Unfortunately, this deal has expired 15 June 2023.
Posted 6 June 2023

iPhone 13 Mini 5G 128GB Refurbished Like New - £399 (£10 Goodybag For New Customer) @ Giffgaff

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giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:

24-month warranty
A more sustainable option
30-point phone health check
80% battery health, or better

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21-days no quibble returns
Unlocked to any network
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  1. williamyzfr1's avatar
    My old phone (Iphone X) has 82% battery capacity remaining yet it is adamant I should have my phone serviced at Apple, so how can they supply phones that could only have 80% left?
    MisterMike's avatar
    I think they put that just to cover all refurbs. Last time the 12 mini was on sale as Like New and people were receiving brand new sealed phones. So it's a bit of a lottery
  2. laurabrander's avatar
    Mine arrived today- brown packing - no cellophane - battery health 100%. Put it away till the case arrives for it- didn’t think of checking the ios it’s running on- off to google how
    laurabrander's avatar
    Sept 2021 first purchased ….. both cameras working - iOS 16 running - but that may have been me accidentally
  3. theRainMan's avatar
    I ordered and received it just now. Arrived in the brown box, with a SIM ejector, USB-A lightening cable. The screen, and body look pristine. Battery was dead and needed charging. It's running 15.5. It's charging and downloading 16.5.

    Checked to see if the cameras worked and they do, front and back. I checked the serial number and sadly the coverage has expired - says purchase date was Sept 2021. The battery is 100% - pleasantly surprised. I think it's OK. Not sure how to tell if the battery has been replaced or other parts have been replaced.

    Planning to give to daughter once she passes her 11+, if she passes her 11+ later this year.
  4. Tejstar's avatar
    Mine had a big chip down to the metal on one part of the phone, so I've requested a refund. Certainly not what I would classify as 'like new'.

    It was also 100% battery and activated in Sept 2021 so no Apple warranty left.

    Let's hope the returns process doesn't give me too much of a headache, I've not used giffgaff before.
    theRainMan's avatar
    That's a shame. Weird how it all works out. Some getting brand new sealed ones, others with warranty, some like mine old and 100% battery and then yours - nothing like new.

    In terms of refunds - I'd heard they will be OK with it.
  5. bargane's avatar
    I got it in plain packaging and 95% battery health. No cellophane on phone, although no wear. What do you think
    GeorgioT's avatar
    depends on the apple warranty left. Mine also arrived today in plain packaging and spotless. It was originally activated in sept 21 so no apple warranty but had 100% battery and was still on ios15.0 which suggests no usage after activation. very weird (edited)
  6. string158's avatar
    Shame it's only pink that price.

    Have they ever had other colours this cheap?
    DevilWithin's avatar
    Yeah I’m using a Midnight one I bought from them for the same price. 
  7. GeorgioT's avatar
    worth every penny. been wanting a phone that fits in my pocket for ages. looks like my iphone 13 pro max is going on ebay
    DevilWithin's avatar
    Fancy swapping for mine?
  8. richard.thorpe's avatar
    Just got one, it’s new still had cover over, full warranty and 100%. Would recommend
    Ihsir_T's avatar
    Are these phone network locked to 02 or can be used with any sim
  9. geekygreeky's avatar
    Was really hoping this would come back, and in Pink!! thanks so much for posting
  10. burfop's avatar
    Just ordered, thanks op
  11. GeorgioT's avatar
    been using mine for a week so although not like new it might as well be. hopefully if they have had battery replacements they are official apple refurbs
  12. Tejstar's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up.
  13. AstuteBuyer's avatar
    £519 now
    itsnotmeitsyou's avatar
    Pink is 399
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