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Govee Smart Light Bars with Camera, RGBIC LED TV Backlights £39.99 with coupon Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Govee UK

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • Govee Envisual: The light bars sync easily with your TV screen images and sounds. Enhance your gaming, movie, and musical experiences with vibrant lighting, 16 million colours, and 23 preset modes.
  • Intelligent Colour-match: The 1080P camera captures colours on your TV or PC screen and automatically applies them to the lights. Enjoy efficient synchronization without needing an HDMI cable or being restricted by streaming services.
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  • Sync Your Music: With a built-in mic, this light bar sync smoothly with your music or ambient sounds emitted from your TV. Choose from four modes (Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, Vibrate), all great for live concerts, karaoke nights, or gaming worlds.
  • Voice Control: Create the ideal movie or gaming occasion using simple voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. (Our WiFi module is built in the camera, WiFi Alexa function works only when the camera is plugged in and only support 2.4G WiFi)
  • Smart App Features: With Govee Home App, you can enjoy much more scene modes and DIY your own lighting effects. Moreover, you can get fantastic DIY ideas from millions of worldwide Govee users and share your unique DIY lighting effect with them.

Smart Camera Technology
  • Our smart camera intelligently recognizes and captures the colours on your TV or PC screen and automatically applies them to your backlights. No need for cumbersome settings and HDMI cable restrictions.

Two-Ways installation
  • These light bars can be installed horizontally or vertically either on a flat-surfaced or when mounted to your PC/TV with the bracket.

RGBIC Lighting Effect
  • Govee DreamView P1 Smart Light Bars to support RGBIC segmented colour control function, which makes the two light bars can display different colours at the same time. Enhance your gaming and movie viewing experience.

Note: WiFi Alexa function works only when the camera is plugged in and only support 2.4G WiFi

1. Please make sure that your WiFi connection procession was done in the Govee Home app.

2. Kindly note that if you have multiple smart devices, it' s recommended to rename them with different names at first.

Important Note:

1. When other light or a reflection is seen on the TV and captured by the camera, there will be some colour difference. Therefore, using it in a dark environment can lead to more accurate colour detection.

2. An adapter is used to power the light bars, and the light bars don't support USB power, so they can't be turned on and off at the same time as the device.

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  1. Avatar
    In theory this should be a cheap version of Philips ambilight but unfortunately it's just too slow to react. It's always half a second behind what's happening on screen and it is just too noticeable and annoying as scenes change so you soon turn it off again.
    That's why the newer T2 version is apparently miles better. And a lot more expensive.
  2. Avatar
    Just seen that the flow pro are £35.99 with 40% off code. no idea if they're different to the above
    I've been trying to figure out the difference but the pro isn't on the website. But from amazon pictures I've seen the £36 has colour sense and the £40 one has colour match
  3. Avatar
    looks plasticky, anyone used them and can share the expierience?
    Plasticky, because its made of plastic (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Always a controversial product, seems to be a love/hate for them. Personally I was on the fence about them until I was bought them earlier in the year and I’m a full convert now. I love using them for films and games, I’d miss not having them. Is the camera a bit ugly, yes, but you get over it and forget it’s there. I think for £40 they are really good value. I will say, spend some time refining the colour and camera setup, it makes all the difference. I also recommend movie mode rather than game, the colour transition a little smoother with movie. But personal preference on that.
    Looks great!

    Does it require a WIFI connection to work once configured? I suppose you could always block it going out on the internet from your router.
  5. Avatar
    48874872-G9Wao.jpgCheaper from govee ,using the discount code
    Great spot!
  6. Avatar
    Don’t bother if you own an Oled. Way too thin for the camera to attach to, not bad lights tbf
    I bought an IKEA Lack shelf to go under my LG CX, and dremelled a cutout for the camera. That way the camera is at the bottom of the screen and in a dark room you can’t see it.
  7. Avatar
    I posted this last time this product came up last week:

    If you're planning to interact with these through the the API making calls to them externally, be aware that Govee severely limited the rates in which you can interact with the lights within their system.

    Total Calls Per day (Works on All APIs): 10,000
    X-RateLimit-Limit, X-RateLimit-Remaining, X-RateLimit-Reset (this level of limit works on all APIs, which means total requests from one user can not be more than 1000 per day).

    API-RateLimit-Limit, API-RateLimit-Remaining, API-RateLimit-Reset.
    DeviceList 10 per minute
    DeviceControl 10 per minute per device
    DeviceState 10 per minute per device

    This hamstrings you a bit if you're looking to do complex interactions. I bought these earlier in the week and returned them after 2 days. Great lights, terrible ecosystem.
    Good info.
    Is all processing performed on device or shipped to a data server to work when using this normally with a TV?
    Can you block access to the web from the router for these devices and have them still work?
  8. Avatar
    Govee website have the same price, with free shipping, and an additional £5 off with the sign up code.
    Yeah, I bought from them for £45 a couple of days ago, dropped by £10 before they've even been delivered, lol.
  9. Avatar
    T1 tv backlights with camera on offer too £44.19 @ Amazon
    I buy this t1 damn amazing just need good calibration + good settings in app . For 44.19 damnnn good effect even my Mrs was not winging at all for my new toy . Ps no deal any more back to old price.
  10. Avatar
    Good price, I use these with the Samsung G9 Neo gaming Monitor 49inches. Now its not advertised to work with bigger screens but I can happily say it will. It requires some fiddling about with the camera mount and calibration settings but you can achieve the desired looking RGB in the end. Word of warning for anyone; I've found that if your turn down the saturation in the settings it doesn't change the colours or temperature but gives me a more arcuate reading of what's on the screen. Happy to answer any qurestionms
  11. Avatar
    48889969-MujxN.jpgJust ordered these standard ones for £24:99 was showing £10 voucher for prime members 48889969-Ifu3V.jpg
    Just ordered this you should post the deal!!
  12. Avatar
    If only Govee did zigbee
    Ohhhhh the zigbee *thrusting air* (Paul hibbet joke)
  13. Avatar
    I am going to introduce this to my home, cheers. Heat added. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Can you use the lights without making use of the camera, like control the lights via an app for a standard colour or DIY mode?
    Govee LED Light Bars, RGBIC LED TV Backlights with Bluetooth APP Control, 12 Scene Modes and Music Modes for Entertainment, PC, TV, Room Decoration amzn.eu/d/1…ZEc
  15. Avatar
    feels weird trusting opaque chinese companies with all these camera enabled, app synced, wifi connected devices in our houses when rishi is openly telling us uk-china cooperation is over
    You know your on the internet on a smart phone right? You trusting American companies with your privacy more then Chinese ones?
  16. Avatar
    I bought some of these a month or so ago and I found em pretty disappointing when gaming tbh (Haven't tried watching a movie with them yet).

    Maybe I just need to play around with settings but when it's a dark scene the lights almost always go red, and when it's white on the screen the lights go blue. Stays stuck like that for ages too during cutscenes.
  17. Avatar
    Ordered - cheers 🏻
  18. Avatar
    Has anyone tried it with a corner wall mounted TV?
  19. Avatar
    Can you turn these on/off with Alexa? I would only really want them on when watching movies etc. Do you have to have the colour linked to the camera or can you have a static colour?
    Yeah I do this all the time. I've set up scenes in Govee which you can then utilise inside Alexa Routines.
  20. Avatar
    Is this like what we used to do in out footwells when we first got our driving licence or am I missing something?
    It's a bit more advanced than that, lol!
  21. Avatar
    I want the light strip with the camera to go to this price so I can bite…..so so close lol
    They're great but if you change your TV or monitor it might not stick to the new one. That's the reason I bought the bars as I changed TV's a few Months later so swapping over was easy.
  22. Avatar
    I use these on the back of my dual PC monitors. The app is great for controlling colours and timers. I don't use the camera because privacy and what not. Plus I dont really need them for that.
    At this price, I would highly recommend.
    I've got them too, makes a great addition to the TV and viewing experience definitely!
  23. Avatar
    wondering if I should get this with or without the camera.... not too bothered about it being same colour as screen
    If you're not going to buy it with the camera you might as well just buy a USB powered strip of LEDs and plug them in to your tv.
  24. Avatar
    Do they come with anything to attach them to the back of a TV or just the stands?
    The stands come with sticky pads and can be used to hold the sticks on the back of your TV.
  25. Avatar
    No god it TV’s on the wall
    They have brackets with sitcky pads so you can stick to the back of the TV.
    Only problem is if the lights are too close to the wall it doesn't work well.
  26. Avatar
    It says 27-45" TV's. Why would it not work on a 75” TV ?
    I think it's a case of them not being tall enough, so the colours on the wall behind wouldn't quite match up with what's on the screen.
    They have the LED strips you can stick on the back for bigger screens.
  27. Avatar
    I've just got some basic Govee led strips but very impressed. Got it at the back of the tv. Yeah, it doesn't change colour like this but the camera just puts me off. It sticks out alot and would probably annoy me.

    But great price for the product, good post op
    I thought the camera being visible would annoy me too but you stop noticing it after a while.
  28. Avatar
    Grr, ordered from Govee 2 days ago for £45, lol.
    Oh well.
  29. Avatar
    Would this work with a 65” tv and if not is there a link for one that would please?
    I'm wondering the same. Have been itching for something like this, and at this price it's very tempting. Probably stupid, but if my tv is on a sideboard type thing, I'm wondering could I even put the bars on something to raise them up a little.
  30. Avatar
    My TV is 82" and wall mounted very high so this isn't suitable, any recommendations for the same "ambilight" setup with light strips? Thanks
    Govee also do this for bigger TV's.
    It says 65" max but it will actually work OK on bigger than that -

    There is a bigger set but it's £99. (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Deal says £79 to £59. not £59 to £39
  32. Avatar
    I bought their floor lamp at the weekend and it's absolutely fantastic. Might get their new version when my c2 comes.
  33. Avatar
    Voting hot! I would definitely introduce this to my home setup! (edited)
  34. Avatar
    eletricity price is sky high atm ,,better to opt out to save energy.....hahaha
  35. Avatar
    Just ordered! Can’t wait early Xmas present!
  36. Avatar
    I have them and theyre really good
  37. Avatar
    Appear to be down to £35.99 with voucher.
  38. Avatar
    I think the camera being there would get on my nerves tbh. Good deal though.
    You can put it at the bottom too, far less niticeable down there.
  39. Avatar
    Anybody know if these work for music via decent decks? 
  40. Avatar
    Showing as 59.99 with 15% voucher. Guess I’m late to the party.
    I am getting this too