you prefer to eat then...? veg only?


Yea...people just can't buy expensive but good deal stuff here?

Half Price Pork Sausages @ Donald Russell was £42 now £21 (Free delivery with code  qd034)
Found 11th Feb 2013Found 11th Feb 2013
We love Donald Russell meat but this deal will probably get a lot of cold votes! 8 packs of 6 pork sausages, pack weight 420g. Works out at £2.62 per pack.

Just ordered some more. Lovely sausages.


£5 per kg at tesco


They got this great deal on whole salmon too, hope it won't get code because of Donald Russell


Still could get some quality steak here! lol...I just got some knives to go with this as well. Donald Russell quality, hope the knives do work well :) Steaks with code qd034


Quality products, no "mystery meat" from DR.

Donald Russell The Butcher's Favourites £63->£31 more than half price off
LocalLocalFound 2nd Feb 2013Found 2nd Feb 2013
Just got this offer over promotion email, great to see them having this mix box of favourites, if you are bored about having the last deal shown here 23.40 pounds for 8 packs of mi… Read more
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I just invited my friend and they gave me a free gift...two steak knives! :p


don't think they will last furlong :P


Hay come on. Folks only horsing around. Dobbin such a meanie. Neigh point in it.


the french customers have found some beef in their horse burgers!


which one have u tried? any comments which to try..?