Which Series X to get in CEX. Discounted, without a box or with a box?

Posted 27th Jul 2023 (Posted 18 h, 15 m ago)
People's thoughts. Has anybody purchased one from CEX? Any problems?
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  1. abigsmurf's avatar
    A console with a box has a higher probability of being looked after better but ultimately it doesn't make much difference if it's not a gift and you're not a collector.
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    To answer your question though.
    CeX is hit and miss. Going to store will give you a better chance of finding a good one with less used controller etc..
    However you can return an online purchase if in unhappy with cosmetic condition, odour, loud fan etc.
    2 year warranty always worth it.
    New prrice may drop now ps5 is under 400
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    Ukguy101 Author
    Built up a big credit note with them through wheeling & dealing i reckon it has cost me so far well under £100 So will be going with CEX to get one. (edited)
  3. jco83's avatar
    without a box it's just an X
    Kb64's avatar
    Elon would be pleased
  4. bracey100's avatar
    i wud not worry either way as u get a 2 year warranty
  5. chunk1985's avatar
    I would always go for boxed. Silly as it sounds it probably means the person who sold it probably takes abit of pride In their belongings. If you can go to store you can always inspect it aswell make sure it doesn't stink of cigarettes etc
  6. Kb64's avatar
    I would just inspect it in store first if you can, sometimes discounted are surprisingly in good nick and unboxed are not far off a Grade C.
  7. PS5's avatar
    I bought an xbox 360 yesterday
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    I bought a ZX Spectrum last year! Now on the lookout for a working ZX81
  8. PS5's avatar
    Or sell voucher
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