Posted 2 March 2023

Duronic Dual Air Fryer 9L, Viewing W*ndows (Optional 10L Basket) 2400w £139.99 (with voucher) - Sold by DURONIC FB Amazon

£139.99£179.9922% off
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About this deal

Update 25/3/23: Now reduced to £139.95 using the £20 discount voucher. The single large basket (optional) now also down to £49.95. Thanks to @Monkeycymru for the heads up.

So for a total outlay of £189.95 you have arguably the best of both worlds - a dual basket air fryer that easily converts into a 10l single air fryer!

Voucher ends 26/3/23 or while stocks last.

Coming down nicely in price now, especially by using the £20 discount voucher shown on the landing page.

Plus it has a unique (optional, chargeable) feature! See below for details.

17 year old company with excellent trustpilot/Amazon scores.

The product gets excellent user reviews which fakespot seem more than happy with (they give the reviews an A rating)

But this is a little bit unique in the marketplace because it gives you the option of a full capacity basket (10 litres) that replaces the dual drawers allowing you to cook large foodstuffs like turkeys etc., although it is an additional cost (£49.99 on Amazon) but is by no means an essential purchase. Just nice to have the option if you need it.



Personal experience of Duronic? We had a single basket air fryer of theirs for 6 years perform faultlessly before we went the dual basket route on Prime Day 2021. We gave it to the SIL and it continues to perform fine so 7 years and counting now. Duronic the company was launched in 2005 and have now expanded into Europe.

No mention of the warranty so I guess we can assume the same as the Ninjas (12 months, disappointing)

Duronic have excellent trustpilot reviews

About this item
  • HEALTHY AND ENERGY EFFICIENT COOKING: Using rapid air technology, the AF24 air fryer cooks food in a similar way to a fan oven except its quicker, more convenient and far more energy efficient. Using little or no oil you can air-fry chips, chicken, fish or vegetables and watch as they come out crispy and cooked well. The taste too is on par with how you would expect fried food to taste, but with less grease and is much healthier for you.
  • DUAL COOKING COMPARTMENTS: Don’t turn on a whole oven just to cook for one or two people. The AF24 has two cooking compartments that can function together or independently, which means you can cater for different numbers of people and different appetites and save energy at the same time. The transparent viewing windows and integrated lights allow you to keep an eye on your food’s progress at all times without needing to open the drawers.
  • EXTRA LARGE 9 LITRE CAPACITY: Cater for the whole family by using both drawers to cook the entire meal. Whether it’s fish fillet, roast chicken, fries, steak or a sweet treat, this dual air fryer can do it all. Each drawer has a 4.5 litre capacity that allows you the space to cater for several people at a time. In addition to this, the AF24 has a unique feature whereby you can interchange the dual drawers for a single larger 10L drawer, the AFD1, which is sold separately.
  • 10 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Extremely easy to use, this user-friendly air fryer can be programmed to use any of the 10 pre-set modes to make cooking even easier. Re-heat cold food, bake cakes, air fry chips, cook a chicken or dehydrate your favourite fruits. There are also two functions which enable you to customise the way you are cooking: Sync Cook allows you to match both drawer settings to the same setting, Sync Finish lets you cook on different settings programmed to both finish at the same time.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Power: 2400W (1200W per drawer). Colour: black. Capacity: 9L (2x 4.5L fry drawers). Power: 2400W (1200W per cooking zone). Cooking temperature: Minimum 50°C / Maximum 200°C. Size: 39x37.7x32.5cm / 15x14.8x9.1in. Inner drawer size: 22.5x14.5x11cm / 8.9x5.7x4.3in. Cable length: 105cm / 41.3in. Fitted with 3-pin BS UK plug.
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    Hi @bellboys Just noticed this is coming up under the category of 'Operating systems - Windows' rather than airfryers. Could explain why not getting much interest? (edited)
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    Lol, yes on reflection I think it's the word windows in the title Now amended. Thanks again
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    I've actually bought it this time rather than looking, adding to basket, panicking, then being disappointed when the price goes up again!
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    I've done that many of times so from now on I buy and if not satisfied returns:)
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    Get a rotisserie air fryer with basket instead, it's a game changer.
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