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Hawksmoor Hand Axe 1.5lb £10.98 + Free Collection @ Toolstation

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If you’re chopping wood or limbing trees in tighter spaces, you’ll get the job done safely and quickly with this Hawksmoor hand axe. At just 680g (1.5lb), its lightweight design allows for one-handed use to give you greater control when there’s not much room.

The blade has been drop-forged and heat-treated for long-lasting performance – this polished cutting edge can also be resharpened or honed to your desired angle. The handle is made from a solid fibreglass core, encapsulated in a polypropylene case to ensure strength and flexibility. A soft-grip handle keeps your hand more comfortable during prolonged use.

• Lightweight design with one-handed grip for precision use in tight spaces

• Drop-forged and heat-treated blade for long-lasting performance

• Solid fibreglass core shaft and epoxy-bonded head

• Polished cutting edge can be resharpened or honed to your desired angle

• TPR soft-grip handle keeps hand more comfortable during longer jobs
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    99p more expensive than only 2 weeks ago, I know because I bought one

    10% inflation in action / Broken Britain etc
    Same with energy drinks, used to be 50P now £1.20
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    Limbing and sectioning trees comes after felling not up a ladder, bear that in mind as the blurb is not clear. Stay safe; or use a Petrol Pole saw. Better still, be careful and safe and pay someone, to preserve your limbs.(we use a Makita pole saw extendable to 5m) Good post OP. Thank you.
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    Cheaper than a burglar alarm
  4. Avatar
    Recommend two for the zombie apocalypse! You might laugh but I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it (edited)
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    Essential kit for todays modern hitchhiker
    Suhhhhh mashhhh
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    That’s a really worrying name, hand axe. Like fingerless gloves. 
    It’ll be handless axe next
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    Good price
  8. Avatar
    Pretty sure this was £7.99 in the summer.
    I bought one
  9. Avatar
    Toe and finger counting
  10. Avatar
    'Get me da choppa'
  11. Avatar
    2023 xmas present sorted
  12. Avatar
    Great for halloween.
  13. Avatar
    Must have for a zombie apocalypse
  14. Avatar
    For folk who have an axe to grind
  15. Avatar
    That will go great with my Scream mask
  16. Avatar
    Thought you had to be over 18 to purchase one of these?....not all of us would meet those requirements.......
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    Bought for under the bed. Cheers.
    Of course. Then someone takes it off you and uses it against yourself. Happens all the time in USA
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    I think there's a typo in the description. Should say: "If you're chopping wood or limbing zombies in tighter spaces..."

    Perfect for when the undead have you cornered!
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    These aren't sharp when you buy them.