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Holland and Barrett is the UK’s number one health food and supplements retailer, with a presence on most high streets all over the country. A go-to store for bodybuilders, vegans and healthy-living fans alike, Holland and Barrett regularly offers big discounts and they can all be found at HotUKDeals. Read more

All Holland and Barrett Deals, Discounts & Sales for January 2019

Burts Bees Bounty Trio Tin - £4 delivered at Holland & Barrett
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
£5 is a great price already but use Code MSE20 (credit Richyrichlfc ) to get 20% off - free standard delivery until 20th Jan

Yep me too!!!! and I presume I would have ordered first - doesn't bode well for anyone else!


Mine too (fierce)


Ahh what a shame :(


Had my order cancelled due to wrong stock levels online and item is now oos


Heat! Thanks OP managed to order 1 before it went out of stock online!

2 X Gold standard 908g whey protein for £36 with code MSE20 at Holland and Barrett
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
2 Gold standard 908g Whey protein tins for £36 with the code MSE20. Looks to be a good deal. Applicable to all the flavours and free delivery too.
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Not quite true - but not far off it ... There have been clearance / short dated items where prices have been drastically reduced AND the Buy One Get One For A Penny or the Buy One Get One Half Price has been left on and you can stack one of their £5 off £40 or whatever. had to hunt high and low and came across this blast from the past, but I get your point ... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/met-rx-complete-4-in-1-whey-protein-strawberry-908g-cc-95p-holland-barret-2940945


Usually bulk buy when on offer at MyProtein. Currently £58 for 5kg


Where from?


regulalry notably cheaper than this on Amazon


In the history of time there has never been a good deal in Holland and Barrett. Their normal prices are at least double everywhere else so still expensive when it's buy second one for a penny.

20% off everything & free delivery  @ Holland & Barrett (using MSE code MSE20)
20/01/2019Expires on 20/01/2019Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
If you go online to health food retailer Holland & Barrett*, you can use the MSE Blagged code MSE20 to get 20% off everything plus free standard delivery (norm £2.99) until 11.… Read more

Nice find thanks. I've just ordered lots of Nuts and Peanut butter which were on different offers not just the Buy one get one for a penny and the 20% off worked-plus I used a points voucher for £11.25 making this a good save and with free delivery and more Points added to my H and B card


No, you're making the stupid assumption that H&B is just for supplements. It's health food shop. This sale is good for food items and toiletries generally.


Needlessly offensive and inaccurate. If I want to get Minvita GABA rice anywhere else I need to pay twice the price. H&B is a high street shop and priced as such. But the penny sale can be very good for certain items. Generally works out well for spreads and nut butters too. Honey etc. With free delivery and 20% off this can be very good for getting some health food items. Supplement's I'd get from MyVitamins or Healthspan, using their discount codes.


Obviously the exception the proves the rule... that is a niche specialist product. If you were happy enough taking tablets H&B would be ripping you off as usual....


Thanks for posting OP. Spent £6 in my local store a day before your post on something H&B were the cheapest for and have bought some more with the 20% code and free delivery making H&B the cheapest by far.

Manuka Pharm Active Manuka Honey 20+ 250g £7.74 @ Holland & Barrett + 95p c&c / £2.99 del
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Description 100% New Zealand manuka honey with 20+ activity rating Laboratory tested in NZ & UK Certified origin Manuka Pharm Active Manuka Honey 20+ is TA (Total Active) … Read more
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The sale was until end Jan or until stocks last!


Mine arrived today with an expiry date of July 2019! I know expiry date is not anything major on honey, but this offer was only apparently on as it was a January 2019 date, unless they ran out of that batch and had to honour the sale?! I just tried to order some more but they're now OOS!


Beat price ever. thanks op. Stuff works for everything at 20+


Honey stored correctly will last hundreds of years. Expire is a bit pointless on honey just health and safety


Manuka Pharm Active Manuka Honey 12+ 500g £9.49 @ Holland & Barrett + 95p c&c / £2.99 del
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Other Manuka seems to have finished. This works out slightly cheaper @9.49 for 500g. Use code BB4520 for £5 off £20 if ordering more. Free delivery for £20+ spend too. Plenty in… Read more

:D (party)


Many Thanks (y)


yes save your money l did.


I purchased 2 tubs of the 500g version then saw the comments on here, so decided to do some research on this particular brand. I found 2 interesting articles that maybe of use. The Daily Mail (I know. Not a very nice paper) were the only ones who seemed to have done a bit of research on Manuka Pharmacy, amongst other brands. They concluded "WHAT THE TEST FOUND: Considering the hefty price tag and medical-sounding name, you might expect good results. However, while leptosperin levels were quite high at 287.3mg/kg, the check for MGO found that, at 80.6mg/kg, it was just below the minimum. WOULD IT QUALIFY FOR A UMF KITEMARK?No." www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4361616/amp/Which-manuka-honey-really-good-you.html The 2nd article is from the telegraph which has more to do with H&B. Article was published in Aug 2018. "Holland and Barrett announced this week that it will begin testing all the Manuka honey it sells, to make sure it really is the stuff beloved of stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow for its mineral content and antimicrobial properties." www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/nutrition/liquid-gold-manuka-honey-worth-hype/amp/ So it seems a bit of a coincidence that H&B start testing the Manuka and then completely drop the price for some of their honey. I may be adding 2 and 2 and getting 5 but decided to cancel the order.


Added a couple of £1 items to make it over £20, then used the £5 off £20 code (above) and used click and collect from my local store. Don't forget 12% TCB as well, although always a risk they won't pay up due to the voucher code..

Manuka Doctor Active 12+ Manuka Honey 250g £5 **BE QUICK!** (5 for £20 w/code) @ Holland & Barrett + 95p c&c / £2.99 del
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Available as a clearance price. Can get 5 for £20 with Code BB4520 (£5 of £20) + Free delivery applied for £20 order. **Manuka Pharm 500g still available £9.49** LINK (short dat… Read more

The Active 12+ is just on total peroxide activity - this is not proper manuka Honey. Every honey has peroxide activity not many have the 'proper' active manuka factor UMF or NPA. I thought Holland & Barrett were going to sort these fakes out - shame on them that they haven't & are still charging premium prices for bog standard honey. Buy the cheapest honey available in a supermarket - it will do you just as much good as this.


It's just expensive sugar once it's been through a human digestive system. Some antibiotic effect if applied directly to a wound, but there are cheaper and less sticky options.


I pictured the end of time, all subatomic particles have been torn apart by the expansion of the universe, all that remains are jars of honey, floating aimlessly in an infinite void. ;(


Contains anthrax...


So what's it for? Any health gains from Manuka over B&M Home brand?

Braggs Apple cider vinegar / Clearance £14.99 instore - Holland & Barrett
LocalLocalFound 6th JanFound 6th Jan
On clearance in London stores. These are roughly £8-10 for a litre bottle
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aldi have it now with the mother un pasteurised their own version at a fraction of this price http://www.productoftheyear.com.au/site/winners-gallery/aldi-just-organic-apple-cider-vinegar/£1.99 500ml


Good price considering its nearly 4 Litres


Yeah that's what I did also added honey,lemon juice and Cayenne pepper. Never again, absolutely rank.


just over a pound for half litre in home bargain "with the mother",its top stuff!


You have to dilute it with water

2x 1KG PhD Diet Whey - 2 for £27.99 + £5 Voucher = £23 at Holland and Barrett
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Geat price with the 1 p deal, then add BB4520 for £5 off

my local Asda were also selling it fro £5 last night


My protein or bulk powders regularly run offers from 30-45% off their products. It's cheaper if you buy in bulk. You can regularly pick up a 5kg bag for £37-£42. The offers often apply to smaller amounts of protein too. A couple of months ago, myprotein were offering 250g for 99p (£3.96/kg). Might be tricky to find the same deals right now what with all the companies trying to cash in on new years resolutioner's who start their active lifestyles on 1/1. Actually I've just checked, my protein are running 40% off impact whey with code '2019'. Giving you whey for the following prices: 5kg @ £40.80 (£8.16/kg) 2.5kg @ £22.80 (£9.12/kg) 1kg @ £11.40 If you're actually serious about needing the extra protein then you'd be better off with a big bag anyway, you'll go through the kg in a week or two. Link: https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-whey-protein/10530943.html Edit: Just noticed that you changed the title to specify 2kg as opposed to 1kg, which makes this deal OK but I'd highly recommend by protein instead. Tastes much better.


Go on then, where you getting it for £7 a KG?


You do realise that this is a terrible deal OP, you shouldn't be paying more than £7 for a kg. This is an absolute rip off.


If anybody is near Blackpool's Asda on Cherry Tree Road, you can get a great deal on: 1kg Vanilla Cream: £5 1kg Belgian Chocolate: £5.87 1kg Strawberry: £5.87 Look for it at the end of the aisle with all the baby food etc. I think this is store-specific because I also checked Fleetwood's store on the way to work this morning and all 3 were "reduced" to £16 there, so the Blackpool store deal is a fantastic price. Looked to be plenty of stock last night when I spotted it.

12 + Manuka honey - 250g £4.75 was £23.99 @ Holland & Barrett
LocalLocalFound 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Was £23.99. Previously posted by this is another make of the 12+ honey on the same site but out of stock. Use code 5%HB to get 5% off and spend over £20 for free delivery.

Go for m&s got best rated umf


My order got cancelled (annoyed)


Yes I got my 4 of this one (Manuka Pharm) having missed out on the Manuka Doctor at the same price. Best Before is August 2019 on mine. Just right as I can make a jar last 2 months!


That's a shame. Mine has been dispatched


My order got cancelled item discontinued and no stock did anyone get some of this Just checked and they have charged me so will look out for the refund within 3-5 days

Holland and Barrett - Big Reductions on Natural Beauty - Make Up & Skincare, Benecos, Dr Organic, Weleda etc. Some items £2 instead of £6-9
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Lots of bargains to be had here on natural make up - Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Foundations, Mineral Powder, and some skincare. These type of things generally don't get discounted much! … Read more

Thank you. Got some bits I've been holding out for for ages.


Thanks will have a browser


Yes I bought few products today



Manuka honey - £5 @ Holland & Barrett
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Manuka Doctor Active 12+ Manuka Honey 250g £5.00 was £23.99
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You'll get fat instead!


Eat a spoon everyday for next 2 months and let us know if you don’t get cold!


i got 12jars 2 days ago 8)


Another cancellation here.


Got an email saying the Manuka Doctor range is being discontinued, hence why my order was cancelled due to being OOS and no plans for stock replenishment.

Penny sale + 20% off £80 + £10 off Orders Over £80 +13% TCB at Holland & Barrett
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Penny sale 10%off £40, 15%off £60, 20%off £80 £10 off Orders Over £80 with the voucher code: DECTEN 13% TCB

Pity, thanks for that.


Seems it does not work now. But it worked in this afternoon.


Not letting me stack the DECTEN code with the % discount. Using it is cancelling the %.


In store!


thanks op. managed to buy a good few times on there sale and had a rewards coupon to use which was a nice bonus

Holland & Barrett - 25% off CBD Oil
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Just received email offer from Holland and Barrett with 25% off all Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil. Never used it but might be useful to someone ?

It relaxes you that's it. Better off vaping nicotine


I’ve used Simply CBD before but not this. Helps with anxiety, stress etc. Don’t expect any form of high - like drinking 10 pints of 0% beer and expecting to get sloshed 🥴


Find a friend in the know, they'll be able to source you some proper RSO at a decent price.


Super weak stuff... forget it.



Free 2 x 500ml bottles of ALO @ Holland & Barrett (Initial purchase required/Cashback)
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
*Try ALO promotion is for purchasing of ALO 2 Flavours – Exposed or Allure at Holland & Barrett. * Only one claim per household. Terms and conditions apply
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I've just checked my PayPal account & it has been paid.


ALO have just emailed me back & said:- Thank you for joining ‘Try ALO’ event. Your claim has been successfully processed and confirmed & will be sent to you within 10 working days to your PayPal account you provided.


I've just emailed them to chase up my refund.


I got the same email, let's see what they say.


My email said:- Your claim has been successfully submitted and we are reviewing your detail and receipt. You will receive a final confirmation email in 7 working days. We should have heard on the 28th which is a week ago. I think I will give them a bit longer. If you have emailed them, let me know what they say, if they reply. Thanks

Buy one get one for a penny Diet Whey protein powder £28 delivered at Holland and Barrett
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Holland and Barrett are doing their penny sale, one pack of Diet Whey Protein Powder is £27.99 and the next is 1p making these £14 each when buying in pairs. This is a great protei… Read more
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If it fits in your calories/macronutrients then yes absolutely. I'm currently stripping back my bodyfat, sufficient protein is essential for me to maintain my muscle mass and prioritise my bodyfat for energy whilst in a deficit over muscle. Improved body composition is usually the goal, so fat loss rather than weight loss. With sufficient protein, your body is less likely to cannibalize your muscle tissue for energy needs. A lot of the time when people cut calories drastically or have been in a deficit for some time then even if the number on the scale is dropping, they look softer because some of the weightloss is due to a loss in muscle mass. Whey protein is just a convenient protein source with a good amino acid profile (with next to no calories from carbs or fats). It's not needed, I get most of my protein from food sources. Whey is just more convenient sometimes. I personally recommend MyProtein Impact or Isolate (I use Impact because I have no digestion issues with whey so Isolate isn't worth the extra cost for me). They always have deals. i recently made a purchase with a 52% off code. Subscribe to tgheir email), According to LabDoor.com testing, MyProtein is one of the best there is.


Would you recommend good protein for weight loss?


I really wouldn't recommend this for performance or for the price. Only 68% protein and full of junk that doesn't need to be in there. Go for either Concentrate or Isolate, depending on budget/digestion.


Agree, no idea how this deal has gotten hot


Unless you're absolutely desperate to get it now (which I doubt anyone is), I'd just be patient and keep an eye out for the Amazon deals that come and go, then stock up when they're live. In my opinion, it's just another protein powder and overpriced even at £14/kg when there's better protein powders out there available for under £10/kg from the bulk suppliers pretty much all the time!!

Holland and Barrett Penny Sale - BUY ONE GET ONE FOR A PENNY
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Seems to be a good deal :) lots of items to choose from. Mix and match on selected items.

There also seems to be 20% cashback via Quidco at H&B, which should bring prices down to very respectable level. I was going to order a batch of Glucosamine liquid for my arthritis (OK, there's no absolute scientific proof that it's effective but it seems to work for me) but unfortunately the liquid I usually get if out of stock.


Heat added. Always get the clippers green tea in this sale. They never bump up the price on that. Win win.


They put the price up ! I know I have seen it they had some labels turned around I looked and the lady said that’s for after the 1p sale and it was cheaper !!!


Would it now be cheaper than wiggle?


Been waiting for MONTHS for the 1kg Meridian butter to go to buy one get one half price :(

Manuka Honey on half price £27.99 in Holland & Barrett
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
It is the best honey ever it is the Manuka honey, and some other offers. Check them by yourself. Enjoy!

All clear honey will have the same effect as sugar, if its clear dont buy it


Misleading title, not all manukas half price, the decent stuff like Comvita which is genuine Manuka is still full price. The rest is no better than your local raw stuff


Manuka comvita is worth buying when half price not this one .


I googled it too and found lots of comments like ‘may’ help with this and ‘possible’ positive effects on that. There were also websites that questioned its benefits and suggest wider-reaching studies need to be done. ‘Research shows’ is one of the most abused phrases in existence and who paid for the research and why? For example: https://www.nhs.uk/news/medical-practice/bug-busting-properties-of-honey-assessed/. If you are in any doubt about the abuse of research for financial gain, check out Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre. It is disturbing and depressing in equal measure! It may be that there is some benefit, jury is out for me, but all i am suggesting is that the biggest gain is for the manufaturer and it may be worth looking at alternatives and saving rather a lot of money.