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NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Neomatik Mens Watch - £1,660 @Goldsmiths
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
One of the most beautiful Nomos models with a grand off from Goldsmiths. You can't beat that price even at the grey dealers.

What a beauty, I like the 40mm Ahoi with 200m water resistance for swimming. There is a beautiful grey suede Nomos strap I also would love. Er, once the other watches are paid for. Great spot btw.


wow, never thought id see the day a nomos deal was on here. Ive been eyeing up the Nomos Autobahn over the last few weeks. great price and i'll get this for now


bought it, any advice on additional straps?


Nomos make some lovely watches, great price


These Nomos deals are very good (the DUW3001 calibre is really quite excellent) but beware the deals are all for relatively small case diameter watches ie 36mm and under. While this might look good as a dress watch on someone with a wrist that's under 6.5in in circumferance (more often than not a woman) I would advise you to try it out before committing to a purchase. Nomos has recently started increasing the case diameter to 40mm and above as part of the new line so that's probably why these are being gotten rid of. Voted hot.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Mens Watch      Model Number: H32505731 £395 @ Goldsmiths
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Best price I can see with topcashback. Wouldn't be surprised if it sells out quickly!
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Damn sold out . Buying a Hamilton was on my to do list for 2019 . Really nice watches, can’t believe sold out even tho I have watches on haul search. I must get faster reflexes!


Most of the time watch sellers have only one watch for sale if it’s expensive. So always what ever available is the last one (y)


Need some khaki field / officers to come down. Quartz or full manual wind.


I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading it right.


Out of stock now, must have just bought the last one! <3

Hamilton Skeleton watch £695 @ Goldsmiths
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
This gents Hamilton Railroad Skeleton watch is made from stainless steel and is powered by an automatic movement with an impressive 80h power reserve. It is fastened with a black l… Read more
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I've liked the idea of that one but always felt the face didn't d it justice. Recently saw what might be a new version.


Hamilton are an established Swiss (originally US) company that use Swiss movements by ETA, quality watches with a good history, The Hamilton Watch Company is a Swiss manufacturer of wristwatches based in Bienne, Switzerland. The Hamilton Watch Company had its genesis as an American watch design and manufacturing company, which incorporated in 1892 and produced its first watch in 1893. wearing one as we speak.


IWC are one of his sponsors so that's probably what you've seen him wearing. He also wears real ones...


No. They are an old American company, built in Switzerland under the Swatch umbrella. Lewis Hamilton’s watches will be far more expensive.



Omega Seamaster Aquaterra Co-axial (£4020) Goldsmiths
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Omega Seamaster Aquaterra Co-axial Now £4020 Was £5120 Goldsmiths 41.5 mm case Elegant dress watch & not as bulky as the Omega Seamaster planet ocean. On my to acquire list.

Thats the one


42mm grey dial blue bezel? if it is that one might be able to help but let me confirm first


I managed to get a Tudor GMT just before christmas, had been on a waiting list for months with Goldsmiths, Beaverbrooks had one in the window........I really want the James Bond Omega 300 in Grey, no chance of discount on that......unless one of you lot know better :) This looks like a nice watch, just not on my list.


Yes my bad.


Awesome just bought two! Thanks Op

Breitling Chronoliner £4380 (5880) Goldsmiths £4380
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
BREITLING CHRONOLINER Y2431012/BE10 152A Now £4380 Was £5880 Automatic 46mm case Goldamiths or Watches of Switzerland (online store). Moderators deleted my post with presumption … Read more

Twas a reference to his, ahem, robust and frequent wrist action.


Pretty useless if you don't


Nice watch nice price voted Hot


You can use your tesco clubcard vouchers!!!


Breitling. Low quality compare to those they are competing in the same price region

Hamilton Viewmatic Mens Watch - Goldsmiths - £405 - 4 months 0% PayPal credit available
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Goldsmith's description states water resistant to 50m, athough Hamilton website claims 100m. In any case this watch is not going to be used to either of those depths. Next best p… Read more

Yep, some people hate it but I like the quirkiness of it 😁


You can't use clubcard points on sale items.


And typically it’s online only...


If this is in store remember you can Tesco clubcard points to reduce price further......


Love that big LOCK crown.

Back in Stock!!! Omega Seamaster Aquaterra Co-Axial Mens Watch £2790 @ Goldsmiths
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
This classic yet robust timepiece represents a tribute to OMEGA’s rich maritime heritage. The dramatic and easily-recognisable dial design of the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M co… Read more

Could not agree more on £ saving. I wish there is a Rolex deal on here so I could sell all my Macs and get one!


Wear a Rolex but looking to get an Omega so keep these deals coming OP !! Actually the more expensive the item, the more it is worth looking on Hduk as the £ saving is much larger.


Back in stock!!!




Do it... As I said awfully tempting. Good friend and work colleague has one in his collection.

Tissot half price watches @ Goldsmiths eg Tissot Everytime Ladies Watch was £135 now £67.50
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Love the simplicity and quality of this watch. I have been searching for a new Tissot watch and have not seen one this cheap :/ free delivery too and use Topcashback!!

Got a Quickster in store for half price. Thanks


Typical Goldsmiths, OOS.


ordered....... hoping for a blozza (y)


I bought things from them before..all good


Yu speaka da Anglaise, mange tu?

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite wave World-Time Mens Watch £422.50 Goldsmiths
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Citizen breaks the boundaries once again in satellite technology with the launch of the Satellite Wave-World Time GPS in stainless steel with black dial. Featuring satellite GPS ti… Read more

Oh I like this but oos 😔


I looked at this watch on Christmas Eve, I didn't really like the look of it in person. I'm not sure why, it might be because it's only 44mm and previous versions have been a little larger in diameter.


That statement makes no sense at all?


Hope she got the discount!


My wife bought this for me got Christmas Day lol. It’s a fantastic watch.

Citizen Radio Controlled Eco Drive CB0020-50E £174.50 @ Goldsmiths, *now out of stock online but available in store using branch finder
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
This is crazy cheap for a radio controlled eco drive Citizen, sapphire glass also. I am a bit of a Citizen collector and trust me you never ever see this level of specification at … Read more
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Picked this up from my local store, wowee is this thing beautiful


Nice looking watch, I've got a titanium with perpetual calendar, the only thing I dislike is having to adjust the time twice a year (although it's a quick easy process) so radio control will be my next upgrade.


Loads of branches nationwide showing stock, guessing they’ll be open tomorrow so a quick call to reserve/collect or perhaps deliver


In stock in Kettering, Bury St Edmonds and Leicester (Highcross - opp Debenhams). Not much use to me down here in Surrey, but great if you're near one of those.


Well that went out of stock online quick!...can’t say I am surprised at that price. As previously stated stock is available in-store using branch finder search facility

Mens Sekonda Watch at Goldsmiths for £27
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
This gents Sekonda watch has a black ion-plated steel black ion-plated steel case and is fitted with a quartz movement. It is fitted with a black leather strap and has a blue dial.… Read more
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Decent watch for folk but as others have said, you can pick this up way cheaper than £27


Great no nonsense watches I've had a sub £30 one for about 22 years


or if you prefer to trust Amazon for £21.10


Which ions have they used?


7 quid cheaper HERE so voted cold.

Steel Black Double Wrap Bracelet at Goldsmiths for £20
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
If you’re looking to inject masculine, tough-luxe style into your accessory collection, this Stainless Steel Black Double Wrap Bracelet should be your first port of call. The perfe… Read more
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They don’t look like masculine hands sporting a tough-luxe style on the vendors site ??




Do you know what, I was just looking to inject masculine, tough-luxe style into my accessory collection XD

Mayors 18ct Yellow Gold 2.00ct Diamond Eternity Ring - Size M (Was £18,500.00) Now £14,800! @ Goldsmiths
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
There is currently a sale on at Goldsmiths (upto 50% off) and I found this 'eternity' ring with a saving of over £3,700!!!! If you have a gold-digger partner, this is the perfect c… Read more
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Here’s some friendly advice Diamonds: 2ct SINGLE diamond can be worth £5,000 - £5m depending on quality and origin. 2ct of small diamonds are worth next to nothing. Gold: Always always always 22ct 24ct is pure gold and is too soft to wear You wouldn’t buy a 2% pork sausage. So why do it with gold




I just want a mug Really want the hoodie I doubt I'll ever get any, definitely won't get a Xbox one X


I would have bought too if I didn't just buy my fourth Lamborghini Venono for my Butler :{


Im a little bit dissapointed that its getting cold votes, especially when it's a thoughtful idea to an eternal marriage. But to question the quality aswell, it's got 2.00ct diamonds (annoyed)

A fantastic opportunity to own a UNIQUE Tag Heuer with 0% interest and cashback. A true BEAUTY with FREE DELIVERY!! £4600 @ Goldsmiths
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Love them, or hate them, you have to respect Manchester United are one of the best sporting marvels in history whether you like football or not! I think this watch is just absolute… Read more
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That makes it even funnier!


Dude, just step away from this deal. On this occasion it wasn't what the people wanted. No amount of bleating is going to change that. Better luck next time.




No need to make it minus 1000!!!!!!!! (mad) (devil) (mad)


Absolutetly priceless!! (lol) (lol) (lol)

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Mens Watch Cheapest Available - £1995 @ Goldsmiths
LocalLocalFound 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Great price for this model , possible 9.4% TCB too! TAG Heuer Aquaracer CAY211Y.BA0926 Mens Watch comes with a silver dial housed inside the rugged stainless steel case, the au… Read more
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Out of stock atm , so I expired it (y)


Great price. I am tempted, but will resist with all my might. Wish me luck!


Agreed. Also, white dials look more suited to ladies watches. Great price for someone that does want it.


Rolex and Tudor are definitely excluded, however I bought my TAG when they were x4. If you ask nicely you may even get discount of TAG.....don't bother with Rolex, some Tudor models may get discounted, normally the ones that don't sell.


and 12 avios points / £1 if you're collecting, so 23,940.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane 45 big reduction £4980 @ Goldsmiths
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Granted not exactly for everyone this deal, and fully expect the usual comments on similar deals posted. But based on % saving surely this is a good deal?!

I've just been offered this for £4500 in an earnest Jones shop. Edit: I didn't buy it, I didn't like the weight. So ended up buying an Omega speedmast mkii. Something I've though about buying a few times. Beans on toast for the whole of January, I've gone over the top, the last couple of months with watches.


Totally agree and had exactly the same thought...didn't think of the air king though, but agree. Honestly, no one can go wrong with a rolex explorer. Does tend to attract mopeds though lol.


Breitling have had a very recent rejig at the top. Losing the pin-up girls and such marketing and discounting the Breitlight Colt - to stop the brand from being cheapened and to modernise it some what. Although I personally liked the pin-up girls. (y)


Cheers for the reminders on Tudor, and that they have a B01 (ish) calibre with 70 hour reserve. Decided to go for a winder, this one has a voucher which lowers the price by £15 to £35 voucher is below the price. Twin winders and a draw for quartz watches. Thanks for all of the advice


Same money gets you a brand new Rolex Air-King Rolex Explorer 39mm Why would you choose "this" breitling, they have better cheaper watches, the Colts, Superocean's and Navitimer's If you want to dabble in luxury watches for low risk, get a 2nd hand certified Omega Speedmaster "Moon watch"

Hamilton Khaki King Auto watch £272 @ Goldsmiths
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Very popular Swiss Made Field Watch available online only in the Goldsmiths sale. This version is a little fancier than the standard Khaki Field model, displaying both day and dat… Read more
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Got a feeling that the h10 / 40 are based on eta 2826-2 and 2834-2 respectively. Both lose the 28k hi beat in favor of lower 21.6k. Slightly choppy sweep hand in exchange for much higher power reserve. Worth noting that H movements are renowned for being more accurate than the eta movements they are based on. Nice little find for this price


OOS again? What are they playing at!


Gonna have to buy it now or everyone will laugh at me.


I have just tried and it's in stock. Nice watch although I do prefer my Khaki Field. I will click the unexpire button and vote hot.


Wow. Literally went out of stock shortly after posting the deal. Must have had 1 or 2 available! At least that's made the decision for me because I was close to buying one.

Tissot Everytime Mens Watch £135 @ Goldsmiths
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Tissot Everytime Mens Watch Good Classic looking watch for excellent price + 2 years warranty. Online Only. Also, available in gold with leather strap for £130. https://www.gol… Read more

That's what your phone is for! (y) Because it costs more right? (lol)


Horrific looking watch. Sorry.


All that money and no date?


Don't get me wrong, I bloody love a large glass of snowball at Christmas, but I wouldn't wear this. Mind, each to their own!


nice, quality brand

Citizen CA4335-53H Eco-Drive  Mens Black Watch,  £125 @ Goldsmith
Found 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
Part of the Sport Eco-Drive collection by Citizen Quartz movement delivers precise, virtually maintenance-free timekeeping 45mm case and bracelet are crafted from stainless steel… Read more

This model, probably :)


This brand hardly worth £100. Thanks for your effort though


Inflated ‘was price’ but similar like the CA4335-88E go for around £185