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Posted 18 May 2023

HTC U23 Pro 6.7” Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, 120Hz OLED display, 12GB RAM, 256GB + Free HTC True Wireless Earbuds Plus £499 @ Vive

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HTC U23 Pro Coffee Black will be dispatched on the 5th of June, 2023

HTC U23 Pro Snow White will be dispatched on the 18th of June, 2023

Capture moments to last an eternity. 108MP OIS main camera, 120Hz OLED display with Gorilla Glass Victus, 12GB RAM, 256GB expandable storage with microSD, 3.5mm audio jack, IP67 rating and all-day large 4600 mAh battery with 30W fast wired charging and 15W wireless charging. It also supports reverse wireless charging.

The HTC U23 Pro comes pre-installed with the VIVERSE app and is compatible with the VIVE XR Elite mixed reality headset, which is sold separately.

HTC U23 pro is everything you need in a phone.
Viveport More details at
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  1. mystogan12's avatar
    They’re back? :0

    Also snapdragon 7 gen 1…? Is that an old chipset? (edited)
    LaurenceGough's avatar
    It's on a bad Samsung node if I recall. Expect heat and lack of efficiency.

    Phone seems a bit overpriced. (edited)
  2. komi's avatar
    Sad to see theyre late to the game again, with a dated 7 Gen 1 chip, the 7+ Gen 2 is nearly double this performance on Antutu and is cheaper to purchased (edited)
  3. yumenolala's avatar
    HTC How They Crumbled

    Loved the HTC One M8
    chris_allen's avatar
    Have to agree with you , for me a great phone , has a few HTC and all proved to be great

    Think I've still got most of them to (edited)
  4. questiontime102's avatar
    Great to see HTC back, real shame they cheaped out on the chipset should have been snapdragon 7+ gen 2 like Poco F5
  5. AMJensen's avatar
    Fairly well rounded specs (including headphone jack and microSD) with 2 main issues. 1; the processor isn't powerful enough to justify the price and it's a Samsung one not TSMC so subpar efficiency too. They should've used the Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 or even a high end Dimensity like the 8100 or 1300. 2; it's too expensive, both in terms of the specs and also in terms of HTC market position. They don't have the prestige of Samsung. If they want to compete with the A54 then they need to undercut it. This should be £399 maximum (edited)
    Neostar's avatar
    They also need a bigger battery
  6. smilejek's avatar
    The camera setup on this phone is not really worth £499 5mpx macro? Come on HTC , at least include optical 3x zoom
    realdeals's avatar
    Pixel's don't have a 5mp macro. :/
  7. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
    What actually happens to HTC.
    Used to be up there with Samsung Apple
    Neostar's avatar
    They sold the phone division to Google (which became there Pixel division)

    So HTC had to rebuild from the bottom to the top with new staff and new studio
  8. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    HTC or high tech computers are a Taiwan based company that were originally setup to make laptops like fellow competitor Asustek or Asus as their more commonly known. They both specialise in lots of odm and oem work for other companies. Before launching their own products and getting their own brand names well known.

    HTC stopped selling phones in the UK due to a court case over patent infringements. See this for more expertreviews.co.uk/mob…les

    They still make phones, but only sold them on their own website or through Amazon. They then stopped selling them in the UK completely.

    It looks like HTC might be starting to make a comeback in the UK/Europe with some new products this year...hardwarezone.com.sg/tec…023
  9. aks4ever's avatar
    HTC Desire brings back memories...
    LaurenceGough's avatar
    I had the HTC desire z, awesome phone.
  10. Aaron_Smith's avatar
    Anyone got this? I loved my old HTC Desire HD and I would love them to bring a good phone our again
    fame's avatar
    I wanted them HTC to launch a proper flagship smartphone. They can even call HTC Desire HD II 2023. (Similar to the Galaxy Note range)
  11. LaurenceGough's avatar
    Overpriced for the spec. Poco F5 has a better and more efficient soc for less, but it has a lot of software issues.

    I'd be interested if it was a 7 gen 2 +.

    What a shame as I'd love HTC to get back in the game properly the market desperately needs it. (edited)
  12. mystogan12's avatar
    They should call this HTC Undesired
  13. andersh's avatar
    Ah man, what a waste of a once great brand.
  14. asadayaan's avatar
    Looks decent but they will never reach the heights of the HTC One M7 again that was an awesome phone
  15. Tedman's avatar
    Why you spend £500 on an android phone is beyond me. There are phones with identical specs at a fraction of the price. 
  16. ah_heng's avatar
    Probably like many people here, HTC was my first proper smartphone. HTC desire was such a great phone back then even compare to iPhone
    But they lost out to the might of advertising from Samsung and their Galaxy S and Note lineups and the loyalty and cult of the iPhone fans. Hope they can reinvent themselves but I do not see that happening at the moment. (edited)
  17. tjc2005's avatar
    HTC One X was King 👑 . Loved that phone.

    Amazing screen, fast, great camera, fantastic battery, good looks (for back then) The ui was great too. Come on HTC you can do better.
    50208159_1.jpg (edited)
  18. AppleJack85's avatar
    HTC one M8 remastered with today's specs and camera and I'm sold!
  19. AdelRawas's avatar
    2011 called, they want their brand back
  20. mikeyjai's avatar
    Help this company
  21. jkeerthan's avatar
    499 for this spec?? What are they smoking.... If company like nothing can make a half decent phone with such little financial backing... These guys don't event do market research before working on a product...
    LaurenceGough's avatar
    Nothing phone 2 coming soon as well with a much better soc then this.
  22. johnjrambo's avatar
    .........great scott's.......is Marty in da house......."back to the HTC" (edited)
  23. SeanRTK's avatar
    This was my very first HTC phone and I absolutely loved it. Who remembers this one?

  24. Deal_HUNT3R's avatar
    HTC who?
  25. Bogami's avatar
    Heat! Just because HTC
  26. hecatae's avatar
    YouTube product video not bad:
  27. SeanRTK's avatar
    Wait. What? I thought HTC went kaput? Are they back in the game?
  28. OB1's avatar
    Is this actually designed or built by HTC? I assume it's just a contract manufacturer using the HTC brand.
  29. Waylander77's avatar
    I used to love my HTC phones. I have the M8 next to me waiting to be traded into o2. If they could re-release something like the M8 I would be very interested.
  30. Dan_the_man28's avatar
    No 4k 60hz video with this and only 1080p 30hz on the front facing camera. Shame it's only a sd 7 gen 1 as well. Good points are sd card and headphone jack but I'm still gonna pass
  31. DevilWithin's avatar
    Love seeing HTC back in the mobile market. Hope LG do a u-turn eventually!
  32. FlatulentFox's avatar
    They really missed out by not calling this the HTC One23Waltz...
  33. DrexGodar's avatar
    Nice to see HTC back, but the price makes you ask where they cut corners....

    Not sure I want to find out.
  34. Kb64's avatar
    Is this a dream
  35. realdeals's avatar
    Google's testing ground?
    kobirulali's avatar
    I believe they bought the HTC infrastructure, the factories, people and possibly some IP but not the brand itself.
  36. jack201's avatar
    HTC still make phones
  37. PWPW's avatar
    I don't know about the rest of the specs but I love the sound of a decent macro camera. I killed my Poco F2 pro and still seriously miss the nature photos I could get with it
  38. deleted192421's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Wow, I completely forgot HTC was a thing in the not so distance past.
  39. little_green's avatar
    Expandable storage & a headphone jack
    The expandable storage alone could of set this phone apart had they either used a better processor or priced it more competitively.
    Sadly at this price point with that processor it's not going to do well which is a shame as would be great to see them back up there again

    I had an HTC salsa
  40. Skymonkey's avatar
    HTC HD2 running android… what a delight!
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