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Posted 30 January 2023

Govee WiFi LED TV Backlights with Camera, DreamView T1 Smart RGBIC TV Light for 55-65in TV, £49.99 @ Amazon / Govee

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

dropped by a few more £££. best price on Black Friday I think was £45

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About this item
  • Interactive Viewing and Game Experience: 1080p intelligent camera captures the colour onscreen and automatically applies to your TV backlights with Govee Envisual technology. (The camera is only for colour match and cannot be used for projection or audio.)
  • Dreamview Lighting Effects: With RGBIC technology, you can customize each strip light segment and display multiple colours simultaneously. 99+ scene modes, 2 video modes and Govee Envisual technology colourize your viewing experience and spark your gaming fun!
  • Voice and App Control: Manage your smart TV lights with simple voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant, or with the Govee Home app. Enjoy access to more colours and features like Video, DIY and Music mode, helping create the ambience you dream.
  • Enhanced Music Mode: The control box of the dreamview TV lights strip is equipped with a built-in mic, helping you sync them to music. Choose from 4 modes (Energic, Rhythm, Spectrum, Rolling) and jazz up your parties with vibrantly dancing colours.
  • Install with Ease: Attach the camera to centre top or bottom of your TV. 3.8m TV LED backlights made up of 4 pieces can be installed on any 55-65'' screen with adhesives and clips. (Please press foam stickers lightly or offset printing would leave.)

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    48.60 on the official Govee site with code affjan10
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    I have the T1 and although I have absolutely no doubt the T2 is better there is no way I would consider upgrading without the T1 failing first. The T1 is plenty good enough and I can't imagine to 10% improvements in my experience would justify the doubling in cost. Just my opinion.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    My TV is wall mounted, does the camera/dreamview have a mains lead (if so, how long?) which will need to be connected to a socket or does it have a usb port at the end?
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    49437680-u6zpB.jpgHave this it's worth the money,use gaming to have the lights change quick or movie to have a more smoother colour change
    this is what I was facing but not as bad, the colours are not quite right, the slight delay is liveable but the colours being red-tinged biased and often not what is displayed is annoying
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    I just wish there was a sensor you could put on the TV unit which looks up at the TV, having that camera stuck on top looks silly, even more so when it's all lit up around it.
    You can mount it at the bottom also, which is less noticeable
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    My TV is wall mounted in an alcove, does anyone else have this setup? Is it still effective as the light doesn't throw as far
    My TV is wall mounted, and the back of the TV is about 5cm off the wall. It's in an alcove with about half a meter either side of it. I've had it about a year and am very pleased with it.
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    Took the plunge Thanks OP!
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    I got an ambilight TV for this feature. The Darth maul fight scene is fantastic
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    Returned as I struggled to get correct colour correction without it going to red, plus with ambient light or the room lighting changing the colours just went weird.

    A tenth of the cost of the Hue but works with apps/various inputs and displays.
    I had the same issue and returned one
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    Cheers OP.

    Very close to biting as have the lyra floor lamp that believe can sync to this!

    Looking on reddit, some people are saying they prefer the T1 to the T2.

    this is over half less than the T2.....
    The T2 is better. Hence the price difference.
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    Good price
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    Random question that someone may or may not be able to answer. I have the P1 Smartlights: amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

    It's for 27-45" tv's but I've got it on my 55" OLED.

    I was wondering if it's possible to buy the camera for Smartlight's that do the 55-65" TV's separately and use it with these Smartlight's? I assume it's a different angled lens on the larger screen cameras?
    There are two types of cameras (USB and USB-C) but I do not think you can buy it separately so you might end up buying another set. They are interchangeable if you have the input for it on the black box
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    Does anyone know if these also replicate with other sets of Govee RGBIC lights in the house?

    Yep. They sync to lamps etc through the app to this
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    Would this work on 50 in TV? Could the strips be cut to size or is there a version for 50 in TV?
    I put mine on my 55" tv last night and the strips totally covered the edges of my samsung model, so I would say it would not work as you can't shorten the strips as they are all linked up together.

    Someone with more technical knowledge might disagree though