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Gymshark Black Friday Sale Up to 70% off Everything + Extra 20% Off with code + Free Shipping on £45 Spend

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Now an extra 20% Off using discount code: EXTRA20
GET BLACK FRIDAY READY. When it comes to shopping the Gymshark Black Friday Sales, it doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned veteran or a first-time rookie. The game plan is simple: with up to 70% off everything



Gymshark Adapt Camo Seamless Ribbed Leggings - Winter Olive/Soul Brown Now £12 with code
was £50
COTTON GRAPHIC TAPE LEGGINGS Black Gymshark Womens £7.50 with code Now £6
Was £25

COTTON BOXY CROP TOP Black Gymshark Womens Oversized Fit £8.40 Now £6.72
was £28



. .


  • Estimated delivery 2-3 DAYS
  • FREE DELIVERY available for orders above £45
  • Non-signature service

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  1. jennyhughes84's avatar
    Extra 10% off with code "Nile"
  2. daver77's avatar
    Never go to a gym but love their crest/react hoodies, thin but warm, just got 2 in the sale (edited)
  3. CurvedSlightly's avatar
    Just shows to go, even @ 70% discount, they will still be turning a profit... #jusayinthatsall
    Frugalstudent's avatar
    I got £6 leggings from Shein that are essentially the same, it's a lot easier/cheaper to make leggings with a stretchy seamless knit than the ££ Lululemon style with stitching different pieces together.
  4. senorsombrero3k's avatar
    By now all the good stuff is gone. The website crapped itself too at 4pm.
  5. AWard911's avatar
    Everything I add to the bag.....then doesn't show up in the bag.

    So despite it showing as in stock on the website its impossible to purchase the items I want.

    Tried a different browser, incognito mode and my laptop....all the same experience.

    Shame as there were 4 or 5 items that I wanted to purchase.....but it's impossible to add them to your bag. Perhaps a website glitch due to volume of traffic :/
    morty1984's avatar
    It will be OOS, i had the same issue however when i went into the basket and pressed f5 it would show OOS even though showing in stock on the site
  6. KongDonkey's avatar
    Site has ground to a halt for me. Sale went live 5 minutes ago.
  7. IanC7's avatar
    Can't add anything to basket. Checking the console there's an error saying 'the product [abc] is already sold out'

    Edit: It now adds them to the basket but then shows up out of stock in there, despite still showing as in stock on the products page. I think I'll just wait until tomorrow and see what's left! (edited)
  8. ScorchingHot's avatar
    Literally just wasted 65 minutes of my life! Putting things in the basket, or attempting to, and it comes up with an error constantly. Try logging in, it fails to even load the login page. Try adding items to your wishlist, it fails constantly! Then when you can finally put something into your basket, it comes up with yet another error message saying "oops, there's a problem with one or more items!" and fails to add the item you want, in the size you want, to your basket, despite the webpage showing the specific item and size as being in stock! Totally inept website... planned to order a stack of things, and spent precisely £0 as I can't be dealing with such temperamental, rubbish websites!
  9. Bestbitter's avatar
    Thanks, managed to get a few things, running 3 computers simultaneously! Syusent Beans for an extra 12% worked at checkout.
  10. royalbre's avatar
    Thank you for posting!
  11. Robb104's avatar
    12% extra off via BLC today (Deal of the Day).
    senorsombrero3k's avatar
    Got it.
  12. Helen_StewartFSv's avatar
    site kept crashing eventually managed to get to queue for checking out and now have a 70% discounted bag for my Mam for christmas. Don't mind paying £13.50 for a bag really, even if heavily inflated price beforehand. Hopefully the bag will arrive and not be out of stock...!
  13. lentini's avatar
    Working fine for me
  14. kidsrule's avatar
    Code ANNA extra 10% off but went to checkout and virtually all now OOS
    Brains's avatar
    Thank you, ANNA worked for me 😁 🏻
  15. arsenazx's avatar
    Terrible clunky website and will not add sale to cart?
  16. ecclescake's avatar
    Got some stuff for Xmas . Found the app just crashed but site ok on a pc. Trying the TCB plus the BLC discounts
  17. Ed.Winchester's avatar
    Apps a mess. Had 3 things added, says in stock, but when you go to checkout says OOS or gives error
    Razzy9's avatar
    Same what a waste of time
  18. interfece's avatar
    Website crashed cannot add anything to basket 
  19. Sexycat's avatar
    Just ordered! No problems at all. 10% cashback on topcashback too!
    Sexycat's avatar
    Topcashback declined
  20. clavier3895's avatar
    Bog standard sale pricing for them, pretty much the same price I bought in a normal sale 2 years back
    Number_Hundred's avatar
    I know right, remove all the discounts and some of these items are over £150-200 supposedly.
  21. mjbnow's avatar
    Their stuff is actually good, managed to grab a tee and vest for less than a fiver each. Good deal I say!
  22. Ayhomi's avatar
  23. wanderer_forest's avatar
    Don't know what brand perception is like nowadays, but Gym Shark when it was starting out was always sponsoring steroid heads and posers on Youtube/social media. I can't get away from that association and would never touch the brand. Great story for the founder though - he works with my employer and has done fantastically well. (edited)
    tizen's avatar
    It's still heavily associated with YouTube/social media influencers.

    I ordered because of the sale but everything is going back. I followed their size chart based on my measurements which you think would be accurate, but both joggers don't fit. They are meant to be slim fit, they are definitely skinny fit.

    I ordered 3 joggers and only 2 arrived. It was poorly packaged, maybe it fell out in transit. I've contacted their customer service. Hopefully there's no issues with the refund.
's avatar