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Posted 25 November 2022

Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker with Alexa 2022 model Glacier White - £139.99 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

While the Charcoal version is 2020 old model. Amazon as dropped the price of their newly released White 2022 model as well.

"Amazon's Echo Studio is finally getting an upgrade in 2022 but it isn't much of a major change. Announced at Amazon's annual product launch event, the new Echo Studio is an iterative upgrade over its predecessor and comes with a new look and some beefier internal components.

On the outside, the basic design of the Echo Studio hasn't changed. It's still a squat cylinder with two slots carved out of each side to let the audio out but it does now come in a new Glacier White colourway to match the smaller Echo Dot devices.

On the inside, however, it's a different story. Thanks to new spatial audio processing technology, Amazon says that the new Echo Studio will sound significantly better than its predecessor, with "enhanced width, clarity and presence" helping to make music and film soundtracks more immersive than before – assuming you use your Echo Studio in tandem with your TV, that is.

The aim, says Amazon, is to imitate the performance of a hi-fi stereo system. The new iteration of Echo Studio will position vocal performances front and centre with stereo-panned instruments audibly positioned on both the left- and right-hand sides."

Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Pleased you read my reply and posted it
    Bought one anyway and been up all night waiting for £199 pixel 6a that never happened
    Tired and skint now
    Wish id waited for white now and think they'll all sell out fast
    Sounds like a real rollercoaster!
  2. Avatar
    This is NOT gen 2... Come on @S3LOK i just gave you the heads up on what's most likely happening here yet you're posting this deal as something it's not! Just because you have bought it thinking you have a Gen 2 you're just helping Amazon milking it for something it isn't. I love my Echo Studios but they are exactly the same as your white one! Can't see anywhere on your link where this is a gen 2 or 2022 model
    I do agree with you it's not Gen 2 and have edit my post. But never the less this is newer 2022 model regardless if it Software upgrade or internal components one. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    I think they're both the 2022 edition but the new one comes in white or charcoal whereas the original is just charcoal. Anyone able to confirm this is the 2022 one?
    They should eventually be all 2022 models White and Charcoal, but the risk you take if the buying charcoal version from retailers like Argos and JL, Are they old stock of 2020 model?

    That aside if it is just a software upgrade then Amazon will most likely updated people with the 2020 model.
  4. Avatar
    Stupid Question - can I hook this up as a wireless sub / speaker on LG OLED or does it only work through fire tv that way?
    If your TV as Bluetooth should work
  5. Avatar
    Good price for a 2022 I watched YouTube comparisons of both and the sound quality is better on a 2022 , the tuber said he had the old one and not really worth paying to upgrade over the old one he had , but for a new user of the studio should get the 2022 as it is an improvement .
  6. Avatar
    Anybody got 2 of these as a stereo pair? Wondering if it's worth getting another one...
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
    Are the white ones the newer model only? Or are the grey ones the same as well?
    White one is newer 2022 updated model and the Grey is 2020 older model. But Grey mite get software up grade in the future.
  9. Avatar
    Can we still do the trade in on this? I cant see it?
    Trade in take time and by the time trade in process is complete, will this offer still be on? I'm guessing this off will finish on Monday?
  10. Avatar
    Am I better off buying this or the 2019 version and wait for upgrade?!
    IF there is a software upgrade.
  11. Avatar
    Don't forget 2.12% TCB on Echo Devices
  12. Avatar
    "alexa, set the temperature to 21 degrees" - she's just showing off

    Should be alexa turn off the heating!! (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Purchased last Black Friday and I am happy with the sound even this depends very much on you as it can’t replace an amplifier and speakers but more than sufficient for occasionally lying on the sofa and relaxing with some good music
  14. Avatar
    Got one for £104.99 with the trade-in promotion. About a month ago, I bought two 1st gen echos (for something like £15 each) and couldn't get them to work. Amazon gave £20 voucher for each and a trade in promotion which I just used to get £35 off this. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    ordered one this morning for same price without realising there was a difference, so pleased I fancied a change and went white.
  16. Avatar
    Will these deals on echo studios last till Monday?
    Amazon deal Echo, Fire TV, Blink etc... usually last until Cyber Monday unless they sell out.
  17. Avatar
    I've had mine delivered today. Actually disappointed. The sound quality is great but the built in sub isnt. This is supposed to be 340w yeat I have a abox 2.1 90w sound bar and it has much more bass than this. Shame. Just filed a return
  18. Avatar
    Expired, shame as I’m after one!
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