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Posted 12 September 2023

Google Pixel 6a 5G 128GB 6GB Used Smartphone - Fair / Good - £206 / Excellent - £216 Delivered

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Good pricing, code to use is PREOWN3, make sure you are happy with the grade, otherwise you will have to pay for return delivery, all colours available

Excellent Condition
The phone has seen limited use and remains in good working condition. However, the item may show limited wear signs with minor scratches or cosmetic blemishes. In addition, the phone may arrive with a damaged box or alternative packaging.

Good Condition
The phone shows wear but remain in good working condition. However, it may be marked or have cosmetic damage. In addition, the phone may arrive with a damaged box or be alternative packaging.

Fair Condition
The phone is pretty worn but continues to function correctly. However, there are significant signs of cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, and worn corners. In addition, the item may arrive with a damaged box or alternative packaging.

Key Features
  • Android 12
  • Google Tensor (5 nm)
  • 6.1 inches Display FHD+ OLED Display
  • 12.2MP Dual Camera System
  • 128GB storage / 6GB RAM
  • Water Resistance (IP67)

The new Google Pixel 6a is a fast and powerful smartphone powered by Google Tensor. With the features you need every day.

Incredible Camera
Capture incredible images with the 12.2 Dual Lens camera system with innovative capabilities like Magic Eraser, ideal for removing unwanted items and distractions from your photos. And ensure everyone's face is in focus, including when they are in motion using Face Unblue. Moreover, intelligent photography lets you capture incredible photos no matter the environmental conditions, with Night Sight brightening your images in low light.

Real Tone enables you to capture all skin tones accurately.

Full day of power
An adaptive battery lets you use your favourite apps throughout the day. It uses intelligence to save power on apps you rarely use to provide 24 hours of usage. Or get up to 72 hours with Extreme battery Saver by choosing which apps you wish to use. Recharging for a few minutes gives you hours using your favourite smartphone with fast wired charging.

Look at your images, movies and apps in a new way with the 6.1" FHD+ OLED Display, offering stunning visuals with accurate colours. It also has a 60Hz refresh rate for smooth transitions when you are moving between apps.

There is no need to worry about rain or a splash of water with the Google Pixel 6a, with its IP67 water resistance.

Keep your data secure with the Fingerprint Unlock, offering a reliable way to keep everything safe. In addition, the Titan M2 chip and Google Tensor security core provide an extra layer of security to make your phone more resistant to attacks.

The Google Pixel 6a is available in Charcoal, Chalk and Sage.

Customer Care
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  1. DopeyDunker's avatar
    I don't know what it is about this phone but I don't think I've ever seen a phone on here with more contrasting views on various listings. I'm wondering if it's a quality control issue as to why some people have so many complaints.
    For my part, I've been using mine for 6-9 months and I like it a lot. I particularly like the more compact size and weight.
    Mine only overheated once when I left on the car seat in direct sunlight on a boiling hot day - most/all phones would have overheated then I would guess. A few other times mine has got warm but not what I would call 'overheated'.
    Camera is very good for the price.
    I registered my fingerprints twice - once in the daylight and once in the dark - and mine works fine 95% of the time (and that's an underestimate if anything).
    Battery life is also good but does drain noticeably quicker when not on WiFi more than other phones I've had. But, I wouldn't call it 'bad'.
    Charging is slow by modern standards but I knew the charging speed when I bought it so it wasn't a surprise.
    Performance is plenty quick enough for everyday tasks and more.
    When you can get used/refurbished one's for around £200 and under I think it's a good buy, particularly since it will be supported with security patches to at least July 2027. I got mine for £155 via a private sale on ebay and it's worth every penny of that in my view.
    Heat from me 🔥 (edited)
    diddydavro's avatar
    Totally agree with you I've had mine several months and no problems at all. I have small hands for a man so I'm OK with the size. As you say with so many contrasting views, it's got to be QC issues.
  2. eldaniel's avatar
    I have just ordered Honor 70 which hopefully will have replace my 6a. Got it brand new recently and constantly have to top up during the day which would not be an issue if not the fact that charging is veeery slow on 6a. Comparing to my previous phone Redmi note 10 pro, pixel has better camera, better quality screen (sharper) and 5G and I think those are all the noticeable differences between this and few years old note 10 pro. If you only use the phone occasionally throughout the day then go for it guys but if you spend substantial amount of time on the phone you better get yourself a juicy power bank to go with it.
    eldaniel's avatar
    Honor 70 came in yesterday and I have to say difference is immense. Paid £249.99 for honor and after using it for couple of days and I can't see a single benefit of 6a over honor 70. Camera is not much worse in Honor 70 too so if anyone is contemplating. That would be alternative to 6a I can strongly recommend.
  3. PizzaCake's avatar
    50969241-FfZIt.jpgThese are some recent listings for new 6a, I think it's worth paying a bit extra for a new one.
    MemoryExport's avatar
    Where is that?
  4. justabout72's avatar
    My battery drain on the 6a was horrendous. But since a couple of updates it seems to have settled down. Nice and nippy little phones but I just can't get on with the dinky size compared to my x4 pro.

    On the plus side I did only pay £56 for it in the great O2 glitch a few months back. (edited)
    lanc1979's avatar
    Same. I moaned about it to start with, but it did get better.
  5. spannerzone's avatar
    Fairy pleased with my 6a, my dislike, compared to the 4a it replaced are:
    Frustrating fingerprint reader, it's bad much of the time,
    Gets hot on 5g, especially if traveling in train and it flips between 3/4/5G.
    My glass screen protector shifts up and across over a few weeks, heat from phone seems to radiate out through screen and makes screen protector shift. Tried many protector, all do it.
    Few quirks like calendar opens on its own when waking phone.
  6. Dustlandfairytale's avatar
    Useless finger print reader. Goes dim randomly. Because of the slow charging it can't be used as a sat nav even on charge in the car. Had one 1% when I got home! I won't be keeping mine. Screen turns it's self on all the time and so it's constant hot.
    eldaniel's avatar
    Agreed. Got rid of mine and bought Honor 70 and it was great decision.
  7. Rob_Sz's avatar
    I've had mine for a week. Nothing but trouble: overheating, disconnecting from Wifi million times a day, NFC chip not working, terrible/slow finger scanner. Now back to Argos, bye bye Pixel. Comming from Huawei Mate 10 pro which have been my beloved companion over 6 years, but now constantly restarting
    sufy123's avatar
    You bought yours brand new?
  8. davidturner99's avatar
    My wife got one of these a while back as a replacement for a Poco X3. She loves the interface but cannot cope with the poor battery life and is going to swap it for something else. She can't even get a day of moderate use out of it The Poco she could stretch to two days.
  9. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
    Updated today to Android 14.
  10. bigreddog's avatar
    Silly question here.

    On refurbs like this.......will they have changed it for a new battery or are you buying a cleaned-up phone with a used battery??
    DopeyDunker's avatar
    99.9% of the time a 'refurb' means it's seen it's face wiped with a cloth at best.
  11. deleted1949126's avatar
    Wasn't it £200 a year ago, brand new, in some offer? (edited)
    hecatae's avatar
    yes, think it was Vodafone, sadly we still do not have time machines.
  12. BenSewell's avatar
  13. BUZZ.FUZZ.47's avatar
    That's a lot of good phone for £200. Love my 6a. Always tempted by the 7 when it comes up at a stupid price but then wonder what's the point
    bargainhunter2409's avatar
    7a is newer I imagine it will receive updates for longer and maybe newer parts etc but I may be wrong I wouldn't upgrade if I was you either not enough advancement between this and the 7a this should be good a couple more years at least lol
  14. Kankan101's avatar
    Paid 200 new for it and regret it fully, terrible phone really really avoid.
  15. leigh_Beef's avatar
    Great camera but Google have done a hypejob on advertising it. I've got 6a and 7 and honestly they are crap . Can't wait to go back to my old mate 20 pro. Don't get sucked in like me.
    deleted1949126's avatar
    What is better about mate 20 Pro?
  16. Skol's avatar
    My daughter has a 6A, she is 10 but is a heavy user at times with YouTube and Roblox etc.

    Battery lasts her fairly well but she does carry a 10000mAh battery pack for when we go out.

    Fairly snappy phone IMO and worth £200 which is what i paid on Currys deal last year with trade in of a scrap Huawei.

    I use a Pixel5 and it seems to me at least as good as that and doubt the 7A offers much more as we will get at least Android 14. (edited)
    deleted1949126's avatar
    Is she addicted, do you worry about that or no?
  17. gadger's avatar
    I've got the pixel 7 pro, it is a good phone and I really like it but I've never had a phone to compare it to like the Huawei p40 pro, an absolutely amazing phone, I'm really hopeful they can produce one day with GMS on it from new as in my humble opinion, Huawei still make the best phones around.
    Shahid1973's avatar
    So true shame Trump destroyed Huawei
  18. diddydavro's avatar
    Good find

    Fine thanks, you? (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Cheers man, how's it going?
  19. juan_ignacio's avatar
    Is much much difference between this model and the 7a, in real user experience?
    morgie's avatar
    In my mind the upgrades in the 7a are worth the extra ~£100 to £120 you can typically pay for a Grade A refurb 7a. E.g. newer processor, face unlock, upgraded camera, higher refresh rate of the screen, longer software update life etc. (edited)
  20. eldaniel's avatar
    Not really convinced that this is such good deal. I have sold mine in absolutely excellent condition and 97% battery for £180 on eBay so definitely you can save yourself some money buy shopping there for it
's avatar