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Posted 20 June 2023

Gigaset GS5 LITE smartphone (Helio G85, removable battery, Full HD+ screen, 4+64GB - £120.44 @ Amazon (sold and dispatched by Amazon.eu)

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Here's an interesting one. Quite a few unusual and loved features and solid specs for the price.
-powered by Helio G85
- 4+64GB of RAM/storage
-4500 mAh removable battery
-6.3" FullHD+ screen
-FM radio
-Android 12
-notification LED
-apparently they are made in Germany
-2 SIMs +memory card slots
-only 15.77 cm tall
- reverse charging
Amazon More details at

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  1. harrythefish's avatar
    Resident party pooper here.

    "Only the cardboard and operating instructions are actually Made in Germany”

    Logical since at this price it'd be impossible to "make" such a thing in Germany.
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    litwoojczyznomoj Author
    "in Bocholt the parts are assembled, tested and packed, and the operating system is also installed. Only the cardboard and operating instructions are actually “Made in Germany”.

    I read that a lot of "made in Germany" goods are only assembled and packed there and that is enough to earn right to use the "made in Germany" term. Same goes for some of the Mediterranean food products which arrive in bulk from China and other low cost countries, get repacked on Europe and end up as for example "Italian tomato puree". (edited)
  2. DopeyDunker's avatar
    I had a gigaset phone a few years ago (actually the first deal I posted on here! hotukdeals.com/share-deal-from-app/2545211 ). It was actually a really well made phone but unfortunately suffered with the overheating Snapdragon 810 like many phones.
    If they get it right you feel they are capable of making a really good phone. (edited)
    jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    I've still got mine, use it as sat nav haha. Shame they never gave it an update
  3. AMJensen's avatar
    The Helio G85 is really weak, it was unimpressive when used in the Redmi Note 9 three years ago and not helped by only 4GB of RAM. A removable battery isn't worth much if the phone's barely usable
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    litwoojczyznomoj Author
    At this price point you'll often find Helio G2x/G3x powered phones. Much slower processors. You'll also find a faster ones as well every now and then but this deal is not about processor speed.
  4. t0022's avatar
    removable battery!!
    innocent's avatar
    For that alone it's worth it! Anyway, extremely interesting phone as OP has said and at favourable price point. All the more, it is made in Germany for all who shun Far Eastern products 🔥
  5. innocent's avatar
    Folks, just noticed the NOTIFICATION LED. Wow, reminds me of my beloved CUBOT of past. Such a wonderful facility
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    litwoojczyznomoj Author
    It's like they went through a bunch of HUKD phone deal posts and took on every nit-picking comment on board.
    - replaceable battery? -Here you go.
    - notification LED? -Sorted
    -Chinese want to spy on me.- Made in Germany
    -how about that FM radio so I don't use my data? No probs, And before you ask, we did throw in the reverse charging so go ahead and use it as a power bank.
  6. EGGY-PC's avatar
    Gigaset is Siemens
    Humss's avatar
    Interesting how they have used the gigaset branding, remember having the gigaset landline phones back in the day! And a Siemens sl55 mobile phone. Both really good quality and ahead of the rest in features.
  7. shariifi's avatar
    Hot for the removal battery.
  8. KiNG's avatar
    Hot for removable battery alone
  9. KITTYBOTS's avatar
    Made in Germany.
  10. MrSwitch's avatar
    Ned_Kelly's avatar
    Like your tong post , # my bad, not your tong post at all , I got lazy eyes (edited)
  11. liltman's avatar
    Also hot for the removable battery, and price haha
  12. wugiyeung's avatar
    Where is the missing post of people asking how this compares to:
    iPhone 14
    Fold 4
    Pixel 7
    The answer is they can't compare if you are comparing how easy to remove the battery
  13. Feargal's avatar
    Might bite if it drops below £100
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    litwoojczyznomoj Author
    More likely the price will go up to over £200 when the offer ends
  14. innocent's avatar
    Feargal's avatar
    Full specs here, no curved screen or wireless charging

    GS5 Lite
  15. Pichu's avatar
    Great price for a Gigachad GS5 LITE Smartphone
  16. timothymasonmonkeyboy's avatar
    Made in Germany, with Chinese parts, although could be Taiwanese now I think about it...
    Heat 🔥 added
  17. PJ0's avatar
    Assembled in Germany - Parts made in China
    Feargal's avatar
    Seems Ok. Although "Assembled in Germany" instead of "Made in Germany" signature should be used to give clearer picture.
  18. Feargal's avatar
    Plus £6 delivery. Maybe amazon will stock them direct soon enough.
  19. Jabaltariq's avatar
    Heat for the user replaceable battery. 🔥
  20. williamsofsoton's avatar
    Thank you, husband wanted a slightly smaller phone to replace his old dead one and this looks just the job. Appreciate the recommendation, OP.
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