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Posted 1 April 2023

Doro 8100 Smartphone, Grey, 32Gb £119 + min £10 data bundle @Vodafone

£129£168.5023% off
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Seems a good deal with £50 off, showing as £168.50 on amazon.

Key features
Battery Life3000mAh

Camera megapixel13MP + 2MP + 2MP

Dimensions156 x 73 x 9.2mm

Display Size6.1inch


WIFI calling Available


Doro 8100 – Easy to use. Easy to love.

The Doro 8100 is exceptionally easy to use – developed for those in search of a stylish, safe and simple smartphone, one that does everything any other smartphone will do – just easier! All with enhanced, loud and clear sound for calls wherever you are, triple lens camera for taking incredible photos, and a Response by Doro powered assistance button for added security. A reassuring and enjoyable device, be it for making calls, sending WhatsApp's, video calls, social media or playing your favourite online game.

EVA – making technology fun, available and easy for everyone

Our intuitive interface, EVA, takes simplicity to the next level. EVA gives you clear choices such as Call, View, Send and Search to guide you through the most commonly used actions. To view a new message received, simply press ‘view’ and EVA will direct you. Tailor the Doro 8100 to suit you, by changing the font size in menus as well as messages, number of icons, and their display sizes to easily find what you’re looking for.

4113128_1.jpgTriple lens camera

With a customised menu structure, the triple lens camera and crisp display make taking and sharing photos and videos pure joy! The menu prioritises the main modes, photo and video, and then easily highlights the additional modes such as macro (to capture even more detail) and portrait for taking beautiful pictures with the soft ‘bokeh’ background. The camera also features an integrated QR code reader and night mode for low light shots.

4113128_1.jpgDedicated assistance button

Ensure you can contact your family and friends quickly and easily whenever you need to – by adding your contacts to our Response by Doro app. When you press the assistance button, your circle of care will all be notified with an alert on their smartphone, along with your location. This is sent to them all at the same time allowing one to take control and speak to you immediately. Relatives and friends are also able to help with adjusting settings from their app wherever they are, such as the screen brightness, call volume and text size.

4113128_1.jpgTeam Viewer QuickSupport

We have pre-installed the TeamViewer QuickSupport app, allowing you to give the ID code to a trusted family member who can then log in and take control of your smartphone remotely to troubleshoot any questions or issues you are experiencing. You can watch what they are doing from the comfort of your own home. Once you are sorted, the session is logged out, and the device is securely yours again. An ID code is needed each time to log in.

4113128_1.jpgCharge with ease

Charge the device effortlessly, thanks to the charging cradle included in the box. It comes with an insert, which allows you to continue to use it should you opt to use a Doro case to protect the handset. The cradle is perfect for holding the phone whilst making video calls, allowing you to keep your hands free and relax whilst talking to loved ones.

Terms and conditions

For added peace of mind, we will repair or replace a broken screen within 12 months of purchase should it get broken accidentally. See doro.com/810…-gb for full terms and conditions and how to claim.

Vodafone More details at
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  1. Torque79's avatar
    These are great for those that struggle with standard interfaces, plus the Response button and app is great. You can see the GPS location, battery indicator, you can even adjust the volume if they have it low. The panic button on the back, they press and it sends a notification to the allocated responders.

    49896202_1.jpg49896202_1.jpg (edited)
    deleted2646400's avatar
    Some of the features on doro seem very good, but their specs let it down in my opinion. I’ve bought my dad a xiaomi and downloaded one of those basic interface apps. He only uses whatsapp and imo daily so ive taught him how to make calls and receive them. He uses youtube and zoom too but they are too complicated for him, so i set his zoom or a yt video up. 
  2. innocent's avatar
    Good spot. I think same price at giffgaff if one wants a different compulsory network top up. Also just saying OS is Android GO which is probably an advantage here🔥
  3. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    Comes with a free packet of Werther's originals
    innocent's avatar
    Certainly didn't expect such comment from you. I am still short of humour in spite of watching numerous DVDs posted by you. I will get there in the end! (edited)
  4. pet2000's avatar
    Very niche product. The 3000mAh battery won't last long.
  5. Neostar's avatar
    Seems good until they want to take photos
    Then everything is a blur because no optical image stabilization
    Dyslexic_Dog's avatar
    I think most people purchasing this phone will have cataracts anyway, so not a huge problem!!! (edited)
  6. mutley1's avatar
    on my samsung phone, i can select basic view with accessibility. i am guessing that would be the same as this doro?
  7. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    My 78 year old step mum got one of these Doros as her first smart phone last year. (Might have been the previous model, not sure).. She did not like it one bit, and she was very disappointed with the supposedly extra customer service for seniors, she said they were very rude and had no patience with her when trying to set up the phone etc...

    The quality of the phone was not that good either in general. Also I think they charge extra for services such as the personal alarm system thing they had.

    Basically kind of taking advantage of older folk and their slight fears of technology etc...she had not told me she wanted to buy a smart phone, and had seen it advertised as being good for elders,... Personally I think that most elderly folk would just be better with a pure android phone.

    After 2 months I gave her my old Mi A2 Lite, (after basically increasing text and icon sizes) and she is much much happier with that, and is now texting and whatsapping like a teenager. (edited)
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