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When people across the UK think about buying a new bike, they think about Evans Cycles. Since the 1920s, Evans have been selling the latest bike designs, helping millions of Brits to get on the road, and their product selection keeps expanding. Find out how to cycle for less with the Evans Cycle offers at HotUKDeals. Read more

All Evans Cycles Deals, Discounts & Sales for January 2019

Raleigh Circa 1 2018 Hybrid Bike for £220 at Evans Cycles
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Raleigh Circa 1 2018 Hybrid Bike for £220 at Evanscycles https://www.evanscycles.com/raleigh-circa-1-2018-hybrid-bike-EV351839#modal__product-zoom-modal
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This is a much better bike for only a little bit more. Sub 10kg weight and decent components. Looks a great workhorse, commuting bike. The Raleigh has very low end components. Sadly the Neon is only available in a large frame but great value for those it fits. https://www.evanscycles.com/pinnacle-neon-1-2018-hybrid-bike-EV275567

Cheap  Schwinn 8+ Excursion Kid's Helmet £7.50 at evans - free c&c
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Posted these when they were £10 a few months back, now reduced to £7.50. Great quality for the price, the 8+ even fits a small adult head. Infant one only £4.50
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Been looking for something like this for my little girl. Great find, thanks!


5+ helmet too https://www.evanscycles.com/schwinn-5-excursion-kid-s-helmet-EV354860




Thanks, great, price. I'm not seeing the Infant one for £4.50 though (looks to be £7.50 also). Would you have a link?

Evans Cycles Trade-in Offer on Hardtails: £20 - £350 off w/code [Any Bike / Condition] EG: Claud Butler Cape Wrath 2019 £510 w/trade
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Full list of Hartails This could be handy for anyone after a hardtail bike. The more you spend, the better the discount. Free C&C or £4.99 delivery. I've added an example bel… Read more

Mike Ashley brand. Avoid like the f***ing plague.


Fairly sure Mike Ashley managed to get Evan's stores with all the stock even though the supplier's lost out and weren't paid which I guess is typical of when stores enter administration, the creditors who provide stock seem to be near the end of the list of companies that are paid so there could be some bargains. I wish the stores and staff the best of luck, I've been in 2 Evans stores recently and the staff seemed friendly and competent (Cardiff and Bristol). Looking around an Evans stores some bikes seem good value and others are not so competitive. Marginally more competitive than independent bike shops in my opinion. Personally I prefer Cycle Republic as they are slightly more value orientated.


They have gone up a bit on 2019 models I think. Most of the £500-600 2019 bikes will come with Suntour forks. You will have to buy in end of season clearance to get a Rockshox in this price range. Nothing wrong with buying at Evans if you get a decent price, but beware of high street retailers assembling or servicing your bikes. These guys have no idea what they are doing most of the time. The bike I bought in November last year had already been serviced twice - I have had both seat and handlebar come loose while riding. Thankfully I noticed both in time and didn't crash because of it.


I got a pinnacle laterite from them early last year , did the ride100london on it, decent enough bike and has good reviews from bike sites/mags but now very wary of Evans now Cashley Ashley has got hold of it, I'm in the market for a similar bike but not from evans


"The more you spend, the better the discount" ie a bad way of saying up to 10% off really (apart from real cheap and right at borders of deal thresholds)

Osprey Daylite Plus 20L backpack (£27.99 @ Evans Cycles) w/ free click and collect
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Please note this is the larger 20L version not the 13L Daylite bag that is cheaper. Available in purple, red and blue for £27.99. Evans Discription “Introducing the Osprey Daylit… Read more

Posted this last week. If you’re in no rush or can get a price match, wait for wiggle Nice colour for the mrs though


This appears to be a price match but good for anyone who would prefer red or purple


Posted last week for the black or blue version @ wiggle. Great bags, heat.

GoPro Hero 2018 £139.99 @ Evans Cycles
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
This is the GoPro which can be upgraded to be the Hero 5 Black
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Here you go! The one I used last week.


Hi, The original thread that had the google drive update folder link is no longer working. Any ideas where I can get the download from. Thanks


Yep mines been despatched, just need to find the article on how to upgrade the firmware


Got one too just been dispatched


Got one, thanks!

Duracell Cr2025 battery 25p @ Evans Cycles
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Was searching for replacement battery for my car key and they popped up for 25p at Evans cycles with free click and collect, useful if if you live near one or have a need for a s… Read more
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No minimum spend


what about £100 minimum spend?


That’s because greedy people buy 50 of them (annoyed)


Out of stock.


OOS ;(

GoPro Seat Rail mount £11.99 from Evans Cycles
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
For all of those who got a GoPro from Santa you maybe looking for a way of mounting it to a bike. The market leader K-Edge mounts are £45 and you can get cheep Chinese copies from … Read more

Thanks for unexpiring. I was gutted I missed this. Ordered


Back in stock and still £11.99


I've been looking for one of these at a reasonable price. All the third party ones hang down rather than point out. I actually want to mount a light on it. Oos now unfortunately


Thanks - gone for it. Even better, if you are a member of British Cycling you get 10% off.


Reserved cheers.

Go Pro Hero - £139.99 @ Evans Cycles (£4.99 delivery)
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
I have been after a cheap go pro hero and this seems to be a good price. I am not sure it is the Go Pro Hero 2018 - but it sure looks like it from the pictures (I am 100% sure som… Read more

Cheers, based on your comment I also tried this and although my store didn't have it in stock they were able to order it in from another store that did. I would have had to call in the store in person, but instead they gave me the contact centre number and I was able to place the order over the phone and pay the £4.99 for delivery. It's now showing despatched :)


You 'Hero' :) Thank you! Even if only a couple people managed to snag one, I am happy I posted this and helped - and hopefully they are too.


I phoned up Evans Cycles this morning and asked if they had any in stock (evans code EV336774) and they told me 1 in stock (same as it was showing yesterday on the website before it went OOS online). I have just picked up from the store and paid £139.99 and can confirm this is the upgradable Hero 2018 with model number CHDHB-501-RW. Long story short - give your local evans a call to see if they have it in stock!


Which is exactly what I am hoping for :)


This will be a Hero 2018, so that basically means it’s a Hero 5 black

Gore C7 Goretex Shakedry Jacket RRP £220 save 30% @ Evans for £154
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Ali sizes in stock at time of posting. £4.99 delivery. Great jacket!
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Dam mike Ashley £5 shipping :/


Which Paramo jacket did you buy? Just done a quick search and the ones I'm seeing are the Ciclo & Quito which don't seem form fitting. Do Paramo use 'nikwax' on there products? or is it some revolutionary no treatment always Waterproof material (serious question). Questions cure ignorance. Cheers


Your have have to reproof any Goretex and any other denomination which ends in 'tex' from my understanding, however i 'second' your point i'd rather have £150 in my pocket. Based on the point of diminishing returns the C7 '1985' is highly acceptable and very rarely hits this price point, for the dedicated winter warrior or storm hunter i think it's a steal.


At an acquisition price of double - I’d re job people would sooner have a bit of condensate if it meant they had an additional 150 in their bin. Know what you are saying but paramo looks a bit dated and yes you do need to reproog gore products Good deal on a c7 at this price


Never liked Goretex, its just not breathable enough. I prefer the Paramo range, lifetime warranty and perfect for long distance relationship cycling. Does not condensate so much on the inside. They are a bit pricey but the jacket I have from them is just unreal. I stood under a shower for 10 minutes when I first got the jacket to test it and had a small bit of damp leak in through the hoody/chin section, all else was bone dry. I paid around 300 pounds 3 years ago and whenever I face the elements, I am forever thankful for this jacket. Never needed to use the warranty yet Goretex I also found wetted far too often, my coat does do this in the heaviest of downfalls but never seeps inside. Just some food for thought

OnGuard Pitbull long shackle D-lock Gold Sold Secure £18.99 @ Evans
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
You can be secure in the knowledge that you'll be picking a cracking lock with this offer. It really is a steal.
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Thanks, have just ordered. Don't forget Quidco @ 5% Tredz bikes have the same price now, with free delivery over £20.


A thin smear of grease on the two ends of the shackle really helps too, specially for when you have it forced round something and they're slightly out of alignment.


Just ordered my third one, the other two have been no trouble and the mounting brackets actually work. I would suggest some graphite powder in all locks to keep them lubed.


Gotta keep it lubed.


There are other OnGuard discounts on the Evans website BTW.

Garneau cycling clothing on sale at Evans Cycles
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Louis Garneau Cycling Clothing on sale at Evans Cycles. Due to be discontinued I believe! Very limited stock, but some Bargains to be had if they have your size, I just picked up … Read more
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True, if there is one local you can always click and collect though!


Their website is down. Just remember you'll get spanked 4.99 postage now they are sports direct so picking up a few bits isn't as fun as it used to be


Yeah got a couple of bargains! Yep it’s a shame as a store opened locally recently and has been decent so far!


Nice but hate Mike Ashley who is going to ruin it. Cheap tho.

Various kids bike helmets for £10 or less @ Evans Cycles
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Found some good looking kids bike helmets in evans for £10. Look great for kids helmets with good venting and pretty similar to my own helmet which cost quite a bit more. Way bet… Read more
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Obvs but I can see why they would group them into ages


....and so the moral is to go by head size rather than age


Yes and if your lucky enough to be an adult with a head that size you can buy one of these helmets for yourself for a tenner


eh? 54-58 is a common small/medium size


Found the 8+ same price...thanks. Almost ordered the 5+ :D

Half price Oakley Items @ Evans Cycles
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Evans is clearing out some Oakley models for Black Friday, 50% off including Radar EV, Flak Jackets and Jawbreakers
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Wiggle and CRC merged. They are WiggleCRC.


Funnily enough those Flak Beta are exactly the same price at Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oakley-936306-Sunglasses-Matte-Black/dp/B06XY6JG7S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542399740&sr=8-3&keywords=oakley+flak+beta


Wiggle own CRC and Halfords own tredz


used few times evans and each time i have sen great staff heat added


£4.99 delivery on items now, was free before on orders over £9. That's Sports Direct takeover kicking in, they didn't waste much time. Off to wiggle, Chain Reaction or tredz now for my bits now

Garmin Varia Radar rear bike light £89 with code at Evans Cycles clearance, plus code takes another 10% off
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Not one for everyone, but if you have a compatible Garmin cycling computer (or for some reason the dedicated head unit on its own) it tells you if a car is approaching from behind … Read more

Fwiw aero helmets do cut down on wind noise and therefore increase awareness of the cars around you the added advantage is they also keep your head warmer. These also help allegedly and are great if youre a fan of Elvis. https://www.cat-ears.com


Sounds like you should have bought one of these first.


I don’t think it has been mentioned but not only does it warn the rider it increases in light intensity as the car approaches. Therefore saving battery when no one is behind you and becoming really bright and flashing hard when needed. They are a brilliant light and a very clever idea, superb if you have already bought into Garmin. You get what you pay for I’m afraid and at this price it is very good


Apparently ;) not with some Lippy on !


I bought one of these at the full price of £140 when it came out and never regretted it, I bought a second one for £80 in case anything happened to my first one as I wouldn't ride the road bike without it. When riding on the road bike at speed it's difficult to hear vehicles due to the noise of the air rushing past which means you need to constantly look which can be dangerous in itself as it's easy for a defect on the road to catch out the narrow tyres. You don't even need to be looking at this device as it beeps to warn you a car has come into range (up to 150m behind) then a quick glance down and you can see how many cars are coming and also how fast they're coming as well. Since it only tracks vehicles that are approaching you it works fine when in a cycle group with bikes behind you as they are ignored although you need to be careful with cars that approach then slow down to your speed as they'll disappear off the display which can catch you out when they move to overtake. If the car instead turns off it won't show on the display either so you need to keep an eye on the car in that case. In the previous thread someone asked about the usefulness on busy roads and it's not, aside from it beeping all the time as all the cars come past you don't really need to be warned of cars when they're constantly coming past. I find it useful on quiet country back roads which is where I primarily cycle on the road anyway where you may not see a car for ages and at times there are some drivers absolutely hammering it, if I see car coming up fast I'll move over as much as possible as I find some of those drivers don't give much space.

Exposure Strada MK9 Super Bright SB 1600 Lumen £216 @ Evans cycles
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
£300 rrp, down to £216 with discount code BRIGHT10. Great price, great light. Road specific lens so doesn’t blind other vehicles and focuses on the road ahead. No Chinese rubbish … Read more

(lol) I'm only a keyboard warrior! I just hate that cycling has become such a rich person's hobby, drives me nuts


Do you go into pubs and say ‘who’s up for a fight’? (excited) you’ll only get backlash form cyclists on this thread.


That light has a separate battery pack so will take extra time to remove when locking the bike up, which is why I avoid such lights.


Rarely will you see a 5k road bike locked up .... Can you explain what's wrong with an Independent coffee shop, than a corporate chain... Believe it or not, shock horror, I've actually seen cyclists in Costa, Starbuck and McDonalds, must have been in oxygen debt, ehh ...or low blood sugar levels.....


I think if comments were more objective than subjective; concentrating a bit more on the product itself would help, trawling through a lot of junk comments is a pain.

Mavic Ksyrium Elite 2018 RRP £549 - £260 with code @ Evans cycles
Found 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
Acclaimed wheels at a great price. Use code SAVE30

Hearsay is that the supplied tyres are great apart from in the wet. Id also look to stick gp4000s on as I have complete confidence in them in all conditions. Please let me know how you get on. Enjoy.


Hard to say as I haven't cycled on them but they are not as deep of a rim and they are lighter (by 220g), potentially more stiff. Are these tyres tubeless? Hard to tell. Was going to stick my GP4000 II tyres on it but if these are tubeless I might stick with these and see how I get on. Never used tubeless previously.


How do they compare to the cosmic elites? Would be good to know even if the deal is expired. Anyone running these with clinchers rather than the supplied tubeless ( lots of Pros but not good in the wet from reading around)? Thanks in advance.


Showing as back in stock, not sure for how long though!


Seem to be back in stock

Northwave Raptor GTX SPD Boots at Evans Cycles for £121.99
Found 30th Sep 2018Found 30th Sep 2018
Great deal on these in time for winter. Extra £30 off with code on Evans Cycles - ends tomorrow...

Think I’ll use the turbo but if I commuted then these would be nice and dry.


The celsius seem to have been a better boot, but no longer made unfortunately...


Have had northwave boots before and good but don't like the lace on these and they're not as warm for my feet as my celsius's. Good price though.


My mate had a pair the neoprene ripped open at the front on the ankle join, they replaced them.. they just don’t look as tough as my pair from a few years ago


For that price they want to pedal my bike for me :o

Louis Garneau Super Prestige 2 Glove £5 @ Evans Cycles
Found 25th Sep 2018Found 25th Sep 2018
Louis Garneau Super Prestige 2 Glove Seems a nice pair of gloves for upcoming winters Original price shown is 34.99 Free c+c
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Are these designed in such a sway as to prevent roadies 'flipping the bird' continuously?


oos.. :(


Out of stock.


Got mine as well - sizing is a little on the small side but for £5 for a decent pair of gloves you can't complain.


They've gone !