Posted 28 December 2022

HOMCOM Foldable Treadmill 1-6km/h £178.49 - Sold and dispatched by MHSTAR on Amazon

£178.49£209.9915% off
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Get ready for them resolutions that we never stick to, we'll some of us do and credit to you, but its the trying that counts . At least this folds away until you start to feel guilty about over indulging and you can unfold it from down side of garage. Not too bad and space saving.

1-6KM/H SPEED RANGE: Perfect for beginners who want to walk and run at a slow pace. Great speed for using when you're injured. Safety button for emergencies.
DOUBLE LED SCREEN: Keeps you informed of the time elapsed, your distance, speed and calories burnt, allowing you to focus when working out.
FOLDABLE: Equipped with two wheels to move easily, it is ideal for homes, offices and other spaces with little room to spare.
DIMENSIONS: 133L x 61W x 103Hcm. Folded: 61L x 136W x 15H cm, Mat Size: 38W x 110D cm
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    Really want a walkingpad, just that added fold makes it ideal for storage. Regret not picking one up before they rocketed up in pricing
  2. Avatar
    Running? With a max speed of 6kph?
    Does say "run at a slow pace" lol
  3. Avatar
    6kph max? Is that a joke?
    Hence the price tag
  4. Avatar

    Good job it's so cheap I can buy one for each leg with that max weight.
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    The cycling machine that I bought for the last year's resolution cannot hold any more clothes that I buy from HUKD, so this could've been perfect... but alas, very short rail and no handles!
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    To be fair it is described on the Amazon page as a "Foldable Walking Machine".
  7. Avatar
    14 stone max weight.
  8. Avatar
    And.....cheap tat
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    Cant even jog at this speed can you? It's like a very quick walk. It's a 50 min 5K.

    I've just got a 12kmh one delivered today which is actually running(but not sprinting), it's whatever the £320 one thats shiped and sold by Amazon and also stores completely flat. Figured it would be good to get up to a decent level and then alternate with quicker runs outside once a week.

    Only issue with these small foldable ones I keep reading is that the motor burns out quick and so many reviews mention that they die within a year. This is why I got a shipped and and sold by Amazon one, they can refund or send a replacement if it does. Or just get one from a local store, decathlon has decent ones. A bit more money but a few hundred £ to make sure you get fit at home is nothing
    Yeah i've been trying to find one at a decent cost, but my biggest thing is that it is small and easy to store as I will be keeping it in my main room and need to store it away.

    Didn't find any decent deals on black friday or now, but wonder if February there will be a few better deals around as I guess this is prime buying time.
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    Showing as full price, how do you get it at the discounted price?
    @TazzyK did you find out how to get it at the discounted price?
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    Great size if you are wanting to practice a tightrope walk
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    I could see this being useful for a stand up desk working from home. As long as the front bit folds down
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    Best to have running machines on a hard surface, otherwise they get hot and burn out or burn a hole in the carpet!
    Not sure off hand what make my one is but the supplier in the US does not respond and you cannot get hold of replacement remotes. Does anyone know what frequency running machines use,?

    Is there a replacement hack?