Posted 28 December 2022

Fender Play 12 Month Subscription £17.40 with code @ Fender

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Credit to: @whiskeymartin for the new code.


Step-by-step learning

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Master new skills with 1,000+ song lessons, so practice doesn't feel like work.

Our sequential lessons make learning to play easier than ever.

Receive 90% off the first year of a Fender Play Annual subscription and get 10% off gear for a year.

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Song-based approach
Master new skills with 1,000+ song lessons, so practice doesn't feel like work.

Bite-sized lessons
Learn at your own pace with short online lessons you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Step-by-step learning
Our sequential lessons make learning to play easier than ever.


  • Receive 90% off the first year of a Fender Play Annual subscription and get 10% off gear for a year at try.fender.com/play/new-year/ and participating retailers.
  • Offer only valid for new and lapsed annual, subscriptions purchased through Fender website at try.fender.com/play/new-year/.
  • Lapsed subscribers may redeem this promotion, but will not receive a free trial.
  • Offer not valid with Apple Pay® or PayPal®.
  • Offer not valid for current Fender Play monthly or annual subscribers.

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Fender More details at Fender
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    Has anyone used this? Is it any better than JustinGuitar?
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    Anyone else sign up, pay via PayPal but when signing in it is prompting you to subscribe again? I've had no email account verification either. It says about the 14 day trial is the first 2 weeks of the annual sub and payment is taken then. Looks like I might not be able to use it for 2 weeks at this rate (edited)
    49170661-xtSv1.jpgNot sure if this helps , I didn’t get an email either , but found this in my account ( was web log in not the app)
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    Use Justin Guitar. He’s free and amazing for beginners
    Is he free though? His app is 8.99 per month
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    Hi. Is this any good for a total beginner who's never played before. Just bought an acoustic guitar so now looking for the best place to learn and this looks great for the price.
    I would say it is aimed at the beginner more so than any one else. It takes you right from the basics of holding a pick.

    Saying that, I’m not sure it’s better than any of the free content available on YouTube. Suppose it’s nice having it all in an app and structured.
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    Currently using Justin guitar, youscian and got myself a private tutor as well might as well throw this in as well , hopefully I will be able to play something soon
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    That is immense value. Ok plenty of free tutorials out there etc, but still, £1.45/ month for this is incredible
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    Did a bit of digging and found this link that still gives the 90% off price:


    not worth posting as it might not last, but used it earlier and it worked fine. 

    Hope this helps someone. 
    Thanks. Link still works, just used it.
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    That moment when you realise you had it for free for a year during lockdown and didn't use it.
    Yep same. I used it for maybe a few months. Was good then I lapsed. I lapsed so hard that I auto renewed and payed for another full year.
    Since the renewal I used it maybe twice then lapsed (now paying).
    Even though I said I would cancel I'm still tempted by this offer (better than the 50% off I had).

    Will I ever learn? Doubt it.

    Don't use me as a guide I'm an idiot.
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    It's a shame it doesn't have a setting for left handed players
    I'm a fellow lefty, I'm just learning right handed.
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    Any recommendations for an affordable beginner guitar to use with this?
    Gumtree is a good place to pick up a bargain if you know what you're looking for. Assuming you want a cheap beginner acoustic then maybe something like:



    Or better yet a solid-top such as Yamaha FG800M if you can spend a bit more:

    (I'm a fellow beginner so others might have better suggestions) (edited)
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    Anyone know when this deal expires?
  12. Avatar
    Really impressed with it especially the feedback mode which records you playing and grades you. It then tells you exactly where you have gone wrong when playing it back
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    I got the Gibson iOS app , but not overwhelmed by it , is this better ?
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    Excellent find. I just cancelled my renewal for March '23 and then added this. Worked a treat. Heat added!!!
    Did you cancel immediately, as in, end your current sub, or cancel the renewal?
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    Thanks OP. This compliments the recent Yousician offer nicely
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    Cheers @davidh5555 I wasted the opportunity when Fender gave it away for free during lockdown. Hopefully, this time I'll use it properly.
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    Thanks op. If it helps me practice more regularly then it’s worth it. I can play, but I could practice better.
  18. Avatar
    Fantastic can't go wrong at this price and 14 day free trial
  19. Avatar
    Is this useful for a bass guitar as well?
    According to a review I just watched this service can accommodate electric, acoustic, bass and even ukulele
  20. Avatar
    Thanks op - my practice has kind of dropped off so I hope this helps
  21. Avatar
    Was just about to buy for triple the price via the app, great find thank you
  22. Avatar
    Is this any good?
  23. Avatar
    I tried so sign up but every time I complete payment I get the error "There was an error creating your subscription.Please try again later" anybody else get this? Might be because I have a current free trial.
    It worked ok for me
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    Showing 50% off not 90% for me.
  25. Avatar
    Excellent. My sub was to pay again 23.1.23 @ £23 so saved a few quid . It bills on the 23rd as well . Now to actually use it and get better at guitar!
  26. Avatar
    Great value. Will use this alongside Yousician as well. Thank you.
  27. Avatar
    Has anyone cancelled the Auto renewal? Ive just done mine and it seems to have reverted back to a 30 day period.
    No how did you cancel it via PayPal or in the app?
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    Thanks OP. Just renewed a lapsed subscription. Excellent Deal. Heat added.
  29. Avatar
    Cheers OP, Just renewed lapsed subscription.
    Hopefully motivate me to learn more
    Heat added
    Did you have any issues with the code? Stating not valid for me
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    Just use rocksmith custom forge and YouTube. Make sure you have a comfortable guitar that’s set up right. Look after your ears hot deal at that price. Wish flowkey would do the same.
    OOh I have rocksmith. Does custom forge need the windows version or steam ??? Does it work with pugwash versions of Rocksmith too ????
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    The link says 50% off for me which is a little confusing. Here is the 90% offer link (unless it's changed by the auto affiliate link that hotdeals puts on it).
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    Superb, thank you. I’ve been toying with trying this out so a no brainer at this price.
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    Saying code is not valid for me, has anyone had this ?