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Mix & Match - Any 4 Items for £6 - see op for list of items @ Iceland

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At Icelands The Food Warehouse - you can now get any 4 selected frozen items for £6! Saving up to £7.60!


Birds Eye The Original Alphabites 456g
Birds Eye 10 Chicken Fingers 250g
Birds Eye 8 Chicken BBQ Griddlers 204g
Birds Eye Garden Peas 375g
Birds Eye 12 Chicken Dippers 220g
Birds Eye 2 Crispy Chicken in Tempura Batter 170g
Birds Eye Green Cuisine 10 Veggie Fingers 284g
Birds Eye 2 Southern Fried Chicken in Breadcrumbs 180g
Birds Eye 2 Battered Fish Fillets 200g
Birds Eye 10 The Original Potato Waffles 567g
Birds Eye 8 Crispy Batter Fish Fingers 224g
Aunt Bessie’s 10 Proper Good Large Yorkshires 275g
Goodfellas Stonebaked Thin Margherita 345g
Goodfellas Stonebaked Thin Pepporoni 332g

Can also be ordered online at Iceland.co.uk - minimum delivery £25 - free same day delivery for new customers on orders over £40
Iceland More details at

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  1. Lucifer_UK's avatar
    do thye only do these offers on heavily processed food?
    jco83's avatar
    heavily processed food is all they sell isn't it!?
  2. weemee002's avatar
    But none of those things are worth £1.50!!!! I have to laugh at those potato waffles!!! Crazy how much they want for them now!!
    DealJourno's avatar
    They've really scraped the barrel to pull this list of items together.
  3. DealJourno's avatar
    It's like a really bad version of the Co-op deal.
  4. bargain_daddy's avatar
    It feels like everything we eat nowadays is heavily processed unless you cook from scratch..
    DealJourno's avatar
    We cook a lot from scratch and work full time. We just had to swap some of the time doing less important stuff (watching TV) for more important stuff (cooking meals).
  5. Lil6ix's avatar
    to be fair its hard to eat healthy on a low income. I try to eat good food thats high in protein etc and it cost a fortune for just a few items.
    Lucifer_UK's avatar
    i fast 16/8 on a 5/2 day pattern. I focus on FFP , Fat fibre protein with as much of an even split as possible.

    Chicken is quite cheapish if you look for bargains, we shop at 'the company shop' so we can get 2.5kg bags of chicken for like 13 quid which is good enough.
    I roast that on a sunday and eating chicken for breakfast and dinner it last until around Thursday.

    Eat it with veg like broccoli. In between my chicken meal sandwich i have yoghurt with nuts and seeds - everything measured. And as a snack I have some protein powder.

    General rule eat produce that is grown above the ground, anything below has more starchy carbs.

    a typical day tends to look like :

    any questions lemme know

  6. jungleboy123's avatar
    iceland is a rip off. I tried buying their pork loin, put it in teh air fryer and was left with dust....
    NateSA5's avatar
    Try cooking it less 
  7. Paul_Freebury's avatar
    Surely the peas alone are worth it !
  8. Nav_A20's avatar
    Oh dear seems like their warehouses are full.
  9. Parappathepappa's avatar
    This was 4 for £5 until a month ago.
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