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Posted 17 September 2023

Hot Wheels (City Playset) Ultimate Garage Track Set with 2 Toy Cars, Multi-Level Side-by-Side Racetrack, Moving T-Rex & Storage, GJL14

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After dragging kids out the Entertainer seeing this set with a massive sticker saying £28 off (discounted price £111.99, RRP £139.99 apparently), I was intrigued to see how much the set sells for online. Google search showed Amazon had it at £65 (so a little less than RRP - £139.99 ).

Hope it helps someone.

Includes Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage playset with 2 Hot Wheels 1:64 scale cars.

- Inspire imaginative play with an enormous Hot Wheels garage, with tons of storage and thrilling racing and stunting challenges
- The playset features a vertical tower with parking (and easy storage) for more than 100 Hot Wheels toy cars -- 2 1:64 scale vehicles are included for action right out of the box
- Send cars up the elevator -- 2 at a time -- to speed down the side-by-side racetrack from the top of the parking tower for a thrilling downhill challenge with big air jumps
- Watch out for the hungry Robo T-Rex looking to devour some tasty Hot Wheels vehicles
Expand the adventure play with multiple connection points that work with other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately) and create a unique Hot Wheels City
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  1. pfarre10's avatar
    Ive had this in my amazon basket since last summer.
    you know what its like, it'll go cheaper.
    well it didnt.
    I waited till black friday and it was 89 if i remember correctly,
    but was nearer this price last summer. waited, waited
    it was something like 115 by christmas, and didnt drop in the new year,
    for my sons birthday.
    if it'll drop this black friday, I dont think it'll be by enough to matter
  2. bemaniac's avatar
    You may think it's plastic c**p but give one of these to your 4 year old and watch the delight. We have a double set with the king kong climbing the electric car lift and trust me for all the plastics they use these last 20 years+
  3. mayzi's avatar
    Very good price of this.
    Brillant quality too.

    Word of warning- it is huuuuuugeeee.

    Fully packaged it weighs approximately 9KG.
  4. ishootgigs's avatar
    I think this will be the approx price now.

    There's a bit of confusion as there's a new "Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage" (it has a dragon on top) and that's the one that is 129.99 in Entertainer, but toy shops aren't distinguishing between the two sets very well.

    Smyths for example have this version in at 74.99 but the new one is 109.99. (edited)
    jt02392's avatar
    Think that set at Smyths is of model number HKX48
  5. squeezy71's avatar
    Cheers OP, the boy will love this next year
  6. jt02392's avatar
    Back at £64.99
    51096351-pEOEr.jpg (edited)
  7. emmavs's avatar
    This is a great price. I got it for Xmas last year on a good deal at £99
  8. Sherlockdeals's avatar
    We got this last Christmas for £89, but unfortunately 2 of the blue supports have snapped. Is there a good place for Hot Wheels spares?
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    No, fraid not as far as I can tell. I'd say phone them up as that feels like it's a warranty job.

    We bought this at Xmas, the 2nd orange "jump" ramp wasn't at an angle that any cars could clear the gap. They refunded in full after a video demonstrating and I bodged a fix (edited)
  9. Tom_Steer's avatar
    My son's been asking for this for Christmas for a while, bargain at this price, just need to find somewhere to hide it! Many thanks
  10. Jenkov365's avatar
    Looks like this has expired
    jt02392's avatar
    Good while it lasted, sounds like there might be a couple of happy recipients
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