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Europcar car rentals from £5 a day - minimum of 2 days for Emergency Service employees
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Europcar car rentals from £5 a day - minimum of 2 days for Emergency Service employees
Europcar is offering car rental from £5 per day. This offer is open to NHS workers, armed forces, police, paramedics, ambulance workers, fire services, social care workers and thos… Read more

Includes HMPPS staff too... (y)


Great to hear, thanks for the heads up on this :)


It seems they are not. The self promoting companies using stock that would otherwise sit idle probably do not think it sounds as exiting and appealing to the general public which is a shame. A big thank you to the staff that continue to work in essential roles which includes staff in supermarkets, and I hope she manages to get her car fixed soon


No they are not


Are supermarket workers included in this as my wifes car has a fault and struggling to find a garage open with an auto elctrician available

Europcar Black Friday up to 40% off
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Europcar Black Friday up to 40% off
Europcar have started there sale this morning offering up to 40% off. I’ve been looking for a rentals for a week and took my price from last week from £90 down to £55...runs unti… Read more
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Car hire company’s claimed discounts, never seem to be anything like what they claim. The crucial words are .... up to 40% off. I fall for it every time!


Sorry it’s not worked for you, but as above mine changed on a 4 day rental in Cardiff for next week


been looking at some car hire options a few days ago, these prices don't seem to have changed any despite the claim that there has been discount applied :(

One Way Car Hire £1 @ Europcar
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Posted 14th Sep 2019Posted 14th Sep 2019
One Way Car Hire £1 @ Europcar
Excellent price if you need to a hire car to get to the airport. Please note that for the destinations I've tested you can only drop off the car at various airports and not other c… Read more
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Brilliant thanks for posting! So glad to see it's back after drying up several months ago. We've had loads of these over the last few years - usually use them to get to an airport and jump on the train to get back home. Often fly back to a different airport anyway, so driving my own car to Gatwick is pretty useless when I'm flying back to Manchester :-) As with any car hire - always check the car with a fine tooth comb on pick up and take photos or video of any damage. Most importantly, don't forget the cashback... Wouldn't want to pay a whole quid!!


To echo the above comments, Europcar are easily one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. We booked a car with them to be collected from a train station and when we arrived to collect it their office was closed. We then filed a complaint which they rejected because we "didn't provide a flight number". Why we would need this when collecting a car from a railway station is anybody's guess. Finally they refunded the rental fee but then immediately and illegally charged a no show penalty to the same credit card. We had to go to the credit card company to file a chargeback claim for that. TLDR; Europcar are awful and need to be removed from existence.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I've personally used Europcar dozens of times, including a couple of £1 one-way rentals and I have never once had any problems. Unfortunately there are some bad eggs in all areas of car rental and for that reason I only ever hire cars with a full waiver in place (sourced externally see links on moneysaving expert pages). For that reason I couldn't give a flying hoot if they try and claim I've done any damage... in any case I've not yet ran into any car rental companies that have tried this on me yet...


Excellent. Thanks


Don't trust Europ Car. I was wrongly given a parking ticket, I told the council it was wrong (with photo), so the councik at the same time asked Euopcar to pay - which they did, then illegally took the money off me. I got it back from the bank - never trust Europcar.

Europcar - £1 One Way Car Rentals - Ideal if travelling to airport
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Posted 16th Oct 2018Posted 16th Oct 2018
Europcar - £1 One Way Car Rentals - Ideal if travelling to airport
Europcar are offering £1 one-way car rentals, from many of their UK Depots to the major Airports around the country. Simply log on to their website the week before you need to tra… Read more

Press the link then there is a map and you zoom into you location


The email have is from but I'm pretty sure I got to it through a search/comparison site, but can't recall where. I took a video of the car upon collection, but they are not that bothered as the cars are generally got bits of damage and are going to be sold anyway. I think they are grateful they don't have to spend time and money transporting them


We hired in Eire a few years ago for 10 days .. Paid the total waiver price and the number of times we scraped by tractors on country roads etc bumped doors ,were glad we did . The roads in rural Ireland were little more than tracks in places. But driving city to city then yeah prob makes sense to have annual independent policy.


Yep, if the car is damaged during the hire, they will charge your credit card for the damage up to the maximum excess amount held on your card dependant on what is damaged and how bad the damage is. The charge is just to offset depreciation in value due to the damage because they rarely bother repairing bodywork damage. You then claim the cost back from your excess insurance company using copies of the damage report, invoice and credit card statement as proof of payment. Just to add that it is always a good idea to do your own thorough visual check of the hire car condition at pick-up anyway and ensure any damage not already shown is added to both the car supplier's and your copy of the rental agreement before driving off. If that is not possible for some reason, take photographs as proof that it was already there in case of any dispute over damage on return.


They do put a hold on your card in any case you ran off with it. LOL However, insurance is different. I use this on a regular basis and it's always just £1 and then perhaps £15 petrol from Southampton to London Heathrow.

Up to 35% off car hire at Europcar
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Posted 14th Jul 2018Posted 14th Jul 2018
Up to 35% off car hire at Europcar
As it says in the description :)
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Even with the so called discount the prices are coming up extortionate...

£1 oneway car hire - Drop off to Heathrow/stansted from various location @ Europcar
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Posted 27th Jun 2018Posted 27th Jun 2018
£1 oneway car hire - Drop off to Heathrow/stansted from various location @ Europcar
£1 car hire there are around 2900 location to choose . Heathrow drop off available from Many locations. just booked mine for £1. many date available during the summer holiday avai… Read more

Indeed, not a very well paid job. Hopefully a win win though. The various companies have fleets of cars belonging/allocated to airports and they need the cars to be returned to their home bases. It is a days salary, petrol and return fare home for an employee to get it back to an airport.


Is this the worst paid job in the gig economy? You actually have to pay to work and will possibly get charged thousands!


And if you get a scratch on it, pay for the respray!


my credit card CVV is 072 and expire on 12/27


Sounds like a clever way for them to return/rebalance their fleet after one-way rentals, instead of paying fuel and wages for staff to drive cars around between locations, let customers pay you a quid and do it for you 😁

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Posted 2nd May 2018Posted 2nd May 2018
Avoid the Scottish alcohol price hikes and hire a van from Europcar from £23 a day! Perfect for those booze trips from Glasgow down to England to stock up on Frosty Jack's and Ten… Read more

My experiences with Europcar have been good. Don't use Easirent - scam artists.


Europcar consistently voted one of the worst car hire firms.


The increases only really effect your “wreck the hoose juice” the favoured weapons of the jakerrelly


Buck fast is one of only drinks to say same price. No need to travel for it


Make sure you check your tyres if you pick up a Europcar van. When we hired one last year, one had a slow puncture and another had illegal tyre tread. They took no responsibility. You’ve been warned!

One way car Hire - £1, selected routes and dates
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Posted 8th Apr 2018Posted 8th Apr 2018
One way car Hire - £1, selected routes and dates
If you're lucky enough to live near one of the collection points, and want to go to somewhere near a drop off, this is an excellent way to travel. Direct link for those who have… Read more
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Just booked a £1 hire to get from London to Stansted airport - will certainly be cheaper (and easier, from where we live) than getting public transport. Don't know why this is expired...


Had bad experience with Europecar Preston. I never got my car when and where I wanted and had to catch a 1hr30 min bus home instead of a 20 min car go. All I got was 'it's not an exact science'!


You are glass half full kinda a guy :)


How do you know what size of car you will get?


So why pay a pound?

ONE WAY 24 hour CAR RENTAL £1 with Europcar
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Posted 31st Dec 2017Posted 31st Dec 2017
ONE WAY 24 hour CAR RENTAL £1 with Europcar
Just fill it up with fuel and away you go.

That was your daft decision and nothing to do with the rental company.


That's a deal breaker. Can't be faffing around.




What's the age limit on these?


so you have to pay for fuel? is it cheaper than taking train?

25% Off UK car hire @ Europcar
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Posted 11th May 2017Posted 11th May 2017
25% Off UK car hire @ Europcar
Special discount using wuntu app but no need of code if used the link above. Seems like anyone can use this 25% off discount offer. 13 days to expire. Terms & Conditions Ple… Read more

Turns out, it's cheaper to hire a car when buying airtickets with EasyJet - 200EUR with EasyJet vs £192 (exchange is 1.15 today, 220EUR) with the 25% discount. So not always the cheapest, keep an eye out if you're doing the same as me.


Thanks - will be popping back in August and this will do nicely!


Pity they dont do a code for Europe - I would have booked


Can't get it from these guys even though my points expired



car hire UK, city to city one way £1 - Europcar
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Posted 11th Apr 2017Posted 11th Apr 2017
car hire UK, city to city one way £1 - Europcar
Basic insurance included but excess cover recommended, I used (cost me £24 for 7 days cover - NOT FOR THIS DEAL) Useful info in previous thread … Read more
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huge £1000 take out insurance to cover it with someone like


you have to select just unde 24 hours to get he £1 price - looks like there is a bug because if you choose 24 hours it switches to £61


Unless the deal is over. I should have seen this sooner!


Good idea if it works for your dates/city. I tried to find one from Leicester to Heathrow for August but the price was about £130. Did I do something wrong? Lol. I did collect and drop off for the same day


This is exactly what I'm doing in August. £1 to LHR and £150+ in parking charges saved

Europcar one way deal over xmas for £1
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Posted 7th Dec 2016Posted 7th Dec 2016
Europcar one way deal over xmas for £1
Got this in a Email, Its just one way and the routes are mostly to london area but it may help someone. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? You may be wondering why we are offering you car rent… Read more
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i think Enterprise are better off, they let you use your current car insurance to protect rental


​They get commission on selling you their insurance.


​Inspect it before you take it, make sure the existing.damage matches then photograph it when you return it and be sure to mention you took the photos when you return it. I usually use novacarhire they are a broker and need to get involved if there is a dispute. Always helps to have someone with experience dealing with the car rental companies


​You can get car hire insurance independent of the rental. can even get good rates on annual insurance too. from lots of sites.I used the annual policy on


rented from europe cars in london city airport plenty times, no issues. This deal is fantastic.

Europcar car hire one way £1 - (Airport to Airport or to Europa car hire)
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Posted 20th Jul 2016Posted 20th Jul 2016
Europcar car hire one way £1 - (Airport to Airport or to Europa car hire)
Europa car hire have one way deals from a £1. Basically its airport to another airport or europa car hire location. Thought this would be a great deal for people travelling to vari… Read more
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UK link here


That's not a link! This is a link



Do be careful and check the car on return. Europcar put a £1000 charge on my c card for damage I was not responsible for. The damage was on the car when I collected it. They took £1000 and refunded me the difference some weeks later Fortunately my excess insurance quickly paid up, but it was very bad form from Europcar. Will never use again.


then they sting you £300 for the scratches

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Posted 21st Dec 2015Posted 21st Dec 2015
Was browsing for a car rental and found this on the Europcar site. May be helpful for someone traveling from select locations in UK This is what I found in the site: URL: https://… Read more

​The credit card company are helpful if there are unauthorized transactions or there is a clear breach of contract by the other party. In the car hire scenario, you have pre-authorised use of the card in the event of some damage being caused. If the car is damaged and the credit card gets charged, it is hard to prove any actual breach of contract and the credit card companies aren't so keen to get involved.


In that scenario, isn't it a case of involving the credit card company who'll protect you from spurious claims.


We got a letter from their insurance to cover damages from 'missing fuel cap'. When asked for proof, the guy sent a picture of it in his hand. Bunch of muppets


Not sure why you opted to bump this month+ old deal, but anyway.... If, as you claim, you returned the vehicle full of fuel, then you must have filled up very close to the return point probably just before you returned the vehicle. Presumably you have a receipt to prove that? Returning a vehicle when there is no one around to accept it is always a danger - it doesn't matter what rental company you use. However, the rental company presumably have a receipt showing the fuel they say they purchased (may not be £170 worth as that will include the prise of someone having to fill the vehicle as well - but probably about £85 worth of fuel) Similary, if they any rental company were to charge you for repairs, then they would have to produce receipts for that too if asked.


Another bad experience with Europacar, hired a van and returned it with a full tank but there was no one at their office so I had to post the keys into a box. Next thing I know I am being billed for a full tank of fuel at twice the petrol price. I have no way to prove it since no one was at their office which also meant they could make up any scratches or dents etc. Scammed me for a total of £170 (and I think I got away easy compared to some).

Up to 20% off UK Car Hire @ Europcar Via Affiliate Link
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Posted 23rd Jun 2014Posted 23rd Jun 2014
Up to 20% off UK Car Hire @ Europcar Via Affiliate Link
Follow this link to get the deal, won't work on their regular website: Just got a 1-day hire for a Full-sized MPV (VW SHA… Read more

Just saved £20 on a £191, 9 day car rental (1.6 Astra) from Bristol airport at the beginning of August. Thank you!


Not sure where you're renting from, how long in advance, but for my location, same day as the quote in the OP, it's £ 159.47 GBP / day from Enterprise without Risk Reduction Cover (Airport Location) and £ 202.54 GBP (Non-Airport Location)... + I'm lucky enough to be aged under 30, and Enterprise don't rent Full-Sized MPVs to me. Still reckon I've got a good deal here, you can rent at Enterprise if it's cheaper, no pressure!


£103 for a mpv at enterprise Friday to Monday. think you played well over the odds

Spring into action with up to 30% off UK car hire @ europcar
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Posted 12th Mar 2013Posted 12th Mar 2013
Spring into action with up to 30% off UK car hire @ europcar
Wherever you're heading, do it with Europcar and get up to 30% off UK car hire. Offer ends 9th April 2013.


can you tell,what kind of company provides policy to make excess 0?


Ha! Well never use rental car insurance...get a separate policy which is under £50 for worldwide, unlimited cover.


Be aware dont hire a car from this company. If you dont pay extra protection insurance , they will steal your rental car , and you end up with the hefty bill. BEWARE SCAMMERS


With Europcar, most definitely. Thoroughly overpriced.

Save Up to 50% On Car Hire + Possible 15% Cashback @ Europcar
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Posted 12th Sep 2011Posted 12th Sep 2011
Save Up to 50% On Car Hire + Possible 15% Cashback @ Europcar
I needed to hire a car in London for 3 days & got 50% off by going through quidco. I hired a Vauxhall Zafira for 3 days for £88.50. The cheapest class of car for the same 3 day… Read more

seems to only work on Thursdays for me but good deal


Didn't work for my dates/location unfortunately, but here's the Ts and Cs... Terms and conditions: Offers may vary according to location and time of hire Maximum discounts available at selected locations only Bookings must be placed by 31/10/11 for hires until 16/12/11 Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Valid at participating branches only UK rentals include unlimited mileage, Damage Liability Waiver (Subject to excess), road tax and VAT but excludes fuel Damage Liability Waiver is subject to a £600 excess Subject to availability and driver qualification


ah yeah it is valid for friday pickups btw...just for certain cars though by the looks of it...was considering a passat but went for astra or golf instead


yeah i just wanted a small van from friday to saturday to move my stuff to uni. ive got for the astra now just coz it was 40 quid cheaper n coz its more fun lol


Yes indeed - a 500 deposit is required. I think for an additional £14 this can be waived.. Also - sneaky sneaky: Van rental on Friday 8am - Friday 5pm = £63. Van rental on Thursday 5pm - Friday 5pm = £37. Looks like the offer isn't valid for Friday pick-ups ;)

Van Hire from £17.19 / day @ EuropeCar
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Posted 10th Aug 2010Posted 10th Aug 2010
Van Hire from £17.19 / day @ EuropeCar
Van Hire from £17.19 / day @ EuropeCar
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Obviously depends what branch you use as i used EuropeCar in Coventry to move in may and had perfect service, even let us take the van away early.


as above crap service booked a van for moving a mate, turned up and all they had as a little combo when we had booked a lwb, took 2 months and about 30 calls to get money back user burnt tree now fantastic company


I wondered why this was cold, now I know :O


hi mrpremium, thank you very much for your advice!!


I went to York branch if your wondering

Up to 50% Off Car and Van Rental @ Europcar + 6.5% Quidco
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Posted 11th Jun 2010Posted 11th Jun 2010
Up to 50% Off Car and Van Rental @ Europcar + 6.5% Quidco
Had this offer emailed to me by Europcar. Seems a pretty good deal & i have used them many times in the past. With Upto 50% Off & 6.5% Quidco you cant go wrong.
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crap service, always used Burnt Tree best service about and good prices


Crazy price for our 25 nights in Florida this August. Full size GBP 707 less 6.5% Netflights £544 less 5% Thankfully I got mine with Expedia when they had a glitch on their system £197 (after cashback)


I arrange logistics - transport, etc., for a large samba band & from personal experience Europcar are bloody awful, and quite expensive. If there's a branch near you I would recommend Thrifty vehicle rental. Probably 20-25% cheaper than Europcar to start with, and they always seem willing to 'negotiate'...


Hertz is cheaper than these people.


Read Reviews On Europcar Awful, They Take Money Off Your Credit Card A Few Months After You Hiring Car Or Van For No Reason , Had 400.00gbp Taken Off My Credit Card 3 Months After Use Of Hire Car Still Waiting To Hear Back From Them, Nightmare Company

Up to 50% Off Car or Van Hire/Rental @ Europcar + 7% Quidco
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Posted 29th Dec 2009Posted 29th Dec 2009
Up to 50% Off Car or Van Hire/Rental @ Europcar + 7% Quidco
Cool savings at Europcar this winter Hit the road this winter with up to 50% off UK car hire. Because we're feeling festive, we're offering you up to 50% off UK car or van hire. W… Read more
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OP -Add UK only to the title my lanzarote quote was 3 times what I can get elsewhere lol


Not sure what you guys are seeing, but I clicked on the 50% off banner, then was offered 1-day rental of a Corsa for £20 or a Focus for £24. I thought that was pretty good, tbh! do have to click the banner though otherwise it doesn't do the discount (sneaky)


gets a little cheaper with that link, but not 50% I guess the key is 'up to' so it'll be 5-10% off everything and then on overpriced over sized van that no one wants this time of year will be 50% of if booked for 3 years solid! ;)


I've just tried cars and vans on three sample one day hires - they aren't any cheaper than anyone else I've been looking at. Perhaps it's only certain days. Cold from me I'm afraid.


just done a price check, look like normal prices to me at LBA. had to laugh at the 'eco-friendly' icon next to the corsa 1.0. the only way this bag of pants can be considered eco friendly is by being so week, you get out and push it up a hill! be wary as they also take a large deposit and don't always bother to tell you they're taking it, and then you get the usual 10 days to refund palavar!

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