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Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X - In-store click & collect only

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Immerse yourself in over 500 real cars across 20 world-famous environments, including fan favourite locations and multiple track layouts, each featuring fully dynamic time-of-day with weather and unique driving conditions.
Out-build the competition using more than 800 performance upgrades in the all-new, fun and rewarding single-player experience, the Builders Cup Career Mode.
Race alongside your friends in adjudicated multiplayer events with tire and fuel strategy, a race weekend inspired structure and new driver and safety ratings.
Compete with cutting edge AI opponents, advanced physics, powerful assists, new damage and dirt accumulation systems and photorealistic visuals with real-time ray tracing on-track.

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Race over 500 real-world cars including modern race cars and more than 100 cars new to Forza Motorsport. Make every lap count across 20 living environments with fan-favorite locations and multiple track layouts to master, each featuring live on-track scoring, fully dynamic time-of-day with weather and unique driving conditions that ensure no two laps ever feel the same.

Experience a cutting-edge simulation with incredible photorealistic visuals that deliver real-time ray tracing on-track, new damage and dirt accumulation systems, and massively upgraded physics featuring powerful assists and a 48x improvement in tire fidelity. 


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  1. VideoGameFan's avatar
    It's a pretty great racing game and I think its improved a lot since I last played it in November.

    Don't listen to trolls and ps fanboys, if you like racing games there is a very good chance you'll like this (unless you are trying not to). Obviously this physical release was not gonna sell massively due to most xb gamers preferring to purchase digitally and crucially this is obviously on game pass.
    nickroll's avatar
    Listen to those who've literally bought/played the game:

  2. jhsmith87's avatar
    My 2 cents, having played racing games since the original Gran Turismo along with arcade racers. It’s decent. Not a fan of the upgrade methodology (you get points from racing a car & can then use them to upgrade, much prefer credits like in past iterations/rivals). Nice car selection, tracks & it’s updated frequently
  3. Rossmor40's avatar
    Forza Motorsport was all the rage 3 or 4 years go. I seem to remember there even a fairly large community of people that did online races. This Forza motorsport went down the pan pretty quickly though.
    AJtheCabbage's avatar
    It's mainly because they promised the racing community a simcade racer but delivered yet another arcade racer. It misses so many basic features of a sim racing game that it fell very wide of the mark. Given how long it was in development too, monumental disappointment.
  4. Ridetofreedom's avatar
    Requires internet always sends alarm bells ringing. (edited)
    mossmanfly's avatar
    Because its got a cloud save. GT7 requires internet, also requires the game servers to be up as maintenance takes the whole game offline even single player.
  5. hargydon's avatar
    Not surprised with the absolutely dismal release. Game Pass (Microsoft) is destroying game development.

    That being said, I’d pay this for it on PC but sadly it’s full price.
    snotters's avatar
    "Game Pass (Microsoft) is destroying game development."

    Absolutely correct. We're seeing more and more signs of it - I thought that buying a PS5 last year would be a nice second console to have, but comparing the two, I know which console I'd rather take. Happy to wave goodbye to my Gamepass sub next month and buy the few games on there that I actually want to play.
  6. EN1GMA's avatar
    I really enjoy this game. part of GP and a good palette cleanser after playing other genres.
  7. snotters's avatar
    "massively upgraded physics" Wow, they are just shameless with their flat-out lies. I remember hearing that this was built "from the ground up" and thinking kudos to Microsoft for putting some effort in. How wrong this turned out to be. Microsoft were only bothered about farming this out as quickly as possible to GamePass to bolster their subscriptions.
  8. nickroll's avatar
    Bargain bin again. Ouch. (edited)
  9. -xn's avatar
    Not even worth it at that price.
    You_DaONE's avatar
  10. Acetwoone's avatar
    geat find, ordered!
  11. nickywilson's avatar
    Thanks ordered a copy. Can't go wrong at a tenner.
  12. Jason_H's avatar
    Thanks, not an amazing game but have ordered from Leeds store, can't go wrong for a tenner.
  13. Zerobob's avatar
    I actually really enjoyed the race format (qualifying time trial before each race) and the game feels excellent to play.

    It just has weird bugs that have never been present in other racing games, either before or since, such as the wheel animation completely stopping during braking. Truly bizarre.

    I also think going for a full day / night cycle and ray tracing was unnecessary, and probably wasted an awful amount of development time that would've been better spent elsewhere.
  14. Em-Pop's avatar
    Not a great Forza, in my opinion. No point in owning a physical release as an internet connection is required just to install the game (unplayable without). I guess this was Microsoft’s plan since back in 2013.
    Add_to_Basket's avatar
    Yeah all discs are these days are basically keys to give you access to the game. Not sure how much fits on discs these days but this game is over 100gb, even more if you download the high quality textures pack.

    But in any case who doesn't have a constant internet connection these days?
  15. stevelo1973's avatar
    bought nice one OP 👌
  16. FORZA4KHDR_'s avatar
    Great price
  17. vulcanproject's avatar
    Had it on PC since launch. Technical issues are slowly being resolved after the eighth major update this month. The game is more stable now at least, with less glitches. It has taken nine months to get it into serviceable shape.

    Visually it still seems a bit mediocre compared to rivals and the online play has many flaws. It's worth this price but is still a disappointing entry.
  18. mattlong37051's avatar
    I'm fairly new to the world of Forza I typically prefer the more arcade style of Horizon but saying that I still enjoyed Forza Motorsport 7 to this. (edited)
    EN1GMA's avatar
    Xbox has both the forzas which gives gamers the best of both worlds. you got the arcade racer in Horizon series and the more realism version in Motorsport series.
  19. Godzilla's avatar
    Console war drama is fun though xd
  20. Dingle2007's avatar
    I hope Amazon price match 🤞🏻
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