Posted 19 February 2024

Simply Green Peas In Water 400g in Leigh /Preston

In store: Greater Manchester ·
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I think discontinued as they’re next to Garden Peas.
Good to keep a few tins in, they last ages
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  1. Angri's avatar
    Buy a bucketload - - They'll keep for at least five years beyond their BB date, (Make a good pea soup too - belt them through a whizzer, add cream - - Bob's your mother's brother!)
  2. Wongy111's avatar
    Bought some here yesterday

    52230473-MilwL.jpg (edited)
    juggler1's avatar
    Nice haul, Wongy
  3. Toonah's avatar
    Another thread was merged with this one, can't remember where that one was.... but it had different pic (looking, I mean... so think different store than Westhoughton) - same price there.

    Didn't see this in my store, but I'm London (pfttt...) so it's likely to be more locations.
    waz3id's avatar
    Didn't realise the posts had merged, thanks. I spotted this offer in Lancashire too if you can update the store locations on the post
  4. hooray.henry's avatar
    Rehydrated peas and tough. But fine in a stew etc, only 9p bargain.
  5. col11's avatar
    Not the best peas going but for the price you really can't argue
  6. ScoobyZ's avatar
    Also in Portsmouth (Hilsea)
  7. OwlEye's avatar
    Wow, a great find, op!
  8. stevieshoes's avatar
    This goes beyond sale of the century or pre pandemic prices - peas at 9 pence is Victorian era pea pricing!

    C. 60 tins available.

    P-tentially nationwide.
  9. powerbrick's avatar
    cold, not cheesy peas

  10. diamondnine's avatar
    Had some today mixed with mash potato for lunch. Tasted ok. Got half a tin left.... Might give them to the swans on the lake.
  11. thedoctor2010's avatar
    Got some today, haven't tried it yet but it can't be that bad.
    greenalien1's avatar
    tasted of bicarbonate of soda when trying a few cold, we rinsed ours twice then topped up with hot water, boiled for a while and they still came out quite firm, not a bad taste, might be alright in stew or maybe made into mushy peas, worth a try at 9p but not for us. (edited)
  12. r2mahara's avatar
    Also Edinburgh Easter Road - probably wherever they have stock.
  13. Relievo's avatar
    Only just discovered these!!!!
  14. AG18's avatar
    Lidl Preston
  15. AbuM's avatar
    In my local roo
  16. Wongy111's avatar
    Got more a couple of days ago
  17. juggler1's avatar
    I saw some in leigh store the other day, so these are still about
  18. juggler1's avatar
    They’re continuing to get stock in my local store, this deal is still running
  19. juggler1's avatar
    Still available in leigh store

    52714574_1.jpg (edited)
  20. Wongy111's avatar
    Still have these here
    think they are quite nice tbh
    chuck a tin in allsorts
  21. emmatthew's avatar
    Good option for the spin for free fruit if you don’t need to buy anything
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